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The cavs lost by 39 to the pistons last night, and it wasn't really that close of a game. If the sixers lose this game they should give up playing in the NBA, ok that's hyperbole, but even playing like crap this team should win this game

futile. pointless. depressing. but i'm going to watch anyway.

Assume you guys all saw our CEO tweeted asking fans to tell him who we should keep and who we should trade....not the classiest of moves IMO.

agreed. the man must have his thumb up his ass. they need gm by committee with sixers fans for this team. pathetic

I don't think it's the smartest move in the world on multiple levels, I understand why he would have thought it might be a good idea, but Aron needs to hand his twitter thoughts off to marketing folk who have a better clue than he does...anyone read what people have said?

Spencer for hire reply to GoSixers on Apr 18 at 18:03

Do you know if the ex sacramento king front office guy [Levien] is part of this teams future front office? The reason I ask is I wonder how he feels about Hawes.

None of us know who is part of the future front office, I've always felt that due to the new owner transition and the shortened season that they didn't want to rock the boat and were keeping thorn as a 'lame duck' GM...and that Levien would take over after the season.

Since the only mouth we've heard from ownership is Aron, and he comes off like a buffoon so far, I'm not sure I believe they have an intelligent plan in place.

Levien had conflicts with Petrie, but I don't know what his thoughts on Spencer Hawes was, I think if they were 'real' positive - Spencer would have had a long term deal this off season

Spencer for hire reply to GoSixers on Apr 18 at 18:13

I remember reading good things about him when new ownership took over.

My biggest fear is a refusal to take a step back because of this years attendence figures and a series of stopgap moves.

irving is playing but limited minutes, gee is out

iggy for al jefferson anyone?

Stan reply to KRS1 on Apr 18 at 18:32

Pardon my language, FUCK NO.

Spencer for hire reply to Stan on Apr 18 at 18:57

Why not? He solves a #1 scoring option, a lowpost threat and is probably the best , possibly gettable big out there.

He is playing real well 2 years removed from knee surgery and if a shotblocker is put next to him, who knows.

why not

Ryan F reply to KRS1 on Apr 18 at 19:28

horrible defense, don't let the blocks fool you. if you're trading Iguodala, you do it to get younger. trading for Al Jefferson makes no sense.

Let's say we reboot this summer. Would anyone be good with giving Gerald Green a two year contract of so, if he doesn't get anything too ridiculous? His play intrigues the hell out of me.

What would the point be - he's a nice ancillary piece on a team that might be going somewhere - he's not a building block

Rich reply to GoSixers on Apr 18 at 18:41

I don't think we know what he is. Right now he's a pretty damn efficient scorer over a small sample size. Apparently he's better defensively too, but we don't know how much.

I would give him a two year deal, nothing crazy, and if he doesn't work out the team didn't risk anything long term. I'd like to find out what he is in Philadelphia.

Stan reply to Rich on Apr 18 at 18:47

MLE? I think some team out there would offer him that much. That's too much for the Sixers IMO. Those kinds of contracts can limit your cap flexibility in the future.

Rich reply to Stan on Apr 18 at 18:51

I wouldn't give him four years and if that's his market, you obviously say no.

I'd think about giving him like in the 2/12 range if he keeps this up through the last week though, especially if Iguodala is dealt. If he ends up being lousy, who cares? He'll contribute to losses then.

Right now he's a pretty damn efficient scorer over a small sample size

On a terrible team...he's career numbers however indicate he's not good or woth a 2 year 'try out' unless you think somehow he'll turn himself into trade value

Rich reply to GoSixers on Apr 18 at 18:55

Efficiency on a bad team doesn't bother me at all. Inefficient scoring would be what would worry me on a bad team.

I don't know about his career numbers, his story suggests he could have improved after going to the D-League and Europe. The talent has always been there. It's not a no-brainer IMO, but it is intriguing at the right price.

re18954 reply to Rich on Apr 18 at 18:50

Did you read the grantland piece about him? It definitely seems like things have clicked for him. Small sample size, but he's taken advantage of his opportunity

Rich reply to re18954 on Apr 18 at 18:56

Didn't see it, but am taking a look now. Thanks.

When I want intelligent informed commentary - grantland is below ESPN in terms of optoins

Rich reply to GoSixers on Apr 18 at 19:12

Jonathan Abrams, who wrote for the NYT before and is an excellent reporter, wrote the piece on Green. He's plenty informed.

I think Grantland is often excellent...some crap, of course, but a lot of interesting writing

Thanks for bringing that Green Grantland piece to my attention-reading it now, and it is a really fantastic bit of sports journalism. Describes the difficulties of adjusting and succeeding in the NBA for a kid like Gerald in a very relatable way...poignant, almost!I would take a flyer on him too, I think, at the right price

Its basketball ... sort of. Better than 2 weeks from now when there will no longer be Sixers basketball. So I'll watch it on tape after I arrive in Philly.

Same starting lineup as last night. Over/under for Voose's minutes is 12. I wonder if Iguodala will hit 110 minutes over the three nights (needs 36 tonight). My bet is yes.

ok! i'm ready for some SUCK

Aaand we're off. Voose loses the tip.

aaaaand Voose walks on the Sixers first offensive possession. Sweet.

Nice board, Voose. Might want to actually leave the floor.

I hate this fucking Cleveland announcer.

What you do in your personal life is your own business

AI943. I hope he finishes at 40% from three.

allen before hawes!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont even think allen is good but still

lookin good Lavoy

wow a Lavoy Allen sighting!Spence buried on the bench!!!

and Lavoy with the bucket and the SWAT

johnrosz on Apr 18 at 19:16

Thank god Lavoy over Hawes

Lavoy into the game, contributes immediately. Good thing he was buried on the bench the last two nights while the other centers buried the team with their softness.

seriously. The last 20 games, even

impossible to describe how disappointing this defense is. they help out/switch at all the wrong times. don't understand how the change happened.

discombobulated, playing out the string, tired. take your pick.

gun pointed squarely at foot

johnrosz on Apr 18 at 19:20

Jodie Meeks is incapable of chasing his man, and when he somehow does get there, his arms are too short for any real contest on the shot

I dont understand how our defense got so bad. Is it just a lack of energy/effort?

Honestly, the past couple of games I think it's mostly tired legs and apathy.

re18954 reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 19:27

Its really unfortunate because our offense has actually played pretty well. That was the problem before, and now the defense seems to be the problem

Zumoff just said the Sixers continue to experience a huge growth in season ticket sales. That has to be a flat out lie, right?

Yeah, you would think so.

MCT reply to Sean K on Apr 18 at 19:22

I think they have but the sales were so pathetic before, so it's not like they're going fast or anything.

I got a partial plan for the first time this season and will likely renew...but there were a few guys in my section who were first time ticketholders as well, so anecdotally...

andre 3!

AI943. 3/4 from deep already.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 19:23

Let's see how Doug figures out how to cool him off.

Sit him for the second quarter

travelling up a storm

Lavoy learned that Sissy foul from #00 in practice.

Yay, Hawes.

tie game when Lou/Jodie/Turner takes the floor, 20-20. Let's see how bad this run is.

I'd really like to see what Lou looks like in a different uniform.

I'd say the same about 4 of the 5 guys on the floor right now. And 4 of the 5 guys in the starting lineup.

Phil reply to Ryan F on Apr 18 at 19:36

I guess you'll see him in a Hawks uni next season.

Power board and follow for Hawes.

Spencer with the mans board over two men who can't jump

The shock in Zumoff's voice as he called that was amusing

Nice dish from ET to Thad

et to thad

Turner w/ a couple dimes on Thad.

to thad.

Turner and Young. all i'm sayin.

You might be on to something there

Another nice dish from ET to Thad, on the break this time

PHI 28, CLE 22 after one.

Shit lineup puts an 8-2 run on the board. Yippee.

I just watched the entire quarter and just realized I have no idea what the score is. I could give a guess, but it really wouldn't be based on anything. Apathy.

Ryan F reply to Ryan F on Apr 18 at 19:36


I'd absolutely love it if Turner scored like 40/game for these final five so someone else would offer us something in a trade for him. Unfortunately, he hasn't scored a point in his last 35 or so minutes on the floor.

I think one positive from this season is we've confirmed the Thad Young contract isn't terrible.

nice catch hawes

Nice catch, Hawes. Nice pass, Turner. (that's sarcasm, for those of you who aren't watching)

johnrosz on Apr 18 at 19:37

oh god Spencer

ET jumper, WET

Turner pops his cherry on a bad shot in transition.

Nice board, Hawes. You weak fucking cunt.

camera just caught ET yawning long and dramatic, LOL

Yeah that was a 7th period Algebra class yawn. That'll certainly increase his trade value.

it really encapsulated the second half of this season...

Lou, way to keep track of your man. That's stellar.

I never need to see Spencer Hawes flail around again

johnrosz on Apr 18 at 19:40

Jrue is horrible right now

Nice camerawork. Assuming it was a charge.

Turner should've shot that instead of passing to Thad. The transition miss, I mean.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 19:42

He'll make up for it by bricking these FTs

Yeah, you're probably right...too clever by half, maybe

Nice job by Evan taking it to the hole and drawing the foul...he is playing well-active, making things happen. He was very active last night too, played quite well actually but looking to pass first to a fault and ended up with the gooseegg on 3 shots when he played much better than that, at least from my perspective 5th row second deck midcourt

Another nice look from ET to Thad, who couldn't finish

It really wasn't. He didn't make either defender commit, and gave it up too early. Should've gone to the hole and either shot or dropped it off after drawing the defender.

yeah, I replied to you above...I bought what Zumoff was selling, maybe...

et to the line

Wiz hanging tough with the Bucks early.

Turner to the line. Bet if he splits the pair no one complains about him shooting 68% from the stripe.

Fly Guys early goal

malkin quick answer

Nice D, Hawes.

Turner hasn't hit a three in a month. Sweet.

He's not a 3pt shooter. This is news?He's playing well tonight

Nice D, Hawes.

Hawes to the bench, please and thank you

Court_visioN on Apr 18 at 19:48

wow such hawesome defense.

Is there a section in Synergy or something for soft fouls that lead to and-1s? Hawes must lead the league.

Sean K reply to Sean K on Apr 18 at 19:52

That wasn't a made basket there but no thanks to Hawes.

iggy steal & slam

EB from ET

Nice play there, Turner took two w/ him and then hit EB for the 10-footer.

Good foul by Brand. Irving is a weak bitch.

A weak bitch I would looooove to have on my team

Turner with the nice move to go up for his j, rimmed it but ike him looking for the shot like that

nicwe to see EB hit the wood...he's played with more pride during this horrendous stretch than anyone else on the team...and is personally responsible, pretty much, for the two biggest post-AS wins, vs. Boston and Atlanta

Yep, really fun watching a guy who can't shoot aggressively get contested 20-footers up there.

That shot wasn't contested, he got free. And he is a better shooter than your golden child, Jrue

Heh. According to what numbers is he a better shooter than Jrue?

Field goal percentage?

Silly time to be making that case after the quarter Jrue just had tho

I'm off swearing. So I'll just say you are a frigging idiot.

Shaq is a better shooter than Ray Allen, by your logic.

Hahaha, well yeah, Shaq is a better shooter than Ray Allen...Shaq rarely shot outside of 5 ft, so...

I understand your "point," rudely and condescendingly made per usual, just thought it would be fun to point out that ET is shoot 2% better from the field than Jrue, yet you deem him a horrible shooter and can't get off Jrue's jock...my only objectyive was to point out that it's kind of annoying how you find something negative to say about Turner at virtually every turn

Actually, I've made an effort to point out the good and the bad w/ Turner tonight. Check the thread. You just made an asinine statement.

You have tonight-you're right. It's something I've noticed, though-you favor Jrue and you (tend to) dog Turner. You don't dog him unfairly...just that you (tend to) dog him far more often than you dog Jrue, moreso than can be explained with "Jrue is a better player"

It truly isn't a big deal. We all have our favorites and our not so favorites. It isn't asinine or even stupid!

Chill out dude. We can have fun and try and entertain ourselves and even rib each other without defaulting into a defensive crouch and firing off personal attacks with a broad brush(if you'll excuse the asinine mixed metaphor)

mean to say: the basketball might be relentlessly unpleasant, but the repartee needn't be

You run a great site, I've thanked you several times for helping me better understand what I'm watching. and I appreciate your work, but you need not be dismissive and condescending so routinely

Flyers losing and Sixers about to get tied...bad little 1 minute stretch.


Thad....trying for a 15 foot turnaround hook usually won't work.

Hawes walk.

Bucks down 2 to WAS...call me selfish, but I got playoff tickets and I want to see a couple games, hopefully competitive, against DRose and the Bulls...rather that than going from 15 to 12 in the draft and if it deludes management, they are frankly retarded

Iggy shoulda finished that himself

Spence his 3rd foul, back to Lavoy!

Jrue hits the j off Lavoy screen

Gotta get Lou in for this last possession.

Nice Jrue oboard...hideous drive and wild pass from JODIE MEEKS

beautiful end of half play...just gorgeous.

Malik and Zu with some pointed commentary on Collins' orchestration of the offense in end of quarter/half/game situations PRIOR to the predictably horrendous Igoudala iso

PHI 53, CLE 49 at the half.

Probably going to be a loss.

Defense was shitty in the first half. Offense has kept them in the lead. Let's see who's paying attention, is good O/bad D sustainable by this team?

I can't believe I'm actually going to pay money to see this team play on Monday night. At least it's a road game, so it won't give the owners a false sense that people are happy.

think of it as it might be the last time you see Igoudala live

I need to find a way to keep this interesting. Rated PG game thread for me the rest of the way.

Has there ever been a softer redneck than Hawes? I mean, I thought they were supposed to be tough.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 20:12

Larry the Cable Guy?

11-5-5 for Iggy...triple double potential

I know the 20 pt standard drives people nuts when evaluating Igoudala, and understandably so when looking at the totality of what he brings to a game, but given his talent it is rather unbelievable that he went 48 games without scoring 20 prior to last night

2 quick Flyer goals, 5-3 and 5-4...lead 3-2

Lord, hear our prayers

Ha! Voose gets benched for doing what Hawes does every time he steps on the fucking floor.

There goes the PG rating. Starting now.


MCT reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 20:26

only gave him 2, foot on the line?

Must've been. If only he was as good of a shooter as Evan Turner.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 20:29


jrue 3

Some of those calls tonight are sooo bad.

Jrue43. Turner would've definitely hit that with his sick shot.

sometimes jrue looks the part, i'll give him that.

Iguodala sticks it to Collins from the line.

Your sarcasm has me cracking up.

Freebie for AI9 after Jrue gets the steal and blows the bunny.

iguodala i will miss you when you demand a trade in the off-season. anybody catch that jordan/kobe style baseline fadeaway?

Wiz open up a 7 point lead at the same time we do...

Both of those Jrue threes were foot on the line. Which is about 8 feet outside of Turner's range.

Nope, one of the threes stays. Jrue draws the charge.

We're keeping them in the game with our TOs and that's going to bite us in the ass at some point

JRUE43. Turner would've hit it lefty.

jrue 4 3 again

JRUE43. Turner wouldn't have hit the rim.

Dre need 4 assists for a triple double.

odds doug benches jrue?

Must share the ball and spread the scoring load.


He's got 50% of Turners total on the season from three in this quarter. Turner remains the better shooter.

Hawes ruins everything.

Collins is icing Turner. So unfair!

Incredible...we're actually getting a win. Time for scoreboard watching, go Wiz.


Jrue finally misses a three at the buzzer. Turner would've hit it.

PHI 84, CLE 66 after three.

Jrue happened.

Wow, JRUE!

January style 3rd quarter vs a January style opponent

And Jrue sits....let's see for how long

Hawes w/ an accidental d-board.

Hawes runs faster to the bench than he does down the court

Terrible pass by Lou. Wasted a 2-on-1. Allen fights for the o-board though. Nice feed by Turner to Lavoy for the hoop. Good energy.

Nice play by Turner to stop the break.

Then he falls asleep on the inbound. Blown bunny, though.

Wiz up 10!!

Turner catch-and-shoot.

Think its time to get the subs in. Iggy could definitely use a rest.

The Bucks are down 12 in the 4th qtr, 7 minutes to go.

just ate a burger and i come back to this. awesome!!!

Did you miss the entire third?

yea dude. they play great i guess and i miss it.

Voose walk!

bucks making a quick 6-0 run

Is thr any way we can get Bismack biyombo on the offseason? I have a good feeling about his next season....

Doubt it. He showed more than most people expected in his rookie year, don't see why Charlotte would move him. I'd trade Turner and a future pick for him.

Actually, maybe he would be available depending on who they got. Just looked at his overall numbers, he did pretty much what you'd expect.

would you trade Jrue and a future pick for Cousins?you would not, I am guessing...

I want no part of Cousins. I wouldn't take him for free.


Cousins is a potential MVP. Biyombo is a potential Sam Dalembert. You're funny


I admire your appreciation for defense but I think you end up, frequently, as almost a mirror image of the stereotypical mainstream overvaluation of players who can score but are defensive liabilities...it's funny learning people's biases

I'm not sure I follow. Do you think trading Turner for Biyombo would be trading a good offensive player for a bad offensive player? It's really trading one bad offensive player for another. The difference being Biyombo is a big who can defend and dunk, something the team needs more than a perimeter guy who shoots a bunch of a jumpers but can't hit them.

I didn't say that(that it would be trading a poor offensive player for a good one)...just strikes me that Evan Turner + a pick for Biyombo constitutes an overvaluation of Biyombo, at this point. You would be trading a young player with significant pedigree who potentially could blossom into quite a good offensive player and is already an above average defender for a raw, unpolished young 7footer who is already very good defensively, could become dominant, but is a below average offesnive player...you absolutely love guys fitting that profile...not without reason...it's just funny, like I said, tracking biases

meanwhile you disdain the rapidly blossoming offensive dominance of Demarcus Cousins

We have different definitions of offensive dominance, I guess. A sub-.500 true shooting percentage from a big man is terrible offense. You don't get that, which is fine, but using up a ton of possessions to accumulate points doesn't help teams win. If you could cut down the number of possessions he wasted on the offensive end, then his rebounding would probably make up for the complete lack of defense. Unfortunately, if Cousins isn't given all of those possessions he pouts (which sounds a lot like a player we're all familiar with). So what you're left with is a really good rebounder who hurts you on the defensive end and kills your team's offense. Again, no thanks.

Brian-thanks for the fulsome explanation, it was interesting. I haven't been able to see Cousins play enough to dispute anything you say, and I'm not sure I'd dispute any of it if I had.

My answer would be: Boogie is barely old enough to drink, is already an elite rebounder, and has demonstrated enough offensive skill to routinely put a lot of points on the board-if inefficiently, as you point out.

I think the power of his raw physicality coupled with his self evidently ample talent mean the potential is there for his offensive game to mature pretty quickly, and believe it is not unlikely that he will soon be oputting up 20-25 points a game in a more efficient manner. I don't base that on anything other than the abilities already displayed combined with the physical tools at his disposal. I forget who they brought in as a big man coach after Westphal got canned, but I've been encouraged to read that apparently Cousins is responding to the coaching in a productive manner.

Properly harnessed and directed, I think his offensive potential is vast. Clearly, he should be a top rebounder in the NBA for many, many years. You are far more qualified than I to evaluate his defense-and in any case, such an evaluation isa little more difficult to make without seeing him play certainly more often than I have-but while it may never be a strength, I have to believe that could improve too.

So-given his record thus far and the improvement/refinement one expects from a big man as he gains NBA experience, I find his offensive and rebounding potential vast and exciting and dearly wish he'd been selected number two. No one else in that draft class is nearly as intriguing to me.

Obviously, we'll see how it plays out-maybe he is a head case, a sieve defensively, and a black hole on offense, and that's all he'll ever be-an elite rebounder who nevertheless hurts his team on balance. But I'd sure like to get the answer to that through watching him play in a Sixers uniform.

Again, thanks for sharing your analysis

oh, and as for the off-court concerns-it isn't just his offensive game that has the potential to mature a great deal over the next few years. It really made me uneasy before the draft when I'd hear things(not from you; didn't regularly read the site then, just pundits in general) like "talent wise, Cousins would be the first or second pick, but he's a head case" etc...about a 19 year old!And I don't believe he necessarily deserved to be vilified for the Westphal situation(not knowing all the facts, of course) as a 20 year old either. I am 24, and 19 or even 21 seems like a million years ago because I've learned so much about life in the intervening years, and I know I've barely scratched the surface. You can mature pretty quickly in your early 20's. Either he will or he won't-but with talent and tools like he has, I think you take him and you do your best to help mold him as a basketball player and a young man. Nobody should be written off for being a sometimes knuckleheaded kid, in my book(within reason

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 18 at 21:24

I wouldn't trade Turner straight up for him let alone throw in a pick. His defensive rebounding rate is lower than Turner's, why do you consider him such a good rebounder? He is intriguing but too raw to take a chance on in my opinion.

Biyombo was Brian's pet draft prospect last year so he will continue to fetishize him, hype hsi accomplishments and gloss over or diminish his weaknesses

Just as prior to the 2010 draft, Brian decided that Cousins was a lazy thug, so he will continue to demonize Cousins, hype his failings and gloss over or diminish his strengths and any success he might have

It's simple. We all do stuff like this; Brian is just particularly inflexible...he clings to these player evaluations that he makes almost as if he feels that if he clings hard enough, reality will follow

Topey reply to mymanjrue on Apr 18 at 22:28

Haha I'm the one who brought up biyombo in the first place...if you don't like brians perspectives go to liberty ball instead haha

Topey reply to mymanjrue on Apr 18 at 22:31

Haha I'm the one who brought up biyombo in the first place...if you don't like brians perspectives go to liberty ball instead haha

I want brackins!!

Looks like Iguodala is going to finish w/ 106 minutes in the three nights. Jrue with 95.

Turner took a three! No good though, dumb luck.

ET should only take 3s when he is wiiiiide open, for now. It would be nice if he could develop that shot in the future, as Igoudala has

So he's shooting 20% on wiiiiiiiide open threes only. That bodes well.

You really enjoy responding to statements that were never made

To clarify for you:

I don't think Turner should be taking threes. You seemed cheered that he attempted a three. I thought this odd, so commented that I only want Turner taking a three when he gets the ball in the flow of the offense and is wide open. I groan when he takes a 3...luckily it doesn't happen often(back to my consternation at your enthusiasm for his three point attempt)

At no point did I even begin to suggest that all of Turner's 3PA's have come wide open, which is the suggestion you appear to be "responding" to

Are we clear here, or would you like to make a pithy one sentence response to something that was never said?

Or have we reached the point in this exchange where you stop engaging, and continue instead to make passive aggressive, condescending references in other comments to the original, stripped of context point that you had roused yourself to mock in the first place?

Like littering your ccomments with bitchy, sarcastic references such as "if only he was as good a shooter as Evan Turner"...when the original comment, inartfully stated, meant only that Evan Turner is shooting better from the field than Jrue Holliday-which, of course he is. Never did I suggest that Evan Turner was a better shooter from distance than Jrue Holliday, but you'll pretend that I did in order to satiate your bottomless hunger for smug superiority

The Gerald Greene article in Grantland reenforces my discomfort with applying that kind of label to kids...

"innesota, Green found himself competing against a glut of young small forwards. He asked for a trade. "He won the slam dunk contest," said Randy Wittman, Minnesota's coach at the time. "He was an athlete. It was a tough transition for him, coming out of high school. He thought it was probably going to be an easy transition walking in here because of his athletic ability."

The description is a sharp contrast from the dedicated player Rick Nelson coached when Green played AAU and attended practices with him in the morning and evening. "I couldn't believe it," Nelson said. "When I heard that, I'd ask Gerald, 'Why are they saying that? It's not you.' And all of a sudden you get a label, if you already think they're soft and they're an 18-, 19-year-old kid going to a party and hanging out like all the rest of them do. It wasn't done right. From the day it started on draft night and all his agents. It was BS.""

the whole thing is worth reading http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7828599/the-improbable-return-nba-new-jersey-nets-gerald-green

PHI 103, CLE 87 Final.

Any chance Jrue can show up like that for four or five games in the playoffs? Nah.

If the Bucks hold on to this loss, then take another loss tomorrow at Indiana, we should be pretty safe for the 8 seed (assuming knicks don't crap away the game tonight)

No way the Wiz can blow a 7-point lead in 17.6 seconds, right?

Game over. 2.5 game lead, wow. Didn't see that one coming. Pacers beat the bucks tomorrow and we are sitting on the 8 seed...Go Knicks as well.

Would really take an epic collapse for the Bucks to pass the Sixers at this point-I don't put it past our guys, but it appears the Bucks aren't qualified to exploit our failings.

I would enjoy a Bulls series. It's not a terrible matchup for us, and I kind of expect the Bulls to struggle in the playoffs. Have a feeling they won't make the Conference finals...so maybe we take em to 6?

A series with the Heat, however, would not be fun to watch

Just starting the game now. Awesome that Jrue carried them.

To be fair, the cavs carried themselves out of this one.

it's hard to get to psyched about beating a team that was trailing DETROIT 100-50 at one point last night

like I said, January style win vs. January style opposition...still nice to harken back to January however-and REALLY nice to see the performances of Jrue and Dre

johnrosz reply to mymanjrue on Apr 18 at 22:27

they didn't have Kyrie last night but yeah, I don't know, good to see Iguodala attacking the rim and Jrue shoulder the load. Also loved that Lavoy actually got a chance to prove he's already more of a positive player than Haweful

johnrosz reply to johnrosz on Apr 18 at 22:30

although at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see Lavoy play another minute until next November, who knows with Doug

Yeah, you're right, Kyrie obviously is far and away their best player, so it is a different team...

And on Lavoy-exactly...Doug's erratic use of his young players must be extremely difficult for them. If you read the piece on Gerald Greene on Grantland(an excellent article), it really brings to light how difficult it is for young guys in the NBA, from a players perspective that we don't often hear...

Melo is ballin'...33 on 21 shots tonight. Countdown to Amare coming back and torpedoing everything

Knicks really demonstrate the folly of the "Big 3" model...you can't just accumulate stars. Carmelo is an offensive force and it's entirely possible to build a contender around him, especially in the Eastern Conference. Tyson Chandler is a perfect complementary piece, and the Knicks have some other guys that are good fits as role players. But in Amare you have another high usage guy who doesn't play defense, needs a lot of shots-and is just not very good anymoredue to injury. Even peak-Amare isn't a good fit next to Melo. Amare and Lin works...homeless man's Amare and Nash. But Amare, Lin and Melo didn't work...Amare and Melo doesn't work. Melo can be an absolutely dominant offensive player but Amare will always cramp his style. The model for a high usage born scorer like Melo should be that 01 Sixers team...surround him with a big man who's a major defensive presence, blocks shots etc and a bunch of role players who play defense and can knock down open shots but won't sulk if they don't get a certain number of em

Knicks-Heat would be wildly entertaining if the Knicks can play like they have been minus Amare. Could be some seriously hype Garden crowds. Off the charts Lebron choke potential

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