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Xavier Silas Joins Sixers For Final Two

Since Iguodala was reported to have left the game early because of an achilles injury - I'm fine with it.

I never really thought you'd buy into all that rah rah bull shit anyway - it's two games - its' not the end of the world - let the two old guys sleep in their own bed - work at PCOM and relax and recharge for the playoffs.

Eh. When you get into the playoffs in any sport, I think in order to overachieve - which is clearly something they're going to have to do - teams need to really pull together. Us vs. the world, type of thing. Like I said, probably not that big of a deal, but I'd have done it differently.

It looked like a hamstring with Iguodala, the other night, and he came back in. Hopefully some rest helps it.

matt reply to Brian on Apr 24 at 21:44

With the condensed season coming to an end they haven't really been apart in months. I don't think this is a bad thing. Everybody needs a minute alone sometimes.

Do the Hawks have the tiebreaker over the Celts? If so, Boston could lose home court advantage tonight w/ all their starters sitting.

What are the young guys going to do in Milwaukee and Detroit? lol.

I admit it's probably me being crotchety.


Shit man - that's more crotchety than I've ever been :)

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 1:49

if they were gonna do this I'd kinda want Lou to stay home too, just because he will turn the game into a 1 on 1 vs Monta if you let him

tk76 reply to johnrosz on Apr 25 at 3:55

Why not. Let Lou drop 50.

As for the travel- I know these guys travel in style, but it still puts stress on their bodied and is wearing. I'm fine with a few days at home. A few days away from Collins intensity will probably due them good. It is not like they are going to win the 1st round regardless.

People will finally get to see Turner and Jrue play without Dre or Brand. Isn't this what people think the future of the team is going to be?

thatguy on Apr 25 at 8:23

they probably left them home so Collins couldn't panic and put them in. Can't break the toy when the toy is on the shelf. #nowhatimean

Collins being precious with a certain segment of his guys. Collins being Collins. Continuation of 'jock as special entity' culture. Good message to the observing kids, teacher Doug. Funny, I thought the massive amounts of money paid for player services covered nuisance games. Prepaid ticket fans in Milwaukee and Detroit have been disregarded, deserve full refund.

Elton gave Collins a manly forearm-to-chest bump of appreciation before takoff. Iggy put on his Eddie Haskell-to-Mrs. Cleaver manners when shaking hands. Thad smiled wide, nodded gratefully. The rest of the class relaxes some as two of their biggest egos plus Thad go on an authorized field trip to historical Philadelphia aka home sweet home.

tk76 reply to Dollar Bill on Apr 25 at 9:06

Name the best player who suited up for yesterday's Boston - Miami epic match up?

Sean K reply to tk76 on Apr 25 at 9:23

Paul Pierce.
But of players that played at all in the 2nd half, tough call: I'd probably go Avery Bradley followed by a tie for 2nd between the formidable pair of Brandon Bass and Udonis Haslem.
Good thing the game was nationally televised. TNT needs a flex out policy for tank/rest games at the end of the season.

So a commonizing of the offense validates the practice?
Maybe in your view.

Likewise singling out Collins it the Sixers seems a bit unfair.

Huh? Not sure what you're sayin'.

Now you know how most of us feel every time you post some obscure meaningless metaphor when talking in English would make more sense.

Roll up your sleeves. Comprehension work is half of the agreement in the writer-reader trust. If you find it so exhausting, quit.

Your replies to my posts are ONLY pejorative, hectoring in nature, and are quite full of shit. How do like that for plainspoken English?

If "it" translates to '&' - response:

This IS a Sixers blog, is it not? I didn't notice what Heat & Celts did regarding key players last night, nor am I a proponent of moral relativism.

Unfair singling out of Collins? Only in weenie land. Doug's a big boy who's placed himself square in a public arena, the public of which support his large salary. Opinions of his reported condoning action are fair game, even if they happen to contrast with yours.

If every NBA team does something as standard practice then it is not really a Sixers/Collins issue is it? Is your problem with the NBA for sitting players prior to the playoffs, or do you expect the Sixers to live by a higher standard?

There are lots of areas to fairly criticize Collins and the Sixers without bringing up a common NBA practice. You might as well say the Sixers are soft because they fly on chartered jets.

IN DB's day they flew on pterodactyls


I'm much less concerned about whether they play or not. Resting guys is fine. I just don't like having the team split up like this heading into the playoffs this weekend. Let them sit behind the bench in suits and cheer their teammates on.

Who are you and how did you hack brians account?

Agree, better the minimum applied standard than the splitting off. Concept of T-E-A-M-W-O-R-K, reduced in a coach's wink.

I hate it when I agree with you.

I obviously can't quantify it, but for this team to be more than a sum of its parts, the emotional component is crucial. When they're playing together, playing for each other, they can play inspired basketball. When they're disjointed, they're worse than mediocre. The past three wins weren't momentous in terms of who they beat or how they won, but I thought they were very important in terms of how they were playing as a team. Hugging each other after the Indy win. Sprinting across the floor to help each other up when someone dove for a ball. Sticking up for each other.

That stuff trickles down (if you needed me to throw in another phrase to make you puke) to the entire roster and the only way they have a chance at being competitive in the playoffs is if you've got five guys diving for every loose ball and helping each other up. I don't know what you want to call it, but if I was coaching the team, I'd want them all in the fox hole together keeping that energy going right into the playoffs.

Again, just how I'd do it. "Us against the world," is a legit motivational tool, imo. It's harder to keep the "us" part together when three guys aren't even in the same time zone.

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