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I'm going to predict that they show up for three quarters on offense only, then get put away in the fourth by an array of three pointers that they don't care to defend, despite the fact that the magic have no one in the front court who can really score in the paint.

Gone are the January days of unbridled enthusiasm and optimism. I don't even really care anymore about this team. Win, lose, doesn't matter. I'm bored. I might watch the game, I might not.

You guys probably have already seen it or know about it; but for those who don't - check what I just found in the NBA Notes on the Sixers about Evan Turner:

"On pace to become first swingman (guard/forward combo) to average 9+ points, 5+ rebounds and 2+ assists in fewer than 27 minutes per game since
Tracy McGrady in 1998-99."

Makes you wonder doesn't it? :D

Eh, not really. McGrady was 19 and an out-of-this-world athlete. Turner's going to be 24, and he's, well, maybe an average athlete.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 17:53

Turner won't be 24 until next season (late October), but your point is taken. He doesn't have a lazy eye like McGrady though.

That means absolutely nothing but I just like to point out TMac's lazy eye whenever possible.

we need Jodie to stretch the floor

Looks like the Sixers are on NBATV tonight. Guess that means Goukas.

Dear David Stern

The sixers have new owners too, can they have an all-star game as opposed to giving it to Houston again?

Any chance Doug ditches his crappy offensive sets and just posts Jrue, Thad, and Brand over and over again? We'd get better offense from that than what they usually run. Nelson, Anderson and whoever(Clark?) guards Brand have no chance to contain them. Hopefully Doug realizes this obvious advantage. I'm not counting on it though.

Here's my guess for the offense on 90% of possessions:

- Nominal point guard brings the ball up.
- Passes to soft big 20 feet away from the hoop.
- Actual point guard receives hand-off from soft big.
- Everyone stands around for 7-12 seconds.
- Someone takes a 20-foot jumper.

and really, if you look closely, this shit offense isn't a whole lot different from what Eddie Jordan ran.

Not to give Collins a pass- but they don't exactly have the makings of a great offense. They lack shooters and they lack post threats. They also don't seem to have players who really look to take advantage of mismatches- except for ET.

their three-point shooting is above league average. Don't think that's a valid excuse anymore. ET's really good at attacking mismatches with 20-foot jumpers.

Their 3 pt shooting is fine. But having "shooters" is more than having guys who hit wide open 3's.

Rich reply to tk76 on Apr 16 at 17:55

I don't know, Dallas last year pretty much relied on the three with guys like that.

You're right - Tyson Chandler did nothing

Phil reply to GoSixers on Apr 16 at 18:59

So Chandler is a post thread now? I don't think the Dallas offense run through him often. He was just catching some lops from Kidd and getting some O boards ...

You're right, there shouldn't be a whole thread about Tyson Chandler, but the point that what 'dallas' depended on last year is one of those crazy perceptoins that might be wrong

Alright, at least the new starting lineup gave me a little spark for this game. Totally psyched to see 40 minutes from AI9 and Brand tonight.

And we're off...Brand wins the tip!

So Orton will kill us? ^^


jrue 3!

Jrue to the rim.

Great look, Jrue.

another jrue 3!

Yeah, Jrue is on fire. Better get Lou in there.

Would be very fired up about Jrue if it wasn't for the fact he has hot first quarters and then does nothing the rest of the game semi-often...

Yep. I'd like to see four quarters of aggression, but he'll go to the bench soon and rot there until midway through the second, then they'll forget about him.

stupid shot by iggy. so so stupid.

Switched Jrue onto Redick. Two straight stops.

EB joins the party.

Dre is gonna kill Jodie soon. He looked pissed on those bad defensive plays and the missed layup. Good call for the early switch.

I hope we see Turner now. On Nelson. Keep Jrue on Redick.

Meeks should be out of the game right now.

Iguodala 22-footer out of the timeout. No good.

oh yea lou coming in i assume for jrue

nope im wrong he comes in for jodie


Jrue finds Thad. Nice pass.

Bitch whistle right there. Thad caught and turned.

and watching the game stopped being fun with 3:34 left in the first (Hawes inserted).

and now 2 for thad. flop costing.

Iguodala at the four. He's going 8-deep tonight.

Jrue jumper, good.

Lou got bumped there. Should've been a freebie too.

God damnit, keep them off the fucking boards.

Hawes bullied by Anderson there.

And that's no foul on Lou? Come on ...

Fucking Hawes, you are so god damned useless.

Interesting D by Lou. Giving Jameer both his right and left hands. Hawes just got knocked into next week by Jameer.

Awful body language ET- gets stripped, throws a fit that his teammates didn't warn him. AI saves him with a steal.

He's got the killer instinct, though.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 19:32

I thought you weren't a body language person

I didn't say anything about body language, just instinct.

Hawes, you rock.

actual ball movement as the quarter ran out! no iso!

PHI 27, ORL 21 after 1.

Solid quarter. Meeks spotted them about 8 points. I'd say Hawes gave them another 6. The rest of the team was about a +20 on my scorecard.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 19:36

solid quarter official wasted

sissy hook

So Turner's worried about Q Richardson's drive, huh? That's wise.

So the Sixers can't even contain the Magic B squad's reserves?

Turnover after the timeout. Great stuff.

I'm wondering if Meeks might be hurt or something. He's never been a good defender, but I don't remember him getting just abused like this, though.

Dont' quite understand what Vuc did to deserve 0 minutes.

It's less about Voose, and more about trimming the rotation on the first night of a back-to-back-to-back.

Meeks+1. Hit the freebie.

Wow, sick rebound, Hawes. When he's fighting air, he's an awesome rebounder.

beauty of a pass big spence

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 19:46

Meeks is horrible defensively right now, my god

absolutely NO EXCUSE for giving up open 3s to this team

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 19:46


Excellent work, Spence!

Nice effort there, Lou.

*Getting ready for a Hawes comment from Brian*

I would like it if every player on the floor right now wasn't wearing a Sixers uniform next season.

most of these open 3's are cause hawes refuses to bump the guy running around

You are fucking pitiful, Hawes.

It's fun watching Hawes just fall on his ass. Distracted me from the Anderson three. Did they give Iguodala the hoop on that?

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 19:50

he almost fell back down trying to get up

again we just left anderson to double! this is unreal! either the players are fucking morons or collins is really really fucking up.

andre +1


iggy burned on backdoor. this is some of the worst defense ive seen this year given the circumstances.

On that last play, Hawes neither helped nor closed the back door. That's just awesome.

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 19:52

is this what is looks like when a team quits on their coach? Iggy never does that

I think they've just quit.

nice plsay out of a timeout. can we get larry brown back please? he shouldn't be interviewing for SMU

Nice foul, Jodie. That's fucking superb. After the stupid fucking turnover. Come on.


johnrosz on Apr 16 at 19:55

Jrue Holiday disappearing act after a strong start once again...what is the deal with that

Sat on the bench for 20+ minutes, including the breaks. That might have something to do w/ it. Or he's just streaky. Who knows.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 19:57

has he even taken a shot since he came back out on the floor? Haven't even noticed him...

MCT reply to johnrosz on Apr 16 at 19:57

I thought they sat him too long. Typical Collins, cool down the hot hand.

Phil reply to johnrosz on Apr 16 at 19:57

We have not had a half court offense for the last 6 minutes. It was just running up the court. He has not once walked up the ball.

When someone starts off hot, the sixers sit him and then go away from him - it happens to every player who starts hot (usually) and people always call out the player

At some point it's the coach

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 16 at 20:01

I'd agree, doesn't even seem like they're looking for him. Everything is just a dogshit Spencer Hawes read from the high post, I mean why not just let Jrue operate Doug? Making your job harder than it has to be

hopefully that wakes them up(didnt i say this the other day?)

earl clarke - 20 footer. awesome

Igudoala just passed up an open Holiday three for an open Hawes three. If that doesn't say it all?

hawes just shot a 3

PHI 55, ORL 61 at the half.

If there's anything else you could possibly be doing right now, my advice is to go do it.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 20:01

Yanks are on ESPN, I'm good

Hobbes reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 20:13

I'm getting some business work done. I check box scores periodically. It's far less aggravating than what you folks do ( I.e. watch a hopelessly mediocre squad struggle through a season).

I also hope.

For losses.

To back into the lottery.

Because I find more hope in a new drafted player than in anything else 76er-related.

The team sucks. Ain't nothing that cheering, or weak stretches in a schedule, or a new coach, or 'more burn for the young core' can do about that very mundane and well-evidenced fact.

At half, meeks has the second most minutes, and hawes has the fourth most. It just makes no sense

My friends, the Sixers just gave up 40 points in the quarter to an undermanned Magic team.

johnrosz reply to Phil on Apr 16 at 20:03

I'm gonna go ahead and buy into the Fagan article

That's just hilarious. My choices are this slop or Freddy Garcia throwing 83mph fast balls.

Trade Iggy (he deserves to be on a contending team at this point in his career), amnesty Brand, keep Jrue, ET, Thad, Voose and get rid of the rest.

My list of "keeps" is much shorter than yours.

Big fan of Iguodala

but make the best trade, and if the best trade sends him to washington- well tough on him

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:05

Wonder how much of that "in the foxhole" stuff from Adam Aron is legit? I mean, love Doug or not, this is very very questionable. They aren't the most talented team, we all know this, but they aren't this bad.

indiana is up 64-27 at the half...

They must be playing the Sixers.

If you're a fan of Sixers' recent history, when they play over their head offensively in the first half and manage to just stay in the game, or play even, they usually get their doors blown off in the second half when their offense collapses and the other team continues to score.

I'm starting to wish I didn't predict that to happen.

This "when america's youth gets together, amazing things happen" commercial has to go, unless "amazing things" are on par with other crap stuff about america's youth like complaining, whining, quitting, entitlement, etc.

heroin, etc

The Magic hit a lot of long 2s and 3s. Normally this will balance out. But the Sixers defense was just that bad in the 2nd ... it won't stop a jump shooting team like the Magic.

Also I'd like to see energetic Thad to start the 2nd half. He was invisible in the first half and got abused on the D by Anderson.

Foul on Brand there?

Brand, two steps too slow.

Foot on the line for AI9 there?

this is just torture.

That's game, folks.

At least they quit early tonight.

This is just hard to watch

maybe this will get vuc in the game.

I have a feeling Collins is going to be so pissed he's going to burn everyone out. He'll waive the white flag with like 5 minutes to go.

Brand shooting over Orton isn't a good matchup.

Yay, they scored a point!

Hey Jrue, want to stay within 30 feet of your man?

just unreal. defense is complete shit. you all can't even blame big spence.

Malik Rose is a cerfitied NUT!!


that's not a block. ugh, whatever.

kind of a ridiculous call on jrue there.

meeks - trailing reddick by 20 feet there.


How about playing like two straight possessions of defense?

At least Jrue looks good offensively, thats always a good sign

good pass jrue

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:29

Looks like they're actually letting Jrue play some PG right now, the Hawes read option garbage takes a backseat to a real playmaker and it's working a little bit...how bout that??

Won't last.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 20:32

when you're right you're right

Phil reply to johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:31

Well, there's no way Sixers win this game on the offensive end. If the D does not pick up ASAP, Sixers will stand no chance...

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:30

better take Jrue out right now Doug

Nah, just took the ball out of his hands.

nice shot lou

stonedeightytoo on Apr 16 at 20:32

16 min to Magic glory. Unleash Earl Clark on Hawes please.

Sweet rebounding, guys.

Ryan Anderson is ABUSING thad on the boards.

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 20:34

How is Ryan Anderson such a rebounding machine only when he plays the Sixers? He had a lot of boards in a game earlier this year.

Damn, another one....heh

That's pretty simple - the sixers front court stinks

May as well go super small. I mean, Turner can't do any worse than thad at keeping anderson off the boards, can he?

re18954 reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 20:36

It worked, right away he gets a rebound

Hawes and Turner playing the 1.5-man game. Turnover.

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 20:36

Turner loves talking smack to the refs, even when he actually fucked up. Every time almost, heh

Jrue, great job. Now go stand in the corner for the rest of the quarter. Thanks.

PHI 79, ORL 90 after three.

Did you guys see that awesome rebound Hawes stole from Williams as the buzzer sounded? What fucking effort.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 20:39


way to go ET. who can you blame that one on?

Turner at the four, Meeks at the three.

Awesome pass Turner. Fuck

So Andersen has 8 o-boards and Turner, a good rebounding guard, only plays 12 mins so far.

MCT reply to KellyDad on Apr 16 at 20:42

Turner has 4 turnovers in 13 minutes

Andersen has more o-boards tonight than he everages total boards on the season. That has killed them more than anything.

MCT reply to KellyDad on Apr 16 at 20:47

I'm not blaming our shitty performance on the turnovers, just pointing out that Turner hasn't played well in the minutes he's been given tonight. They were all really awful turnovers.

On the day I get my playoff invoice they play lie absolute dogshit. Good timing guys

At least you'll get a refund. I guess.

That's awesome, Hawes.

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:43

at least ET puts a fucking body on his man

5 fouls on Anderson. Nope, only four. Either way, he's going to the bench. Won't make a run, though. They gave up.

Nice D, Hawes.

clearly should've been done earlier, but it's about time to turn this off.

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:45

Why can't Doug give Lavoy a chance? He just watches Hawes kill them and does absolutely nothing about it

One of his major flaws. Constantly searching for answers while his back is turned to the bench.

I really wish I understand why we weren't taking advantage of Ryan Anderson guarding Evan Turner on all those possessions. It must be against coaching philosophy to take advantage of mismatches, that's all I can think of.

Hawes is softer than Charmin double roll.

Big win in the battle to tank from 7 to 8 though, nice job guys!

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:46

Doug is out of touch, can't think of the last time he had himself a well coached game

if we don't have more than a 1 game cushion vs the bucks going into that 2nd to last game against them, there is no doubt in my mind we miss playoffs.

Defensive three seconds. Awesome.

Nice pass, Lou.

Hawes, you rock. Absolutely fucking rock.

Jrue, rotting.

doug is in full on silent plea for serious psychiatric attention mode

Best play Turner made all season. Not passing the ball to Hawes in the post with Redick on him.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 16 at 20:53

It's funny because it should have been a huge mismatch yet Hawes couldn't get good position because he's a fucking marshmellow

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:53

Is Hawes on Reddick even a real mismatch

MCT reply to johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:54

haha no probably not

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 20:53

Turner talking shit to Hawes, after not giving it to him initially, they're hilarious if nothing else.

Spence so pissed at ET. ET so pissed at the world

there's not a single player on this roster who shouldn't be pissed at spencer hawes, not a single one

oh i am with you brother. see me follow up comment

Jrue...still rotting.

ET to spence at timeout-fuck the world don't ask me for shit, everything youget you got to WORK HARD for it

Jrue back in the game, thank you

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 20:57

uh-oh, getting too close for comfort, don't cough this lead up Magic, come on master of panic

johnrosz reply to eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 20:57

two of the ultimate masters of panic going head to head tonight

oh hey jrue!

There you go, Lou. Great defense.

malik rose is hysterical

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 20:59

Jameer 3

Lou answers

JJ Redick 2

Hawes rejected, that's more like it. Just a few to go

Yep. That's what Hawes does with Redick on him.

johnrosz on Apr 16 at 20:59

Spencer shouldn't even dress anymore

Spence finally got that mismatch - threw and elbow and got stuffed. #passionateintenseproudfutile

Hawes, goddamn man

ET!shooting 75%

Yep. Lou on the ball. that's a great way to close the game out.

Patented late game air ball

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 21:03

Dre 3 airball. Now ET and Dre are fussing, about what?

Remember when people were excited about Spencer Hawes early in the season - man the good old days

not to provoke hysteria but how many airballs has dre shot in the last two minutes this year?

This team has to be near meltdown in the locker room. I can't wait to hear who slapped who

et feeling real bipolar tonight !!

PHI 100, ORL 113 Final.

On the bright side, Collins only used an 8-man rotation on the first night of a back-to-back-to-back. Solid coaching.

gee i'd hate to be in a foxhole with that man


spencer should be brought out to center court tmrw night for the fans to pelt him with projectiles. would be healthy for everyone

looking forward to the post-game press conference. collins might cry.

should be classic!doug need iv thorazine

Wow - So according to ric bucher the most viable location for the kings move is vancouver

Cause they did so well with a team the first time

Well Canadian dollar was worth about 65 cents back then, now it's par.

I arrived late to watch the game, feel like didn't miss much but to read the comment thread was amusing.
Im actually preffer to read the thread than watch this team fall apart, at least you guys are funny.
No real comment about the game but just wanna say I would rather pay to see you guys posting than this crap basketball team.

I'm sure brian would happily take donations - running a blog ain't free

eddies' heady's on Apr 16 at 21:32

When I predicted that 4 game losing streak that was not taking into account they would cough up the Nets game, so if CLE can show a pulse Wed night then it just might turn into a 5 game losing streak as IND should manhandle them both times.

If only MIL would step up .... ugh

there was never a plan. this is a bunch of middling, disparate parts.


BRIAN S. on Apr 16 at 23:08

Whats up with this love affair between Collins and Meeks. He played 31 minutes tonight. I just do not see it??

Believe me, you're not the only one. I'm 100% honest when I say that if the Sixers release Meeks after this season, he will not be picked up by another NBA team even as 12th man. And Collins starts him! smh

in my opinion, the only two players that have a chance to be great are evan turner and thaddeus young.

Thad pretty much is what he is. I don't think anyone should use the word great in the same sentence as Turner unless they're strictly talking about rebounding for the position. There is no great on this roster outside of Iguodala's defense, that's not going to get better and it's not going to do enough for you on its own.

I think the league should award the Sixers a special achievement lottery pick for going 11-20 since Valentines Day.

projects to around 30 wins over 82...eddie jordan territory

One thing I feel is surprising is that this team seems to completely lack any leadership. I thought they had been a reasonably good "character" team for most of the past 5 years, but not this squad. I wuld not think you need a "star" to have leadership.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on Apr 17 at 1:18

Is Elton ready for the summer? He's supposed to be that guy isn't he?...since he pretty much brings nothing other than pretty admirable defense and an occasional night where he hops in the time machine, pretty disappointing that he's not bringing more of the "intangibles" that the Elton fans claim that he brings.

As John Mitchell points out, this is 2 of the last 3 seasons that the team has collectively checked out after the All Star break.

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