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Battier & Ronny Turiaf starting for Miami.

I'd double LeBron constantly

Woah sweet - CSN just showed commericals for a show called "Almost Answered" about the '01 team, Sunday 9pm on CSN... *setting DVR now*

I predict a 25+ game from one Chris Bosh and 20+ from Cole/Chalmers combined. I just hope the Sixers play with some attitude tonight. Would also be nice to see good boss tonight.

Oh, and please don't start with 6 turnovers in the first quarter.

Keep the ball out of Hawes' hands.

So rooting for the Knicks or the Pacers tonight?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 19:30

Knicks as long as the Pacers are in front of us.

Yeah, look up. Agreed. I wish the Sixers didn't need this win so bad. Boston has a tough back-to-back coming up.

Ryan F reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 19:32


eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 19:26

Feel this is gonna be a serious whupping. The run up to this game and especially the Wiz game has me feeling this way.

Wouldn't shock me. I'm hoping they can use the ATL game as a spring board to a really strong finish, but not confident.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 19:32

Well that was nice to see, they're not really looking serious. Letting Vuc and Lavoy run out of the tunnel while everyone else stayed behind, clowning the two rookies. Doesn't seem too focused, playing around like that this close to tipoff.

Hmmn. Wonder why they're starting Turiaf? Maybe so they can mirror Thad's minutes w/ Joel Anthony.

Rubbing it in collins face that the sixers could have had him :)

If Hawes and Nate Robinson were lined up on ball, and Hawes jumped the tip just a bit, not enough for it to be obvious, but just enough to get a slight advantage, is there any way possible Hawes could actually win?

Alright, just about that time. Please, please come out w/ some energy and at least show Miami they're going to have to fight to get this one. Now letdown in the first quarter. Fuck the Hawes nonsense, go to Brand early.

Aaaaand we're off. Hawes loses the tip. Turner on Battier. Bullshit whistle on the first play, thankfully they called it on Hawes.

Man, I hate the Heat announcers.

Grab the fucking rebounds. Damnit.

They look lifeless, small sample size, obviously, but they don't look alert.

Maybe Hawes will pick up a fast 2nd and we'll see some rooks?

id rather see battie then voose right now

2 fouls in the first minute. Awesome.

4 free throws on the first possession. Great start. And it was Turiaf and Battier who got the whistles.

Spence beautiful look

Open w/ a Hawes high-post play. Jrue gets the layup on the food feed.

Keep LeBron out there shooting those jumpers.


That's fine. Another 20-footer for LeBron. Keep him shooting those.

EB in the lane.


Sissy elbow jumper, off.

Shit, had the lob to AI9, he missed the pass.

Hawes just watches LeBron tap the o-board out. Doesn't leave his feet.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 19:49

No need to a get a body, either. None.

Ah, good idea, but too far ahead Jrue.

Bad defense to start.

Jrue long two, good.

Great, we get to see Hawes lose another tip. What a treat.

Wow, he won that one.

Nice D, Hawes. Just stand there.

Drive and kick, Jrue to ET. Good.

Nice pick by Jrue to get EB into the paint on that post. Odd play. EB to the line.

That's just bad defense by EB. Cheats on a cut and Bosh hadn't even moved. Wide open jumper.

Heh, sissy dunk!

good pass jrue

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 19:52

Well F me, Hawes actually gave a fake and spin and SLAM!!! You rock Spence

Hurricane Hawes

sweet feed Jrue.

Jrue hasn't gotten completely gotten into the paint and dished, but made a couple of really nice passes once he gets about 10 feet away from the hoop: Turner for a jumper, Hawes for a ferocious slam!

Christ, Hawes. Stop losing your man.

Fuck, there's just way too many buckets for the Heat's lesser lights.



jrue to hawes

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 19:56

Inexcusable. Off the Hawes miss, Chalmers beats 4 of our guys down the floor for a layup.

Sissy, runner. Brick. Fucker.

Jrue is really playing well. Another dunk for Spence.

Iguodala was ahead of him.

Clear path? Um, Iguodala is in between there.

Should be Miami ball out of bounds.

WOW...fucking horseshit call

Fucking bull shit.

Horrible call, but they are playing horseshit defense.

Thad and Lou in for dead weight and Turner.

Wow, nice look from Thad to Lou.

Yeah, Thad can't hang w/ LeBron on the perimeter.

Fuck, call on Brand in transition. I think that might be the penalty. Nope, 4th.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:03

Clean that up Jrue, come on, he had Thad on the roll.

He didn't take Iguodala off the dribble, asshole. Coach Tony is such a joke of an announcer.

Really weak switch by Dre and Thad and weak defense by Thad.

Shit, can't have blown bunnies like that. Dunk that shit, make them foul you, Thad.

Thad avoiding contact on that one.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:05

Ugh, Thad too finesse-y

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:06

These frequent studio breaks are annoying.

Come the fuck on. Turnover on the inbound and a follow dunk on the other end. Shitty.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:07

Heat are on pace for around 120. terrible

Good board, EB. Get a fucking hoop here.

Jodie should've slipped for a three there. Got the two, though.

There we go, defense to offense.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:09

Good timed pass Lou. Dre oop!

Man, Lou. What a killer pass. Unreal.

Fuck me. Blown opportunity in transition. That's two, and that one was really a 4-point swing. Had a two-on-one.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:10

Lou has a way of nullifying turnovers with bonehead plays

Great D, AI9.

PHI 29, MIA 31 after one.

Need to tighten up the D and keep the O going like this. Decent start. Less Lou/Jodie back courts going forward, please.

Sorry, score is 27-29, not 29-31.

Way too many easy chances for Miami. Have to clean that crap up.

LBJ will sit now. I would really like Battie on Bosh now... just some (str/l)ength.

Salute to Haslem for fouling Brand and not getting it called. Fucker.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:14

wth Jodie? dag....

Jodie brick off the curl. Ugh.

Hawes on Bosh on the other end. Too easy.

Why is Hawes back in?

turner should post up cole every play

ET+1. Fucking Norris Cole is guardin him, I think.

bosh stepped out of bounds

Nice D, Hawes. Though that whistle didn't come until like 3 seconds after the play when Bosh complained.

Please pick up your third, Spence.

That was a late fucking whistle

Well, if you want to keep the Heat's offense going well with LBJ out, just keep Hawes on Bosh. 2 possessions, 4 points.


ET again. Keep abusing that mismatch.

good job thad

Is there a reason we don't see replays of all those foul calls?

Turnover, nice D Thad

Good D. Switched Thad onto Bosh, he denied the pass.

et again

Another TO, nice D Turner

Another Miami turnover. Nice.

Give the ball to ET.

Oh, so Thad on Bosh, forces a TO. Why did we have to give up four points to figure that out?

ET abusing that little bitch.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:17

ET on the same side of the floor for third time in a row.

Shit, Hawes back on Bosh.

Got lucky.

Turner again! 9 straight points. Keep fucking riding him until MIA has to make a change.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:18

ET on fire. He's got that pull-up jumper now.

Turner looks great!! lovin it!!

How about a frigging foul call? They're both landing on Evan for a reason.

Knicks up 8 at the half.

This team on the floor is essentially the Bosh Raptors. Have to keep piling on when LBJ is out.

Great board, Turner.

ET for the slam off the backdoor!

lou to the line

Hawes has given up every Miami point this quarter, and then he coughs it up. Great poke away, Thad.

Lou to the line.

that thaddeus steal was SICK

Of course Hawes would screw that look from Thad. Sheesh.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:22

Who is that guy guarding Evan? Harris?

Why is Turner coming out of this game? WHAT THE FUCK?

matt reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 20:23

Malik was all over it

Why is Turner out??? Hurt?


Why sit him? He's ON FIRE.

Sit Jodie for Christ's sakes.

What the motherfuck? That was a four-minute run. Why take him out?

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:23

ET has what, a foot on Cole?

Another bail-out for Miami. Cole hammers Thad and goes to the line.

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:25

It wasn't Cole on him, it was some guy named Harris.

for those of you not watching our announcers, malik certainly didn't agree with doug taking out ET

And you put Meeks at the three?

Come the fuck on, Doug.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 20:25

Baffling. Unreal.

Way to take out the hot hand Doug. smh

That's unbelievable.

Doug has money against his team tonight, only explanation

Doug probably thought Boss needed more room to operate

There's no excuse for this. Absolutely none.

wait i just went downstairs to get a pretzel. turner is on the bench?!

Don't ask me why. I seriously can't believe it.

So you wind up with Lou guarding a bigger guy on the defensive end, three-point play. Instead of having Turner's defense. What the fuck is going on?

hawes let bosh almost tip that in

They didn't even switch the matchup! He was still going to be guarded by Harris.

And Meeks is at the three! Really Doug? That's such bullshit.

I have never seen this before in my life. Never, at any level of basketball

I don't understand how there is still doubt about Collins' personal feelings towards Turner.

He's going to let him loose next year, don't worry.

Charlie H reply to spiller27 on Apr 3 at 20:36

Doesn't want him to get a big head. Horrible.

This could be a 10-point game right now if they keep riding Turner and don't weaken the defense like that. Fucking baffling.

Yep. There goes the lead. I'm fucking sick to my stomach. Absolutely sick to my fucking stomach.

No one to blame but Doug right now. No one.

Man, Terrel Harris has gotten the Heat the lead back. Doug hurt the team a lot with that sub.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Apr 3 at 20:32

Where did that kid play college ball at?

Oklahoma state

Oklahoma State.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:31

As long as Spoelstra kept Harris in the game and still guarding Turner, and they weren't even trying to double either, why go away from it?

Did Doug think he was drained/tired or something from the up and down pace and taking his man on 4 straight possessions?

It was four fucking minutes. He got pulled in the first quarter, then started the second. Took him out w/ 8:18 left.

boxscore says the heat bench blows (according to +/-)

thank you, mr young.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:32

Why do we need a 5-minute conversation about Reggie Miller??

When Turner is subbed out the guys on the floor are basically playing like a chicken with its head cut off.

The "anyone can get hot at any time" philosophy to the extreme. The problem with this mantra is that when no one on the floor is hot, it's an ineffective, passive offense.

How do you take out of the game the only guy who is hot? FIRE THIS COACH.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:33

Evan's back in and harris is still on him. Isolate him on that right side. NOW

Atta boy, AI9.


Mercy, Dre.

Atta boy Brand getting the ball and kicking it ahead. Atta boy AI9 w/ another slam.

Dre again after another TO!

Iguodala was fouled on the first dunk. Hit right on the fucking head. No whistle, of course. That would probably be a flagrant if it was LBJ dunking.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:36

That dunk by AI was sick. Might even make Sportscenter.

EB to the line. Way to take it to the hole.

Love the Flex set we ran there with the Closing Time lineup there. Nice,, tight cuts.

Fucking Hawes.

4 turns for Jrue, can't have that. Give the fucking ball to Turner.

Hey, Hawes did something right!

hawes did something good!

Lebron was grabbing guys with his off arm there. Actually good D from Hawes. Odds he wins the tip?

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:39

Defense has picked up.

Uh oh, don't make LeBron mad, Spence.

Even at 7 foot there is no shame in losing this tip to bron

Gotta finish this half strong.

I've been saying this for a long, long time, but Jrue just doesn't not know what to do inside. Pass, drive, or shoot, he's just lost in there and too physically weak to compete.

So I'm confused, does he or doesn't he know what to do?

See past the typo. You're better than that.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:41

Good pass Andre

Jrue. Good. Come on now, stop and another hoop.

Battier, get up you bitch.

Great steal by AI9 after the Turnerover. EB to the line after the o-board.

Thad makes them use a timeout with his one-man press. Nice.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:44

Who is this Coach Tony dude?

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:45

Think it's Fiorentino, he's annoying and often off in his assessments.

Charlie H reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:50

Ain't that the truth. At least his voice isn't like a mosquito in your ear like the play-by-play guy's.

Some douche.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:44

The Sixers biggest cheerleader sitting in first row behind the bench - one Adam Aron!

Turnover. Capitalize now.

Battier is a much tougher matchup for Turner. If only they had an extended run to abuse a mismatch.

Air ball three for Jrue at the shot clock buzzer.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:47

ugh Jrue

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 20:47

Sure wasn't expecting that 2nd quarter. Guess it was from so many Heat turnovers. They were just giving it away if they weren't throwing it away.

Jrue? Airball? man.....

Brutal last few possessions

PHI 54, MIA 51 at the break.

Very good second quarter, but a huge fucking blown opportunity.

Zumoff was close to calling Lebron a bitch there. I could tell

Phil reply to matt on Apr 3 at 20:50

Man would it be great if the refs would T him up more often. It's annoying to see how he's allowed to bark at the refs.

Charlie H reply to Phil on Apr 3 at 20:53

Was thinking the same thing. He's always lobbying.

Really fast pace to the first half (98 possessions/48 minutes). Not really the Sixers game. The Heat like to play fast. I'm still completely aghast.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 20:52

The Greg Anthony comedy bits are must-see. God.

Come out strong here in the third, please.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 21:05

Seems like Doug would have to go more than 8 deep if he wants to pull this one out tonight with the current pace.

Well, Turner got plenty of rest in the fist half.

Who turned the ball over there?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 21:09

all the starters played the same amount except Spencer.

Wake up. There goes the lead, lasted one minute.

Ugh. Wake up...

Jrue, that's a bad shot.

What the HELL was that mess - cna't even call a time out?

Turner and Jrue probably getting benched out of this timeout. No repercussions for Hawes, obviously.

Holy fuck ... way to kill your confidence.

They came out and played like crap all by themselves, with no confidence

Knicks blowing the game against the pacers.

Hmm...doug didn't pull anyone

Turner to the line, break the seal and settle the fuck down.

Turner seems easily 'turned away' from the basket when someone gets in front of him

Bosh three. Bleh.

So Turner was put into the starting line up to be the point guard of the future huh? God these heat announcers suck

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 21:13

EB had no business cheating down there to help Jrue w/ Chalmers, Spencer was there to help also. EB ended up giving up a Bosh 3.

Jrue can't hit anything.

I'm so glad the sixers made no move to obtain Turiaf, he wouldn't have helped the piss poor front court AT ALL

Good job, Turner. Get some fucking stops.

Jrue - Brand and Hawes are right there. How are YOU going to help?

In his defense, Hawes can't defend his way out of a paperback, but it seems it's bash on Jrue night

I have higher expectations for Jrue than guys like Hawes so I'm more critical of him.

How ever you want to justify it...

Chalmers always kills us. Always. Pisses me off.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 21:20

Yep. Hate that guy.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 21:15

And Jrue is completely lost on the Chalmers three off the Bron kickout.

And Jrue is benched for the defensive genius that is Lou WIlliams

Not even sure what happened there Andre - but that was embarassing

Spencer - thank you for getting 4 - even if Lebron got the late ass call

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 21:17

Hawes 4th, sit him please. But how did he foul LeBron?

Wait, that foul was on the LBJ drive? WTF? Whistle came like 5 seconds later.

Yeah, but Lebon didn't get any free throws in the first half

Sissy trip to the line. Fouled on some sissy slop he threw up there.

Iguodala with the monster slam.

Wow - nice baseline dunk - forces Spo to take a time out

maybe that will wake them up

Watch Dre come out of the timeout on the bench.

Take a look at the lineup the Magic started against the Pistons tonight.

Yeah, they were missing 4 guys due to injury

Chris - using the word 'play' for what you did in Philly is generous

Want knicks to beat pacers...anything that gets the sixers closer to out of the 7 seed (even the 8 will be better than the 7)

Come on, Lou. That's horrible.

lou 3!

OK, keep the pressure on.

Oh man. That looked bad.

Just hoping it's not like a scratched cornea

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 21:25

Now Iguodala's gonna miss 5 games and have to wear a mask because of that bitch Chalmers flapping his arms.

Turner, hike your shorts up. You've got LeBron while AI9 is out.

Fuck ... this shit makes me panic. Lost sight on one eye myself after a sports accident.

God that sucks - I am sorry to hear that - Iguodalas improved 3 point shooting this year I believe is partially because of the surgery he had this off season.

Heat Doctor headed to the sixers locker room - not good...i just hope he's ok

Phil reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 21:36

It's no visible disability, so life doesn't change that much. You get used to it. :) Playing ball obviously sucks, because of the "missing" 3D vision ...

I tore the retina (backside of the eye). Same as Amar'e I guess. But my tear was to big to not come away without big loss in sight.

My vision is shite, has been since third grade, this year (at 40) my optometrist tells me I can't eear my contacts as much any more so i'm part time contacts and glasses now - i've been legally blind without glasses for like 20 years

Evan stripped again on a drive

Iguodala checks out so meeks, not jrue, comes back in - thanks doug

sloppy pass

Lebron 3, fuck my life

Yep. Big run after AI9 goes out. Turner settles things.

They're paging a doctor to the Sixers locker room, doesn't sound good for Dre...must have scratched his eye pretty bad

bebopdeluxe on Apr 3 at 21:29

Paging a doctor to go to the Sixers locker room.


Someone buy Cooney some sun screen.

Pretty sure Anthony walked after that o-board.

10-point game.

Thad was fouled on that shot.

lmao @ Brand's contest. Forgot he's not 20 anymore.

OK, turner's got that mismatch again.

He scores w/ ease right away. He should get the ball every time down the floor.

6 point game, let's go, keep it up with LBJ on the bench here

PHI 70, MIA 76 after three.

Bad quarter, but still in this game. Turner can carry the offense as long as he doesn't have LeBron on him. Have to take advantage if LBJ is still on the bench to start the fourth. No word on AI9 yet, but it doesn't look good.

Great, Hawes back in there.

Not liking the Lou/Meeks/Turner trio on the perimeter to start the fourth.

Thad's pissed off. Being really aggressive on the defensive end because he isn't getting any whistles on the other end.

6 TOs on Jrue now, goddamnit

Jrue in for Turner. Obviously. Why attack that mismatch.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 21:38

Spencer, that was just a Hawesome contest on the Harris reverse layup.

JRUE take that wide open 3 you fucking moron

lou 3!

Nice shot, Meeks.

Meeks blocked by Harris, awesome play.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 21:40

Meeks in, Turner not? Stupid.

Turner's coming in. Not sure who he's getting.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 21:42

Collins has to be the only coach in the league who'd play Meeks at the 3. Or play him at all.

Knicks lost the fourth quarter 40-17. Wow.

Contested three by Lou out of the timeout, what?

We need to grab every available rebound here. Lou with the follow, let's go guys

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 21:43

not getting any boards - the long rebound by Lou is the last one I remember.

Jrue's confidence is gone.

Why did Lou just stick w/ LeBron... nevermind.

Stupid fucking foul, Jrue. He's been terrible since very early tonight.

Come on. Toughen up, make a fucking run.

Hawes is so bad. Sissy banker drops, though. 6-point game. Come on.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 21:48

I'd take Britney Griner over Hawes or Vuc.

No question

good job jrue

Good D, Jrue. OK, get a hoop. Let's fucking go.

Hawes, you are so fucking useless.

bebopdeluxe on Apr 3 at 21:50

The Heat yet to have a team foul.


Ugggh, lob for Hawes? Just pass it to him and let him lay it in

Sissy runner. 4-point game. Come on.


eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 21:51

MF'er! 7 ft tall and can't catch a 8'6" pass. heh

Man, I finally understand what Shaq meaned when he called Bosh the RuPaul of big men, even Hawes scored in the post against him..

thats off lebron!!!!!!!!!

That was off LeBron's fucking leg. God damnit.

that was off of Lebron's leg, fuck me

Fuck, gotta have that, Turner. Let's go.

bebopdeluxe reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 21:53

No excuse...but a lot of minutes and guarding LBJ.

Man, missing these easy shots. Should be a tie game right now, plus that ball off LBJ's leg. Surprised Brand isn't in.

Charlie H on Apr 3 at 21:55

I think they just blew the opportunity they had to take the lead & maybe win. Heat had no field goals for 4 minutes.

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 21:55

3 wasted possessions when it was only a 4 pt game and the Heat kept missing .....

5-point game, 3 minutes to go. How bad do you guys want it?


Charlie H on Apr 3 at 21:57

"Hopefully his underwear aren't as tight as your shorts" as Lou is scoring a hoop. That's great television.

Lou just can't buy a whistle. He was fouled by Battier there.


Jrue just got away with an offensive foul

Have to have that rebound, goddamnit

Jrue tipped that rebound away from turner

Way to leave your feet, Hawes.

Lou airball three.


I guess Doug waved the white flag, tried to save Brand's legs for tomorrow night.

Turner to the hole. Nice drive.

Kept the ball out of Turner's hands down the stretch. Best guy on the floor tonight for the 6ers. Why?

MCT reply to Cin on Apr 3 at 22:06

It all goes back to him taking Turner out when he was hot though, I hope he has a good explanation for that (i.e. Turner rolled his ankle or something, though I doubt it).

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 22:03

Wonder why he didn't use Sam Young tonight? or bring EB back late instead of Spencer?

No idea on Sam. I think Brand he decided to save for tomorrow night. Though it was a three-point game w/ 3 minutes to go. Who knows. I'm still pissed about the second quarter.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 22:11

Weird to me, if he's saving EB for a back to back then makes no sense why he only went w/ an 8 man rotation tonight.

Not excusing it, but I just thought maybe he was giving him (ET) a quick breather b/c of the frenetic pace and 4 straight halfcourt possessions being solely him iso'd up. And on a 5th possesion ET had a breakaway layup I think. Perplexing though I agree.

Jesus stop with the college foul patrol

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 22:05

Spencer receives a dumpoff pass inside and has to go to a under the hoop layup on the other side. Too funny.

PHI 93, MIA 99 Final.

Not a bad fourth quarter, but not enough. Kind of surprised Hawes played the whole fourth and Brand never got off the bench.

1.5 behind the Celts. Gotta come back tomorrow night and get a win vs. Toronto. Boston has a tough back-to-back coming up.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 3 at 22:09

Yeah I really hope they don't lose focus, they can still win this division if they win the games they're supposed to down the stretch.

Spencer hawes - the equalizer :)

Hawes agent gave money to Anthony and Weber before the game obviously

I'm going to say odds are 70:30 Iguodala doesn't play tomorrow

eddies' heady's on Apr 3 at 22:15

I hope it's very telling to management that the Heat didn't need a top 5 player or any post threat whatsoever to defeat us tonight. Not exactly a murderer's row out there w/ LBJ and Bosh.

If Management didn't know before tonight the deficiencies in this team - then management is worthless

am i the only one who rather see sam young start for dre(if he doesnt play) tomorrow instead of meeks?

bebopdeluxe on Apr 3 at 22:24

So after the game...the first two guys Collins mentions are Thad and Lou?


And we started to say, "and Evan...but turnovers killed us"

Read - "yeah, Evan scored, but he killed us with turnovers..."

(how many did Jrue have?)

And then when they followed up to get more from Collins about Turner's game tonight, he said some decent things, but his face looked like he was having his prostate checked.

This grumpy man needs to be relieved of his job. smh

Man - you and this conspiracy thing...it's outstanding

What's your explanation for Doug removing Turner 4 minutes into the 2nd quarter after Turner scored all 11 of our points in the first 4 minutes. He's tired after 4 minutes? He had sat almost half the 1st.

Except that the comment I was referring to was talking about press conference comments and parsing them with teh bias of 'doug collins is out to destroy evan turner, let me over react and read things into what he said and the facial expression of an old guy who suffers often from vertigo to make a point about how he hates evan turner'.

This Evan Turner thing is now officially (to me) worse than any Sam Dalembert nonsense caracharios ever spouted, or the insane ramblings of rickot in regards to mareese speights

When you couple tonight's comments with other press conference comments with taking Turner out after he scored 11 straight in 4 minutes with starting D-Leaguer Jodie Meeks over him for 40 games etc. etc. etc., I don't see why it's such a crazy theory.

Because it's an asinine theory to think any coach has a 'grudge' against any player - it's based on the premise that 'coach would rather lose than play player x'

That's just an asinine theory - whatever coach, whatever player...it's based in insanity and delusion...period. The evidence will be sculpted to fit the delusion at all times - you and bebop are just the newest in a long line of folk who have their favorite sixer who is abused by the coaching staff, for some it was sam dalembert (HE PICKED UP THE GAME LATE FOR GODS SAKE YOU CANT EXPECT HIM TO GET BETTER) or Mareese Speights (he scores baskets, 25 points per quarter, guaranteed win)...it's just something people seem to do.

I don't think Doug Collins hates Evan Turner, I don't think Evan Turner is as good as so many of his acolytes do, and I think evan turner needs to stop dribbling right into people because contact makes him fall over - maybe he has hollow bones and that's why he can jump so high

I guess I just don't agree that it's asinine to think a coach would put his personal feelings of players over the good of the team. Eddie Jordan clearly did that with Elton Brand, and with Brendan Haywood in Washington.

And did anyone ever think Eddie Jordan was a good coach? Ever. Did anyone say 'thank god the sixers hired eddie jordan'.

Eddie Jordan probably won't ever work as a head coach in the NBA again and your perception is that he 'hated' elton brand...do you think that if he felt Brand gave them a better chance to win - thus saving his own damn job - he wouldn't have played him.

That's the asinine part of it - to think a coach wouldn't play a player he FELT could help them win. T

stonedeightytoo reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 22:45

Not for nothing, but really cause i don't understand, what is caracharios and rickot? Are they even words?

bebopdeluxe reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 22:46

I don't think Collins "hates" Turner, jem...but can you explain why - on a night when it was pretty clear that Turner was the best player he had BY FAR, that he loves to lead with his Thad/Lou crap and - when he finally talks about Turner's night (after that "and Evan...but turnovers killed us" comment), he almost looks pained to compliment his game?

To be honest, I think it is as simple as Turner has issues with his approach to the game - and I think we have all seen them...like some of the stuff that Malik points out about how Turner is not talking on the floor on D or not directing players to the help...or he'll say something to the ref while he lets LBJ roll free for a slam in the guts of the game. I think that shit drives him completely nuts - and I get that. Turner can also carry himself with a n air of entitlement, which I am sure rubs him the wrong way as well.

I would have a LOT more respect for Collins if he came out and said "look, Evan can be a star in this league...but he has to tighten his fucking act up"...rather than doing in in what I think are passive aggressive ways.

Not for nothing but does anyone know what the hell is wrong with amare stoudemire and his claiming to be 'jewish' thing?

I think he said his mother has some Jewish blood.

Whatever the hell that means...but he said this tonight on twitter - your mom is jewish - your jewish - your mom ain't jewish - you ain't jewish - it's pretty simple

Amare Stoudemire: Blacks (Hebrews) make up of 60% of inmates but there's only 12.8% of us in the US population. We are the people of the Bible. Is-Real Twitter

MCT reply to GoSixers on Apr 3 at 22:31

Yes Amare - it's the holy land for jews, then again it's also the holy land for Christians, and muslims as well, so maybe you could have visited beforehand whatever religion you were before you went all madonna and discovered your 'hebrew roots'

Obviously Amare's wrong about black people all being Hebrews...that's just absurd. But just because he can't draw his family tree out for you doesn't mean that he's wrong about his Jewish heritage. It clearly matters to him personally, and if he wants to do stuff to learn about it, it's no skin off your nose, right?

Frankly, as a Jew, I'm over the fucking moon that people like Amare are publicly laying claim to Jewish heritage, spuriously or not. Beats the hell out of the alternative.

Yeah I agree. We need more Jews in the NBA so that we don't always get picked last in pickup games lol ...

The worst thing about LeBron James is that beard thing

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