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LOL ... I agree with your prediction. I'd like to at least see Lavoy gets some minutes. He may not be the most talented guy around, but he's not soft.

I have a good feeling about the stretch run. Let's run off 4 in a row and go into the playoffs with a little confidence.

MikeW reply to TNT on Apr 21 at 16:59

I would LOVE to see Lavoy start tonight over Vuc. Won't happen though.

Note: Pacers website said if they lose out and Hawks win out, then Hawks win the 3 seed.

According to Malik, new sideline chick tonight:

Malik Rose‏ (@MalikRose):

S/O 2 CSN's new sideline reporter @MollySportsTV Everybody please join me and @marczumoff in welcoming Molly Sullivan to our broadcast team


Like I thought, Lou Williams is opting out and testing the market. He will get paid despite what you guys all seem to think.

MikeW reply to MikeW on Apr 21 at 17:42

on a further note, what horrible timing for this announcement.

Most people here thought he was going to opt out and he's going to get paid - someone is going to give him money - but they aren't going to give him monta ellis starter money - very few people thought he wasn't going to opt out - this is 'news' like Stephen Curry being hurt is 'news'. It's non news, and the timing is irrelevant

Many people here are quite glad he made this announcement - now we just hope he plays out of his mind so some team over pays him so the sixers don't

MikeW reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 18:08

I see your point but disagree about timing. This is a distraction. For people who still care about this season, the timing is bad.

since when do you speak for "most people here"?

MikeW reply to das411 on Apr 21 at 18:14

most people here?

MikeW reply to MikeW on Apr 21 at 18:15

if you put something in quotes i assume it was taken word for word from somewhere. where was that posted?

MikeW reply to MikeW on Apr 21 at 18:16

sorry Das, I got it. thought yo uwere talking to me, not the other guy

I suppose as soon as mike spoke for 'all you guys' here regarding whether or not he gets paid?

Are you saying you thought lou wouldn't opt out and you want him on the team next year? If so that's kind of sad

The Six reply to GoSixers on Apr 21 at 18:34

I am all in favor of Lou opting out and getting paid somewhere else. The timing is irrelevant to me. This team is going nowhere fast.

I don't care what you think is sad, but Lou has a value to this team just like every player on the roster does, and their value as seen by Thorn and the front office may be quite different from yours off in wherever the hell you are.

I've been in the building for the two biggest wins they've had post-Jordan when they beat Miami on Easter last year and when they downed the Lakers to go 11 over .500 two months ago, and the same guy made the game-winning shot in both and wears #23 for the Sixers.

We, and more particularly YOU, have absolutely no idea what those wins did to their various revenue streams, and while everyone here may look at the guy differently, but whether or not it fits with whatever metric you want to apply, the front office could well think that being able to close out big wins like those sells a hell of a lot more tickets and t-shirts than blowing up this team for a chance at more ping pong balls to draft some kid who might theoretically approach the talent level of everyone already on this team does...

...of course if they had picked up a legit center two months ago perhaps it's the Sixers in the #3 seed instead of Indiana, facing at least one if not two easy matchups while the Bulls and Miami get weaker...but hey, for a team that was 28 games under .500 two years ago, it makes perfect sense that this season and every other be considered championship or failure right?

I stopped reading after you chose two specific games and started talking about revenue streams for a team that has little attendance and how many games did lou SUCK in that probably 'cost' as much in revenue as 2 games (in how many years?) gave them...it's a ludicrous argument

Winning builds revenue - not one or two wins that in a season of mediocrity are meaningless - but significant continued winning - and hopefully ownership knows that clearly more than you do - if ownership looks at one or two games only and makes a decision - blah

And that's really all I have to say about that...Lou Williams is not a part of a team that is going to win a title...Lou Williams can be over paid by someone else as far as I'm concerned to have one good game in 10

The timing is really odd. Why would he answer that now? Anyway, it's not a surprise. Someone will give him at least a full-MLE deal, which is better than 1 year/$5M.

It's really ridiculous that Meeks is still starting. He's been shooting under 30% from three for a couple of months now.

Aaaand we're off...Voose loses the tip.

Indy goes right at the two absurd mismatches they have. George w/ Meeks on him, Hibbert w/ Voose on him.

Nice EB, you've had a few days off so let's see what you have left in the tank

Jrue to the line, everyone drink.

Gotta go up stronger w/ that, Jrue.


woah a rebound leads to 2 on the other end, try that one again guys!

Voose the trailer. Iguodala is all over Granger on D.

AI943. Again.

Hibbert/George two-man game. Can't have two weak links out there like that.

Voose not looking too bad early on

Hit a couple jumpers. On the defensive end, he's looked bad.

re18954 reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 19:21

He hasnt been that bad defensively, at least compared to what hawes would be doing

Switched Brand onto Hibbert. Didn't really help.

Jrue to the line again for the and-one. Drink.

Like that take to the hole by AI9. Keep it up.

EB with the 15-footer and he's fouled!

Jrue w/ the nice recover to block a corner three. They definitely look fresh.

Great. Here comes Hawes.

Meeks has thrown up two of those garbage runners. Not sure why he's dribbling so much.

shitty call on hawes there. that was ball

jrue 3!


based on the subs, we're going to see Lou/Meeks/Turner in the beginning of the second.

Grab the ball, Hawes.

Hibbert pushed off with his left arm...

Iguodala fouled on the three. Heh. Can't split the pair here.

1/3, if he's lucky.

good pass andre, et to the line

Nice job throwing it ahead by AI9. ET to the line.

Turner 2/2 from the line.

a sixer made both their free throws, drink everything

ET, you have to attack Barbosa like that. Mercilessly.

Hawes, you are such a sissy. Going against Collison, he goes with that weak finger roll instead of dunking it. Just absurd.

Great D on Granger there. Nice dig down by ET.

Man, just a parade to the line here in the first for the Sixers.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 19:39

HOW IS THAT NOT A CLEAR PATH!?!?! should be 2 and the ball

Phil reply to MikeW on Apr 21 at 19:42

because he was fouled in the act of shooting, not on the floor.

Thad draws the charge. Get a hoop here to finish this quarter strong.

PHI 34, IND 23 after one.

Great quarter. Three more of those.

Nice first quarter here...course has to end with a step back contested BOSS missed three

Nothing but layups and threes for Iguodala and Jrue in the first quarter. That's what I like to see.

Of course we go with lou iso to end the quarter, but overall good quarter. Its nice to see the team play like this again.

So can I just switch off and pretend we won? :)

Yep, Lou/Meeks/Turner. Up 11 when they came in. Let's see what happens.

This Indy team is really the third best in the east??


Fuck, Turner.

gets it back w/ a floater. Let's play some D.

heh maybe they should play Thad at C and 00 outside more often?

Nice drive and floater from Turner

Hawes gives up an o-board.

Lou to the line. Hit em, please.

Aw V8 with two Hawes-esque misses inside...can we have some Lavoy soon please?

It's so much fun watching our bigs miss from point blank.

Meeks out for Jrue. LJT kept the 11-point lead. Good.

the vuc dunk attempt was pretty ill advised. LOU!!

nice block lou!

Bleh, Voose.

Lou w/ a nice block on the other end.

DAMN if these Sixers had Hibbert how good would they be??

Phil reply to das411 on Apr 21 at 19:58

As good as the Pacers?

say what you will about LouWill but if we lose him next year, we better find someone else to get to the FT line the way he does.

Lou has his gunning shoes on.

West walked there.

Voose has no idea how to defend w/out fouling.

Jruuuuudammit gotta get some stops here guys...

Good look by Lou to Jrue for the corner three, but he missed it. Indy coming back in a big way. Argh.

7 straight misses. Get something going toward the hoop.

johnrosz on Apr 21 at 20:06

Hawes is so fucking bad my god

Hawes, you're so weak. So unbelievably weak.

Well the Heat are off to an extremely sluggish start....

great pass et

Great pass, Turner. Thad w/ the flush.

Wheels falling off.

Nice form, Hawes. Figures you were short w/ it. Weak bitch.

ugh, awesome

Is the new sideline reporter cute?

MikeW reply to Tray on Apr 21 at 20:21

Tray, not really. At least not for sideline reporter standards.

PHI 53, IND 54 at the half.

As good as the first quarter was, the second was bad. Gonna have to be better than that, guys.

16-2 run ...

God, I hate watching this team

Well, they had their chance. Now it's gonna be damn, damn hard.

Which team will we see in the second half. Who really knows

I liked what I saw out of Turner. I don't understand why Collins put Jrue on George. In the 2nd half put Igoudala on George and Turner on Granger.

George doesn't create his own shot. Just need to stick with him on the perimeter. Turner or Jrue on him, Iguodala on Granger. Just don't help off him.

Wiz up 10 against a Bosh/Bronless Heat. Maybe we actually want to lose this game.

I read LeBron was getting taped up to come into the game. Wade dislocated his index finger.

OK. Let's see if they can shake off that finish to the first half and refocus.

Voose brick on the first play.


Good foul by Jodie. Bad turnover by Jrue. Come on. Wake up.

Lavoy in. Meeks actually hit a jumper.

EB should've just gone up w/ that, or passed it out for the three. caught in between and threw up a brick.

Come on. Go to the hole.


EB has 8 this quarter. Keep riding him.

Nice. Jrue contests, runs out. AI9 grabs the board and finds him for the dunk.

Bulls all over Mavs in the first Q.

johnrosz on Apr 21 at 20:37

Lavoy first big off the bench? Thank you Doug

AI9 blocks Granger's three.

Jrue off the handoff. Nice.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 20:42

you were kidding about Bron coming in rihgt?

it flashed up on twitter, but i don't think it happened.

Meeks bricks a wide-open three. Allen tips out the o-board. EB to the line. Good work, Lavoy.

johnrosz on Apr 21 at 20:43

Man, Jodie can't shoot to save his fucking life right now, this is beyond a slump, you could find a handful of D Leaguers that would kill for his job

Great D by Iguodala to tip the entry pass.

Sixers are actually playing physical, led by Brand.

Might also have something to do with no Voose/Hawes.

dammit Meeks!

Jodie, if you won't take that just take yourself out of the game.

johnrosz on Apr 21 at 20:46

Oh god Hawes

nice drive, AI9.

Great D by Lavoy, and then he goes to get the board.

Sissy foul. He's hurt! Take him out!!! TAKE HIM OUT!!!

aww sorry 00 but guess you'd better take the rest of this one off...


Meeks missed three. Ugh.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 20:49

a BAD 3 too

Wish they would've called the first foul. Hansbrough w/ the +1 on the follow.


how could we lose with those guys?

I dont understand why meeks gets the minutes he does

sissy hook

Hawes, you are pathetic.

johnrosz on Apr 21 at 20:53

bailed spence out after turning into the double

Don't blow the end of this quarter. Stop throwing the ball to Hawes.

Hawes tip out. Get a hoop. Nope.

PHI 81, IND 74 after three.

Good quarter. Don't mess around. Get Allen and Brand back in there up front early in the fourth.

The outcome of our game here dictates how we need to root for the other games tonight. If we finish this game off, it looks like we have the advantage in last 3 games compared to the knicks.

Lou/Meeks/Turner to start the fourth. Oh brother.

4-0 run for Indy to start the fourth.

Good work, Thad.

That was a mighty hard foul. I'd like to see some payback.

Keep attacking, Thad.

EB. Money.

Man, dodged a bullet on the break there. Get a hoop out of this timeout.


Pretty moves by ET, but the charge kind of ruins it.

Settle down, get a good look here.

Thads defense on hansborough hasnt been good today

EB has been a MAN tonight....starters vs starters, let's see if they can take this one in for a landing...

Atta boy, Thad.

Lou, come on man.




Great play, Lou.

grrr that could've been the dagger Lou

Wow. bad shot by AI9, but he hits it.

AI9 clutch!

Shit, can't have that, Thad.

Lou guarding George Hill isn't going to close this game out.

ugh Thad has been so huge this game but that could be a fatal turnover

Ok here it comes...what happens to Sixers in a close game? Winning this one would be huge for confidence...

Heat making huge charge on wiz cutting 14 point deficit to 3....this win becoming even more important...

Come on fellas this is just fuckign sloppy

The pacers are jumping everything, how about a backdoor lob?


too many jumpers

damn damn damn it all...and this isn't even with 00 on the floor

Don't fucking hang your heads. It's a tie game. Run some offense and attack.

Does anyone thikn we're actually winning this game? Thank you sixers for taking away all close game confidence

aaahhhh EB sells out for that one but JUST misses the bounce off of whoever that was


Great D by Lou.

thad to the line

bad bad shots, thad with the big clean up/bail out

Big fucking board, Thad. Hit these freebies.

Turner for Lou. Defense for offense. Get the fucking stop.

thats what you draw up?!

there it is...way to draw it up.

Ugh. Time for a heartbreak.

Here comes a loss

WOW that was a major foul. Malik is dead on.

I didn't see a replay. Hit him on the arm?

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 21:31

hit him on the arm TWICE. once on his rise up for the jumper, and again on the release


Sixers have a foul to give, huh?

Not anymore. Man, w/ Hibbert catching it there, could've burned three or four seconds before giving it.

well who needs to watch exciting basketball like this when we can just demolish the team and hope for a ping pong ball? Cmon guys...

Terrible play by Indy.

PHI 98, IND 98 after four.

Overtime, folks.

Heat come all the way back to lead vs. Wiz in the 4th, Bucks up big on Nets, Mavs right with the Bulls. Safe to say this is big.

I seem to be getting anngrier and angrier about that non foul

Aaaand we're off again...Brand loses the tip.

Do you just leave these five dudes out for the entire 5?

Lou 4-point play to open up overtime!

LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #loubossface

Alright, back in time for start of OT and 4point play!

Thad o-board

Brand is gassed. Come on, gotta dig deep.

too many jumpers early.

wow that was impressive

Come on. Get a stop here.

Nice d by Thad but West hits anyway

This is taking a turn...

Again note the pacers going ot the hoop, sixers taking fade aways.

Good foul, Jrue. Lou, that's just terrible defense.

cmon guys...AI9 here is your chance...

AI9 to the line, maybe. Splitski?


DAMN guess that's how you win or lose this type of game

How many different ways can they give it away?

and then no box out. Loss. official.

Nice d by Thad but West hits anyway

Oh jjeez brutal from the line, key Allen oboard then he gets blocked off the nice jrue fed

Indy oboard and the foul

Brand has been in since the beginning of the fourth.

well this could very well be the season and perhaps the future of the franchise in this next possession here..

Hollinger criticizing the lavoy substitution on twitter

Is a hoop here too much to ask for?


Fuck david west.

holy hell how did that drop???







DO NOT...DO NOT....DO NOT let them shoot a 3

Chase them off the line. Don't foul them when they're shooting a three, huh?

Is this real life


Showing heart tonight.

great game jrue! love it.

woah what??

hit the free throws!!!!!!

5 seconds, baby!


Get the ball to Jrue, Lou or Jodie here.

those 5 seconds came fast... lol

William reply to Phil on Apr 21 at 21:54

Good win! Who was Doug cursing at??

wow, jumpballl

no Doug, you want EB out there not Meeks

foul on the dude with the black shoulder pads

hmmm is this just Doug being clever and trying to get EB a few more seconds of oxygen?


cmon ET....damn damn damn

Nothing is ever easy, huh?

boy, you said it

Turner got mugged

and the ref throws the ball over Hill's head.

Yeah, I noticed that too.

No excuses. The sixers have had opportunities to win this game.


"I don't believe....what I just saw!"


PHI 109, IND 106 Fucking Final.

they win a close game,its a miracle!!!!

Yes. Quality

What a show of heart from the Sixers

YESSSSS!!!damn i thought for sure granger's shot was going in, lol


Scoreboard watchign time. Heat down 2 under a minute to go....no idea who to root for....

Really good to see the guys hugging each other after that one. Big win.

now cmon everybody, wouldn't you rather watch a team that loses every game but might, i say might, get another ping pong ball or two?

no effin way!

Who Doug cursing at???!!

It went off immediately for me. Didn't see it. Was it at a player or the refs?

the voices in his head?

looked like david west or a ref

South Broad reply to William on Apr 22 at 11:24

Ha, Doug told that ref twice, "you're just a cocky 'effing asshole!!" He was pretty livid. Couldn't figure out exactly what it was relating to though.

4.2 seconds left. Bullets ball. Tie game. Can they get a hoop?

Wow, did you just see the Haslem put-back to even the score with 4 secs left?!

Heat on NBA TV now.

That's game for the Wiz (most likely)...chicago pretty much clinches the 1 seed with a win

woah Wiz win...so that puts Chi up by how much now?

If Chicago wins, magic number for No. 1 seed will be 1.

BIG BIG BIG knicks game tomorrow...need them to win. With Amare back...I see a loss.

Brand is your player of the game. But it should be noted Granger was 2/12 for 4 points, and Iguodala mirrored him all night.

Statman reply to Brian on Apr 21 at 22:13

Brand is a good choice, but my POTG would be Lou. Lou made at least three important defensive plays in the 4th quarter, and his 3-pointer with 1:08 left in OT was the Sixers' most important basket of the game from a mental standpoint. And he also made the pass ahead to Jrue from flat on his back that stretched the lead from 1 to 3 at the end of OT.

Re: Iguodala, he ruined an otherwise excellent game by missing the 4 free throws. If the Sixers meet the Pacers in the playoffs, any wins they get will require Iguodala to completely outplay Granger like he did in this game. After a certain point in this game, Granger wasn't even bothering to look for his shot.

Lou's a solid choice. The one defensive play where he fought over the screen and then snuck in to steal the entry pass to the post was really nice. Feel like they lose big in regulation w/out Brand, though.

Really was a team win. Could've gone to Brand, AI9, Lou, Jrue, maybe even Thad. Most importantly, I felt like they played tough, which is something they never do. I realize that's hard to measure, but it was tangible in this game and it's going to need to be there if they aren't going to make fools of themselves in the playoffs.

They played tough when Doug decided to go with Lavoy over mr. softee. I didn't think he had it in him to do it. He also went with Turner over Lou in key defensive situations.

He also shouted, "you fucking asshole" at someone and had to get held back by his assistant coach. I wonder who it was direted towards.

Stan reply to Jeff on Apr 21 at 22:26

That's probably why Malik Rose said "hey coach, you don't want to get a technical late in the game". I think it happened right after the refs called a jump ball instead of a foul on the last play. Were you at the game or did you hear it on TV?

it was at the end of the game as the players were walking to the locker room.

I have leaguepass and had the pacers feed, which caught it up close. the camera was zoomed in on doug as he was saying it.

Stan reply to Jeff on Apr 21 at 22:37

Lol, I can understand why his players resent him. He doesn't come off as a guy who could be that vulgar on tv, especially when he's holding his grandkids.

might've been directed at fans making comments about aforementioned kids...who knows...

-I love Goerge Hill's game, but what the hell was he thinking when he took a 3 pointer, 3 feet from the line, early in the shot clock? He lost them the game.

-Lou Williams has my POTG just for his 4 blocks. For some reason I only remember 3 blocks from him.

-Games like this make me excited for this team again, but part of me knows that they won because of unsustainable shooting from long range.

-I don't understand why Meeks played as many minutes as he did.

-It was nice to see Lavoy Allen play more minutes late in the game than Spencer Hawes.

-The Pacers could have won this game if they had given Hibbert 30 touches today.

-Seeing us get abused by Roy Hibbert is understandable, but seeing Amundson, Hansbrough, and West abuse us is depressing.

MikeW reply to stan on Apr 21 at 22:18

at this point meeks literally contributes nothing to this team. i think this has to be addressed before the playoffs. he no longer even gives the "hey he could get hot any game" attribute

Stan reply to MikeW on Apr 21 at 22:33

Meh. He spreads the floor and plays adequate defense. I don't want to get into to a Turner vs. Meeks debate, but there was one play in the game that really irritated me- Spencer got the ball at the top of the key, he was double teamed and Turner was the closest guy to him. Instead of helping him out, Turner just stood there at the line and let the Pacers force the turnover. He's gotten better, but I hate it when he stands in the corner and does nothing when the ball is not in his hands. At least Meeks is much more active. Also a hot Meeks is much better than an average Turner. That being said, I thought Turner had a really good game which doesn't show on the stat sheet.

MikeW reply to Stan on Apr 21 at 22:41

what is this "hot meeks" of which you speak? i vaguely remember...

Phil reply to MikeW on Apr 22 at 6:31

Meeks had a team high +11. Makes you wonder... :S

According to box score it was only 3 blocks for Lou

LOL! For some reason I wanted to look up Collins' stats and I came across the page you sponsored for him on basketball-reference. Can't believe I didn't know about this till now. Why did Collins retire at the age of 30?

MikeW reply to Stan on Apr 21 at 22:43

brutal injuries

Tom Moore reply to MikeW on Apr 21 at 22:56

ankle and feet.

Lou Williams (‏@TeamLou23)

Great win for us tonight. Huge. #showyaluv.. And BTW, don't believe everything you read. I am my own league source. Nobody else.

Tom Moore reply to das411 on Apr 21 at 22:57

He's still likely to opt out.

Tom Moore on Apr 21 at 22:59

re-sign hawes and trade Iguodala for Ellis?

Good column, Mr. Moore. Agree with your prescription(don't resign Hawes, don't overpay for Lou, trade Dre, preferably for a big man[Utah?]). One reason to trade Iggy that you don't mention that I see as crucial is the need to open up space and try to see next year once and for all what you have in Turner and Holiday. Thanks for yiour coverage!

South Broad reply to Tom Moore on Apr 22 at 15:50

This is the third article you've published regarding moving Andre Iguodala. Beating a loud drum there, no?

Who are these "plethora of wing players" of which you speak? Sam Young and Craig Brackins are non-existent, Jodie Meeks is bleh, so that only leaves Turner and Iguodala, of which Turner has displayed a non-fit of what you'd ideally want in what you'd call a 'wing' player. Lou's not really a wing, to me.

You have Jrue, Lou, and Brand, then your next three best guys are all 3-sized-Thad Iggy and Turner...Turner's skillset in particular is constrained with Iggy on the team because ideally he would secceed as an NBA player as the sort of 1-2-3 combo, point forward, ball in his hands type player that Igoudala is...it's just time for Igoudala togo...and I bet you Igoudala agrees

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