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, all the time

Espn reporting that williams is out

That Gerald Green dunk gets my vote for dunk of the year

Phantom foul to start

voose backdoor to andre

Someone called Sundiata Gaines hits a j over decent d from our man Jrue, Iggy slam! to answer, from Vucevic

humphries over V on the the other end

Brian's not here so in his honor...AI943!


Lavoy first big off the bench again...ddon't think Spence will be back!!!


once more with feeling...AI943!!

jodie hits a 3!!!!!!!!

MEEKS for 3, first time in 7 games

johnrosz on Apr 23 at 19:49

whoa Meeks made a 3

johnrosz on Apr 23 at 19:50

This team is so much better when Hawes is on the bench


MojoSoDope reply to johnrosz on Apr 23 at 19:57

yep and Turner


Jrue to the line

jrue to the line!

Lavoy with the j!

johnrosz on Apr 23 at 19:56

If Spence is Peyton Manning then Lavoy is Eli, seriously like if Hawes is such an invaluable passer...it's not like Lavoy is a black hole

good work eb

EB o board +2!

Lavoy's been playing pretty well these last couple of games. Makes you wonder why he did not see any minutes at all during March.

up 10 when hawes checks in

NICE FEED from ET to the big galoot

ET with the j, WET

et jumper

ET, WET again..look for him tonight he's hot

Two guys I'd like to see the Sixers take a look at in the offseason, Gerale Greene and Humphries

LOL, Todd Mac lauding Spence

ET forces jump ball. wins it


gets stripped, gets rebound on other end, hits that sweet jumper again off the beautiful move

Jrue for two first from the field

Lou has not brought the ball up once. :)

BEAUTIFUL feed, from ET to EB

Jrue block

GG somehow left wide open for three

Lavoy with the hack and the harm

ET to bench

johnrosz on Apr 23 at 20:22

Lavoy doesn't set shitty lazy screens like Spence either

MojoSoDope reply to johnrosz on Apr 23 at 20:24

+ 1

andre steal/dunk


btw would looove wallace to be a sixer

Iggy hot as hell


meeks has been given every chance to succeed but he chooses to fail. thx a lot, jodie!! NEEEXT

TwoSense on Apr 23 at 20:27

Keep waving at the TV but all Brian keeps doing is depositing in that cup.

Phil reply to TwoSense on Apr 23 at 20:28

So which one is Mike?

TwoSense reply to Phil on Apr 23 at 20:29

Mike? huh...

Phil reply to TwoSense on Apr 23 at 20:35

Erm, Brian, not Mike ^^

jrue has a bloody nose

johnrosz on Apr 23 at 20:55

this new sideline chick is kinda irritating

Ryan F reply to johnrosz on Apr 23 at 20:58

and gorgeous

Holy fuck, can't understand a word Darryl Dawkins is saying.


Allen starting the 3rd instead of Vucevic...

jrue layup

Jrue looks like he has 2 tampons in his nose

johnrosz on Apr 23 at 21:02

Jodie Meeks so fucking out of control, you better pull him for that doug

TwoSense on Apr 23 at 21:05

Brian has an almost-annoying Nets fan next to him. lol, the overexuberant type

For some reason Ernie Grunfeld is reported to be returning to the wizards next season

the Nets ??its a joke to have to watch this mess get creamed in teh playoffs..weaknesses exposed galore-a freakin joke

I love this team.

I can't figure out this team

What's there to figure out? They're mediocre...some nights they look like world beaters, some nights they look like crap, that's what mediocre teams do, sometimes it's not even different nights it's the same game

Yeah I guess it's the seemingly lack of effort that they display at times this 2nd half of the season that surprises me.
The mediocre talent and inconsistency I can understand.

Bucks down 5 at half. Maybe we can let this slip with no harm.


That's pretty hot with his jumper tonight

good d evan

Get to double digits early in the 4th. Keep the crowd out off it and we're fine. It's a game of who's more energetic (again).

sissy layup

sissy putback dunk

Thad is ballin

thad young all over the place

iguodala is awesome. i will miss him when he gives us all the finger to be a key part of a championship team.

holiday effortless.

i meant that in a good way...dude is smoooooth

i think dre hurt his foot, dont mind resting him the next game

Jodie Meeks for POTG?

johnrosz reply to JC on Apr 23 at 22:07

that one 3 he hit sparked the team to victory clearly

@tmoorepburbs #Sixers Collins to rest Iguodala, Brand and probably Williams for final two games.

Trivia question: how many former Nets did they show tonight who were also former Sixers? I counted at least four (plus one coach).

MCT reply to Statman on Apr 23 at 23:03

Todd Mac, Derrick Coleman, Albert King, Mike O'Koren (coach)

who else? that's all I can think of

Darryl Dawkins! It's amazing how many people have connections to both franchises. Aside from Billy King, Rod Thorn, Shawn Bradley, and Jayson Williams that others mentioned, there were Mike Gminski, Ben Coleman, Roy Hinson, Eric Money, Harvey Catchings, Mo Cheeks (finished his career with the Nets), and the most famous of all, Julius Erving. I'm probably missing a few others too. Money and Catchings appeared for both teams in the same game back in 1979 when a referee mistakenly called three technical fouls each on Nets' coach Kevin Loughery and Bernard King (so the game was later replayed to completion, with a trade in-between).

JC reply to Statman on Apr 24 at 0:09

Keith Van Horn, right?

JC reply to Statman on Apr 24 at 0:11

Feels kind of good that our 'sister organization' is going to be Brooklyn rather than NJ.

MCT reply to Statman on Apr 24 at 0:14

Ahh I didn't even know he was there until I watched the recap on NBA TV a few minutes ago. Bright pink suit and all.

JC reply to Statman on Apr 23 at 23:22

Old man Thorn was there. Does he count? BK must've gotten some burn. Imagine Jayson Williams might not have made the event though...is he still locked up? I still remember his contractually constrained playing time when the sixers traded him back in the day. There was some sort of trade clause where if he played over a certain number of minutes the sixers would get some extra compensation. How's that for useless trivia.

johnrosz reply to Statman on Apr 23 at 23:43

Shawn Bradley didn't get the invite?

Tom Moore on Apr 24 at 0:03

Fun game. Guys looked pumped. I'll have a brief wrap in a little while.

JC reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 0:53

looked like it was a great game to be at. Looking forward to your observations courtside.

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