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Basketball is a great sport but the NBA sux. They make everything difficult when it comes to building a team. The NFL you can get a new coach and change your personnel around in 2 years and have a completely different team. In the NFL your team can suck this year and you can still be excited about next year because you can change things very quickly. I realize part of what makes the NFL better is less there is only 16 games and one game elimination playoffs but the NBA can do a better job of making it easier to turn a team around.

The NBA guarantees contracts and it absolutely kills teams. Players only want to play for certain teams, the same teams are good every year unless some team gets lucky in the draft, the whole "he is a superstar so he gets the calls from the refs", it all sux. The draft lottery is the only cool thing the NBA does that other leagues don’t.

Hobbes reply to CVD on Apr 17 at 15:22

Haven't you heard!? We now have a new CBA in place, and things are sooo much better. Right???


I'm with you. The league tilts so severely towards three or four bright cities; guaranteed contracts postively oppress; way too many teams; college players leaving earlier than ever; athleticism aplenty but skills/fundamentals depravity; lots of attitude/posers, very little style/characters.

I miss the 1980s & 90s.

CVD reply to Hobbes on Apr 17 at 15:38

i just hope it gets better. but as much as i complain i will be sitting there like a dope watching the last 40 seconds of the game while we are down 8 saying "you never know, hit a 3 and we are back in it"

I'd love to see a Vucevic/Lavoy/S.Young/Turner/Williams. I would put money on the first substitution of that lineup being Meeks for Turner.

i'm gonna watch but i really, really don't know why.

I think that's a common sentiment among those who are still watching.

I'm to the point of turning it on when i get home - having it in the background but not really paying attention

MCT reply to GoSixers on Apr 17 at 19:03

Somehow I don't think that will stop you from having a lot to say about the game :)

And yet you haven't been paying close enough attention have you

Voose back in the starting lineup for Thad. At least Collins will have to go w/ a 9-man rotation. Interesting to see if Voose gets back in the game after his initial run in the first and third. My bet is no.

Pretty funny that they're trying to sell season tickets for next year right now.

Doug sounds like a defeated man.

There is like 4,000 people in the stands. What a difference a month makes.

I kind of wish the stands were completely empty.

Aaaand we're off...Voose loses the tip.

If you need something to feel good about, we might be watching the last home game for a lot of the guys on this team.

Terrible shot by Iguodala, but it drops.

Nice dunk, Voose.

the pacers should post George every play

Meeks guarding Paul George. That's funny. Though I don't think George is really the type of offensive player who's going to make them pay.

Meeks brick from 10 feet. Wide the fuck open.

No life early. Not exactly a shock.

Granger, you blow.

Lowest scoring 1st quarter ever?

Nice foul shots, Voose.


Would anyone mind if I turned the game off when Hawes comes in?

Here comes our special boy!

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 19:22

Like was said in the post above, these frackers will probably mess up and win this game tonight. Much to my dislike.

time for hibbert to man handle hawes

Spencer, you are so fucking awesome! Gives up 2, throws it away, gives up 3

Jesus Christ, Turner. You have Barbosa on you.

I can't wait for this poor, soft excuse for a center to get the fuck out of this town.

lou 3!

good defense, Thad. You held up against West trying to muscle you.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 19:27

To even give thought to Ed Stefanski thinking Hawes was worth anything is a pretty good summation of his tenure here. wth was that guy thinking?

He was probably thinking he needed to make some move to get rid of Dalembert (since he wanted to be traded), but since he has no leverage across the league he got a shit deal and settled for it.

Nice pass, Peyton.

hawes turnover leads to a granger 3

fuck you hawes you worthless piece of shit.

I guess since it's pretty much definitively over, I can look back and say I should've stopped watching when the Dalembert trade was made.

anyone know where i can stream the game besides firstrowsports?


Nick reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 19:33


Finally went to Turner w/ Barbosa on him. He dribbled himself into an impossible shot. Superb.

On the bright side we don't have to endure total fuck shits like Delonte West.

Brand looks energized. Guess he'll be the guy they ignore in the final three quarters.

Nice pass by Turner on the and-one. Brand missed the freebie, obviously.

Pacers give hard fouls pretty much every time you go in the paint. Those add up.

and the refs don't call all of them, either.

PHI 21, IND 23 after one.

Have a feeling that's as close as it'll be at the end of a quarter tonight.

Come on, Doug. You know you want to break out the Lou/Jodie/Turner trio. This game is just itching to be lost.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 19:38

Hope your feeling's is right, though for some reason I just don't feel the same - yet.

I'm not rooting for losses. I think the point has been made and those who have suffered through this slop deserve at least the modicum of false hope a playoff berth would provide.


Smart foul, Turner.

They're all afraid to shoot. That's hilarious.

Two fouls on Jrue in the second quarter = immediate hook. HERE WE GO! LOU/JODIE/TURNER!

Tie game when they came in.

Nice box out, guys.

And the game should all go down hill riiiiight about here...

Great, Hawes is back in.

sissy jumper

Just give him the baseline, Jodie. That's always smart. Fucker.

he missed 2 layups!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are such a fucking sissy, Hawes.

Nice fight, Thad.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 19:48

Hawes .... from 2 feet? off our own rebound? and you still can't finish? heh

Good follow, Lou.

Jones is going to give Turner problems. Any kind of length and/or athleticism shuts him down.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 19:50

Hawes deftly passes it to Lou's right foot. lol

Another Hawes turnover.

Lou/Meeks/Turner was only -5. Good work, guys.

Voose throws Hibbert to the ground, sort of.

Anyone want to grab a board? Anyone?


nevermind no basket

They're going to say EB walked. It's not going to count.

Nice D, Lou.

Another Voose foul. Great, Hawes coming in.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 20:00

And another Hawes TO. He's trying to match his assist total from last night, just so there is balance in the universe again

4 turnovers for Hawes, followed by the most feeble effort to grab an offensive board ever.

court_vision on Apr 17 at 20:00

Can't catch the game, but im bored in class so im following along on this site. Can't tell if your "nice (play), (player name)" is genuine or just sarcastic. Guessing its sarcastic, haha

always sarcastic. I'll provide more detail going forward.


Thad's playing hard. At least one guy seems to want it.

andre and 1

AI9+1. Hit the freebie?

Nice D on the other end to spring the break.

Did he just put Jrue in for Lou? That's pretty fucking dumb if he sat Jrue for like 10 minutes to save him from getting his third foul.

Nope. Meeks back in.

Meeks w/ a super-lazy rotation on Granger. Three-pointer, good.

nice shot jodie

PHI 42, IND 47 at the half.

Meeks misses an open look by about 8 feet, after Collins actually drew up a legitimate play to end the half. That's just awesome.

Was it really necessary to sit Jrue for so long with 2 fouls? I mean, who gives a shit if he picks up his 3rd. At this point fuck it.

Defense was complete shit in the first half. Score is decent because the pace was really slow. This one's over, folks.

Btw, every legit lineup was even. Lou/Meeks/Turner was -5.

FYI: the eagles schedule came out tonight

Jodie is at 19-63 (30%) over the last 10 games. And I actually though he was lower. Oh, and he's 8-37 from 3 in these 10 games. That's 21%.

Sharone Wright reply to Phil on Apr 17 at 20:20

But he gives us spacing!

Sharone Wright reply to Phil on Apr 17 at 20:22

He's a glue guy!

Can't wait for the second half!

Great, early Hawes.

Good aggression by AI9.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 20:31

2 pt lead, I just can't bring myself to believe this one's over. they may and probably will find a pulse.

jodie scored!!!!

I don't recognize this team at all. 11-0 run. Granger's faking an injury. They're back!

Court_visioN on Apr 17 at 20:32

whats this, life??

If only Brand hadn't played 20 minutes in the first half...

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 20:35

what was that Jrue? you have to at least draw contact before flailing.

Sissy drive, missed. Obviously.

5th turnover for Hawes.

and that one is another three for Indy.

Court_visioN on Apr 17 at 20:37

fuck you, hawes.

Jrue w/ the lefty slam after he gets the steal.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 20:38

Jrue's got a pulse, good anticipation on that steal.

Court_visioN on Apr 17 at 20:39

hawes gets run over on the hibbert drive. sissy defense.

And free money for Hibbert over Hawes.

Think Meeks got fouled by Hibbert's knee. That was a goaltend, too.

I can't watch this. I just fear that they'll cough it up. Yet again.

Nice hands, Hawes. That turnover goes to Iguodala, hit Sissy right in the hands, maybe a little too hard.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 20:42

Got to stop the ball first Jodie, can't point fingers and expect Spencer to catch up to him.

sissy jumper

Yep. Jrue sits. Sissy three, or foot on the line?

missed another layup


Court_visioN on Apr 17 at 20:45

nice layup, hawes. (hey i'm getting the hang of this sarcasm thing)

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 20:45

Hawes has to finger roll a left hand because he can't dunk it. #lessthan00

thad makes his layup

Hawes is the creamiest dreamiest

Good board, Jrue. Then he throws it away. Then makes a nice defensive play. Weird series there.

Court_visioN on Apr 17 at 20:49


Jrue is on fire this quarter. Really glad Collins sat him in the middle of it.

Court_visioN on Apr 17 at 20:50

nice pass jrue, thad gets hammered

Ugh, Thad.

Tie ball game.

unreal. just unreal. and pacers ball to start 4th. loss.

Fuck, Lou.

PHI 70, IND 70 after three.

Completely shat the bed at the end of the third. Ruined what was a nice quarter.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 20:52

Dahntay walked like hell before throwing that bounce pass.

Court_visioN on Apr 17 at 20:52

yes, let's just keep throwing the ball to the yellow shirts.

Fourth quarter. Tie game. Need legs. Collins burned everyone out last night. How do you think this one is going to end?

Voose finally timed a jump correctly. (got 1.3 inches of air on the follow dunk).

Five on Voose, and that was as sissy as any foul Hawes has ever given.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 20:57

Vuc is one fouling son of a gun. And a lot of them could be avoided for various reasons.

One way to avoid them is to not suck ass, which is out of his control, unfortunately.

why do they only get 3s and layups vs us? and we get runners and long 2s.

goose egg for Turner tonight...fucking embarrassing

Turner had a goose egg because he had a legitimate NBA defender on him for most of the game. That's what's going to happen.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 21:03

Who guarded him the last time they played?

Hill, maybe? They played small a lot last time. Jones has been on him tonight.

lou, you are allowed to pass

Let's just let Lou dribble the air out of the ball for 20 seconds and get a shot blocked. That's a solid offensive plan.

Jrue should've taken that three. AI9 to the line. One make, one fuck you to Collins?

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 21:05

I despise Hansbrough, but I admire the heck out of his relentlessness going after loose balls and boards. Wish we had a guy to do that.

Sissy o-board!

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 21:07

Ugh, must feel nice to have a "shooter".

Iguodala's actually better from three than Granger this year.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 21:13

Could have fooled me ... DG has way more attempts?

Jesus Christ, Iguodala. Feel like chasing Granger off the god damned three-point line.

Tired legs. shocking.

and there's game. again - they always get 3s or layups (or FTs). and we get the opposite.

Sissy runner, fouled somehow.

You are such a weak fucking bitch, Hawes.

AI9 w/ the follow. Get some stops, for fuck's sake.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 21:12

Down to 4. One more run?

How many threes do they have? oh, 12.

Lou coming in, for turner or Jrue?

Despite how bad we've been, the 3s being made the last couple nights are pretty unreal.

Dwight Howard will foul out in about 5 minutes if they called moving screens as often as they are set...i can't believe they called that one

Iguodala w/ another fuck you and a make?

Nope. Two fuck yous.

Shut up malik

Get a hoop.

bad shot jrue even though it went in

Lou show for the final three minutes?

Andre Iguodala never makes a basket when it counts right?

Where was the fucking foul on that? He fell over.

Thad sort of jumped into him after his shot - not sure why they called it a shooting foul like that...lou is awesome

the pacers continue to get good shots every single time down the floor. it's absolutely incredible.

Thanks for playing.

Use the whole shot clock for that nonsense down 6 with 2 minutes to go, then give up a three on the other end. Fuck this team.

But you liked that piece about the team picture right?

Seems mighty bold to be advertising playoff tickets.

Hopefully this was the final home game for Lou, Spencer, Brand (amnesty), and Meeks.

eddies' heady's on Apr 17 at 21:25

30 free throws attempted for 2nd time this season.

Did they lose the other one, too?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 17 at 21:28

Don't think so, believe it was the @CLE game where Meeks went off.

Prediction: They get a stop. Hawes fails to grab the rebound. Indy gets a second chance and scores on it.

a thad 3?!

Thad for three!

Lou you cocksucker we didn't need a three that early

Shocked Lou chucked that up there. Whatever.

Couldn't be less excited for the playoffs.

I honestly hope they fall out of the top 8 so management blows this bullshit up.


Get Meeks in there! This is his time to shine.

the best part is, that possession is where the previous lou 3 would've been smart. instead dribbling around by both iggy and lou.

PHI 97, IND 102 Final.

They actually didn't play a terrible game. Not terrible, just bad. Tough to make the distinction with all this losing, though.

Most of these 'players' we've seen for at least 3 years now. The audition's over and none have made the cut.

Danny Granger, great nephew of the late great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson (who sang on the Mall in D.C. just prior to MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech in Aug '63), sinks 2 to sink Sixers. Nice player; melodic shooting stroke.

Thought you could've found a slick way to say he carried Iguodala's bags for Team USA.

No need for slickness. The time is NOW: Iguodala 4:26 0-2, Granger 0:05 2-2. I'll take Danny, you can have Iggy and his losing athleticism.

Heh. We're probably going to have neither after this summer. Though Iguodala did outplay him tonight, only not in the fashion he usually does.

I bet you'd take 8-19 shooting over 8-12 shooting as well.

Do u guys think they ate going to panic and overhaul the roster?

Do you think overhauling the roster would be a sign of panic?

Would you really consider that a panic move after the past couple of months?

Obviously this collapse is the best thing to happen to the Sixers in ages. Finally we'll get the rebuild we should have had after Iverson left.

Hobbes reply to Tray on Apr 17 at 22:16

I wouldn't be so quick to jump to that conclusion.

Despite the simplistic vilifying, GMs really are in the business of talking shop with other GMs. Our problem today is the same problem (or worse) of 1,2, and 3 years ago. Our talent doesn't really fetch a great deal.

Current losing streak doesn't change that.

If the goal is to rebuild, fetching a great deal doesn't matter.

Jason reply to Tray on Apr 17 at 22:44

Please, sixers will make a boneheaded move this offseason. Sixers will probably trade EB for Amare straight up.

Stan reply to Jason on Apr 17 at 23:17

I was thinking the same thing. Just like the Dalembert situation. He finally becomes an expiring contract and Stefanski trades him the first opportunity he gets for Hawes and an additional year's salary of Nocioni.

Quick question- If some team offered you Harrison Barnes and an expiring in exchange for Andre Iguodala, would you do it?

tk76 reply to Stan on Apr 17 at 23:26

I think Iggy is gone but they won't get anything in return unless they take back a long contract - which they shouldn't.

Yeah. There's no reason to keep this thing together. There's no star on the market to add. Make a deal for Iguodala that shaves a year off his deal and gets you a potential young piece. Honestly, that second part is probably wishful thinking, because the teams that are going to be interested in him aren't going to have a high pick in this draft or valuable young assets.

Staggering numbers...


Can't remember a season like this one. Feels more like one if those streaky NFL seasons than the NBA.

Tom Moore on Apr 18 at 0:27

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