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Wasted Opportunity

didn't catch much of this one, but there was a seequence right near the end where they got it to, what, 88-83 and had three or four straight possessions where a rebound completely turns the game in their favor and instead, 00 was running around all over the place letting LeBron shoot over him...when your advantages are youth and depth, how do you NOT AT ALL use Lavoy, V8, Battie OR Sam Young in this game??

bebopdeluxe on Apr 4 at 0:26

Collins did the same thing in the first game at Miami this season...Turner had a GREAT 1st half - I think he had like 14 points in the first half, but he sat almost the entire 3rd quarter...by the time he got back in the game, the Sixers were trailing by double-digits and never got back in the game.

It almost seems like he doesn't want Turner to blow up, because then he'll have to deal with Turner's ego being out of control. I do understand that Turner has been a bit of a dick at times in his basketball career, and he can certainly carry himself with an air of entitlement that has not earned yet...but this team DESPERATELY needs to win games right now, and - whether it is Collins moving away from the whole "Evan is a point guard/Evan is a completely different person with the ball in his hands" stuff he threw out a few weeks ago to what he did tonight, I just can't figure out what is in his head. It sure looks to me like Turner is ready to take the next step - Collins even alluded to it in his post-game comments - but if Collins truly believes what he said after the game, he sure has a funny way of showing it. Pulling Turner in the 2nd quarter. Letting Lou get all BOSS-y in the 4th quarter despite having a 6-for-17 night. Turner did have LBJ checking him, so that may have been a factor...

I just don't get it.

I remember the other Miami game, and it was frustrating, but nothing like this. It just boggles my mind. It's so rare for this team to have a guy really go off like that, and it was such an important time of the game. They should've had a double-digit lead by the time LeBron came back in. And the sub he made put Meeks at the three. Wtf?

It's not really rare for the sixers to have a guy go off in a quarter and then have him forgotten the rest of the game. It happens consistently, be it Jrue, or Elton, or whomever, they have a hot hand, then they get sat, and more often than not the sixers don't go back to them for most of the rest of the game.

Yeah, I know he does that and it's annoying, but I feel like this was a different situation. The guy scored 11 straight and there was no sign he was slowing down. I just don't get it. They did go back to him later in the game, but I just don't get why you wouldn't ride the guy.

Is the situation different just because they lost. It seems that when the sixers win Dougs questionable decisions are 'less' questioned, but they're all as questionable win or lose to me because of the greater long term picture.

I'm not sure I'd be pissed about last night, the heat are a better team, the heat play 900 ball when Wade isn't playing and it's the second time the heat beat the sixers without wade.

And when your best player on a team without a real super star goes down from a cheap shot in the third quarter, and no one is left to defend the 'king' the odds become even longer.

I get being irritated by Doug Collins use of Turner last night, but it's an ongoing issue with a lot of players, and when the sixers wash out in the first round of the playoffs, I'm hoping ownership uses it as a chance to replace doug

Nah, this was the worst case I've seen. In other instances, guys were hot but weren't in the middle of an unbelievable streak when they were benched. It was more of a "jeez, could've given Jrue a little more burn there" Instead of "Holy shit, why would you take Turner out of the game!"

Agree with everything in this writeup. My affection for Hawes is well known but having him switch onto LeBron multiple times was nonsensical.

Removing Turner after he made 11 straight points in 4 minutes is Eddie Jordan-esque, or maybe even worse that that.

I have no explanation whatsoever that isn't completely bullshit for why he took Turner out of the game. If you put a gun to my head, I'd say he came in with his rotations written down and stuck w/ them, but that's so ridiculous it's tough to believe.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 9:04

Malik was critical of it as well. I forget his exact words, but he said something like, "I know there's a method to Doug's madness, but how do you take out the hot hand?"

And maybe that's why Doug doesn't last more than 2 1/2 seasons anywhere?

I don't know. Maybe. I woke up still pissed this morning.

That's ok, I'm still pissed the moron on cnn.com said nerds watched Charmed.

We all have our buttons

...watching the Cavs game from the other night and they just mentioned that yes, this team bottomed out for a #1 pick and did end up with Kyrie Irving...but how many people here would *really* rather watch a team put up a 26 GAME LOSING STREAK to get a guy who is no guarantee of anything, vs the team they have now that has nights when they take the Heat down to the wire and nights they get blown out by the friggin Wizards?

Watching marshmallow Hawes get pushed around then watching Cousins drop 41 is depressing...

I'd actually prefer Gortat's 20/10 in the win than Cousins' line in the loss.

Steve Geez reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 9:23

I watched most of that suns/kings game and trust me gortat was simply abused by cousins... I get u dont like the kid but at some point u gotta use ya eyes bro and not all these advanced stats to determine player value... If u didnt kno cousins gave out about 23 and 12 las month... Hes startin to figure it out sorry dude

JH reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 10:48

C'mon Brian.. Gortat was playing along side Steve Nash, so 80% of his offense came from Nash, Cousins on other hand had to create his own offensive opportunities, cause he is playing with Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer as PGs and Thorton and Tyreke as SGs, this is a lot less touches and assists coming his way.
You may dislike the dude but he was the right pick for this franchise. Sad they let one good big pass by.

Ah hindsight, such a great thing...it's always perfect in vision.

The kings are one of the worst teams in the league, the Suns aren't exactly a defensive powerhouse.

When Kobe scores 40 and the lakers lose, he gets bashed, when cousins scores 41 and his team loses, he gets praised, it's kind of interesting the 'grass is always greener' thing going on with Evan Turner.

I'm waiting for the daily derrick favors updates

Cousins would've never seen the floor under Collins, and rightly so. This is such a tired argument.

Wait are you saying Doug Collins would hate Demarcus Cousins and thus sabotage his teams chances of winning?

Heh. No, I'm saying playing DeMarcus Cousins would sabotage the team's chances of winning, and Cousins would've had about 25 meltdowns by now because he wasn't playing 30+ minutes and getting 20+ shots.

Oh, right, that...forgot about that

Steve Geez reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 12:57

So u mean to tell me that doug would play charmin soft ball friendly hawes over demarcus cousins because the kid has a bad attitude smh... If thats the case u and doug dont hav a clue... He woulda played jus because there was no other option at center... Watch the guy play he's dominant at 20 years old at center but this site gets a hard on for jrue who hasnt done squat in reality... Ima life long sixers and basketball fan and i luv evan but it was a bad pick wen u considered the strong and weak spots in this team... Nothin to do with hindsight jus facts

The kid has a 'bad attitude' is being polite...he's a team cancer much worse than Sam Dalembert was ever accused of being...and he got a coach fired.

I want the kid to succeed, but he won't if he doesn't make a massive adjustment to who he is and how he plays basketball and his attention to defense...he's a much more talented maresse speights...and plays as much defense

Steve Geez reply to GoSixers on Apr 4 at 13:12

As a huge tyreke evans fan i watch most kings games and westphall was on death row before cousins was even picked... Attitude or not u cant compare this kid to mo speezy becuz he actually loves the game and im sure u prolly dont watch kings games but the changes in his attitude are clearly evident right now... Yea bad body language still a big problem but his teamates luv him as does keith smart so the cancer hing is way overblow ...and i dont think we'll be hearin westphall up for any jobs but i gues thats demarcus' fault... Neva hav i heard of any basketball team that didnt want a big talented nasty mean center ...only in philly i guess

Your presumptions about what I do or don't watch aside (I'm on the west coast, so I probably watch a lot more than you think I do), your comments about his 'love' of the game don't hold water with his performance...he loves scoring...

Steve Geez reply to GoSixers on Apr 4 at 13:30

Wat young scorer doesnt like to score...they hav three or four guys in sactown more concerned with points thats wat happens wen u hav no vets to teach... But c'mon man this team is desperate for a low post scoring threat and offensive rebounder he woulda been a great fit with elton helping to bring him along

Forgot to mention it, but Jrue was terrible tonight. Worst I've seen him in a long time.

johnrosz on Apr 4 at 1:18

Did anyone ask Doug why he went away from ET after the game?

Why make your job harder than it has to be? Doug just micromanages to the point where I think he over complicates everything. Ride the hot hand.

If you need a pick-me-up, sick game by Shumpert:

37 minutes, 2/6 from the floor, 5 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists, 0 steals, 0 blocks, 3 turnovers.

How do you play 37 minutes with a single rebound/assists/steal/block. Ponderous. Melo is still a superduperstar, btw.

Sean K on Apr 4 at 8:35

Has there been any word on Iguodala's status / availability for tonight's game?

Free Evan Turner!

13-18 in last 31.

What are the chances that Commodore Collins will be decommissioned if sailing isn't smoother by May, if listing continues to playoff shoals?

Ensign "Sugar Bear" Elton broke rank again last night; is a chronic deserter against formidable frontline tides.

Petty officer Iguodala's scratch from maneuvers mattered, but not in final telling. Poseiden adventure, Lebron James, would see to that.

Seaman Holiday's shabby point guard execution results in motion sickness. "Dramamine, at once!"

Seaman Turner showed his "piss and vinegar" attitude in the face of D-leaguer/cabin boy Terrel Harris.

Stevedore "Screamin', Steamin'" Hawes, team's barnacled anchor with frayed rope attached, too often leans on ship's rail, gazes wistfully beyond the horizon.

76ers would do well to adopt this as locker room theme music:

I'm strong to the finich
Cause I eats me spinach
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man!


Red sky at night, a sailor's delight.
Red sky in morning, a sailor's warning.

Thought this headline was referring to the last two Sixers drafts.

Out of curiosity, what 'opportunity' did they waste in the 2011 draft?

I suppose one could argue for marshon brooks since he filled a need (ish) on the sixers...but it's not like there's a lot of break out stars from this draft

JW reply to GoSixers on Apr 4 at 13:00

Kenneth Faried, for one. He would have filled a huge need.

We'll see how that works out long term. #8 showed some things early on that I belief if he works at it he'll prove to have been worthy of where he was picked and be a strong long term asset off the bench...the sixers front court issues are numerous, you can't make any conclusions about the long term success of these guys yet anyway

JW reply to GoSixers on Apr 4 at 13:25

Not making any conclusions, but Nikola Vucevic is just Hawes version 2.0. Soft, jump-shooting big with below average footwork.

I think he's better than Hawes offensively because he has more natural moves, and defensively he at least shows an effort I've not seen from hawes...i'm not ready to say he's hawes 2.0 just yet, we'll see what he shows from year 1 to year 2

Spencer for hire on Apr 4 at 13:53

The N.B.A. TV guys were saying Miami's dominance of the sixers was mostly do to their strength being our strength, solid perimeter play.

As currently constituted where do we rank league wide at the p.g., s.g. and s.f. spots? And can Jrue and Evan's expected improvement ever get us top five leaguewide?

The ranking you are asking for is subjective

and based on the play this season of the sixers perimeter guys, no the sixers can't get into the top 5 leaguewide (keep in mind that Iguodala won't last forever either)

BTW - the worst comment from anyone last night was the Heat commentators talking about how they wouldn't be surprised if Evan Turner was the starting point guard next year

Taking Turner out at that point in the game was the most baffling, infuriating substitution in memory...I have absolutely no idea what DC's thought process was there, unless he was trying to throw the game. Turner was dominant, exploiting a mismatch...you gota ride him there, force Spoelstra to adjust by yanking Harris...it was insane.

Turner had a rough 4th quarter, really struggled guarding Lebron-of course, not an easy task

Jrue was flat out dreadful, probably his worst game of the season?He made some nice passes early on, and got a layup on that play they run pretty frequently where he cuts back door and receives a pass right under the basket...but most all his contributions for the rest of the game were negative. Six turnovers, and were BAD turnovers-not the result of being aggressive, the result of being sloppy and careless. Rare for bJrue to put up a thropugh and through stinker like that, really hope he regroups tonight

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