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johnrosz on Apr 13 at 18:19

Take it with a grain of salt, Mike Missanelli apparently has been on the radio saying that he's heard whispers that the Sixers are going to try and pull out all the stops to make a run at Deron this offseason...

Waste of time, he's going to Dallas, and that's the worst kept secret in a long time

Grain of salt, indeed. I'm sure Deron would love playing w/ these bigs.

So the Nets probably gave up a high lottery pick for like 10 games of Gerald Wallace, right?

Yes, but in their defense, they already knew it was only a 3 player draft, and if they think that, so will everyone else, so that pick isn't really all that valuable.

Billy King folks, Billy King

Aaaand we're off. Voose loses the tip.

O-board on the first possession for the Nets. Got a second miss, though.

EB, good on the blocks.

Nice little play there by AI9.


Give Humphries that jumper off the dribble all night.

Jrue w/ the lob to AI9. Nice.

jrue 3!


Nice pass, Voose.

Brand got off the floor quickly for that block after taking a step in the wrong direction.

letting them play

andre to the line

Iguodala hates Collins on the first freebie. Split the pair? Yep.

Well brian this place is about as empty as the game thread so far http://t.co/g6CJ7Hhl

Fuck, Jodie. You have to hit those.

Two turns on Voose already.

jodie misses another 3

One-handed 15-foot shot by Jodie. And there goes the lead. Jodie and Voose should get the hook here.

EB again.

4 guys coming in at the next stoppage. Put Iguodala on brooks.

Foot on the line for AI9.

Iguodala had the lob there. Peyton wouldn't throw it.

Turner and...Lou really?

Jodie is useless if he can't hit those shots... and Brooks killed him on the other end.

Brooks had Jodie on him, and now Lou. Why?

The Pacers signed Fesenko, huh? Might've been a good idea for the Sixers to pick up some cheap size at some point.

Turner hits his first shot.

Sissy turnaround, no good.

Is it too early to want Lavoy in there to shove humphries around?

Struggling against the zone, mightily.

The Nets are just abusing Jodie and Lou.

Lots of turnovers...

Sissy 75 footer, no good to end the quarter.

PHI 18, NJN 24 after one.

Collins needs to get Jodie and Lou on less talented offensive players. Brooks can get his own shot w/ a shit defender on him. DeShawn Stevenson cannot. Switch that up.

bench was outscored 2-8 in 3 minutes there to end the quarter.

Hawks all over the Magic early. Celts up 8 in Toronto.

You are such an unbelievable fucking sissy Hawes.

hawes needs to mkae that layup

Hmm if this deron Williams fellow is.such a blow up your team to get him superstar...why is this place so empty?

Sissy splits a pair.


Holy fuck, can Hawes or Thad please make their friggin' layups?!

Keep the D up until you hit some shots.

Way to keep track of your man, Hawes.

Good job, Turner.

Get Hawes out of this game right now. That fucking hook was embarrassing.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 19:43

He was parked in the lane there. Close to a turnover. But yeah, get him out. He's been useless.

turner needs to stick on morrow got away with a foul there

There seriously may be more people over at Philly live than here for this game

Use the glass, Lou.

Jrue, I'd prefer the three there.

good job jrue

Nice take, Jrue. Hit the freebie.

Jrue's playing really good D on Brooks.

Tonight's VIP on the big screen...some kid wearing a Batman t-shirt


Nice job, Thad.

Man, Thad went by Humphries like he was in cement. Thad to the line on the reversed call.

Brand was only in for 2 minutes there.

Fuck, Jodie.

jodie misses again

I might take a look at Jodie's last 50 missed threes on synergy tonight, just to see how many times he was wide fucking open.

Hey wait weren't the nets the team that invented fake crowd noise?

Sad thing is, we have no other guy you can throw in there for Jodie. No Bogans, Morrow, etc.

Jodie splits the pair, but EB fights for a board and they get another two out of the possession.


Sissy 18-footer. Hawes finally hit a shot.

I will never hire Mike Fratello in any capacity when I own an NBA team.

2 on Jrue. Coming out. Don't fuck up the last 32 seconds of this quarter, please.

Haven't seen v8 since the start of this one have we?

Nope, 2 turnovers.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:04

They were no careless turnovers. So if this is the reason, it's a stupid one.

I'd consider the pass he fired into the third row careless. The other time he got stripped. Either way, he didn't do anything as bad as the slop Hawes threw up there.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:10

This pass just slipped his fingers. It's not like he threw it to an opposing player or dribbled it off his foot. I can live with it. It's not something he does regularly.

Phil reply to das411 on Apr 13 at 20:03

And no one knows why...

PHI 44, NJN 41 at the half.

5-0 NJN run ruins what was a pretty good quarter. Lou isn't handling the double teams as well tonight as he did on Monday.

Guy in front of me is wearing a signed Jodie Meeks tshirt...wow so much sad for just one guy...

Well time for the second half of this onezzzzzzzzzz

Did get a pic of meeks shirt guy tho http://t.co/8WIoL47e

Nice move, Voose. Let's go on a run and bury these scrubs here, huh?

Looks like they switched Iguodala onto Deron, Jrue onto Brooks and finally hid Jodie on Stevenson.

AI9 hits a pair.

The Nets aren't shy about giving hard fouls.

Glad Brand put Humprhies on his ass there. Iguodala got hit pretty hard on the other end.

What the fuck happened on that steal? The camera didn't catch it.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:25

Iguodala is a lazy piece of shit, that's what happened. Anyone else woudl be benched for rest of game.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:25

Extremely lazy bounce pass to Jrue, I don't think Iguodala knew that Williams was that close to it.

Fuck me, that's unacceptable Iguodala. God damnit. That's how you lose to bad teams.

They're getting sloppy. Come on, fellas

Fratello: "I'm not sure Iguodala understands the importance of this game."

What did Jrue do to deserve the hook?

he turned it over i guess

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:29

He didn't deserve it, but it was another TO

Will Smith is here, place goes nuts ..sixers promptly give back the lead...

Turner obviously in for Jodie

Hawes, you are so fucking weak.

Come on, Iguodala. That pass wasn't there. Fuck me. That's two dunks off two Iguodala turnovers and you've got Hawes in the there chucking up garbage again. This is a textbook example of how you lose to a shit team.

JH reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:42

If those TO were made by Jrue or ET they would be benched until garbage time..
Seems like if you are a veteran you can shoot any bad shot you want (Lou!) or give some dumb TOs and not be benched. That is how guys stop to give full effort and the chemistry goes down.

OK can we have some Lavoy or v8 yet?

Wow. Awful shit going on...

somehow the game is tied, just get your shit together and win this

It seriously takes absolutely nothing to go on a run against the Nets. The Sixers are keeping them in this game and it's going to bite them in the ass if they don't get it together.

Why was Voose benched again? And yep, Jrue made a stupid play after the timeout. But his D is needed right now. Lou and Meeks get abused. And they both can't hit a shot... I don't get the subs.

et +1

OK, hit the freebie, Turner. Let's settle down and put this game away.

ugggg, free...FREE

How come I never hear anything about Turner shooting 65% from the line? Is that acceptable for some reason when 62% from Iguodala is not?

JH reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:51

Cause Iggy right now is garbagge from the line specially if the team need those points or in a run or in 4th quarter, also he is the fucking allstar on this team and the other is on his second season.

So it's OK if baby Evan does it. Cool.

JH reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:58

No its not ok, but as a veteran Iggy has more leash, so he should load more responsabilities too, i.e. take more heat for missing free throws

OK Hawes good foul how about 3 more just like it?

Anyone else notice how Hawes is just getting pushed around in the paint on every play?

hawes to the line

V8 is trying to figure out how to put his tear away pants back on and it is kind of hilarious ..

Doug going w/ the beard?

Atta boy Lou.

oh jodie

Meeks brick.

I would say Jodie should sit the entire 4th, right?

Ugh, that was not a charge. Was it?

D-leaguer alert! These guys always kill the Sixers.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:48

Sixers are killing themselves tonight ...

Good job, Thad. Finish this quarter w/ a stop and a hoop.

Or just turn the ball over a couple of times and give up a couple of hoops.

This team is a steaming turd tonight

Well I guess we cant expect too much since they are playing against a guy who for some reason is considered a superstar.....

PHI 66, NJN 63 after three.

Bleh quarter. Soooooooo sloppy.

Actually, he's going with the "growing bristly white stubble and muttering to himself on the bench" look. Another couple of games and he'll be going with the "carrying around a bottle of his own urine" look.

Why is Meeks at the three right now? What the fuck is going on?

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:50

Doug going even smaller, they play chess and he plays checkers

Can we get Nik or Lavoy in for Spencer and Turner for Lou? kthxbai

So they're going for "ugliest game ever" now, huh?

Hmm it looks like that Turner fellow can actually put up a few points, hmm...

Jrue to the line, again. Thad seems to be having some problems with Gerald Green.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 20:57

I give Green credit, most guys who are labeled "bust" early in their careers like that usually disappear for good and he's playing pretty well for the Nets this year.

jrue splits them

Raptors up 12 on Boston with 10 to go in the 4th.

bleh, Jrue's three goes in and out, Gerald Green hits a three on the other end. First to 76 wins.

You're getting beaten by Gerald green, really??

ET. Come on, gotta win this fucking game.

I'd really prefer it if Deron Williams doesn't catch fire here.

evan, lets go

No fucking fouL!

et again, come on guys win this

Let's go, Turner. (If you don't get pulled here).

How did ET not get fouled at the rim right there??

The Celtics have 51 points halfway through the fourth. Guess they aren't shooting 70% on long twos tonight.

Noooo here is that damn song...although its tied 80-80 so I guess technically they can't blow a lead after it plays again...

hit the freebies Dre

Hit these, pretty please.

The circle doesn't matter if you catch it in the lane, I don't think.

So....how are the flyers doing...?

Take advantage of that Tech, let's tie it up here

It would be nice if Deron fouled out. OK, he just went to the bench. Go on a fucking run.

eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:12

These guys have lived up to every minimal standard available to them tonight. They really have.

Even if they win .... object in ... ah, nevermind

TwoSense reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:34


Ball is in the air ...

eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:15

17 ties in tonight's game. heh that says it all

Jordan Williams has scored 6 straight. Thank God he missed the second.

How many timeouts do the Nets get? Seems like Avery has used about 20.

Real center in the game yet? Please Doug?

MCT reply to das411 on Apr 13 at 21:17

We don't have one on this team, EB is our best center

eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:18

Foul w/ 2.8? shit

eddies' heady's reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:18

on the shotclock...


Lou in for Turner. Ugh.

Turner out? Awesome, great call Doug. Don't go with the hot hand.

JH reply to MCT on Apr 13 at 21:22

Grrrrreat move Doug..
keep your leading scorer out of the game at the end

If that doesn't just sum up everything in the world, huh? I need a new team to root for.

Why is Lou in? Makes no fucking sense. Such a gamble.



eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:19

Gerald Green again with range, ET take notice. ugh

Tie game to down five in the blink of an eye. Why do I do this to myself?

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 21:21

At least the Yanks won today. You're a fellow Yankee fan right? Kuroda looked great

lou at the line for 3


eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:21

yes, 3 freebies, good move ... ha

Need all three, Lou.

Why only two fucking shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:22

why did he only shoot two? ummmm

they said it was on the floor

I give up. And we've got Lou on Brooks for the key defensive sequence.

fuck me, airball

eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:24

Evan airball, it's probably Doug's fault.

He was their best player tonight (along with Jrue) so you should really shut the fuck up right now. I know you won't, but you should

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Apr 13 at 21:26

ok dad...sorry

And the dozens of ppl still here head for the exits ...shame ET actually had a decent game too...

And Turner with the airball.

At least they deserve the loss.

eddies' heady's on Apr 13 at 21:25

Brooks dagger. Well.

Go Bucks!

brooks dagger

Christ I paid money to come and see this game??

I'm out. Cya.

PHI 89, NJN 95 Final.

Great job, guys.

JH reply to Brian on Apr 13 at 21:34

Tear down this sh%┬Ętty roster trade every one, maybe Jrue, Thad and if he improves ET should stay, the other should be jetsoned
I rather have faith in ping pong balls to get a chance at a true talented player than watch this garbage team and I include Collins on this.

Celts are down 1 with 20.5 seconds left. Toronto ball.

Newton's 3rd law; for every 2 steps taken forward, 2 steps must be enforced backward, in order to maintain the desired status quo.
Continuity ~ Equilibrium.

I hsve never hated the sixers as much as i do right now. Not in the post barkley years, not 3-13, not even eddie jordan. I am absolutely disgusted. And yet....we are better off as 8 seed.

Not better off than #4 or #6. Would've picked up a game on the Celts and the Magic tonight. The Magic lost Howard maybe for the rest of the season, and the Celts lost the first of a back-to-back-to-back and had to use all of their main guys for big minutes. Fucking golden opportunity. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Yeah, I used to like this team, even though they lacked the horses to go far.

Now they can all just quit for all I care. Because in every close game all they do is quit anyway. This team as constituted collectively has no spine. I don't faulat them for lacking talent or greatness. But there is no excuse to let the entire league beat the crap out of you in every close game. It shows a team that has zero heart and zero confidence in themselves. A bunch of role players who deathly afraid to play when a game actually matters.

Looks like 2nd to last game v bucks is gonna mean everything. And yes, they should be fucking ashamed. Most disgusting effort of the last two years

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