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I honestly think it would be kinda fun to see this team (if they are playing to their capabilities) scare the bejesus out of the Bulls. Unfortunately gaining 3 games with 8 to play is too much to ask for for me, so I'm gonna say let's go Knicks, pass us and grab that 7 spot. On another note - Hollinger tweeted last night that the Bucks have a much better chance of catching the Sixers than Knicks. For a stat guy, he should know that with 8 games left, the difference bw/ being 3 back and 2 back is monstrous, pretty stupid statement.

Again, not much to be taken from beating the Raptors without Bargnani and, eventually, Calderon, but it's good to see the Sixers play better nonetheless.

I'm dubious about the long-term effectiveness of the lineup changes, but there are two positive aspects that seem to be lasting. First, starting Vucevic forces Collins into a nine-man rotation instead of the energy-sapping eight man rotation. Second, taking Hawes and Turner out of the starting lineup forces Iguodala and Jrue to be more creative at the beginning of the game (as Vucevic and Meeks do not do much passing), which is a good thing because they are the best creators on the team.

I also noticed that Lou was looking for the open man more than he usually does; 8 shot attempts in 23 minutes is unusually low for him.

Anyhow, we'll see if any of this continues over multiple games ...

I can't fault dedicated fans for wanting their team's players to get some playoff exposure.

But that's as far as my understanding goes, with respect to fans talking about the post-season or the team in general. The roster has problems at every slot in the starting rotation. And in the top 8 or 9 roster spots, there are some pretty serious questions about "fit/need."

The team can win out from here and win three games in a playoff series and nothing-nothing-nothing changes my mind about the composition and future of this particular team. Strategic substantive changes need to be made.

Can't speak for everyone, obviously, but I have very selfish reasons for wanting them to get the best seed possible and go as far as possible. I enjoy watching playoff basketball and I want to watch my favorite team do well in the playoffs.

If a good run from here on out makes ownership make stupid decisions in the summer, then I'm pretty sure they would've made stupid decisions either way. I'm not going to root for losses or a bad showing in the playoffs as some kind of evidence to them that they need to make changes. They should know that by now.

I agree that if the playoffs sway a decision of a player, than the sixers have bigger problems. It's like drafting a guy who has a great tourney but 3 years of game film shows you he's not as high as you want to draft him...if you have a front office impressed by a small sample size, or a good matchup against a playoff team (or in terms of sam dalembert a team that just ignores you in the playoffs) then you have deeper problems.

i don't enjoy watching playoff basketball when i feel the team I root for has no shot of winning the series. Stealing a game or two just doesn't do it for me.

Yeah, what he said :)

Are you going to be in Philly during the playoffs? I've only gotten down there once for a game this year, but I'll definitely be going to at least one playoff game.

I have not made a Sixers game for a long time. If a game falls on Wed May 2nd or Fri May 4th I probably will try and get tickets. But honestly, I don't mind watching on TV.

Charlie H reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 10:57

I can't watch the game any other way. I don't care how slim the chances of winning the title are or how good the draft is. All of that becomes important after the last game.

And that's the reason this site is so good - Brian, like DC, takes it one game at a time. If he had the attitude some of you had, the posts would stop in March and the site would be dormant.

The aptly named Hobbes says they have problems at every starting position. I guess that's true because no player is perfect, but c'mon. Is there a problem with Iguodala? Is Turner a problem? (I don't consider Meeks a starter - DC benched one of our good starters and replaced him with our worst player.)

Hobbes: "The team can win out from here and win three games in a playoff series and nothing-nothing-nothing changes my mind about the composition and future of this particular team. Strategic substantive changes need to be made."

I think everyone agrees with this. Hopefully management knows this too. But since nothing is going to change, we might as well have an enjoyable few weeks and see some wins. If those wins are enough to mislead management, then honestly that would mean management is so blind and inept that all hope is lost regardless.

Spencer for hire reply to tk76 on Apr 12 at 10:55

I look at Memphis as a team that could upset anybody come playoff time. Mainly because of their physicalness up front. Would I take their perimeter guys over ours, not sure but it is close.

Which leads to my question. Can Vuce ever reach M.Gasol's level of player?

eddies' heady's reply to Spencer for hire on Apr 12 at 10:57

Not a chance in he!!.

Don't think so. I think Gasol must be a dominant defensive center, because they've found a way to get by with complete zeroes at the four on the defensive end in Randolph and Speights. I don't think Voose will ever be even an average defender.

Spencer for hire reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 11:10

It seems Hollins and Collins have a knack for turning unathletic offensive bigs into solid team defenders. Or hiding them with quality perimeter defenders.

The difference in the Gasol's attitude and aggressiveness compared to each other is astounding.

Sharone Wright reply to Spencer for hire on Apr 12 at 11:12

Mark is a lot thicker.


Facing the Heat will be such a slap in the face. I can't even listen to Collins talk anymore without wanting to be violent.

the magic and hawks play each other friday so if you beat the nets your only 2 games behind one of them

MikeW reply to sixerfan1220 on Apr 12 at 9:29

And we play the magic still, so for controlling destiny purposes maybe we should hope it's them. Also that tiebreaker is still up for grabs.

our record against the Magic; 1-2; 2 bad losses. Don't think we match up that well, I'll take the Hawks, they are notoriously strong starters and poor finishers.

I don't think he's really talking about a first-round opponent, he's talking about which of the three teams they're chasing will they be able to catch.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 10:51

Brian is correct.

Like I said yesterday- the Sixers have 3 recent seasons where they finished about .500. In each of those years they:

Started slow, got hot through the middle of the season and then lost a bunch in a row heading into the playoffs. In the playoffs they put up decent resistance.

This year is playing out to be the reverse. Strong star, weak middle... and to keep the reverse trtend going I sort of expect a hot finish and then get crushed in the playoffs.

Hopefully it's hot, ice cold, hot.

Does anyone realize the Sixers have lost 15 of the last 16 games to the Heat? That is F-ing insane.

Why? Are the heat not clearly better than the sixers for a while now?

MikeW reply to GoSixers on Apr 12 at 11:38

You shouldn't lose 15 of 16 to anyone. Honestly I bet the bobcats and wizards have done better than that.

The Sixers do not match-up as to take advantage of Miami's weaknesses. The Sixers have strengths- but they play right into Miami's greater strengths.

Miami is susceptible to physical bigs and super-quick PG's.

I've noticed in Miami's last two games vs. the Celtics that Bosh has been basically invisible. Seems to me Bosh is intimidated by Garnett. Whereas vs. the Sixers, Bosh seems to go for 25-10 easily. I didn't look, but how did Milwaukee beat them twice?

Didn't Jennings go off? At least in the second one, he did, and Miami didn't put Wade on him, left Chalmers.

Rich reply to Statman on Apr 12 at 13:51

Seems to me he misses a lot of jumpers against Boston where against the Sixers he knocks those down. I checked the stats on that and it's a mixed bag.

He played like absolute doo-doo from what I saw the other night when the Sixers were at commercial. Didn't help that Boston had the most unsustainable shooting game I have seen in the NBA, ever. Everyone is playing the "They're back" card nationally, but I do wonder how they could only beat Miami by a few possessions when they will never shoot like that again.

I agree that Bos has no shot at making the Finals. But they do have a shot at the Conference Finals. I'm not completely sold on Chicago, because they are too reliant on one player (who is wearing down.) And if Chicago gets eliminated then Miami is the only team is the East clearly better than Boston when Boston is healthy.

Rich reply to tk76 on Apr 12 at 17:27

That would be a good series, but I'd really like Chicago to win. Boston would probably need Garnett to dominate Boozer and Gibson. They have wing guys in Deng and Brewer that will hassle the C's guys.

Plus, Thibs helped create the C's. He knows what they do. One other thing Boston has going for them is Bradley's defense if Rose is hobbled.

Not a single meaningful game (for the Sixers) on the schedule tonight. Maybe I'll get a good night's sleep.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 12 at 15:51

Disagree - I think at this point if we assume 7 seed is our most likely seed, we should be rooting for the Heat tonight.

MikeW reply to MikeW on Apr 12 at 15:52

Of course the way the Knicks are playing 8 seed might be our most likely seed.

Tom Moore on Apr 12 at 20:23

The heat are turning into some pretty good thugs

and man i miss kyle korver

Korver looks good when he is in a system that can hide his Meeks-esque defense. With the Bulls, he's a weapon, with the Sixers, another mis-matched player.
I envy the system Thibs has set up in Chi-town, when Rose is out of the game, they resemble everything the Sixers aspire to be; ball-movement and tough ass D.

He is a better defender than meeks - and he never lacked for effort which meeks often lacks.

The bulls, even without rose, are more talented than the sixers are several positions...and luol deng is VERY good

totally disagree dude. Meeks tries his ass off on D. every possession.

Tries, key word. Both players 'wish' defensively against any kind of quicks. Wonder how many 8-34 streaks KK has had in career as Jodie just did after his one big game in CLE. In the 8 gms since, Meeks has notched 2,12,2,3,16,4,5,7 - but don't forget the spacing, and the glue.

Meeks also won't ever get paid what KK is being paid. He's not nearly the shooter and probably net equal as a defender. I'm fine with Meeks returning for a really cheap deal next year.

Nice kid, but I'd prefer movin' on (though if Doug's retained, Jodie stays too); keeping him in a key spot, runnin' in sand imo.

I was thinking more as a 15 min bench guy. But if keeping him means he remains a starter then I agree with letting him walk. I just hope they land a quality starter who can shoot. This team has so many holes.

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 13 at 0:49

I don't think effort is Meeks problem defensively, it's just the whole short arms and lack of talent. I do think he exhibits a ton of false hustle out there...like when he tries to pick guys up at halfcourt in that stupid crouch, but I mean he does hustle, he just sucks.

it's the Reggie Evans illusion; hustling and prancing about = defense.
It's not something you just wake up and decide to start doing; you actually have to learn, and then put effort. repeat till results are satisfactory.

The more I see Taj Gibson, the more Carlos Boozer just looks like a huge mistake.
It's pretty much a given that to be an NBA team you must have one horrible cancerous contract on your bankroll, but this one still perplexes me.

He's a guy I'd really like to see the Sixers throw some money at after next season in restricted free agency. At the very least, make Chicago pay to keep him. Same goes for Asik this summer. I doubt Chicago lets either guy walk, but at least make the effort. Weaken the Bulls by making them pay market value to keep their guys. Those two guys are really keys for them.

Boozer contributes to that team and they're better with him than without him but they can amnesty him - can't they?

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