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Please no Heat. Not that I think they win either way but I would at least enjoy a bulls series. Can't stand the self absorbed Heat. Great team but nauseating.

eddies' heady's on Apr 20 at 7:45

There's really nothing positive to even discuss is it? Since you already suggested the only positive thing. Maybe only 8-12 more times we also have to look at Evanordinary Turner in a Sixers uniform can qualify. Proclaimed two short years ago that THAT draft pick would set this franchise back for YEARS to come and, well, here we are. Derided like heck for expressing that opinion at that time, but nonetheless consummation has arrived. Buffet line is out the door for succulent crow being served.

Constant derision can lead to self-absortion can't it? Me thinks so, I mean, this is pressing questions right?

Seems like this post is more about you and patting yourself on the back then anything else. Not sure what it accomplish
es, bit if it makes you feel better then have at it. Just don't expect it to lead to a productive conversation.

bebopdeluxe reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 10:49

Crap like this is just another reminder of why I don't post here anymore...self-absorbed drivel that adds ZERO to the discussion...thrown out there SOLELY to start fights and stir up the masses.

Good times...good times.


You poor diva, you.

Brian - Do we know who wins that 3rd tiebreaker for Heat/Bulls (record vs playoff teams) or is that still up in the air as well?

I'd have to look it up, but I believe last night they said Miami would have that one if they win out.

I think against the Bulls they could eek out one win, stretch maybe two.

Against the Heat I really don't know if they could get one.

It's the sixers fate to play the heat in the playoffs.

Part of me is hoping this happens because it's best for the team to get blown out, swept, and show management that they need significant changes to the roster and an overall plan of action.

Part of me is hoping they play the bulls because if I'm going to watch playoff basketball, I would certainly prefer a better match-up and a different team than in the past.

I just really don't want to watch them play the Heat again.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 10:59

Same. While last year it was exciting, this year it would just be demoralizing.

Spencer for hire on Apr 20 at 11:02

What is the difference between Indiana and us? Other than Hibbert, who is an okay center, are they better anywhere else by a big margin?

And P.George who is thought of as way better than Evan, is pretty close numbers wise, or isn't he. It seems to me more about where they were drafted than anything else.

The center position makes a huge difference. Paul George is a better player, but not by much, or to the point that he represents a 9 game difference for the Pacers.

Spencer for hire reply to Stan on Apr 20 at 11:17

It may be player compatibility also. They seem to have better shooting but we improved a lot this season from 3.

Johnrosz reply to Spencer for hire on Apr 20 at 11:17

I think Vogel is also a much better coach than our sweatbag in a suit

Rich reply to Johnrosz on Apr 20 at 13:24

I don't. I think his team is just as talented, but better constructed with guys that have true positions.

George is the player the Sixers needed to get in that draft. He's not a superstar, never will be, he's a low-usage SG who defends, shoots really well, and doesn't need to dominate the ball to be effective. The type of guy who would've fit between Jrue and Iguodala.

Otherwise, I'd say West is a better offensive player than Brand (though I hate his type of offense), Brand is a much better defender. You know where I stand on Iguodala/Granger. Granger's the better scorer. Iguodala's better in every other area of the game. Hibbert, I feel, is grossly under-used by Indy, and I'm not really sure why. It might be him.

The big difference between the team, in my mind, is that they have guys coming off their bench who are physical and play defense. Whereas the Sixers have finesse guys off their bench.

Since there's nothing else going on...

PG: I'd take Jrue over Collison, mostly for defense. Offensively, the edge goes to Collison, though he turns the ball over more than I'd like. George Hill blows Lou out of the water for me. If you want to consider Turner the backup PG, Hill has a big edge over him as well.

SG: Paul George is head and shoulders better than Meeks, Turner and Lou.

SF: Iguodala for me, a lot of people would say Granger. Turner over Dahntay Jones, though Jones at least accepts his role.

PF: Brand over West. Thad over Hansbrough.

C: Hibbert/Amundson. I'd take either of those guys over our collective mass of soft.

Starting lineups, I think the Sixers have an advantage at three positions, none of the advantages are huge, though. At the other two positions, Indy has a HUGE advantage. And I like the makeup of their bench better as well.

My opinion on these two teams has changed a lot throughout this season. Mostly because I watched the Sixers front court get pushed around and dominated by middling bigs time and time again.

Stan reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 11:23

If you could go back in time, would you select Greg Monroe over Derrick Favors?

I think you'd have to. That's not the kind of regret I have, though. Monroe was never part of the conversation. I didn't like him at the time, didn't see this type of production from him at all. Still wish they'd taken Favors over Turner, but that's never changed.

Spencer for hire reply to Stan on Apr 20 at 11:32

Monroe is not very athletic. He seems to just overpower guys. Look how he struggled against Pekovic last night.

Favors, to me is more of a two-way player. I am real curious if Detroit drafts a shot blocking p.f. [Henson] or high post center [Zellar] to put next to Monroe.

Spencer for hire reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 11:26

That reason alone, the toughness thing, is why I have some hope. If we get stronger inside [sign Asik or draft Ezeli or Melo and even sign Humphries it makes us a more physical front line that our perimeter defenders can at least respect.

Spencer for hire reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 11:21

Hill is really good. That was a trade that really helped both teams.

Indiana is a balanced team; we are not

Miami is a really ugly team to watch. I don't understand why they can't run their team like the Celtics or the Spurs.

They struggled last year in the regular season, but basically dominated the Easter Conference during the playoffs. Do you still think they'll win the ECF by winning every series 4 games to 1?

Hawes/Meeks in our starting lineup is what kills this team. Lets admit it, its really tempting to try and and plug those holes this offseason instead of rebuilding. And lets be honest, that's probably what managment is going to do this summer.

If they hadn't completely collapsed over the past couple of months, I'd probably agree with this. If they finished w/ 40 wins, then got knocked out in the first round, then maybe I could see the point of just upgrading those two positions however they can get it done, but this season has me pretty much convinced it's not going to work in any meaningful way. not unless they plug those two holes with Dwight Howard and Ray Allen (in his prime).

If you want to point your finger at a specific reason for the nose dive, though, Hawes playing like Hawes and our three-point specialist not being able to hit the broad side of a barn are two good places to start.

Spencer for hire reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 12:14

You have to wonder if they signed K.Martin, like you wanted, if this collapse may have been avoided.

Who knows. Think to get him they probably would've had to offer him too much money/too many years.

Stan reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 12:26

Could we have been in the position to offer him around 4-5 million? I think he got 2.5 with LAC. This team even at it's peak is not worth going over the luxury tax for.

They had the full MLE, and they lopped off some salary in the Speights deal. I suppose they could've probably offered him somewhere around there, but I'm not sure if the MLE can be used for a one-year deal, so they might've had to offer him like 2 years/$10M, or maybe more. I'd need to look into that, but the new CBA still isn't available as far as I know.

johnrosz on Apr 20 at 14:31

Here's something for GoSixers especially, but for everyone that really hates everything about Hawes. Such a Hawes thing to do...


Nothing beats a guy who was beating the union drum five months ago wearing a shirt like that.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 15:41

He really just needs to go away, I don't know if I've ever actually hated a player as much as Hawes in my entire life


Like many other fans here, I too want to see my team play well and have a good chance of winning a game or two in the playoffs.
However, the playoffs have always been an arena where at least one player has a breakout or coming out. I think it'll be Jrue; he'll tease us as usual with brilliant defense on Rose and possibly put on a show on the other end, well provided his shot is falling. Also Turner loves the big stage, I think he will have a good series as well.
With management in the state of mind that it is, it won't take much to get their minds rolling in the direction that they can somehow tweak this or there is a player worth building around. Their love for profit will steer them towards signing Chris Kaman, the missing piece and coming up with another nauseating slogan to market the 'new' team. I have such little faith in their willingness to blow it up even when they know they have to.
Ergo, we gotta be rooting for a Miami draw. Take one for the team, literally, and watch our Sixers get absolutely destroyed on the national stage by our worst match-up. Let that cement the conviction in the FO. It's only a week's worth, to sacrifice for the future.
I really am not in the mood to read article debating the merits on giving Lou Williams, a new contract. Think Hawes is gone regardless, but that's just one of the many heads you have to cut off.

Anonymous on Apr 20 at 15:53

Who wants to guess what the total point differential is for the sixers 3 games against the Bulls this year?

About even? Maybe -5, something like that.

Anonymous reply to Brian on Apr 20 at 16:45

+2 overall thanks to the first game (each game +16, -5, and -9)

Can you remember a .500 team that features so many young players ever being completely loan up in an off season? I can't.

I all for a complete roster rehaul but it would be unusual in terms of how NBA teams operate. Typically .500 teams are blown up when they have aging vets or stars who have worn out their welcome. But I guess these last 30+ games could be enough to convince new owners to make it more 'their team.'

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 17:36

Posting with my phone always makes me sound like English is not my native language.

I cannot. Not off the top of my head, at least. Do you remember what the Bulls traded Brand for? They weren't a .500 team at the time, but that struck me as an odd time to trade a young guy.

The bulls traded brand to the clippers in the draft of eddy curry (the other guy) didn't they? Tyrus Thomas?

They traded Brand for Tyson Chandler (#2 pick in the draft). And then they traded Chandler away a couple of years later to make room for Ben Wallace (and got JR Smith in return, I think). Landing Derrick Rose with the 1st pick will certainly fix a lot of dumb mistakes.

That's right, Tyrus Thomas and Aldridge were in the same draft (right?). I just remember the bulls making the move to get those two young big men and how badly it worked out (Derrick Rose will most likely win as many nba titles as allen iverson did in his prime)

I guess to some people, Iggy and Brand would qualify as having worn out their welcome.

They're not that young in terms of NBA experience:

Brand 13 yrs
Iggy 8 yrs
Lou 7 yrs
Young 5 yrs
Hawes 5 yrs
Meeks 3 yrs
Jrue 3 yrs
Evan 2 yrs

Known quantities by now; Jrue & Evan the possible exceptions.

Anonymous reply to tk76 on Apr 20 at 20:07

I don't know why we would blow this up. In hopes of a losing team so we can get a higher pick? As we saw with Turner,etting losing more to get a higher pick doesnt usually make a team a top contender.

Anonymous reply to Anonymous on Apr 20 at 20:13

I do believe we should try to make some trades and sign some new players to improve the team, but I wouldn't call that blowing it up.

I think your last point about ownership wanting to make their mark is an important one. I think there is pressure on the new ownership to demonstrate some commitment and expect them to be proactive in some way

I don't expect the team to be quote unquote blown up, but I expect some dramatic change-my guess is in the form of an Igoudala trade. Aron's Twitter addiction and general style give me the sense that they want to be perceived as fan friendly, and Igoudala is broadly disliked-unfortunately so, in my opinion, in that he symbolizes a deeply unsatisfying era of Sixers basketball. As has been discussed ad nauseum, he was never suited to the role of "face of the franchise" that was thrust upon him, especially given the existing history of superstar Sixers centerpieces-Wilt to Doctor to Charles to Allen. Despite Andre's many talents, if viewed as part of that continuum(as unfair as that may be), he does not begin to stand up.

So I think dealing Igoudala is the most dramatic way for ownership to get across the message that a new day has dawned. Although losing one of the top perimeter defenders in the league will hurt, it will give the team an opportunity to see once and for all what it has in Jrue and Evan: if they can coexist, if Jrue can bounce back from a somewhat regressive season, if Evan, given the opportunity to step into Dre's role as ballhandler 1A-a role suited to his strengths-can realize the potential that caused him to be the 2nd pick in the draft and that continues to entice many, including myself-or show himself to be a bust once and for all...etc

Personally, I think it was a big mistake not to trade Igoudala after the Eddie Jordan year and the Turner pick. Presumably, we would have a much firmer grip on exactly what we have in Jrue and ET, the two truly young-in terms of age but more relevantly, NBA experience-and pedigreed pieces. No Igoudala would also have meant a worse team and another lottery pick last year at least to add more pedigreed young talent. Seems to me that after the EJ disaster, the window for a true youth movement was there-but it was bungled, just as the other window for a true youth movement-the AI trade-was bungled by getting a stabilizing veteran in Andre Miller back rather than picks or expiring contracts. In both cases, Comcast opted for faux-competitive short term mediocrity-the era of the 8 seed-rather than short term pain and potential long term gain.

The most interesting question to me is what an Igoudala deal will look like. Do you look to get a veteran piece, a big man to plug in with Jrue and Turner, or do you look for draft picks/expiring contracts?If it were the summer of 2010, the latter option would be a lot more palatable, but at this point, if you truly want to see what Jrue and ET are, i think it might only be fair to look for the former to give them a chance for on court success-they will be in their 3rd and 4th years, not their 1st and 2nd, and the time for evaluation is much shorter.

As for Brand-amnesty?Seems like that might be the wrong way to as he will be an expiring contract and as such might actually have some trade value, either in the summer or prior to next year's deadline. If he has no value then yeah, amnesty

I have to think it is impossible that they resign Hawes-I just can't imagine that the management of a pro basketball team could be that inept(famous last words, I know)

I fear that Lou WILL be re signed, though, which I think would be a huge, huge mistake. That decision will tell me a lot. If they let Lou walk I will really be hopeful that a new day may soon be dawning

Gonna be an interesting summer!

tk76 reply to mymanjrue on Apr 21 at 8:00

Long but good post. I agree with most of what you are saying. I would not be shocked if the Sixers tried a Iggy for Al Jeff trade, although I'm not sure that is a direction Utah is looking for.

today is the biggest holiday of the nba season

rim shot!

At this point, definitely hoping for a first round matchup with Chicago in hopes of seeing some entertaining/competitive/exciting Sixers playoff basketball

Outside of the Sixers, though, playoffs are shaping up to be great. The 4-5 matchups look interesting...LAC v. Memphis and Atlanta v. Boston. LAC & Atlanta would have home court today. Caught bits and pieces of the Atlanta-Boston first half(2nd half just underway)-Joe Johnson had a monster first half...he's got one of the sweeter shots in the league when he's hot

As I typed this, Boston came out strong in the 3rd and has cut the Atlanta lead down to 4(oops, 6 again thanks to silky smooth JJ jumper, giving him 25)

Should mention that the Celts are without their entire aging Big Three aas well as Rajon Rondo so this game isn't a playoff indicator

Previous two games between the teams were decided by a total of 5 pts-both Celts wins-however, so potential exists for a good matchup in a series

Avery Bradley is filling the vacuum on offense with career high 26 points...what a player he is turning out to be. Realizing his potential as a lockdown defender, and showing more offensive game than I think was anticipated. Looks like a real nice fit at 2 guard alongside Rondo...scary backcourt for years to come...effin Celtics...

So this was posted on hoopshype rumors page reprinted from twitter - made me laugh

Larry Brown thinks he could be a GM?

Chris Haynes: FWIW: Got word Larry Brown was never reached by the Blazers even though he was waiting to hear from them about their open GM position. Twitter

Knicks getting BLOWN OUT by the Cavs in Amare's return. The much maligned Carmelo deal was finally paying dividends as Melo turned in a couple weeks of MVP caliber play-and the thing gets torpedoed as the desperation FA signing of the summer prior to the Melo blockbuster returns to kill the spacing necessary for Melo to operate and destroy the flow of the offense

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.

The 7 seed is a distinct possibility-unless Amare gets unceremoniously shelved-so I guess it;s a good thing Miami beat Chicago last night. Ugh. I have hope though because not only do we prefer Chicago-but you have to think the networks and the league are licking their lips at the prospect of Miami-New York.

This whole 7 or 8 thing - I don't get why people care

7 or 8 - the sixers still lose- probably in 5

It's simple-we match up horribly with Miami-would likely get blown out in at least two games and would struggle to stretch it to 5. That happened last year-but as Brian said earlier, last year it was exciting while this year it would just be deflating and depressing.

Match up better with Chicago, and with Rose banged up the games would likely be a lot more competitive and we might even take it to six games. Would just be a lot more fun to watch competitive basketball. I have playoff tickets. I care about the quality of the games. You truly don't understand this?

It's a minor and ultimately insignificant distinction, but when you follow a minor and ultimately insignificant team, these things matter

It probably won't impact fans or teams really this off season, but the players union is likely about to have a civil war cause billy hunter is a tool

Neil Hartman wrote an article today (yeah I know, he sucks) talking about how Bucks are still very likely to sweep their final 4 games. Sorta had me agreeing. I'm still slightly nervous about getting in at all.

I hear you, but how can you say they're "very likely" to win anything after their last two losses?

Well, if the Sixers decide to try to improve rather than rebuild, there's a story today about the Hornets using their amnesty provision on Okafor. They could put in a claim on him at 50% and have him for about $6.5M/year for the next two years.

Jason reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 0:17

Do you know how trading an amnestied player work? Is there a time limit Do you have to fit the whole contract into the trade, or only the part that you are paying? I wouldn't be horribly against it considering I doubt there will be a blow up this off-season.

I believe you can trade them the same way you would any other contract. Say the Sixers got him at the 50% bid, then they'd basically have him signed to a 2-year deal, $6.5M/year. Which you'd think would be a movable contract assuming this injury isn't something serious.

From an aesthetic point of view, this is a move I could get behind if they aren't going to blow it up. It's much preferable to bringing Hawes back, at any price.

Question-I think it's likely that Igoudala is dealt(see previous post in reply to tk for why I think this is likely)-just in pure speculation, Utah seems like a potential trade partner and Al Jefferson a potential return, as I'd imagine the salaries are close to working straight up-again, this would be in a scenario where they are trying to improve/put Jrue and Turner in position to be successful. I think I recall you as profoundly unimpressed with Jefferson, and certainly I'd imagine you would not approve of his d. Would having a more defensive center like Okafor on board make someone like Jefferson more palatable to you, or how do you think that scenario would play out?

(I'm not advocating for Al Jeff or against him for that matter...just throwing it out there...I do think, though, that Jrue and Turner would both be well served by a big man with some offensive proficiency...not sure if AlJeff is that guy but he may be one of limited options...)

Would somebody please tase Thorn... Maybe that will bring him back to life.

Sharone Wright reply to Gman on Apr 21 at 8:04

Set to 20 amps.
Go to 30 amps.
Still nothing.


but the Knicks lost to Cleveland last night. There is still a shot that if the Sixers win tonight and Atlanta beats the Knicks tomorrow the Sixers take the 7 spot and would still face the Bulls in the first round.

A little something to watch for anyway ...

I think the Sixers will play much better in the playoffs than they have during the regular season. The reason is the playoffs will help them maintain focus defensively - and I believe Collins will prove better at making game to game adjustments against a single opponent. There will be a reasonable schedule with days off meaning they might actually create some new offensive sets to attack specific weaknesses of the opponent.
I think they will be a tough out for the Bulls. I think they'll at least play tough games against the Heat.

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