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You Blew It.

Couldn't figure out why DC did not even try V8, Lavoy or Battie to slow down Humphries at all...until I came up with a theory:

what if ownership/Thorn have told DC that the rest of the season should be spent evaluating the guys who they can cut loose at the end of the year? They KNOW that AI9, Jrue, ET, Thad and the two rookie centers are under team control for a few more years...but ALL of the guys who have gotten way too much playing time since 00 came back - Hawes, Meeks, Lou, and you could argue Brand, are all guys they need to make decisions on this offseason, no? Couldn't they be seeing if that 1/3 of the roster has a playoff run in them, and/or letting them play their way out of town with horrendous games like they had tonight?

matt reply to das411 on Apr 13 at 23:25

If they suddenly decided the best way to utilize this season was to play the guys who aren't part of the future large minutes, and it took them 55 games to make this decision, I officially like hockey.

They lost to yet another team trying to tank. The Sixers are turning out to be ping-pong ball killers to some of the scrubs of the league (Was/Tor/NJ.)

In a close game is there a team worse than the Sixers...ever? I'd like to know how many teams in NBA history have a record in close games/OT that is worse than this years Sixers team?

Players that have torched the Sixers in losses the last two weeks:

Lynch/Green (22/23)
Bradley/Bass (18/18)
Reddick/Davis (19/23)
Crawford/Cartier (17/20)

I guess the Sixers lack the firepower to match-up with that level of competition.

You mean Brooks, not Lynch, right?

Yeah, pretty tough to swallow a loss to the Nets when you hold Deron to 11 points on 4/14 from the floor.

Yeah, heck of a running back :)

He went "beast mode" all over the Sickers (I am stripping them of their proper name until the make changes.)

Good thing Iguodala was shutting down Stevenson on the other side of the floor while Brooks was eating Jodie's lunch.

stonedeightytoo reply to Brian on Apr 14 at 1:20

He munched on Turner's plate too.

Worst part about the Thad turnover was he fell down and never hustled back on defense. Both he and Brand never crossed half court and they got burned for a three.

I'm barely watching games anymore simply cause I can't stand Collins rotations/substitutions. He is absolutely stifling the growth of Jrue, Tuner and Vucevic.

I understand frustration with coaching decisions. But do you really think any of those guys are going to be anything special- regardless of coach? A bunch a future solid players, but their development is over-rated at this point. This team is not going anywhere with its "young core." And who even knows when this team will actually get a good enough star to build around where it even matters who the role players are.

They can trade Thad, ET, Jrue... any of them if it gives them lottery picks or the chance to acquire an impact player. I don't dislike any of those players, but I don't see any of them ever being a top 2 player on a really good team. So I sort of don't care if the coach is "using them right" because I have written this group off as having no future. But maybe that is an over-reaction?

Basically, I'd rather keep a coach a few years and turn over the roster than vice versa.

It's funny, some organizations blow up a group because they need to "change culture." But this by all accounts seems to be a quality group of young players. But if you lose every close game, that says to me something is fundamentally wrong with the make-up of this team. Maybe they actually have too many choir boys on this team. Sort of the anti-jail blazers and everyone else in the league knows they are soft and weak.

You can put it on coaching- but there have been so many coaches and yet the players have remained relatively constant.

MCT reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 2:08

Honestly tk, why are you so sure they can't be special? Doug doesn't allow them to make mistakes so we'll never know what they can become.

Look at OKC - they have three young players who are better than ours. A superstar in Durant, a star in Westbrook, and a potential All-Star / 6th man of the year in Harden. And even they were given a year to be terrible together, and the next year they won 50 games (I realize Harden wasn't on the terrible 23-win team, but Jeff Green was).

I really have no idea what to expect from our guys but I don't know how anyone can say "they'll never be..." this or that.

MCT reply to MCT on Apr 14 at 2:10

with the exception of superstar status, I'll give you that

tk76 reply to MCT on Apr 14 at 2:17

I think regardless of record it was clear that Westbrook and Durant had star potential by the of their second season. I do not see that on the Sixer roster. They have Stack Stackhouses not Iversons. Doesn't mean they are bad players nor does it give the coach a free pass. But this is not the Big Ten or AAU ball. Hoping for Jrue or ET to become stars would be like hoping Lou or Thad were headed for stardom 4 years ago. Pipe dream. I just hope management knows and cares.

MCT reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 2:29

I don't expect them to be as good as OKC but the point is that even they weren't held to the standards that Doug is holding these guys to. Jrue turned it over 3 minutes into the 3rd quarter tonight and was pulled, and it wasn't even that bad of a TO. I have seen this too many times to count.

Whatever they can become, whatever their true ceiling is, they are not on the path to get there right now. I'd rather see them become Stackhouses then Willie Greens.

JH reply to MCT on Apr 14 at 9:36

I've been calling out Collins for this for a couple weeks, Iggy made 2 rookish mistakes in the 3rd and did not get benched, Jrue did 1 and got benched until the 4th quarter. Lou can TO and bad shooting the team to the ground and rarelly he gets benched, if ET does one or another he would be waiving towel until garbage time.
Those things make guys don't give full effort, when they see the different treatment.
Another thing is, I've never called meeks before but c'mon, Willie G is a better player

Spencer for hire reply to tk76 on Apr 15 at 8:09

It is time to sign J.R.Smith or A. Randolph this offseason and try the malcontent route maybe. Memphis went with Z.Randolph in desperate times, why not us.

Sign H.Thabeet or something, shake things up!!!

Im ok with A. Randolph signing but Thabeet is not a malcontent, he is just a bad player.
DeMarcus Cousins could have been that guy but Ed Stephansky chose the safer bet, what a moron..

Spencer for hire reply to JH on Apr 15 at 10:04

I agree with you but if I was g.m. and my choice this offseason was adding a T.Battie like vet as a 3rd center or taking a flier on Thabeet at a cheap rate as a 3rd center I would try it.

Same thing in the 2nd round of the draft. A guy like Y.Gates has red flags but a solid low post game and a bit of an attitude.

Hobbes reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 7:37

"I understand frustration with coaching decisions. But do you really think any of those guys are going to be anything special- regardless of coach? A bunch a future solid players, but their development is over-rated at this point. This team is not going anywhere with its "young core." And who even knows when this team will actually get a good enough star to build around where it even matters who the role players are."

Give this man a cigar.

Sean K reply to tk76 on Apr 14 at 11:26

Even if you don't think as highly of our young core, you should still advocate getting them as much burn as possible.
It leads to one of two scenarios, either:
1) Jrue, ET, Thad, (to a lesser extent Voose, Allen) use the increase in minutes to further their development process and management has a solid idea of what positions they're set for the future and where they need to focus additional roster decisions.
2) The increase in minutes reaffirms that these players aren't the impact guys we need them to be and we can trade them. Additionally, the sheer volume of minutes should lead to counting stats that can make a case for better deals with other GMs throughout the league. If Turner was given 35-38 minutes, he could average a 14-6-4 in his sleep. You don't think we would get a better return on a guy like that than someone who we've buried behind Jodie Meeks?

The point is: Meeks, Lou, Hawes have no future with the team (hopefully, however it's becoming increasingly more distressing that management may feel otherwise). Unfortunately, these guys continue to play very significant minutes when we should be maximizing the minutes of the players who are either a) the future of our team, or b) our best trade chips.

The lack of a clear plan is probably the most depressing part of all this, even more so than the putrid play on the court.

but what if the plan is to let Lou, 00, Meeks and maybe even EB play their way out of town because they KNOW they have JTI under control for at least two more years each? What if the plan is to find out if the guys we're all sick of seeing are the Abreu-Bell-Lieberthal of this team, and to leave no doubt for anybody - not even the Lou and 00 fans and yes there are more than a few - that those guys need to go?

This team has shat the bed.

A bunch of dogs.

Not one of them is untouchable - blow it up.

Brian, you have my sympathies. These writeups are probably getting harder and harder to do.

South Broad reply to Raro on Apr 14 at 13:58

Probably not, if you think about it, he's had much practice over the last few years as it's been the same story every year. Should be pretty easy for him since it's just the norm.

Man, couldn't watch it last night and gave it a run-thru on DVR this morning. Wow, I mean that loss is just inexcusable.

Anonymous reply to Rich on Apr 14 at 16:12

yea right...who you foolin'

Heck, I didn't even leave work until 7 pm my time so the game was over, so I didn't watch it at all...glad i didn't.

Cabin in the woods is more uplifting than the sixers ego.

oh my god, that little girl is the saddest little girl in the world

also, collins only brought her out for an ego injection. he's disgusting

MCT reply to mymanjrue on Apr 15 at 0:32

I complain about Doug's coaching alot but I think off the court he seems to be a pretty great person and I think that was a sincere gesture on his part. He wouldn't have brought her up there if she and her family weren't ok with it.

You can't always be so cynical dude.

I know this ride hasn't been fun, specially for us the fans, but is not the end of the world for a team so young. This piece on SB Nation could give at least a relief for the pain and hope for the future.
I still think the lockout had made this season tougher for Jrue, ET and Voose. Im talking about preparation and adjustment on their games to go against the league. For Voose everything was new and he got a lot of teaching and information in a compressed training camp and no practice at all during the season, so Im happy with his rookie season. I think he could become a tougher Hawes with less passing ability and more low post game but will not be a star because of his limited athleticism.
ET for me suffered the most because much was expected from him and he got better but he never had pro offseason before so expect from a second year player to handle all his summer training without the Sixers developt guys giving directions and making apointments to check how he is going, cause him to overlooking some aspects of his game that could be increased, I mean he can improve his limited athletic ability, anyone can see he is not in top shape like Iggy and Thad for an exemple.
This next summer ET should spend 50% of his time with McGee (his shot trainer) and like he is from CHI, he could spend the other 50% of his time with Tim Grover to be in top shape coming next season. He will never have elite athletic ability but if Kevin Love and James Harden (a more look a like player coming from college) got better on their athletic ability, so can he. Jrue, I think is having growing pains in his developtment, he was not a PG in college, so no learning experience there. His real first season was last season (he barelly played his first one), and to play to high demanding coach can give you trouble of overthinking because he is still learning the position and too much info are going his way. Not to say he will be good like Deron, but Deron's second season was trash, he was playing for a high demanding coach (Sloan) and even got benched for a good time in the season. Keep in mind Deron played, I think, 2 seasons as a PG at college, so he got to NBA with more experience running the point than Jrue ever had.
Im so sorry for this extended post but english is not my first language, so I have some trouble putting ideas in a text structure.
Brian if wanna delete because of the size I understand, is your blog anyway =)

lots of optimism from JH. Love it.

JH reply to joeykey on Apr 15 at 1:02

I've already been pissed, than frustrated but like all things in life are ciclical Im on the hope mode now.
Maybe I am see things through colored glasses but I've been watching and playing ball for about 20 years, most of those skills guys take longer to adjust to the league, sure you got the exceptions(usually they got a killer J) but the ones that break thru earlier are the guys that have some kind of physical advantage or they are athletic freaks or they have a size mismatch for their position. Skilled players that come to my mind that didn't take the league by storm : Chauncey Billups, Joe Jonhson, Kevin Martin, Steve Nash. Some of them even got traded before realize their potential, so for me that is hope at the end of the rainbow. Not that I think one of our guys could become a superstar but they could become very good players and a supporting cast for a future superstar.

JH reply to JH on Apr 15 at 1:05


Spencer for hire reply to JH on Apr 15 at 8:24

One thing I took from your article was that C.Lee is a low usage guy and allowed Dragic to have the ball. I believe the sooner Lou is let go the sooner Jrue and Evan's numbers and production go up.

He is a crutch this team and coach lean on too often and maybe part of Elton's amnesty, if it happens should address that position. Let Meeks and Lou go and let C.Lee [5 mpy?] replace them both. Would Houston match?

tk76 reply to JH on Apr 15 at 9:55

It would be interesting to see how ET and Jrue played for an entire season without Iggy or Lou. Trial by fire.

Spencer for hire reply to tk76 on Apr 15 at 10:09

I actually thought they played well together in the loss. A full season to iron out how to work together isn't a bad idea. I actually think Iggy is doing his best to allow it to work.

Tk, it seems odd to say this;" we can't trade Iggy because he is our best 3 pt. shooter."

I don't think trading either would be any sort of addition by subtraction. More that would free up time where the ball can be in their hands.

I do wonder what type of player Iguodala will be in 3 years. Will he keep his 3pt% high? How will he score in the half court when he loses a step?

Spencer for hire reply to tk76 on Apr 15 at 12:31

I hate to say it but I think Hawes and Lou will both be back because of lack of interest and being able to sign them at a cheap rate. I hope I am wrong but that is how I feel about it.

Lou has a player option so it might not come down to it, but this board HEAVILY underrates Lou, or at least the perception of him. I think he could definitely make more if he declines his option and signs elsewhere.

The board thinks he's a better paid monta ellis (who is not an all star and is vastly over paid) - your generalization is in correct - he's a cheaper iverson - what do you think he is? An all star in the wainting?

Spencer for hire reply to MikeW on Apr 15 at 14:44

Look at what J.Crawford got last year. Five to 7 million is the going rate for guys like him. He won't get much more than the 5.3 million he is guarenteed, in my opinion.

I don't undervalue him but feel if Jrue and Evan are going to be here than a low usage shooter should be the 3rd guy. If they resign Lou than maybe one of them should be moved.

Anonymous reply to Spencer for hire on Apr 15 at 14:19

For Hawes I still worry about his back, and I hope Voose can become an above average center. But how cheap is cheap? If he'd sign for 3-4 m, I don't really expect to find much better on the market.

Spencer for hire reply to Anonymous on Apr 15 at 14:52

My feeling is if the sixers can get Nene or A.Jefferson to put next to Hawes and he signs for 3 years and no more than 5 mpy. I would be okay with it.

But this soft frontcourt has to get tougher inside. My ideal summer would be adding Nene or Jefferson and drafting Ezeli or Melo. Let Hawes go and Vuce and the rookie battle for minutes.

I think Curry's system may allow for two slower twin towers to play next to each other effectively, heck, he is making it work now with Hawes next to Elton.

That's a pretty nightmare scenario you just described there.

If the sixers get nene and kep spencer hawes - that's stupid on multiple levels

Spencer for hire reply to GoSixers on Apr 15 at 15:26

I would at least understand it rather than them expecting Hawes to be a physical player. Surround him with a player that may compliment him if they are going to resign him.

I actually think he and Jefferson may work well offensively together but would rather add a defensive compliment to Vuce.

What is your take? Do you think they will let him go?

No move that has Spencer Hawes starting for the sixers next season is an 'understandable' move

JH reply to tk76 on Apr 15 at 11:19

Im all for it, at least we gonna see what we have in them. One thing for sure they need to "improve" their game is a finisher inside, a roll man on P'n'R play and if this same guy could provide solid screening, rebounding and shotblocking even better.

Big bucks loss tonight, keeps us in control of the 8. Short and long term that loss last night could be blessing in disguise. Short term bc 8 is better than 7, long term bc losses like that should make management wake up.

In case anyone's interested, signed ET jersey and suite tix to a game next season, plus plenty of other cool music related stuff, up for auction here: http://tinyurl.com/795b92f

johnrosz on Apr 15 at 19:13

The more Doug flaps his gums after these brutal losses the more he sounds like Eddie Fucking Jordan. Talking about spirit and energy, shut up man, how about you keep players on the floor that may have a chance of helping you win rather than jamming Jodie Meeks and his glue guy shit down our throats for 28 minutes...enough of this bullshit...

Would you sign Omer Asik to a 1 year/$10 million contract?

re18954 reply to Stan on Apr 15 at 21:06

I would, but only for one year. Anything more than that, and you're investing way too much money in a role player

I've decided that if the team stands pat this summer then I likely will bail on them for a while. I'll still be a fan, but probably won't follow them closely until they stop operating under the mandate to win as many games as possible by star by committee. I feel like I've been reasonably patient since the Iverson trade- and they have not shown any interest in finding a new star worthy of the franchise. I was fine with the reality that it world take several years to find another cornerstone player to lead to Sixers into a new era. But I don't feel like they have even tried to head in that direction. Like they tired of "stars" after Iverson's bad behavior, and now want to win "as a team." And that just won't cut it in the NBA.

To be honest, I dislike many of the NBA's top players. But that does not take away the fact that you can't be a "relevant" team without them. I remember the post-Barkley years the team was particularly brutal- but at least they were committed to landing another lead player. Sure Bradley and Stackhouse did not pan out in that department- but they kept searching and eventually got AI- and success 2 years later.

So I'm looking for suggestions for a second team. They can't be a main rival of the Sixers. They can't be a top team right now- but they need to be a team that seems to know what is needed to get to the next level. Right now I'm sort of leaning towards Cleveland. their owner is a tool, but at least they are all in. I like how they take on salary in order to acquire future picks. reminds me of the way Portland used to operate. Any other teams you suggest?

It sure worked out well for Portland.

If there players had stayed healthy I think they would be in great shape. Roy and LMA may not be your favorite players, but put them next to what Oden should have been and that team is elite.

I really like how Portland agressively went out and bought #1 picks. Not justpostential lottery picks, but every first rounder they could find. They gave themselves as many chances as possible to hit the lottery (in all senses) and I'm more concerned with the approach than the success. Like I said, i was fine with the Sixers whiffing on Bradley and Stackhouse- because at least they where swinging. Miller/Brand was the ultimate shoot for a 50 win ceiling move- but maybe I am writing revisionist history. Regardless- I don't see this team aiming for the fences right now. But i will wait and see how the summer pans out.

I actually thought Thorn would bring a more aggressive approach. He had traded for superstars in their prime, and he turned down the Dr. J for MJ pick trade- so he seemed to have a nice track record. And it is not really the bad 30 games that has buried my hope. It is more the sense that they want to ride this "young core"- and it will take them years to realize that that won't get them anywhere.

So if that turns out to be their M.O. I don't think i can follow closely. I can't sit around and for years debate how Jrue/ET/Thad etc are being utilized when I just don't think those guys are anything more than decent players. Which would be fine if I believed the franchise realized this. I really dread the prospect of amnestying Brand and bringing in Nene or Al Jeff next year. But that is what I expect from this summer. It will be like Miller/iggy/Brand all over again.

This whole admiring teams for fucking up multiple high lottery picks really confounds me. I don't get how blowing a pick like that is swinging for the fences. If it is, then you should love this team for swinging for the fences with Turner.

I don't think they swung for the fences with ET. I believe what they said during the initial presser. They think ET will be a solid NBA pro- nothing more. I think they would have picked Favors or Cousins had they been going all in. Not that it would have made a big difference in that draft. The best guy was a "safe pick' (Monroe) so they simply made the wrong safe pick.

I don't admire or criticize teams for missing with their lottery picks. A lot of that is luck. What is not luck is trading/buying 1st round picks and avoiding moves that put you squarely in the middle.

I also think the Sixers had some terrible coaches in the 90's and made some terrible personnel moves. But all of that is irrelevant if you as a franchise are working towards landing a top level star. Once you get that star you can bring in a great coach (becasue the star attracts better a better class of coaching candidate.)

I just don't believe that the goal of this team right now is to do whatever it takes to get the player the team needs. If it was we would have seen different moves these past few years. The second it became clear that Miller/Iggy/Brand was not going to pan out they would have stared making major moves and stockpiling picks. But there has never been any sense of urgency or concern- as if we just wait for the "young core" all will work out.

Do you think the team has acted differently then what I've outlined?

I don't disagree w/ how you're viewing the team's direction. I disagree that it's admirable to be a complete shit franchise. I think saying "they're looking for their star" is crap. Teams like the Clippers just can't get out of their own way and finally on like their 30th top pick they lucked into Griffin.

Just out of curiosity, did the Nets swing for the fences w/ Deron? If so, do you think that's going to end well.

I see what you're saying. And to add to it, I don't even like what I'm saying (if that makes any sense.) I'd much rather see franchises build from the ground up much like they do in other sports. I want to see teams rewarded or punished off of sound choices as opposed to luck- and they are... but only after they first get that first core player. Prior to that it is somewhat of a crap-shoot (unless you are not trying like the Sixers.)

And I do think all of the other choices are important. But it seems to me that in the NBA having at least one great player is sort of the cost of entry. Then after that the GM/owner/coach/players are get interesting and relevant. It is a flaw of the NBA but a reality. But if the Sixers don't believe in that reality then its hard to follow them.

very well said

I'll be rooting for the Thunder in the western playoffs like I did last year

Will always, I think(?) continue to let the Sixers torture me, but I love basketball and particularly the NBA playoffs, and generally and there's almost always a compelling team or player on display in the playoffs that will naturally attract the rooting interest of someone like me after my team is done...

Yeah, the Nets did swing for the fences with Deron-and I would lay money on that move working out for them in the long run. Think it's very unlikely that he abandons the chance to be the man in the biggest media market in the country in order to take less money in Dallas or anywhere else-plus I would still bet on Dwight Howard joining him, this summer if I had to guess.

Of course this is all speculation, and if Deron leaves they will be up the creek. Giving up what they did was risky but it is well near impossible to acquire a franchise player in his prime in the NBA and you have to be aggressive

If Deron DOES leave-and again, I don't think it's likely-well, worst case scenario you are horrible again next year and end up with a top 3 pick...but you are positioned in a world class arena in the media capital of the world with deep pocketed ownership committed to aggressively pursuing a championship

I think I'd feel a lot better as a Nets fan than I currently do as a Sixers fan

Also agree with tk about the #2 pick...I think it's become clear that we will look back on that draft with disbelief that the Sixers passed on DeMarcus Cousins-and that decision was a perfect example of the low risk, low reward, mediocrity forever thinking that tk is talking about-passing on an absurdly talented 19 yr old big man because of concerns about immaturity. It really is like the franchise was so traumatized by Iverson that they have waaay overcorrected-Iverson and Barkely are the two shining stars of the last 25 years of basketball in Philadelphia, and neither would have been chosen if there was such a mania to avoid off court drama no matter the on court potential for transcendence

TALENT is king in this league

At some point, someone outside of NYC is going to realize that Brooklyn is not Manhattan, and playing for the Nets is always going to be playing for the Nets, no matter which river separates them from Manhattan. The Nets had an awesome arena planned, but it went out the window when Ratner ran out of money. Now, they're pretty much in a cookie-cutter arena, on the wrong side of the East River.

Deron's choices are playing with no one in Brooklyn for a crazy rich owner, or playing in Dallas for a crazy rich owner with Dirk.

The Deron Move won't kill NJ as much as signing guys Outlaw to long deals (which they smartly amnesties.) I think they have been walking the correct tightrope in NJ for the past few years. They cleared the deck for Lebron and struck out. Now they are going with Deron, but if he leaves everyone comes off the cap after next season.

And as for NY vs NJ- it will be all irrelevant if one team is in the Finals and the other is mediocre. NYK will always have a much larger margin of error. But NKK have also been run into the ground for a long time- so it is not like you are going up against a smartly run franchise like the Lakers.

The Nets were in the Finals twice and no one cared.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 1:32

You know the area a lot better than I do.

I don't live in Brooklyn/NYC but I know many who do and have spent a lot of time there and I see no reason why the Nets move won't be a gamechanger, especially if they are able to pull off Dwight and Deron as their headliners

NYC supports two passionate fanbases in football and baseball. I see no reason why the same won't be true in basketball

The Knicks certainly have an entrenched fanbase, but there are PLENTY of people who will get swept up in the hot new thing if Dwight and Deron are racking up wins in BK...and while that develops, you have an excellent pool of natural supporters thanks to the high number of transients in Brooklyn especially who don't have strong Knick loyalties, the huge Russian community in Brooklyn, etc

Certainly it is an exciting time to be a Nets fan-too bad they don't yet have any

Right, playing in East Rutherford(or was it already Newark by then?)

Brooklyn isn't Manhattan-but just the population of the borough is larger than any city in the country other than LA/Chicago/NYC. The marketing/endorsement opportunities are hugely lucrative

Don't know why you ignore the fact that NJ is the most likely destination for Dwight Howard, who strikes me as a lock to be dealt this summer

So really it's play in Texas for a crazy rich guy with an elderly Dirk vs. play in NYC for a crazy rich guy and Jay-Z, quite possibly with Dwight Howard and the chance to become the face of a new franchise in the most passionate basketball city in the country

Certainly, the Nets have a far more realistic path to winning a championship in the next 3 or so years than the Sixers do, and it's not really possible to seriously argue the point

Whether that is still true after the offseason, we will see...but I'd kill to switch prospects with them right now

Like tk has very ably pointed out, this is a league of stars...that's what it's all about

I live about a half mile from the new stadium, and work in Manhattan, so I'm speaking from first-hand observation when I say this. People care about three teams in the city. The Yankees, the Knicks and the Giants. The Mets are a joke, pretty much always have been. They draw people from Queens and people who want to be different for whatever reason. For some odd reason, Mets fans tend to root for the Jets as well. No one roots for the Nets, no one at all.

Saying the Nets are moving into the #1 market is really false. The #1 market is Manhattan. That's where the investment banks, law firms, advertising firms, etc. are. That's where the big companies who buy corporate season tickets are. And for those companies/people, crossing the East River may as well be like crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The money doesn't flow in that direction, because the people don't flow in that direction. If the Nets are going to make in Brooklyn, it's going to have to be built on the backs of Brooklynites. The problem with that is there is the money in Brooklyn is basically concentrated in a few neighborhoods, and a lot of the money in those neighborhoods is concentrated among people who really don't give a crap about sports at all. The Nets have a chance to sort of grow a fanbase, but it's not going to resemble the crowds you see at MSG, not even close. They really aren't going to have much of a chance to win over the kids of the affluent in Brooklyn, because it's much more of a transient culture for the affluent. They live there until their kids hit grammar school and then they move out of the city altogether.

Anyway, having Howard and Deron might make them a nice curiosity for a couple of years, but I seriously don't think that's going to happen. Basically, what I think BK has done for the Nets is given them a season-and-a-half of Deron Williams for three high lottery picks. I also don't see how the Nets can be considered favorites to land Dwight when they have nothing worthwhile on their roster at all once Wallace and Deron walk this summer.

I appreciate the firsthand insight...but the Mets and Jets don't have a problem drawing/selling season tickets and seat licenses/corporate boxes, do they?So even a second tier NYC team is gonna do better than a rootless Newark team, wouldn't you think?

Your comments on the limitations of the Brooklyn market are appreciated and do sound correct to me, but again, I think the bottomline is thateven a limited, second place NBA team in NYC is going to be in a better position than the vast majority of non NYC NBA teams-analogous to the Mets or Jets-and if they have two superstars and are winning playing in a brand new arena reachable on 10 different subway lines, they will be sold out every night and provide one fo the better platforms for superstar brand building in the league

Not sure how you can NOT consider the Nets the frontrunners for Howard when it was widely reported that Orlando was prepared to make a deal with them at the trade deadline had Howard not pulled his Hamlet routine and signed the option

Maybe you're right and Deron & Wallace walk-but I wouldn't bet on it, not at all

And again, the relevant point is that they are better positioned to contend for a title than the Sixers-it is high risk and they'd have to go back to the drawing board if this summer doesn't work out-but it's extremely difficult to build a championship caliber team in the NBA, and the Nets are tantalizingly close right now while our Sixers stare down the barrel of another decade of mediocrity. Give me the high risk, go for broke gambit any day

Sharone Wright reply to mymanjrue on Apr 16 at 8:32

Not the expert, but I thought the reason Jets fans root for the Mets and vice versa is because of the old geographical connection between old Shea stadium, since they both played there. Correct?

Correct Sharone - they were both long island.

Stan reply to mymanjrue on Apr 16 at 12:54

You're forgetting a few things. Deron Williams is 28 years old and may not want to stick around one more year with a team whose best players are Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace. Dwight Howard won't be a free agent next year and NJ does not have any players worth trading for to get Dwight Howard. I still believe that trading for Deron Williams was the right move, however the Nets made a mistake when they decided to keep Williams and trade a top 3 protected pick in a deep draft for a guy who is barely an all star. At least with Dallas, Deron has a chance to contend for a championship. There is no guarantee that Howard will join the Nets in 2013, so it would be incredibly foolish for Deron to waste a year of his prime in NJ.

MCT reply to tk76 on Apr 16 at 0:17

Cleveland is a cursed city in general so I would stay away from them. I would suggest Minnesota or Utah. I have a feeling Utah will trade some of their bigs this offseason to become a more balanced team. Minnesota is a fun team to watch, and they should get better if Rubio's injury doesn't linger. If you're going to pick an alternative team, they shouldn't be in our conference in my opinion.

Yeah, I'm actually leaning towards Utah. they have a track record, a nice collection of talent and are in the West.

Minny is a bit to far down the road in terms of their rebuild, and I have a bad vibe about their management. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Had a busy weekend. Game thread and preview will be combined this afternoon. In the mean time, continue lamenting life as a Sixers fan.

big baby doubtfull for tonights game, which leaves the magic with daniel orton as their starting center

and im 100% sure orton is better then hawes

Sharone Wright reply to sixerfan1220 on Apr 16 at 9:33

Yeah, but is he tougher?

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 12:12

The Bucks have to find a way to make up a game before we play them head to head. Have to. Then it will be for all the marbles, um ping pong balls when we play each other. And Boston should be resting guys when the Bucks finish vs them the last game of the season.

If ORL isn't making 3's tonight or Earl Clark isn't looking like Shaq going up against Hawes, what a bummer that'd be.

Just more lamentIng, that's all....

Spent the weekend outside w/ the kids. Last night I sat down to write a preview for this game tonight and just couldn't do it. Wanted to go to sleep w/ a good feeling for once. Don't really know what to say anymore. It's just gut wrenching watching this team.

Well - if you want a visceral (non child) experience and like horror films turned on their head - might i suggest cabin in the woods which is just the best horror film ever.

First movie I saw in the theater since star trek i believe, and well sorth it...like you I sort of spent the weekend away...I don't think I've watched the last couple games either...it's like when you know the ending - what's the point?

Looking at previews for Cabin in the Woods it didn't seem like a good movie at all. Maybe a bad=good movie at best. IMDB.com gives it a 7.9 rating. I'm still astounded by this, but I'll take you up on it.

The preivew is awful and tells you nothing about the film...rotten tomatoes (real critics) score above 90%, that doesn't happen often.

Telling you about it would spoil it, but if you like horror films but find them a little boring and predictable, this one is for you.

If saw Scream when ti first came out - and said 'wow they really twisted things around and did a great job with it' - that's what cabin in the woods in - however, it's still ostensibly a horror film so it's bloody - but it works on a lot of different levels...plus (at least to me) it had some laugh out loud funny moments.

Yeah, I believe it's difficult to make a good horror film, since most of them are poorly budgeted, bland, predictable or any combination of the above. I look forward to seeing any film that can break out of the cookie-cutter mold.

Trust me - this movie breaks out of the cookie cutter mold of not only horror movies, but about 4 other genres, it's Whedons speciality, taking genres turning them on their heads and still telling amazing stories.

If you don't believe a good horror film is possible but want to see one - see this - just don't take anyone squeamish

Sharone Wright reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 12:31

I'm with you. This season has been such a durge since the 29th game (at which time they had a record that I don't want to recite ever again). Even if our team doesn't, win, we at least want them to be tough, or win some close games, or compete hard every game. No, no, and not every game.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 12:34

Yeah, I'm with you, did the same thing being outside all weekend. Felt like you haven't been offering up your take on the team as much this year in posts because of the compressed schedule, didn't realize it was that bad. I know I had a good vibe about this squad earlier this year, but it really boiled down to the lockout shortened season. Thought they could catch lightning in a bottle for once and take me on a rare ride ( ala '99 Knicks). Though I seriously did worry what long term ramifications that faux success would do to cloud management's outlook. Guess I don't have to worry about either at this point, well, I hope I don't when it comes to the FO.

For all my whining, I'm sort of looking forward to a bunch of basketball these next few weeks- even though the team is a disappointment. I'm not looking forward to another long off-season, especially with big concerns over the franchises direction. That is why adding a second team to follow might help balance out some of the frustration.

But who knows, maybe the new owners will surprise us and really make meaningful moves this summer.

What more depressing...

knowing that the best direction for this franchise is down before going back up?


That the young guys on the roster didn't develop like we wanted them to this season?

Stan reply to Jeff on Apr 16 at 13:35

Maybe the 2nd one. You can always tell yourself that you might be able to strike a trade in the future or have the ability to sign a premiere free agent. However none of that is possible if guys like Jrue and Turner don't develop to our expectations.

Thad Young starting at the 4 tonight, Brand moving to center.

That's actually good news. Wonder if it's a result of the shit play at the five, or Collins going w/ it as a one-off so Thad can chase Ryan Anderson around.

Nick reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 14:30

Thinking it's to chase Anderson around. Do you think he'd go with this lineup if Howard was playing?

Dunno. He probably should. Brand has been the best post defender on the team and actually did a good job on Howard. And Thad's the best guy to chase Anderson. Keeping Anderson off the offensive boards is going to be a key.

Nick reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 14:35

Yeah as long as Thad can contain him I think we'll be alright tonight.

My excitement level will still be extremely high for the playoffs if we don't play the Heat. There is nothing like playoff basketball, and hell, 4-6 games of enjoying the playoffs is more fun than 0. Just trying not to focus on the fact that a 6 seed or higher was there for the taking, even with this flawed team. It was right there....but oh well, hopefully bring on the Bulls.

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