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jswigga on Apr 13 at 5:43

Go Sixers!
Great pic of Thad to start off with too, bro

Sharone Wright on Apr 13 at 9:17

Yes, I do think they have a run in them. I also think that one of the three teams in front of them will have a slump. If the Voose/Hawes combo can give us something close to serviceability at the 5 position(which they have done the last two games), I think the sixers can have a little run. The defense will have to carry the team.

eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 9:27

Nope. Just like that cold front full of arctic air overtaking the east coast the last few days it has engulfed the Sixers too. They've been very very fortunate the last couple games with depleted bad teams. 7 or 8 it is, or the way their luck goes whatever position ends up facing the Heat.

eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 9:50

I foresee 3 straight losses coming up with the triple-back next week, well I guess that depends on who is injured for ORL and CLE though. If Dwight plays they lose two in a row going to CLE where their wary legs catch up to them. Maybe the Bucks can show some life in this same stretch (not sure who they play).

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 9:53

Check that, make that 4 straight losses, IND gets them both times.

Why not? The only remaining games are vs the Nets twice, Pacers twice, Orlando, Cavs, Bucks and Pistons - and if they can beat up on the Pacers, doesn't that pretty much prove they belong in the top 6 or so?

gerald wallace out again for tonight's game

Makes a big difference. Sixers are soft. Removing the toughest player on the opposition allows the Sixers to be soft and successful.

Nope - but not b/c they are incapable of a run. Making up 3 games with 8 to play is too much. 6-2 is the most we can ask for, and we'd have to hope another (good) team goes 3-5. I just don't see that happening.

its really 3-4 cause someone is losing between the hawks and magic tonight, so one of them will have 1 loss

Does anyone know what the second tiebreaker is for teams not in the same division?

If the Sixers beat Orlando, they're tied 2-2 in head-to-head games. Wondering what the second tiebreaker is. If they get that tiebreaker, they hold the tiebreaker over all three teams they're chasing.

i think conference record

24-16 for the Sixers, 27-16 for Orlando. They could take that, as well.

I think Orlando is the team they have the best shot to catch, just because they have a game left w/ them.

Basically, if the Sixers win tonight and Atlanta beats Orlando, you're talking about a two-game spread with one game left between them. That's doable.

The Orlando games swings it, in my mind. If they take down Orlando, I can see 6-2 or 7-1 the rest of the way and possibly moving up. If they lose that game, I think it's going to be Miami in the first round.

Of course, this is all predicated on them not playing like the team they were up until Sunday. If that team shows up, all hope is lost.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 11:36

Brian - you are seriously discounting the fact that 8 seed is extremely plausible as well. Knicks have an easier schedule remaining AND more home games. I think we play Chi in round 1.

MikeW reply to MikeW on Apr 13 at 11:37

***and Knicks own tiebreaker over us.

It's certainly possible they catch us. I don't think they have an easier schedule in terms of opponents, though. Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Clips. 4 home/4 road. The home/road thing is in their favor, but I don't see them finishing better than 4-4. Sixers would need to finish 3-5 to get caught, which would mean they played like absolute ass and this discussion is pretty meaningless if they do that.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 13:49

Think Heat might be on cruise control now that they are virtually locked in at 2. Knicks could definitely beat them on Sunday. That's the other problem about these end of the year games - no idea who is going to play hard.

Actually, I agree the Orlando game is key. Even if Orlando wins tonight, Atlanta plays a lot of tough road games vs Boston and 3 motivated Western conf teams in the middle of that playoff scramble. Plus we know we have the tiebreaker against the Hawks.

If you want to think really crazy, try this on for size.

Sixers get the 6 seed and play Indiana in the first round. Sixers win round 1 in a tough series and are the lowest remaining seed - meaning Bulls are next. Over the past two years, Sixers have been really competitive against the Bulls. It's not beyond the realm of possibility they win that series because they are a difficult matchup for Chicago.

If the Celtics continue to knock around the Heat ... we could see a Sixers - Celtics Conference Championship series. You know who won the season series in that matchup .... a pipe dream of course, but the very thought of facing off against Boston for the Conference title gives me goosebumps.

If you want to feel really good about the Sixers future, imagine this team if it had Andrew Toney ... or Charles Barkley. I think they'd immediately be in the mix. Neither of those guys was a number one draft pick.

Can we trade our first, Iguodala and Lou Williams to move up to the 6-8 range? If so, in a draft this deep maybe we get lucky. Even if all these musings are a reach --- a lot more fun that speculating on lottery balls.

MikeW reply to TNT on Apr 13 at 12:52

This doesn't work, there is no "lowest seed remaining" rule. Sixers would play Heat 2nd round.

#Magic C Dwight Howard out tonight against #Hawks & isn't expected to play Sunday vs. #Cavaliers or Monday vs. #76ers.

He looked like he was in a lot of pain when they played the Sixers. Three straight losses for Orlando would be pretty nice right about now.

In other news, the NBA found its patsy to buy the hornets and keep them in a market that can't support them.

A nice read, don't know which one is right, Zig or Portland medical staff, but Oden if healthy could turn this franchise around in 2 or 3 seasons (he needs court time)
tk, could you give some input ?
I got the first link at SB nation..



I remember grant hill's ankle got some bone fused wrong and that what caused his wasted time in Orlando. So medical staff could get wrong..

Sorry, that type of prediction is way above my pay-grade. I can talk about diagnosis, treatment and a range of outcomes. But knowing what to expect from a 7 footer with that history is probably beyond all but Miss Cleo.

JH reply to tk76 on Apr 13 at 16:24

Thank's anyway, I just can't stand that weak frontcourt anymore, Im kind of desperate trying to come with some possible ideas

Heh. Someone woke up the new guy at the Inquirer and he sort of responded to Kate Fagan's piece without actually mentioning it. Thought it was funny that he treated the points-per-100-possessions stat like it was some mathematical wonder conjured up by another writer. He's also wrong about whether they've led in DFR the entire season. They dropped to second after the Celtics game. Back in first right now.

For the record, I'm not saying anything bad about Kate Fagan right now, so if you're offended, go comment on Deep Sixer.

Somewhat related, did you catch the comments by Doug Collins when Kate's piece first came out? I only saw them this week when searching through csnphilly.com. He vehemently denied that he had lost the team (no surprise) and discounted her speculations as coming from someone who had not been around the team the whole year (which is true). I'm guessing he was hurt by that piece, because he seemed to have a genuinely good relationship with her last year.

However much one believes what she wrote (I noticed that the credibility that most Sixer fans placed in it was in direct proportion to how much they disliked Collins and/or the current Sixer team to begin with), it's interesting that none of the current beat writers corroborated it with any supporting evidence.

Ryan F reply to Statman on Apr 13 at 16:32

I don't believe Collins "lost the team" more so than they were just playing shit ball and having a horrible time doing it. Players were frustrated and it showed. Its all conjecture. Someone is always looking for a story to write and read.

The story should of been how Collins continues to misuse his offense, designing plays, or not, that continually put the players in a position to fail, even if by some miracle it worked well for 30 games.

johnrosz reply to Statman on Apr 13 at 16:39

Bob Cooney is absolutely in love with Doug Collins, he'll never say a bad word about the guy. Someone else mentioned it, it may have been Dennis Deitch. And John Mitchell, I don't know what his deal is, that guy is stealing money. Fights with people on twitter about Kobe Bryant, and writes like a 12 year old.

Dennis Deitch? The one who wrote the article about how Iguodala is a poor team member because of his free throw shooting? Go and read that article again; it also contains no direct corroboration that Collins had/has lost the team. And if Mitchell writes like a 12-year old (I don't disagree), then Deitch wrote that article like a 10-year old with a vendetta.

johnrosz on Apr 13 at 16:40

Dwight is out tonight? Man...only 2 back if Sixers win and ORL loses tonight going into that Monday matchup....anyone else think 6 seed is realistic or should I just stop dreaming...

It's realistic if the Sixers play well. If they've turned things around with these two wins against bad teams. It's not if these two games were a blip and they go out and lay an egg tonight.

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