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yes, i would also rather face the bulls then the heat and for those wondering the knicks have 2 games left against the clippers and bobcats, so as long as the sixers dont win both they will probably be the 8th seed

So what is the starting lineup tonight? Does Brackins start at the 4?


lou resting tonight, jrue tomorrow

‏ @preston76 Coach Collins tells media that he will give Lou Williams rest tonight v. Bucks, then likely do the same w/ Jrue Holiday tomorrow v. Detroit.

By resting Lou doesn't that just mean too many minutes for jrue? How about just like 20 minutes each, each night

My guess/hope is a bunch of minutes for Silas and Sam Young. Hopefully less than 30 for Jrue tonight.

btw, just say in a David Thorpe chat that Josh Childress hasn't hit a free throw this season. 470 minutes, 0/2 from the line.

Dude must REALLY hate his coach

Yeah, he takes it a step further by refusing to even go to the line.

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 16:39

Why is Lavoy a borderline NBA big?

A lot of people just seem to dismiss him, but he's a talented kid, he's big, and when he's active (I know I know...) he's been a very useful player for this team.

Maybe I appreciate him just because our front court is so weak, like a hot girl surrounding herself with ugly friends to make herself look better... but really, I like what I see from Lavoy so far.

"Maybe I appreciate him just because our front court is so weak, like a hot girl surrounding herself with ugly friends to make herself look better.

Yeah, that's my impression.

But does that really make the hot girl look better? I mean sure if you're shallow empty and vapid she looks better to you - but if you look beyond the surface - it's ugly what she is doing - thus look beyond the surface and see that Lavoy isn't much better than the rest - they're all junk

by the way, I've caught the end of the last two Utah games. they've been going w/ a superbig front line (Jefferson, Favors, Millsap). Favors is already a really, really good defensive big. Makes me sick.

tk76 reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 16:50

I was thinking about what it would have meant to have drafted Favors. Honestly, the biggest difference would be in having a trade chip if they wanted to trade for an established star big from a team that wanted to rebuild.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 17:49

I think pretty much everyone wishes they took Favors, but he's still has questions. His team defensive rating is closer to average, and he still doesn't block a ton of shots. He ate up Gortat last night though.

BDL had a piece about that big lineup and how in a 90 minute sample size with those three guys they are better than the leagues most efficient offense and defense. And way lower on D, something like 82 points per 100 possessions, which is insane even with the sample size.

I find it extraordinary that they are that good on the defensive end with those three guys. First, Jefferson is a bad defender, plain and simple. Second, how the heck can Millsap not get killed by small forwards? Last night, I saw a tired and truthfully pretty bad Suns team get a lot of wide open looks from three against that lineup that they plain missed. It will be really interesting to see how that lineup holds up against the Spurs' lethal combo of penetration and three point shooting. That could be a fun series, but I'd say Spurs in 5.

Drafting Turner never makes me sick b/c he was so easily the consensus #2 pick. However, drafting Vuc over Faried makes me violently ill.

jsmoove reply to MikeW on Apr 25 at 17:39

Just don't see how any player in any league can *easily* be a *consensus* whatever pick when you have countless talent evaluators and input from numerous decision makers amongst each and every team. In basketball specifically, as scarce and as valuable as big men are, it just doesn't seem possible to label or consider a ball-dominant wing, without a true position and consistent shot, a consensus anything; even moreso when you take into account possible, but ever important, fit.

MikeW reply to jsmoove on Apr 25 at 17:41

What I mean by that is that I don't think you could find a mock draft (even before Sixers snuck into #2) that had Turner anything other than #2.

Lebron James waves hello

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 18:00

I could see Turner having a big game tonight, just hope it's not enough for a W

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