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One Last Time In NJ

Enjoy it Brian...you'll be able to see up close just how much of a difference one of those transformational superstars makes for a (horrendous) team

Wait,do we know Williams is playing? I thought he would probably be out.

I think w
Deron is out, but that still leaves plenty of other Williams to contend with. Enjoy the game. This could be their final win.


tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 23 at 12:15

1W then 6L.

It's certainly possible. Just worried about this 1 win right now.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 23 at 12:16

1W then 6L.

Brian Dawkins calls it a career. One of my favorite Eagles ever.

And yet your dog is named after some oklahoma city thunder punk - man - what a traitor :)

Hmmn. I can't name a dog Brian. Would Dawkins work? It would probably sound like I was just calling him dog all the time.

You can name a dog anything you want

Dog names in my life (I've never named them myself)

Wellington Skye (Wellie for short)

'Clemson' would work. Vicious brother of Samson. The catch: orange or green collar?

From hoops paroxysms... graphical evidence of how the Sixers are a great team for e qtrs and a historically great defense for that span. And yet when the game is decided they somehow turn to a lottery team. Look at the 4th qtr.


A couple different reasons for this, beyond the "they can't close" obvious. First, Lou plays a ton of fourth quarter minutes. Second, Collins has a habit of sort of selling out in the third quarter, using Brand/Iguodala and Jrue for big minutes, then they're left w/ the bench guys to start the fourth.

I think the biggest factor here, though, is really the types of games the Sixers have played. Most of their wins are complete blowouts, so you're talking pure garbage time. Their losses are typically close losses, most of which involve intentional fouling at the end, which grossly inflates DFR.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 23 at 12:51

It is interesting to look at all 30 teams. A bunch of teams essentially win games in the second qtr. For example the nuggets win the 2nd in the back of vet subs who used to be starters. I don't think that bodes well for them long term.

tk76 reply to tk76 on Apr 23 at 12:55

Okc is another 2nd qtr team, although they are at least above average in other qtrs. The nuggets are only above average in the 2nd.

Another interesting one is LAC who are great in the 1st and 3rd suggesting some more depth would make them elite.


Maybe they'll only play 3-quarter games in the playoffs.

On another note, was anyone else shocked that Collins put the ball in Jrue's hands for two big possessions in the fourth and overtime against Indy?

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 23 at 13:09

No, Collins has been trying to break out of old failed patterns for the past few weeks.

If you need a laugh, read this article from the Times:

Here's my favorite part:

(Alonzo) Mourning had chided (Kenyon) Martin for not working hard, for hiding in the training room, crying "my ankle, my ankle." Martin responded, cruelly, "My kidney, my kidney," in reference to the transplant Mourning had received."

Stan reply to Brian on Apr 23 at 16:07

I've always believed that NJ shouldn't have their own pro sports teams. A large portion of the state roots for Philly teams and another large portion roots for the NY teams, little is support left for the team that actually represents NJ.

Using this logic and extended it the next step, there are cities in states like arizona, florida, georgia that shouldn't have sports teams since most of the residents are expats from other states

Sharone Wright on Apr 23 at 14:40

I really do not want to play the Heat again, and I'm sure most everyone agrees with this sentiment. However, I also do not want to back into the playoffs like we did the past few years. Hopefully we can win soemthing like 2 out of 3, and the Knicks split their last two, and we still get the 8 seed vs. the Bulls.

I don't htink it's "backing into" the playoffs if we win tonight and then rest players and lose the next 2 games. This is what I'd do for multiple reasons. It wouldn't shock me to see this team win all 3 or lose all 3 though. It really wouldn't.

Get this win, then we'll talk about the rest...and the resting.

ItAintEZ on Apr 23 at 14:50

Why do I see us playing ourselves into the 7 seed even though we could possibly control our own destiny. I just see a repeat of the Phillies winning that final game when they could have just lost and avoided the Cards last year.

Stan reply to ItAintEZ on Apr 23 at 16:08

Lol. There's a difference between the Phillies and the 76ers. The 76ers fate is already predetermined no matter who they face in the playoffs.

I kind of want to see this team be 6 games over .500, However I know it means nothing when you're only have the 7th best record in the East. It really bugs me that we lost out on the division title. We could have played Atlanta in the 1st round.

from tom moore's twitter:

Tom Moore ‏ @tmoorepburbs

#Sixers Collins fined $15,000 by NBA for verbal abuse of an official at the end of Saturday's OT road win over Pacers.

Anybody know what happened? I saw Collins freak out but I wasn't sure what was going on. refs definitely made some interesting calls at the end of that game.

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