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is hopeful even an accurate, meaningful word at this point?

i don't expect anything from this team anymore.

sure would've been nice if Doug had at least tried putting the two centers who might possibly have some upside in to slow down DH12 and Davis...instead of burning Brand and Battie on the first of what looks almost certain to be a season-burying back to back...the bitch of it is, how can anyone tell how much of this is the roster, how much is the coach, how much is the league figuring them out...and how much is the schedule being so friggin relentless?

The Sixers match-up well with the Celtics so maybe they win.

last night did not bother me as much as it probably should. I think they gave good effort but were just not good enough... to beat JJ and Big Baby. Sort of sad, but that is how it is when the Sixers are in a slump. And if you don't know that after the past 5 years then you have not been paying attention.

Strange how they can play .600 basketball for about 60 games and then fall off a cliff, but this type of streakiness has been thenorm for years. If anything the sustained success was more an abberation than the inevitable down-swing. Maybe just another symptom of lacking a franchise player to be a steadying influence.

they DIDN't give good effort-thad had a burst, EB was a warrior but didn't have the ammo, meeks was hustling...everyone else l0oked in the midst of an out of body experience

but "they match up well against the celtics, so maybe they will win." i mean, i really doubt it but even if they did who really cares at this juncture-a team whose less than full season of above average winning pct was built on stripping individuality, risktaking, mistakes and all the other things that the medioccre must find a way to struggle through if they are ever going to transcend mediocrity, ultimately, from the games of developing players and turn them into scrappy players who hustle to compensate for sublimating the skillsets that got them to the nba in order that they be reborn in doug's image and self flagellate on the bench after a live ball turnover?

"they lost, but i don't feel bad about it because they hustled"-when they diiiidn't hustle, and when theloss was not just a loss to orlando but the final nail in the coffin of a once promising season, and and when the two young players who represent the only hope for the future of the roster at this point had dreadful games marked by, in the case of one, an unwillingness try to reinvent himself as a basketball player when the old identity worked, the new one doesn't, and the team is suddenly terrible, and in the case of the other, apalpable lack of confidence and fear of reprisals that has become paralyzing-the blithe lack of insight into events unfolding before your eyes contained within that comment is breathtaking

jrue hholiday played point guard last night like someone who had just emerged from a basketball reeducation camp during which everything he ever knew about the game was systematically purged, leaving him to be sent onto the floor last night to melt into a puddle before our eyes

the 3pt play he hit down the stretch was funny because his reaction as he was putting it up-after it went up was ishouldn'tdothis..shouldi?-fuckishouldn'thavedonethatright?-ohitwentin

by the way, can the people who believe that andre igoudala's consistnetly solid all around play and superlative defense during his tenure as the best, most visible and well compensated player on a team that peaked at .500 are beyond reproach, and that those who criticize him as miscast in his role on the sixers are mouthbreathing idiots who don't know basketball and discredit the franchise ready to...
a)admit that they were wrong last season, that trading igoudala and allowing both him and the team to get a fresh start and breaking the perimeter logjam would probably have been the right call early 2010-11, as advocated by most sixers watchers-from the grandstands to kate fagan(kate's pfessional credibility and trustworthiness were called into question LAST WEEK by prominent sufferers of igoudala derangement syndrome who stated that she had forfeited her credibility for expressing this opinon as she could only have been motivated by a greed for pageviews-as reason to discredit her report on the relationship between doug and the team since she was probably just fishing for pageviews[on her site that has no ads and maybe a couple thousand people know exists] again-a frankly insane charge, insane and baseless, tossed off with a smug truthless certainty that would mkae h. eskin blush. following the 76ers is a really strange experience
or b)explain why they believe keeping igoudala in order to sneak into the playoffs twice(maybe) without learning much about what jrue/et really are in this league and watching both steadily regress looks good in hindsight?
after pondering these questions, maybe our host would like to recalibrate his sense of who among sixer fans represent idiocy and closed minds as opposed to reasonable engagement with objective facts

they've already beat Boston twice this season. i don't really see them winning 3 in a row, especially with Boston playing well and the Sixers self destructing.

Well the Knicks get three in a row in the flukiest way possible. Much thanks to D-Rose for giving the game away.

I actually think they win tonight. Just match up well against the C's for some reason.

To me, absolutely anything is better than the 7 seed, we've all read that story already. I'd prefer 8 seed or lottery to 7. I'll take my chances with the Bulls, it would be more fun than the Heat.

no glasses for dre tonight even though his eye still looks bad

9 comments at half time against the Celtics. Yep, the Sixers officially suck.

indifference; that's tough to do to whom I consider borderline die-hard fans that inhabit DF.com
Credit the Sixers for that impressive feat.

Big Will on Apr 8 at 19:17

Real sad. 36 pts in 3 quarters. Sheesh... Stick a fork in em.

Big Will reply to Big Will on Apr 8 at 19:21

My bad... End of half. They still suck right now!

johnrosz on Apr 8 at 19:35

just haven't been seeing the effort, they're not the most talented team but the way this has gone, I think you've gotta blow the whole damn thing up, coach included

Kaboom!!! Blow it up, everyone goes from the top (Thorn) to the bottom (Hawes).

what kinda record would the Sixers have 2 finish with 2 sneak into the lottery

for a top 10 pick

How many more losses will ensure that Doug won't be here next season?

Years upon years of mediocrity, a fringe aging all-star earning a quarter of the team salary, an even older broken down PF earning even more, a PG who's a nice guy but a bottom tier PG, a cupcake PF in Young, and a #2 first rounder with rumored 'issues' who's shooting about 33% beyond three feet. And those are the best of the squad.


Please, detonate.

When not playing unpracticed and out of shape teams in the front third of compressed seasons, the team is a bottom third talent.

D E T O N A T E. BOOM. Please.

Rich reply to Hobbes on Apr 8 at 20:08

Pretty much.

wave of desolation

This is much more than a regression. A normal regression and this team would still have a 2 to 5 game lead in the division. They have fallen off a cliff in a season where their age suggested they would get stronger.

Can't really say anything else except what everyone else is saying. This is no way to build a winner, below average in the front and now that you look at it, backcourt.

Hopefully ownership recognizes the team for what they really are and not the 20-9 mirage that started the season. The 76ers can make some serious moves this offseason but will they be the right moves is the question.

it's painful watching this team self-destruct. I was really fond of the first 40gms version. Not sure whether making the playoffs is even a good thing anymore.

johnrosz on Apr 8 at 20:46

Indifferent Fan

This has got to be the end, playoffs or no playoffs, they're not "one piece away"...unless that piece is a transcendent talent like Dwight. That's not happening, so blow this fucker up and try again.

These plays are just plain ridiculous. Even though the NBA has the arrogance to call the winner of the play offs "World Champions", the plays run by most teams are downright awful.

I've just watched 48 minutes of passing the ball to one side, seeing the guard WALK to the other corner followed by a little drive with a pull up or a turnover. For people wondering why ET has bad stats, he's the one forced to run to the other corner 24/7 unless he's bringing up the ball not to see the ball back since he's the one passing. One pass, a drive, a forced shot or some lousy pick and roll.

Clock running down? Oh, let's give an iso to Lou and see him miss once again. It's either the team not willing to play DC's plays, or it's DC calling the bad plays - either way, something has to change.

The solution is easy, let ET run this team on the point and let him get the experience needed. His shooting percentage will go up, he completely changed his way of shooting you can't expect a higher percentage straight from the bat. Out of experience, it takes 1-2 years for things to settle down if you completely changed your shooting technique.

This team feels like a high school team where every kid needs to get their minutes. Eleven guys have more than 12 minutes. I understand the need for a good rotation, but if you want to get some serious development out of the youngsters you chose as your face of your franchise, let them make plays and let them make mistakes while giving them a lot of minutes. The only way to learn the game properly.

Hobbes reply to HendrikDB on Apr 8 at 21:10

I'll pass. Turner's more of the same regular diet shoved down fans' throats: young hybrid player with no natural position, wrapped in crummy shooting numbers, stuffed with inconsistency. Plus, a head case?

No thanks. I need healthier dining options. We all do.

eddies' heady's reply to Hobbes on Apr 9 at 1:04

Yeah, I'll just starve too.

first game i missed all season. why bother anymore? the players don't care so i don't either.

let's blow it up!!! any other conclusion makes less sense.

Hey guys, just got back from the game that I attended with Brian. I definitely admire Brian for being willing to drive 8 hours round-trip in one day to watch this train wreck of a team. Here's one anecdote to cheer you all up, though (the most positive thought I've had about the Sixers in a while):

Rod Thorn and Adam Aron were sitting a few rows in front of us. They got up from their seats at halftime (when it was 50-36, before the horrid 3rd quarter). Rod passed by first, stone-faced; Aron was following glumly a few steps behind. I jokingly said within earshot of Brian (but not Aron), "Get rid of Hawes," and then Brian picked up on that and said loudly enough for Aron to hear, "Don't re-sign Hawes!" -- and then Aron acknowledged him with a nod and a wry smile! Then Aron walked another couple steps and said, "There's a few other guys I'm not going to re-sign next year too."

All in all, it's gotten to the point where if you don't laugh about it, you'll cry about it, and I'm glad we had one good laugh tonight ...

Rich reply to Statman on Apr 8 at 22:48

Well, that's good news if he's not happy. I just hope he's not in the market for any quick fixes (which aren't really fixes at all) and even close to being the one making decisions.

Spencer for hire reply to Rich on Apr 8 at 23:23

We seem to be a team that has had recently very unconventional stars in A.I. and Barkley. We tried to draft a 6'6" legit size scorer in Turner and he doesn't fit that mold.

We are now at the 16th pick in the draft, who do we trade up for? Rivers is undersized, maybe he fits the bill. D. Lillard is a 6'2" scorer, maybe he qualifies.

Royce White has major skills and issues, why not?

I liked White's game from the two/three times I saw him play, but he's not the answer long-term obviously. Could be a nice piece maybe, but picking in the teens isn't the answer.

One thing about White scares me, not even having to do with the normal things you hear about him. During the tournament, they said he has a huge fear of flying and drove to every road game he could have instead of flying. He would have ended up in Kentucky with Cal if he wasn't told he had to fly down there and sign the papers the next day apparently. How's that gonna work in the NBA? I wonder.

At this point, there should be no doubt that we need to blow this up and start from the bottom. That includes trading Iggy, trading Lou if he picks up his option (unlikely), amnesty Brand and replace Doug. Of course, I doubt management will do this, considering the Sixers are currently 15th in attendance (17,401) after being 25th last year (14,751). So it's probably fair to say we will be the 8th seed or the 12-14th pick in the lottery this year and then expect the same result the next year. Unless they totally tune Collins out (as has happended in his other jobs) and we suck even worse.

If we don't make the playoffs I think you can count on the following:

1. Doug gets fired (hooray)
2. Iggy gets traded (I'm an Iggy fan but it's past time for this, he wanted it last year, let the man go to a place where he's appreciated and collect a draft pick in return)
3. Lou is gone (hooray)

Brand will not be amnestied (there's no point in amnestying an expiring contract that gives you 10 & 7 with excellent D) but it wouldn't shock me if he gets traded at the deadline next year if we stink. If we're a playoff team next year then my guess is we'll keep him around at a much smaller contract.

There will still be a young core in tact (Turner, Holiday, Thad, Vucevic) that you can build around. Just need to figure out Turner and Holiday. Based on what I've seen, the answer is make ET the PG and have Jrue come off the ball.

The Six reply to spiller27 on Apr 9 at 0:43

I don't understand the "let him go where he is appreciated" comment. What exactly is it about this guy that you should be so worried about his feelings? He will be paid what, close to $16 mil next season? He free-throw shooting is in a steady decline, his jump shot has always sucked (and has yet to improve), he is possibly the least clutch player on the team, and his idea of leadership is ripping a teammate to a national sports publication. He is at times an elite defender and he has a good all around game. Great. I don't understand why you care about how he is appreciated.

Your entire comment kind of makes the point for him.

The Six reply to Brian on Apr 9 at 1:08

Sorry if I'm not concerned about if Iggy feels appreciated.

matt reply to spiller27 on Apr 9 at 8:15

For what its worth, Aron tweeted he's 'unshakably in the foxhole" with Collins in response to some saying he should stick with him.

Spencer for hire on Apr 8 at 22:37

Let the Royce White era begin!!!!!

Easter on Apr 9 at 1:15

Was this game THAT bad? What really happened thinnest game thread of yr...

well at least the guys will have a very long offseason to recover from the injuries (AI9), age (EB) or whatever the hell is wrong with the rest of them...and the owners will have a nice long offseason to figure out what to do with these guys...

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