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A Stranglehold On 8th!

Failed to mention Iguodala's solid game: 19 points/13 boards/7 assists. Also, the Sixers gave a couple of hard fouls at the hoop, which is really something they need to embrace to go along w/ all the soft interior play.

So Iggy gets POTG honors while jrue gets POTTQ honors for his 12 minute explosion.

I feel like the Sixers beat Cleveland St. while the Bucks lost time GTown. But I still enjoyed watching the game on DVR. And a job offer locally this morning followed later by notification I'm short listed for a position in NZ has made for an interesting day.

NZ=New Zealand??My dad and stepmother just got back from a couple weeks there for a medical conference...they loved it, not just the natural beauty but the people as well...

Wow. If you have to choose, which would it be? Maybe a couple years w/ the Kiwis and the Sixers will matter when you return?

Congrats on the good news.

Really nice to see Jrue's third quarter explosion tonight. Wasn't it nice to see mostly as a catch and shoot guy not in the corner off the ball? That catch and shoot trigger looks so darn repeatable, but oh well.

I'd like to keep Jrue above anyone going further because I feel as if he still has the talent going forward to be a top echelon point guard in a league where it's vital to have one. I liked that first three on a pseudo screen and roll (His defender ran under Brand if it wasn't a traditional pick) where he knocked down the three off the dribble. I don't know how he ranks up stat-wise, and part of this may be his bigs, but Jrue has to get better using the ball screen. Even though he has a low field goal percentage, I attribute that to how many difficult long twos he's taken this year in the iso situation. If he could make someone pay consistently for going under a ball screen with him, Jrue's whole game could open up. Then he gets into the lane and starts setting others up better.

Also, he's gotta stop turning down open catch and shoot threes. I think he falls in love with the pump fake and the step in for a long deuce, but he has the ability to get his shot off fast.

agree 100%...nice post

Sharone Wright reply to Rich on Apr 19 at 8:26

The hand/wrist action on his jump shot is so soft and effortless, I agree that it looks repeatable.

But he takes 10 min for set & release. Pretty easy deep contain for a habitual, concentrating D, i.e., not Cavs. See Bulls, Celts, Heat, etc.

Last night he was pretty fast with it though. I agree that he usually takes too long to let it go, but that might just be something he has to adjust to. Jrue didn't seem to have a problem with it against Miami last year. I remember that three off the dribble in Game 4 at the end. That was a pretty quick release.

Only saw highlights of Jrue's 6 deep ones. Had airport runway space and time on some due to Cavs' "ferocity." Jrue seems to be slightly improved in launch time since Doug ordered more Holiday launches around the All-Star break.

More likely than Sixers missing playoffs is the Heat moving up to the #1 seed...look at the schedule comparison b/c Heat and Bulls...

Let's say Derrick Rose misses the playoffs. Who would you bet your next paycheck on to win the 7 game series? I might have to put it on the Bulls.

Noah, Asik, Boozer, Gibson
Hawes, Brand, Vucevic, Young


Bulls prevail.

Hobbes reply to Dollar Bill on Apr 19 at 11:01

....and da' Bulls have won something like 67% of their games when Rose didn't suit up. Not to mention (but I'm doing so, now), the Bulls score more, make more 3s, allow fewer points, rebound better, and turn the ball over less than our home team.

Can't afford to put my paycheck on it, but I'm taking the Bulls, with or without Rose.

Aside from the Bulls turning the ball over 181 more times than the Sixers, this is accurate. The defenses are comparable, though. Bulls lead the Sixers 98.6 to 98.8 in DFR, 88.6 to 88.9 in ppg allowed, which translates to 23 points over 62 games. Of course, the Bulls are playing Miami tonight, so those numbers could certainly change.

Hobbes reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 11:25

Whoa, you're absolutely right. I misread the TO statistic.

I'll still take the Bulls, though.

Me too. I don't know how the Sixers have managed to keep Chicago off the glass in their regular season games, but I seriously doubt they can do it for a seven-game series.

Which is the better way to rebuild.

1. Trade the veterans(Iggy/Brand, maybe Young) for the best talent you can get/expirings.


2. Trade the young guys(Jrue, Evan, Nick, this year's DP) for the best veterans you can get and try to trade Brand's expiring for an upgrade. Give this veteran team a couple years than completely rebuild.

Ugh, not sure which is better, but the first is a couple of years faster.

#1, because #2 isn't rebuilding, and there's an element of luck in either method but putting yourself in position to take advantage of other teams 'mistakes' makes #1 a better deal in my mind

Hobbes reply to ojr107 on Apr 19 at 12:10

"Which is the better way to rebuild--trade the veterans(Iggy/Brand, maybe Young) for the best talent you can get/expirings...or...trade the young guys(Jrue, Evan, Nick, this year's DP) for the best veterans you can get and try to trade Brand's expiring for an upgrade. Give this veteran team a couple years than completely rebuild?"

Neither. It's a trick question. Management doesn't get to choose, as if they were in a grocery store isle.

First order of business would be to commit to the goal of 'rebuilding.' Then, the job would be to move in that direction in the best way(s) that the HISTORICAL MOMENT ALLOWS. If, somehow, this summer, moving Brand and Andre is a possibility that allows us to improve one or more slots in our starting unit, then go for it. If, somehow, the only moves to make involve Holiday and Young and those moves allow us to improve fundamentally one or two slots in our starting five, then do it. Point being, our starting unit, from top to bottom, has a lot of warts on it and the goal should be to rebuild it as smartly as possible by whatver means happens to present itself in the next year. Or, to say it diffently, we're mediocre for a host of different reasons and we therefore have a variety of ways to go if we were trying to get excellent in some area or other.

You're not really talking about rebuilding here. You're talking about improving the team immediately.

Hobbes reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 12:26

I suppose, to me, "rebuilding" and "immediate improvement" is a distinction without a difference. Generally speaking, I assume that personnel decisions should always be made with a host of concerns--longterm health, shortterm outcomes, diversity of experience, chemistry, building on existing strengths, etc.

I'm taking it that you do see a difference between one and the other?

I see rebuilding as starting over. What you're describing I'd maybe call retooling. For example, trading Iguodala for someone like Danny Granger (roughly same age, just a different type of player) isn't really rebuilding to me.

Hobbes reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 12:36

Hmm. Okay.

I guess I'd wish that our GMs try to do a little of both--retool and rebuild. Or perhaps what I mean is that if a somewhat thorough rebuild isn't initiated this summer, I'd prefer that at least some retooling get done, if for no other reason than to give the existing players some sense of a fresh new start next Fall.

But, as with most things, I prefer "smart" and "calculated" over "bold" and "spontaneous."

/I guess I'd wish that our GMs try to do a little of both--retool and rebuild

For years after the 2001 trip to the finals until Billy King was fired that's exactly what they did...they tried to retool and rebuild, but they didn't have enough talent on the roster to make retooling an option.

You can't retool a team that maxes out as a first round victim in the nba playoffs, cause you're just going to keep losing in the first round.

The Sixers sent me another e-mail for the playoff ticket presale. I wonder how empty the WFC will be if the Sixers are down 2-0 to a Rose-less Bulls coming home for game three.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 12:19

still think it might be the heat with the #1 slot. look at those remaining schedules....i'd almost favor them.

Might come down to tonight's game. If the Bulls win tonight, it's over.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 19 at 12:23

yeah im assuming heat win at home tonight though. also - it might come down to a 3rd tiebreaker - head to head will be tied, conference record could be tied. Next breaker is record vs. playoff teams.

Something to consider: if Indiana wins tonight, they would almost certainly be locked into the #3 seed and will have nothing to play for by the time they play the Bulls. So that's two reasons to root for Indiana tonight ...

Has any player handled his future WORSE than dwight howard? In hs desperation to be liked by everyone he just comes off as a buffoon to me.


Hobbes reply to GoSixers on Apr 19 at 12:31

Well, yes (Len Bias, for one), but no.

I take heat for it, but I just do not like Dwight Howard, and I'd be more than happy to say we'll never have him on our team. I think he's lacks the lion's heart, and I think he's got more than a little Lebron-James-I-want-to-be-a-global-commodity mentaility that just doesn't sit well with my appreciation for the old-school-Larry-Bird-I-just-want-to-kick-the-s*^t-out-of-you approach to competition.

Len Bias was stupid, but I don't think Len Bias was unliked or anything - it's a bad comparison, and really not even funny.

I'm not a Dwight Howard fan on the court, I think his lack of improvement in various areas since his entry into the league is deploarable. I think in a league so week in big men he's an asset still and that he'd be good on the sixes (and if the sixers could have waived brand and signed him in free agency without having to trade anyone it would have been excellent), but I always questioned whether Dwight realized he was a 'grown up' now - once he became the #1 pick in the draft - maturity was required.

What's sad is that it seems Andrew Bynum has matured faster than Dwight Howard, and if he stays healthy - Bynum will have a better career individually than Howard

Hobbes reply to GoSixers on Apr 19 at 12:40

Question was "bad handling of future," and my answer was dead-serious. It gets way worse than anything Howard is doing.

But, just the same, cudos to you for the sanctimony.

It's hard to believe how much shit has come out from Orlando. Howard must have Tom Cruise's publicist.

Does Dwight like Fish Sticks too (watched SP last night for first time in a while - still funny after all these years, if only the simpsons was)

Yeah, Howard has been almost impossibly bad at handling his business this year. Really don't like that guy

I was at the last Orlando game at WFC, shortly after the whole SVG thing...the astounding thing was that Howard seemed to me detached, disinterested, going through the motions-and he still finished with something like 22 and 17

and espn.com today mentioned how both the bulls and the heat should be busting their asses off for the right to play us first round.

Yep. I would be if I were them. There's going to be some interesting shuffling in the East. It looks like Orlando is going to be without Howard, which should be a free pass into the second round for the #3 seed, which will probably be Indy, unless the Knicks can catch the Magic. Right now, the Celts don't have home court against the Hawks in the 4/5 matchup, but that could change.


Anyone see this? What do you guys think?

I think that too many people will blow this way out of proportion...that's what I think

CSN Philly's site has a second or two more of it, and they were both laughing about it afterward. I honestly think Iguodala and Lou are fairly close and have been throughout their seven years together. No doubt, though, someone will use this to argue that Iguodala isn't a good teammate and undermines what Doug Collins is trying to do ...

Nothing new here. Subversive sneak in sneakers, very wealthy clown amusing himself at the expense of another. Antithesis of a leader. Paul Robeson or Maurice Stokes he's not.

'Big balls' pantomime, 'exit meeting' skip out, hardcore choking at the free throw line, city fans and teammate denigration in Sports Illustrated, your forwarded clip (notice brat action was most appreciated by the initiator)... he makes it rough on his off-court defenders with his shenanigans; conversely, his on-court defenders have it relatively easy.

Hard to believe Sixers front office saw fit to cement him to club with guaranteed millions upon millions for half a decade. Dopes.

Ryan F reply to Dollar Bill on Apr 19 at 14:45

If the Inquirer ever has an opening for an elderly cunning linguist that can push the Iguodala hate propaganda, you'd have to be atop the list.

I don't see the big deal. He made him look a bit foolish, much like everyone Lou tries to defend. It wasn't malicious. Par for the court.

You don't see. One blind mouse. OK by me. Really, cheer him on!

poor old man. prions aren't your friend.

you know, the invention of the hoveround has made visiting the Grand Canyon quite accessible for the elderly, or so the commercial claims.

If you ever make it out of the batcave to see the light of day, you should really check it out. Hopefully you have enough functioning brain cells left to know the difference between break and accelerate when you get close to the edge.

Winner Winner chicken dinner

For the category 'best use of the word prion in a sports blog' - the winner now and forever is jeff


I can't remember the last time i saw the word prion and it not being related to some sort of crazy science fiction thing :)

"Good" news for the sixers I guess - Ilyasova is out against the pacers tonight

So who do you guys, as a fan of good basketball, want to see win the finals?

I'm a fan of the sixers - i don't care who wins if it ain't them

A number of satisfactory champs for me come June:

Celtics - Like the 'Big 3' & the club tradition, Rondo; like JH said, they play for keeps

Bulls - Tough as nails overall; Rose is special; Thibodeau is sharp, has paid his dues

Heat - Love Wade's & James' 5th gear, a spectacle on hardwood; support is underrated

Thunder - Lots of scoring talent; Head Coach Scott Brooks played the right way for Sixers - hard, smart

Spurs - Respect for players and head coach, may be last run as constituted

Grizz - Go Lionel, Maurice and MoSpeezy; longshot story

Stan reply to Topey on Apr 19 at 22:56

The Heat. Everyone hates them, so I like them.

I'm rooting against the Thunder. I'm so tired with everyone praising the OKC model. I hope they don't win it.

I hate the Celtics.

Memphis is my 2nd favorite playoff team. I'm fascinated by how they've built their team around two fat, slow centers and have had so much success.

I like Chicago fundamentally, so they are my number #3 team. Other than Rose, they really don't have any "finesse" players.

I'm jealous of the Pacers. We've drafted a player of the same position in 3 separate drafts with them, with higher picks and have taken the worse player. Speights over Hibbert, Turner over George, and Jrue vs Collison is basically a wash right now.

Well if Collins has made the Celtics the exemple for his players of competitiveness, toughness and urgency to win, Celtics' FO should be pointed as well. They felt a need for extra bodies at 5 so they got it done !
Players pay attention to those things too, everybody new the Sixers need help at 5 and what FO did ? Nada ! So if you are a wing or wing sized player and your coach asks you to go bang angainst the league bigs all season long because your centers are tough as marshmellow and the FO did zilt to help this obvious unbalance of the roster. Why you gonna kill your self and keep listen to that screaming old dude ? The FO don't care, the owners don't care, they just care for their profit, their salary, they don't wanna win, don't want to pay the price to win. Players know when a organization really want to win, and know when they just want to have a profit and players act accordingly.
They just dog it

Pacers up by 10, 8 minutes left in the third. Bulls and Heat neck-and-neck.

Anyone see the cheap shot James Jones took on Noah? I'd like to see some retribution on Wade or LeBron.

I was watching a heat game a week ago (might have been against the bulls)and I think I commented on the heat turning into thugs. I think it's something they're doing on purpose - i hope it bites em in the ass compe playoff time

Bucks lost. Sixers magic number is 2.

Game Pacers. Magic # is now 2. 4 games to play, 3 game lead. Would take an epic collapse to lose the 8 seed. Go Bulls.


new news or old news; you decide.
a good head might have seen this coming.

Out for a long ass while

Stan reply to jkay on Apr 19 at 23:07

:( We should have been the #3 seed.

Playoff predictions:

Philadelphia beats Chicago (Rose comes back and slows down the Bulls)
Miami beats New York
Indiana beats Orlando
Boston beats Atlanta

Philadelphia beats Boston (tired legs)
Miami beats Indiana

Philadelphia beats Miami (Injured Lebron)

Philadelphia beats Memphis

it's interesting; I think we can beat Miami without Lebron, but i don't think we can with both Wade and Bosh out.

If there was one year to have a 3 seed, or a 4 seed, this was it. If only...
Well now that we've managed to miss out on a lottery spot, it's officially playing with house money now. Whatever happens, whomever they play, how many playoff tickets they can coerce fans into purchasing, it's all gravy now.
The team is cooked. With non-existent expectations, it's amazing how many positives you can take home.
We match up with the Bulls well IMO; I think they have a tendency to struggle offensively which will at least keep us in every game. We still lose, but competitively so.

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