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Good article on the Sixers and Iguodala in particular. link.

My favorite quote: ""It makes no sense to me why so many good scorers can't defend," Iguodala says. "Like Lou Williams. He's one of the toughest guys to guard in the league, but he can't guard anybody. I don't get that."

Thanks to GoSixers for the link.

Andre Iguodala on ho to make friends and influence people in the locker room - maybe that's why Lou has been pouting recently :)

Has anyone watched the lou 'documentary' that's on youtube?

Is it any different from the one last year? Nothing I like more than seeing his posse kiss his ass on YouTube.

I think it's the same one, I just didn't know it existed, or was on youtube, until there was an article about it in the philly paper...something about not being able to afford first class plane tickets and how to find 'leg room' in coach cracked me up since, well, lou is one of the few NBA players i'm taller than :)

Alvin reply to GoSixers on Apr 4 at 21:02


Wow. Go Iggy. I wonder if Collins will punish him for ripping the coach's son. Unreal!

I wonder if taking these shots is Andres subtle way of saying trade me already

Haha I think the whole interview was him subtlely saying that. I don't think he ever expected to be brought back after skipping his exit interview at the end of last season.

And if the old owners (and thorn and collins?) had had their way he would have been in golden state and the sixers fans would have had their 20 PPG scorer

good news

@preston76 #Sixers Andre Iguodala (left eye contusion) is officially listed as available to play tonight vs. the Raptors. Tip-off at 7:00pm.


Best working class acting job since Ernest Borgnine in "Marty." Went a-floppin' and a-carryin' on like he was shot. Based on histrionics, didn't expect him back until 2014.

Nice work and "recovery" Andre. Now back to that 12, 6, 5 & super-duper D. By the way, fine artistic dunks last night before "tragedy" befell, especially the baseline rush, rise and express check-out. It made me think of Wilt... palming the ball and you at your apex.

Rich reply to Dollar Bill on Apr 4 at 17:28

Seriously? That looked really painful.

I'm sure it hurt initially and blurred his vision but his dramatic reaction was a far cry from uncommon valor.

You're so right, the old days were so much better, when men were 'men' (drinking, smoking, beating women with impunity cause they were athletes)

Tell you what - let's have someone gouge their finger across your eye and see how tough you are

Iguodala's a she-man. I've had my eye raked a number of times during basketball games, but didn't proceed to dance like Michael Jackson on a hot tin roof.

"The old days" were better in many respects, but I'm not foolish enough to try to convince you.

Iguodala has played 603 of a possible 628 in his 8-year career. In those 603 games, he's left the court with an injury twice. You're off base.

You're foolish enough to talk in literary metaphor and jibberish for the sake of hearing yourself talk. Trying to convince me it was better in the good old days (on a device that didn't exist in your good old days) would be right up your alley, not the one you live in, the next one over

Who you tryin' to fool? You read each message and get 'em loud and clear. Communication is my sake, just as it's yours. Quit interposing like a fly; it's a rude reflex.

Devices don't equate to quality of life, though some are prone to die on that position.

Jeremiah Elfreth, blacksmith, lived in an alley.

keep on keepin' on, Dollar Bill

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