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Sixers To Face Hungry Heat, Again

Sixers usually do not do well after plus rest (3 days now). They usually come out flat. I honestly with something would click in Jrue's brain and he would start a game playing basketball. His flatness starting out deflates our offense and most importantly gives ample excuse for DC to yank him and the Lou-in-early cascade will just end our chances before the half is over.

Lou does not do well against Miami's better than average perimeter defenders. The less minutes he HAS to play, the stronger our chances of winning.

For once the Sixers should come out and play some smash mouth basketball like they did in those final 9:00 of the last game. Make every move a fight, and they just might be able to beat this team that owns us. I will own that I honestly don't expect much.
Surprise me, Sixers.

Tom Moore on Apr 3 at 8:22

Sixers video: Doug Collins on the importance of matchups, including Tuesday night in Miami, and how all teams are "in the same boat" late in this lockout-compressed season:


this is sad. Kaman and Hawes...

I'd probably go after Asik, but I'm not sure he's a starter in the league. He's certainly a better big than anyone the Sixers have, but to get him you'd probably have to overpay for another bench player.

The big men free agents as a hole this off season are kind of sad...that's why I think being in a position to make a trade (waiving Brand) is the only way to improve.

I also think that another year of the first round playoff loss should maybe jar a few things loose and indicate to them it's not the right direction...Iguodala was an all star this year and might be in the running for DPOY - these things matter to some GM's - his value will definitely be high this off season and maybe the sixers can finally maximize a guy when they aren't going anywhere anyway

If this game gets bad, Eric Gordon is playing tonight

They need to get up for this game, plain and simple. Don't need to win, but it would be huge for them to be competitive. I think 38-28 is right there for the taking even if they lose tonight, but it would be good to start get some nice vibes going, and start playing the way they were playing earlier in the year.

I'm so sick of Hawes, to the point where I would give Voose and Lavoy a shot tonight and tell them to just play hard. Whatever stupid shit you do, make them aggressive mistakes. Throw an elbow. I know they are different sports, but I always appreciate how the Flyers never have gotten "out toughed" in their franchises' histories. Sure would be nice to see even a hint of that with the Sixers.

I kind of feel like Miami is a team you can push around, too. I mean, tough teams can push them around, not the Sixers.

But the sixers have azimuth?

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 14:09

Boston sure as hell pushed him around. I feel like Milwaukee can be a tough team starting with their coach and they've had success with Miami.

Who knows? Just a brutal matchup for the Sixers. They are gonna want to get this over with fast because I believe they have OKC coming in tomorrow.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 14:33

The sad part about your comment is that we are soft mainly because of one position. I would not consider EB, AI9, ET, or Jrue soft at their respecitve positions, but unfortunately center is the most important position when "softness" is judged.

I consider #8 and Lavoy Allen Soft as well

so 3 out of 4 big men are soft - so the sixers are mostly soft at 2 positions and brand is old, and useless in back to backs usually, so his 'toughness' is limited.

I mean you could say the sixers aren't soft at the 5 either - just start tony battie - but it's not a viable long term solution

It's not really a viable short term solution either. It's like a viable 8-minutes-every-other-game solution.

Hey - that's 8 minutes more than we get now :)

All I'm saying is the more battie plays, the more he outshines Hawes the more even the idiot running the team who feels responding to bloggers is a good idea sees he's not worth the money (nothing personal, but the more I think about it, the more I think that calling into the eskin show was just an indication of how this guy doesn't know how to run a sports franchise)

I just sort of glanced at that story. May have missed the point, but seemed like he didn't call in to talk to the blogger, but called in and then let the blogger have his time before responding. Either way, what he said doesn't really mean anything to me. You're not going to have any owner go on the radio when his team is in the middle of a division race and say, "Hey, I'm going to blow this team up in the summer because you guys think that's a swell idea!"

What Aron says doesn't mean anything to me, anyway. I don't think he's the one making the decisions, at least I hope he isn't.

What he said is irrelevant to me - it's the fact that he chose to lower himself as an owner to the kind of level he did that bothers me...it's the appearance in and of itself, (and his OBSESSION with the fan experience)...he needs to hire some folk who know what they're doing in handling PR and media and stuff. It's not what he said, it's the fact that he appeared at all to me. The whole 'pandering to the fan thing' when he's got bigger issues to deal with.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 16:28

I think the point is, that he himself actually doesn't have bigger issues to deal with. If any owner has input on who makes the decisions it's probably Harris or maybe Jason Levien? Not Aron though.

His sense of self-importance gets on my nerves too, but I don't think he's anything more than a cheerleader with money. He knows that too, and it may produce some dumb comments here and there, but nothing of consequence because he really has no clue.

Except that he's a guy with money - so yeah he hsas input - that's an issue based on how he's handled himself to me that's all.

I mean that Lacob guy in Northern California is a whole lot worse, I wonder if this is a trend of new stupider owners in the nba

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 15:34

Aron is the "ra ra" guy, he'd be the first one to tell you he doesn't influence basketball decisions. His job is to get the fans excited about the team, I think it was silly for Liberty Ballers to look into his comments as some sort of hint about ownership's blueprint for the future.

I kind of view him as a Dei Lynam (when team was owned by Comcast) or Dave Spadaro type...just with a lot more money

I'm not sure any of that is a positive, I'm glad he's positive about owning the sixers, but he needs to be a smart businessman, or he wouldn't have made enough money to buy the sixers, and his actions, don't see them as smart moves. Of course he influences basketball decisions, he's signing the darn checks.

The Phillies have a cabal, the eagles have jeffrey lurie, the flyers don't count, I've heard more from Aron than I think I've heard from either the cabal OR Lurie since they've owned the darn teams. I'm old enough to remember Luries press conference when the eagles finally rid themselves of Braman (it was Braman right).

Call it a feeling, call it a vibe, but Aron's 'please please like me fans' behavior makes me squidgy, cause he does have a say, he signs the checks. I really want owners confident in who they hire and who tell the fans (by ignoring their outcries) to shut up while we build a winner.

The Suns will lose Steve Nash for nothing, because they worry too much about the backlash of trading him...the sixers held on to Iverson too long because they wanted to get that first round playoff loss...loyalty when you're a fan is great, but as an owner, loyalty can go too far, it's a business, and should be treated as such, the goal of the business is to win...I'm tired of hearing the folk associated with the sixers new ownership group talk about the fan experience yada yada yada

This team has serious problems, and it needs serious people, and I guarantee you Bob Rumson...oh wait, sorry, got carried away

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 15:30

I don't think Lavoy is soft, at least not in the gooey marshmallow way that Hawes is. Lavoy isn't that easy to push around. His questions are more about whether or not he can commit to playing physical ball night in and night out. The mental aspect is part of it of course, but I've seen stretches where he shows toughness.

Rich reply to johnrosz on Apr 3 at 16:23

Nailed it. Lavoy is mentally weak, with a tendency to not give max effort and drift far too often. He has the physical tools and actually great strength, but his lapses can be just as damaging.

I think the way the sixers have been playing recently in the first half, and the Heats loss last game, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Heat drop 30+ on the sixers in the first half, with some nice home cooking for Lebron and Wade, and too many offensive rebounds given up if Brand has to go out to guard Bosh

no wade tonight

expect lebron to try set the tone early


Rich reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 17:54

Yup, that's a big break. Or is it? LBJ plays really well without Wade.

Yep, had to rewrite the game thread. IMO, you make LeBron a scorer when Wade isn't out there. If you try to take the ball out of his hands, he kills you with his passing. Let AI9 play him one-on-one, see if he accepts the challenge and takes a bunch of jumpers.


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