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I assume no one has seen or heard if Doug is going to use last night's lineup? I'm assuming he is but you never know.

I could see him putting Hawes back in the starting lineup because he's so friggin' awesome. But no, I haven't heard anything.

If Hawes is motivated by being a bench player (whatever, the nets front court sucks, but so does the raptors) leave him there...maybe some other team will be conned into giving him money

Mike reply to MikeW on Apr 11 at 18:10

Cooney just said on DNL same starting lineup as last night

Maybe this year will be the opposite of their 3 other .500 seasons. Those teams streaked until about 6 games left and then lost out to close the season- only to bounce back and at least show some pride in their 1st round losses.

Maybe this year will be the reverse. They slide until the last weeks and then finish with a brief hot streak... and then get crushed i the 1st round. It would not surprise me one bit.

The Sixers official Facebook page just advertised tonights game with this "fill in" question: I think Spencer Hawes will score _____ points and grab _____ rebounds vs. the Raptors

Couldn't get me less excited about tonights game...

6 pts, 4 rbs - 3/9 shooting in 28 min with 2 TO's and 4 PFs.

I decided to give a little extra (necessary) detail.

anyone want to dismantle this Grantland asshole?


"Support from the pocket-protector set won’t help Philly in the playoffs — assuming they even make it there. This team was never going to oust Miami or Chicago, but their early success broached the possibility of a first-round matchup against a vulnerable team like Atlanta, Boston, or Orlando. That’s not happening now. Last year, when the Sixers lost in five games to the Heat, the series was regarded as a harbinger of coming success. This year, it will be a death knell for the Sixers’ middle-class dream..."

Um, he may be a bit over the top (because he works for that douche simmons) but where is he wrong?

The sixers never were going to oust miami or chicago but might have beaten atlanta boston or orlando in the first round.

Everything he said is accurate, the 'pocket protector' insult aside...considering that ESPN basically supports grantland and that 'pocket protector set' includes ESPN golden boy hollinger.

Seriously - why bother - it's truth at its core

Handle the pick and roll as a key for the Raptors? The Sixers hardly ever run it.

Aaaaand we're off...Voose wins the tip

i hate that 3d graphic

Jrue goes right at Calderon on the first possession. He should really do that about 30 times tonight, but he won't.

Turnover on the other end. Good start.

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 19:13

The Raptors leading the overall series with the Sixers 32-31 just speaks to our continued mediocrity over the years.

Had the right idea the first time. Should've gone back to Jrue in the post instead of the AI9 three.


Voose on the blocks.

Jrue to the line.

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 19:15

Cue up all social media outlets....

They're free. Fuck. Missed both.

Voose to the line.

Jrue to Voose for the 8 footer. Good.

good pass voose

Nice pass, Voose. Brand w/ the slam.

Well, this game is different from the loss last week already. They were garbage on the defensive end in that one, pretty much the entire night.

Good start. More please.

Phil reply to Phil on Apr 11 at 19:28

Well ... not a good start then.

Heh. D-leaguers always kill the Sixers.

That's there whenever Calderon is on Jrue.

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 19:24

Ugh, Jrue should have given that up on that break instead of pulling up.


Turner is officially the 9th man.

Is Meeks hurt?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 19:28

Not that I could tell, why?

Nevermind. Forgot he was starting, thought he checked into the game for like 1 minute and then was subbed out for Turner. Carry on.

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 19:27

Bad foul Spence.

Two Hawes gems in a row. Can't make the catch, steps out of bounds "chasing" the ball down. Then fouls a jump shooter, who makes the jump shot.

Lou was 25 feet away from his man when he hit that three.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 19:35

And not much closer on the other 2 pointer.

Turner in the paint.

Looks like Dre is right. Lou can't defend anybody.

PHI 20, TOR 20 after one.

Carbon copy of last night's first quarter, on the scoreboard. Last night, the bench got it done. Tonight, the starters were better.

I'd like a big second quarter here.

Sissy hook from 15 feet. pitiful.

Atta boy, Thad.

Get some fucking stops, huh?

Great D by Jrue there. Think he got the block.

more energy from Turner tonight on both ends...he's looking to crash the glass which he needs to do more of cause he's good at it and he doesn't need the ball to do it

Garbage shot by Kleiza. They hit about 5 complete prayers in that last game.

Sissy runner. Hawes, you're garbage.

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 19:47

Good placement on that entry pass Jrue to EB.

Iggy on the break

Malik Rose was killing Spence..."you have to play strong in this league"

Iguodala owns Kleiza.

Come on, Jodie.

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 19:54

Feels like this one is going down to the wire.

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 19:58

So, TOR has late arriving crowds like LA?

Tough shot, Lou hits it. That fading jumper, no idea why he's so good at that.

I haven't looked up his percentage, but just from the form I'd give Ed Johnson that shot every time.

or even Ed Davis.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:01

think you meant Davis? if so, that's why I wanted no part of him in that draft. He couldn't hit anything outside of 7 feet in college.

odds this play is a lou iso?

You forgot option b, turnover/brokenplay

sweet pass, AI9. Way to make the most of that last possession, guys.

Lou better be out of the game for this last defensive possession.

come out strong here guys

PHI 42, TOR 37 at the half.

Made it back from walking the dog just in time.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:24

Is your dog named after a basketball player? Is it Hawes? Is it?

Heh. Nope. Westbrook.

Had a dog named Barkley at one time, though.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:02


You might want to clarify who the dog is named after - folks here might not know your eagles bias :)

Jake Westbrook, obviously :)

AI9 against the clock.

Voooose. 9-point lead, push it to 15 quickly.

voose again

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 20:22

that middle eastern guy who sits under the basket, gotta give him credit, feel like he's been a season ticket holder there going all the way back to the start of this Toronto franchise

Voose is hot. 11-point lead. Timeout TOR.

Meeks goes right into the 1-on-3, gets the hoop and the harm. Up 14. Don't let up.

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 20:26

I pretty much hate what Jodie just did, but nice work

dammit jodie


Come on, Jodie.

Voose w/ the sissy lefty, good! Learned that one from Hawes.

Nice look, Jrue. EB, hit the freebies.

Heh, Voose w/ the clothesline. It was on the floor.

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 20:31

Jodie is a really really poor defender and Doug just continues to turn a blind eye

Brand w/ the three. Missed.

Excellent offense.

Voose coming out.

Sissy 20-footer.

Jrue w/ the head butt. Wish he would've made the shot.

Flailing against the zone.

Meeks coming back in, supposedly to bust it.

Thad blows the bunny. Toronto has a big who can dunk. This has just been a terrible second half of the third quarter. They're going to lose if they don't get their shit together soon.

Sissy three seconds.

Sharone Wright on Apr 11 at 20:41

Hawes, we hate you.

Sissy pathetic contest. Lets him hit the layup and fouls him.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:42

And not even a good hard foul, either.

Hawes and Thad convert on the inside on back-to-back possessions. Needed those hoops.

Anyone who thinks Hawes is a good rebounder, please rewind your DVR and watch the offensive rebound he just gave up.

Meeks brick.

hawes rejected!

Sissy 20 footer rejected into the fifth row. Sweet.

Meeks brick.

Sharone Wright on Apr 11 at 20:45

Wow, I didn't catch how bad that was the first time I watched it.

That's pretty typical, too.

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 20:45

There are guys in the D League that could do Jodie's job way better than Jodie

PHI 63, TOR 57 after three.

Completely fucked up their great start to the third. Jrue and Iguodala both rested to end the third, I want them both in there until this game is decided.

The first hoop in the fourth Q will give the Sixers more point than they scored in the entire second half last Wednesday.

Sharone Wright on Apr 11 at 20:49

Hawes still in...

Rushed sissy 18-footer. Then he gets a block on the other end.

Great D, Jrue. Turner in the open floor. nice.

Sharone Wright on Apr 11 at 20:51

Yeah, Jrue, great steal.

Sissy hook. Good. (walked, no call)

Turner baseline J, good. Think he thought he got fouled.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 20:55

He always has a lot to say to refs. Kind of annoying.

calderon looks like he got into a boxing fight

Great block, Thad. He controlled it, too.

great job evan

Sharone Wright on Apr 11 at 20:59

Yeah, ET!

Nice dish, Turner. Thad, hit the freebie. We're approaching laugher status quickly.

TURNER boards, coast to coast for the drive and dish!

Nice look by Jrue for Thad in the lane.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:03

Thad is good at that quick little jump hook thing.

Gotta hand it to Doug for responding to Turner's increased effort with increased minutes-which has only caused Turner to step it up another notch

Another great play, grabs the board takes itup and dishes Brand-and just grabbed another board as I watch

The route is on (route or rout?).

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:05


rout, like bout

andre dagger?

Turner, should've given Davis the jumper instead of leaving the three-point shooter open.

This is the first time Jrue has had 7 assists in a game in over 2 months (Feb. 10th).

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:11

Glad he took the leap this year...

Iguodala w/ a demonstrative FU to Collins from the line.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:12

What do you mean?

Everytime he misses a free throw, it's his way of undermining Collins' authority.

4 turnovers for the game.

What a difference a day makes. Evan is everywhere

Got him at pg for mopup time if I'm not mistaken

ET THE 30 FOOT BOUNCE PASS!Zumoff whispers the words "magic johnson"

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 21:14

what is Doug pissed at right now?

PHI 93, TOR 75 Final.

Strong fourth quarter. Time to scoreboard watch. Celts losing by 8 to the Hawks. Bucks and Knicks tied at the half.

eddies' heady's on Apr 11 at 21:15

Go Bucks! and Knicks! wait

Go Bucks! i guess

27 assists and only 4 TOs for the Sixers. Nice

Phil reply to MCT on Apr 11 at 21:17

Is it not counted as a turnover on Turner when he let's the shot clock expire on the last possession?

MCT reply to Phil on Apr 11 at 21:19

A team TO, you're right. Just not an individual TO. But still, 27/5 is still pretty good

Team turnover.

I'm going w/ Jrue for POTG. 8/7/7/1/1/0 turnovers.

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:17

Honorabel mention: Voose

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 11 at 21:17

Over Thad?

yeah, thought Jrue's defense was especially good tonight and he actually played like a PG. Not taking anything away from Thad, but I think Jrue was the key.

Jrue had a decent game; he was the Sixers 2nd best pg tonight...course he is also the 2nd best pg of the roster


Behind Iguodala.

(Turner is vaaaaaaaaaaastly overrated point guard. He's a ball dominant 2 who needs the ball in his hands and can make passes when defenses collapse on him, either on pick and rolls or dribble penetration. His pure point ability is being overrated because of his necessity to have the ball in his hands for his own offense.

Ha, fair enough. Turner can be a magician running in transition after grabbing a board...in the fourth quarter tonight his passing instincts stood out, he was getting it to the open man in a nice rhythm...I see Jrue miss the moment when someone is open too often...caught a few minutes of Phx and Minn on ESPN the other night and God, if you play with Steve Nash and you are open you will get the ball right in the crucial split second. Such a joy to watch. seems partially pretty instinctive, that skill

You may be right-but Turner's passing has made me ooh and ahh more often than Jrue's. The long bounce pass in transition has appeared in back to back game's-tonight's for Sam Young was better than last night's

I don't think they have any true PGs on this team. I think Iguodala is our best "playmaker" and Jrue, Turner, and Lou can all make plays. But none of them are PGs in the classic definition.

I think this is the most correct answer.

MCT reply to jkay on Apr 11 at 22:19

If you were to rank them in order for different point categories:

Court Vision: Iguodala, Lou, Turner, Jrue

Unselfishness/willingness to pass: Iguodala, Turner, Jrue, Lou

Taking care of the ball: Lou, Iguodala, Jrue/Turner (tie)

MCT reply to MCT on Apr 11 at 22:20

Although Turner has stretches where he is a gunner too, so he could switch with Jrue in that category sometimes

this is pretty accurate. I find Turner's ability to lead a break off a board to be the most aesthetically pleasing 'playmake' that the Sixers have

Although I feel like Doug's system deemphasizes "true pg" play too

Good win! Let's see if they can make it a streak on Friday.

Gonna watch the last 3 min of the Pacers vs. Cavs game. Should be a good one.

Doug comes right out and praises Evan-said he gave him the ace of spades tonight(his corny lockerroom potg). Bravo you bastard

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 22:40

Boston and ATL in OT...my god Doc Rivers never stops whining, T this clown up, he chews the refs out after every fucking call that doesn't go his way

Neither does tommy heinsohn - did you see pierce get called for the offensive foul when they were trying to run the shot clock down iso...

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 11 at 22:43

clearly an offensive foul. And the KG hook on Teague, even more obvious than your typical KG illegal screen...

I only saw the pierce call - had the knicks/bucks fourth quarter on in the background as i was doing my chores :)
But based on tommys comments - the refs work for the hawks

Is Heinsohn the biggest homer announcer in any sport?

Yes. I spent three months in Boston last winter. It is out of control

The hawks designed a play to find josh smith an open look at the 3?

Well that was a dumb idea. Celtics will win, knicks will win

johnrosz on Apr 11 at 22:44

Josh Smith singlehandedly wrapping up the Atlantic for Boston right now, wow he's been bad here in OT

PS - Dwyane Wade should be banned from all future olympic competition


johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 11 at 22:49

I've always thought that Wade was the real snake on that Heat team. LBJ just had the misfortune of letting his business associates (his unqualified idiot friends from childhood) let him go through that Decision debacle.


"I love representing my country, man," James said. "I've done it since 2004 and I'm looking forward to doing it in London. As far as [pay], I don't know, man. It doesn't matter. I'm happy to be a part of the team, to be selected again."


The heat are like 10-1 in games without wade this year right?

Hawks outscored 4-2 in overtime

Rondo had 20 damn assists

3 back of the celts,hawks and magic

Most interesting game of the night - the healthy spurs lost to the kobe less lakers and Bynum was a beast...dude stays healthy he's the future of that team Kobe, maybe even the present, maybe you should pass to him a bit more and take shitty shots less?

Does anyone else find it ridiculous that ESPN keeps using Chris Webber on Warriors telecasts?

you mean chirs mullin?

and yes i do

Yes, I got my former player awful commentators confused

Plus Mullins voice just sucks :)

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