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Gotta have this one. Looking for EB to set the tone on the homefloor again

jswigga on Apr 4 at 18:20

yeah... worse than the loss to Miami (not gonna dwell on another winable game...) was that nasty scratch Iguodala took from gayblade Rio Chalmers.
Looked super bad and I was scouring around for hours waiting for some kind of update. So glad to hear a) he's okay and no permanent damage was done and b) he's actually available to play!!

As for the rest of the squad... Jrue in particular, why everybody else afraid of the rim??

alan anderson starting for james johnson, moves derozan to SF

Alan Anderson, huh? It's a shame Meeks doesn't start anymore, that would be a good guy to hide him against.

Heh. Iguodala's wearing goggles. Look like shooting lenses.

Ugh, they just showed the replay of Jrue fouling LeBron in transition. God, that was so weak.

The bike specs on for Dre tonight, much to the dismay of Dollar Bill. In his day, he would have just rubbed some dirt on it.

Marakovitz is leaving for YES and the Yankees soon, isn't she?

yes i think today is her last game

Well, good for her. That's gotta be a pretty nice pay raise.

They didn't have glasses in Dollar Bill's day. Or glass, for that matter.

Beds neither, they slept on rocks, AND THEY LIEKD IT

Is league pass all blurry for anyone else? God, I hate this Time Warner.

seems fine to me

When you hate time warner you turn off your tv
when you turn off your tv you go to the bar
when you go to the bar, you watch knicks games
when you watch knicks games, you become a knicks fan

Don't become a knicks fan, get directv

Heh. I plan to.

Best I could do on the spr of the moment - those commercials - some of em are funny

Don't re-enact scenes from Platoon with Charlie Sheen

Alrighty, please get the win.

And we're off....Hawes loses the tip.

Jrue sinks the long two on the first possession.

2 early buckets for jrue

nice look hawes!

Jrue backdoor. There's Spence's contribution to this game, hope you enjoyed it.

Flex action gets Jrue a layup. Nice. Been running that a lot lately.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 19:13

Dre just needs to go up and shoot that one.

Ugh, Iguodala should've just gone up with that. Turnover leads to 2 easy ones on the other end.

Sissy 18-footer from the baseline. Good.

would love to see hawes play well tonite

why is Turner on DeRozan? Or was that the other dude?

hahahhaa sissy hawes. forgot about that

EB, money.

Iguodala and Turner miscommunicate, Lose Derozan.

That's an extremely tough shot by Turner.

Foul? Ugh.

Hawes blows.

Sissy uncontested airball from 1 foot away from the hoop.

hawes just air balled a layup

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 19:16

Spencer friggin' Hawes, it would help if you could just jump a lil and dunk that. Pitiful.

Think they may need Thad to take Bargnani.

EB again.

Sissy follow dunk. Yay.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 19:17

Defense is too loose. Tighten it up.

Raptors can't miss.

Jrue to the hole. This pace is a little too fast, need to settle down.

Or when they do miss, the sixers give up an offensive board...ugh.

I'd like to see Dre attack more if only for the fact that he draws attention even if he misses layups. Easy one for Hawes to clean up.

It'd sure be nice if our starters could come out and defend, huh? This isn't all Hawes' fault.

Glad Dre is not afraid to get in the paint and seems doing well. We're hitting shots, as are the Raps. The D needs to tighten up quickly. No more open shots, plz.

Jrue did a good job contesting that Bargnani three after Hawes flew by.

good job jrue

Why the heck is Turner shading Andersen to his left so hard? That's silly.

Jrue looks really good.

4/4, 8 points for Jrue. Time to sit him.


Get a hand up, Hawes. You fucker.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 19:23

Jrue's on the attack, going right at Calderon.

5/5 for Jrue. Whistle, is he coming out?

Jrue could go for 50 tonight. He's bullying Calderon. Too big and strong for him. Let's see if he makes the adjustment and starts setting others up if they run guys toward him.

I hope Lou is put off the ball here.

Nope, Lou for Turner.

Can't go under on Calderon, but 20-footers aren't going to kill you, I guess.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 19:26

Well, the Raps are on a Heat 1st quarter scoring pace. ugh

Can't go under on Calderon like that. EB, as is the gameplan, making Jrue play 1 on 2.

What the hell are the Raps announcers talking about Thad not being happy with the minutes he gets from Doug?!

Now Jrue goes to the bench.

Meeks three.

meeks 3, good find from andre

Why did Jodie rush the second one? He had all day.

Ouch. Hope the backboard is OK after that AI9 jumper.

Lou three off a terrible offensive possession.


Did Meeks shave his head?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 19:32

think it was cut close like that last night

Raps ran DeRozan off screens three straight plays against Jodie. 1/3, not bad at all.

They should put Iguodala on Kleiza, just so he has flashbacks to the World Championships.

Not a single foul in the first quarter, until that. That's bad, man.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 19:34

Yeah, that's bad. A whole lot of jumpers. They went in, but jumpers nonetheless.

EB played the whole quarter. Interesting.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 19:33

Lou is often money when he's drifting or floating to his left.

PHI 31, TOR 29 after one.

The points are great and all, but that defense was pretty shameful. Wake up.

DeRozan got blocked 3 times this quarter.

Great find by Lou. Man, Thad is blowing a lot of bunnies lately. Cleaned up his own mess, though.

I'm actually feeling a run here with Turner, Lou, Jodie.

thad misses so many layups, really makes me mad

Look how Hawes just gets pushed out of the post by literally anyone who guards him. He's so fucking weak.

Remember the Spencer Hawes chants earlier in the year?

Hawes airball. I really, really hate watching when he's on the floor.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 19:40

I hate when he can't get good post position 20 feet from the hoop.

It's amazing, wherever he starts posting, he winds up 8 feet further from the hoop once he's done being bullied. Joe Johnson did it to him in the Atlanta game.

In his defense, however, would you really want him to maintain his position in the post, which could possibly lead to a sissy hook?

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 19:45

Maybe he should start lower near the block so he'll only get bullied to foul line extended.

Davis apparently can't shoot with his right. Hit these freebies, Thad.

Man, they're literally pushing Hawes around. After the rebound he grabbed, and then again after the free throw he got a shove.

I don't know what you guys are talkin' about. Hawes is very strong...emotionally. He doesn't take no crap from no stinkin' democrat.

Jrue has 4 out of 5 buckets in the paint. Nice.

Good hustle, Thad. Turner didn't have the angle.

Jrue finally gets a shot. Hits.

That last Raptors possession was garbage. Turner off-the-ball foul? He's having problems w/ Kleiza.

What do you guys make of those Jrue walk-up jumpers? I like that he's hitting them, but they don't seem sustainable.

Don't mind them when he's hot. Would prefer they were threes. Why is Hawes playing so much?

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 19:51

I mean in like the sense of his and the team's development. Have you seen any PG make a living on like walk-up long twos with 17 seconds left on the shot-clock. The only comparison I can think of is Billups, and he shot walk-up threes. Even that was more of a change-up, like once of twice a game to keep the D honest. If Jrue misses that shot, it's horrible. No chance at an O board really and nobody touches the ball.

Jrue again. Nice pass from EB.

Calderon hit Brand's elbow with his eye.

I think Jodie has given up about 12 points already. He along with ET has struggled on that end tonight, ET on offense too.

Phil reply to Rich on Apr 4 at 19:51

Well, I thought the close outs were okay. They're just hitting every (long) shot right now. This won't sustain. Our points come from within the paint. Keep this up and we should be good.

I like how Brand just kept playing.


Hawes won a jump.

Pretty drive and kick, Jrue to EB.

That was a beautiful pick and pop by Jrue and EB. Love how deep Jrue kept probing and sucking both men down the lane.

Hawes hustled for a rebound.

I never expect Elton to miss a clean jumper.

good ball movement

Good D, Jrue.

Hawes jam, hockey assist Jrue, basketball assist, EB.

sixers passing tonite looks great

Man, Jodie's gotta make that. Jrue literally flawless on that end thus far.

On another note, Hawes' rebounding total in this half is indicative of his rebounding numbers being overrated. When nobody crashes and the ball hits the floor of a miss, that's when he's always there to get a D board. He's being put in the best position to rebound in the league.

Who was guarding Anderson on that last play?

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 20:16

Spurs are rolling ... :) Up 15 with 5:24 left to play in the 2nd.

need to make these open 3's jodie

Jodie needs to make those wide open 3s. No excuses. That's his role.

Jodie getting a lot of tick for a guy who's 1/4 on spoonfed looks.

Don't want to see Jodie after the time out. 1/4 on WIIIIIDE open threes.

I like that little play where Jrue cuts down the baseline, then sets a little pick so EB can get the entry pass.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 20:02

Our PG is our best screener.

2nd time Raps have gotten a bucket because Lou lets Uzoh get his own miss after letting him get in the lane. Dre was absolutely right.

Bad possession. Think it was thrown off because AI9 didn't cut under the hoop on Brand's catch.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:02

They better have one of their early season patented 3rd quarter spurts or this is gonna be a lot longer night than they came in bargaining for. This pisses me off nearly as much as the Wiz game.

EB to the line, pretty play.

EB to the line, pretty play.

jrue 3

Lou's defense has been shameful. Ben Uzoh just walked in for a layup.

Jrue man, wow.

Jrue 8/8 w/ the three to hopefully end the scoring in the quarter. Good play by Iguodala to suck both perimeter guys in the zone to him and kick to Jrue.

PHI 56, TOR 55 at the half.

The defense needs to be so much better.

Sad part about how bad that defense was? It overshadowed how much easier it is to defend when Thad is hedging those ball screens aggressively and has the speed to recover.

I'm going to make a point of tweeting Adam Aron every day, "Don't re-sign Hawes." I encourage everyone out there to do the same.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 20:15

Heh, I hope you're really not playing around about it.

thinking we should put some kind of hashtag in there. maybe #lessthan00

At least it's a simple halftime adjustment. Keep Lou off the ball on the defensive end. Contest the threes. Otherwise, they won't keep hitting jumpers like this. On offense, get to the hole.

Spurs putting on an offensive clinic in Beantown. Gary Neal shredding Boston from the PG position. They are great to watch.

Spurs are rolling ... :) Up 15 with 5:24 left to play in the 2nd.

Spurs killing the Celts. Come on, need this win.

Iguodala took the goggles off and hit a shot. Coincidence?

Oh man, his eye looks fucked up.

no more goggles

Dre without the glasses.

Jrue to EB, but it rims out. Pretty play.

Hawes turnover on a pass that wasn't there.

Hawes turnover on a charge.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:23

They have no sense of urgency whatsoever. Inexcusable, considering what's at stake. They blow.

another hawes turnover

Hawes turnover on a walk.

Three straight turnovers for that fucking stiff.


Banked Bargnani three. Down by 4 now.

Is that a clear path? Thad and Jrue were both ahead of the defense.

Man, only bad shots for Turner tonight.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:26

We're shooting 56% midway thru the 3rd quarter

and losing by 2


Jesus, Alan Anderson from five feet behind the line.

God, wide open for Turner. Clank.

Toronto can't miss, huh?

Come the fuck on.

Turner, come on man.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:30

Sub Evan out.

ET deserves the hook. Very tentative moves tonight. Submarined the possession there.

5 seconds. I'll take it.

Please start playing some fucking D.

that is such garbage. The Sixers D has been crap, but they've hit 5 complete prayers, too.

Man, this is as bad as it can be defensively.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:35

Bargs 3 and then a fucking foul.

Same ol', same ol' Sixers. Dammit!@!

Jodie on DeRozan won't work. I'd put Sam Young in for him.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:38

Yep, just don't understand why he's not giving Sam any burn. Didn't understand it last night and then tonight. He had started to play OK the last few before too.

Great, Hawes is back in.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:39

Same damn 8 man rotation on a back to back?


eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 20:42

You're probably being too generous.

Great example of Hawes not being able to get a board when someone crashes, no body on Davis. Lucky he missed.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:41

I quietly hope they lose this game. They really deserve to.

Jodie, you have to fucking hit that.

jodie, you need to make those shots

Get Jodie out. That one wasn't close.

malik is talkin truth right now

Eight, fucking point game. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

And Lou leaves 6 seconds on the clock when he throws up slop. Fuck this.

PHI 71, TOR 79 after three.

Just bad, bad basketball.

Jodie shouldn't see the floor in the fourth, neither should spence. Play Sam Young and Allen, could they be any worse?

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 4 at 20:46

Heh, both in to start the fourth.

Sissy trash and Hawes winds up on his ass.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:47

Hawes falls down like he was just hit by a Mack truck! heh

Alright, good subs. Any chance the ball can show a semblance of moving?

eb every play please

Come on, EB. Need you here like the other night.

Fuck me. Can't let them get that o-board.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:49

Couldn't Jrue have grabbed that long rebound?

That's what I thought. He didn't go after it.

Jrue needs the ball in his hands.


Come on, Turner fouls DeRozan on a three. Talk about a fucking rally killer.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:50

Come on Evan, take your seat on the bench, stupidass foul. No way Doug can have it out for him as much run as he's getting with the way he's looked tonight.

Can't believe he won't put Sam Young in instead of Evan or Jodie. damn

Killer foul by Turner. He has a knack of fouling jump shooters. Don't know why he even bothered there. The shot was pretty much already away.

He's followed up a great night with a really poor one.

I'd add on Turner, if he's going to be any sort of part of this team's plans, he can't have games like this.

3 seconds called on the 9th second. Get a hoop here, please.

ARGH, Jrue.

Can they let Jrue initiate?

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:54

Just can't grasp why such tight rotations 1) down the stretch in a compressed season, 2) coming off a road game on first of back2back. Puzzling.

That's kind of what I was talking about with Jrue's shots. That's a garbage possession, defense didn't move at all.

You've got to be kidding me. Brand loses the jump to Uzoh.

Come on.

Ugh, Lou gives up another rebound to Uzoh.

Great, Jodie's coming back in. That'll solve everything.

Brick after brick after brick.

And Iguodala lets Kleiza get the o-board.

Jrue to the line, hopefully to stop the bleeding. This is disgraceful.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 20:59

I hope Sam Young has a ding or nick from practice, if not, no use even trading for the guy if you're not gonna use him when both Turner and Meeks are sucking hind teat. And on a back to back. sheesh

See, this is what I'm seeing with Jrue. His shots just are semi-contested long twos off isos now. It's nice that he hit a few in the first, but they came after he was getting deep into the Raptors' defense.

Yep. 4 of his first 5 were in the paint, then he hit that walk up when he was hot. Needs to get to the rim.

Splits the pair. unreal.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 21:02

I had a feeling the Wiz game from last Friday would rear it's head again, just didn't think it would be vs the Raptors. Actually thought it was going to be last night vs the Heat, though that's not being fair to the Heat.

Really sensed they would lay a stinker against a poor team, just didn't think it would be so soon, I mean not even a week later. And not the Raps to boot.

Toronto is doing everything they can let the Sixers back in this game.

Iso Thad, and he takes a horrible runner/fadeaway that has no chance. Just a bad play call, and a bad move by Thad.

Iguodala air ball. This is just so bad.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 21:04

What the fuck was that Andre? Just sorry, sorry, sorry. One on one shit like that has no place. COme on!!

Jrue is just freelancing now. Nobody wants to shoot, five individuals out there. I don't know what to say.

Guess I should've saved the wasted opportunity headline for tonight.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 21:07

You too Jrue, all the damn one on one.

Doug on the bench mumbling ... Unbelievable, yada yada

On that drive of the game, they needed two helpers because Hawes did absolutely nothing. That's why the dunk came.

This is worse than the Wizards loss, imo.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 21:09

And Doug flips us all the bird by inserting Lavoy and Vuc

worst game of the year (and yes i watched the bullets game)

Celts only down 4 at the end of the third.

I wish someone would elbow me in the face.

William on Apr 4 at 21:13

Crazy. Dissapointing......

PHI 78, TOR 99 Final.

7 points in the fourth quarter.

I don't want to talk about the offseason and future of this team, but this game really wants me to. My stance on the team is really starting to change in these last couple of games. For another time though...

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on Apr 4 at 21:29

Heh, I had been typing my diatribe and just now read this. On the same page as you. I just can't help but to express and talk about it, season over or not. It's too glaring.

Anonymous on Apr 4 at 21:19

Does anybody truly want to build for the future with existing pieces of this team? Every player has serious warts.

William on Apr 4 at 21:21

Every year. Same song. Play strong at some point during the season.They finish lousy. A hard fought first round loss..... Unless something different happens in the playoffs, u gotta break up the core.

C'mon Bucks!!!!!!!!!

I'd like a ticket to the lottery, please.

eddies' heady's on Apr 4 at 21:27

The culmination of being pissed off at last Friday's Wiz game combined with this piss-poor showing has me feeling a rather unusual state. I'm usually on the same page as Brian when it comes to making the playoffs and the experience it brings. But more and more each day, I'm starting to lean away from that mindset. I'm beginning to not want to see them make it this year. I've seen this all before, and this group of guys I've about had it with. I'd really rather have the mid teens draft pick which can maybe be a better asset to maybe make moves with. Or land a pretty decent player in this year's draft.

I've been turning sour ever since seeing Turner in the starting lineup and Hawes inevitably coming back. Hawes is soft and garbage and Turner is too one-dimensional.

Just two months ago, these guys had me believing they could actually make some noise, even in the 2nd round, after seeing those gut wrenching performances ala the OKC Thunder game. They really looked like they borderline belonged. But not anymore, I don't know what the switch is that flipped, but it's just too painfully obvious at this point for me.

To have to potentially face MIA in the 1st round is just a waste of my time, their time, and the NBA's time. It's just staying in that mold of being good enough to not be bad, but not bad enough to get good. And I'm sick and tired of it. Playoff experience will be of no value or use as far as I'm concerned, the lottery sometimes isn't such a bad thing, particularly when big men could fall like may happen this year.

The fairy tale of JTI being a success was, has been, and is grounded. Blow the shit up please. This franchise has already taught me how to spell mediocrity - with a capital M. I don't need it laid out in ALL CAPS.

well the switch that flipped is before they were winning and now they're not. pretty simple.

eddies' heady's reply to Mike on Apr 4 at 22:05

Not sure if you thought I meant "my" switch flipped but I was referring to the team in general (and you may have gleaned that? can't tell). I'm not sure it's that simple, just think back and remember the team that played that willful and endearing battle versus OKC (a loss) and then think of the Wiz game and Raptor game tonight. I may have to say it to myself again .. the Wizards and the Raptors. The Wiz and Raps. ugh

South Broad on Apr 4 at 21:36

25 points 2Q

22 points 2Half

How does that even happen?

when your offense is around long 2

South Broad reply to sixerfan1220 on Apr 4 at 21:39

Without mentioning none of them can really shoot?

Celts lose on a Pierce iso. Missed at the buzzer. Big minutes for the big 4 with a game at Chicago tomorrow night.

Division is still right there, if they want it. If anyone cares.

If one believes in such things, Doug Collins has lost this team.

Remember when he was a coach of the year candidate?

The heat outscored the sixers tonight - in 3 quarters

I wrote my post game already, but not going to publish it until midnight. Mostly because I'm not wasting time tomorrow writing about this team and I want something with an April 5th time stamp on the site. Enjoy!

Actually, I'll publish it now w/ an advanced time stamp. Why not cut corners.

I always thought you could 'time things' to just publish at a later time?

Seriously folks - low expectations almost always come in handy...if you had the expectations that last season and this season would look the same once it ended (continuity baby) you are getting exactly what you expected...ups and downs aside, the 'continuity' bs was bs from the beginning and anyone who pointed it out was 'called out' cause of a hot start that has unsurprisingly fallen flat.

They're no better than they were last year, they're probably not going to win a first round series, but if the new ownership gets a few home playoff games maybe they can ride that continuity for another year.

The worst possible thing to be in the NBA is mediocre and capped out

that is pretty much exactly what i said after the first 2 losses of the season on the road trip and everyone thought i wasn't being a good fan

Tweeted your write up!

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