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You can't give Hawes too many minutes. We'll need him to save his energy so he can lose tip-offs and get boxed out during the playoffs.

Give him 50 minutes.

Sixers are 7.5-point dogs, and I think that might be a little generous.

Aaaad we're off...Hawes wins the tip, uncontested.

Jrue, Jodie, Evan, Lavoy, Hawes is your intimidating starting lineup. Though the Bucks aren't exactly throwing all stars out there.

So half of the Bucks is injured or what?

Monta's shooting hand is tired, apparently. That's not a joke.

Just think, if the Sixers had picked last summer to rebuild, we could've seen 66 games with a lineup like this.

JH reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 21:05

And a shot at Anthony Davis or Andre Drummond on the draft night

Hawes doesn't fight for a board, Lavoy does and gets it.

jrue got hit in the face again

Turner attacking.

Hawes sissy nonsense.

Jodie hits a wide open three.

a jodie 3,

cp3 out for the clippers tonight, hopefully the knicks win

I also read the Knicks might sit their starters if Orlando is winning. Of course, the Knicks are probably better with their bench on the floor, so maybe they still win.

Jrue apparently got the "we need to lose this game" memo.

Think Turner might get 30 shots up tonight.

johnrosz reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 20:20

Hawes has already taken away 2 easy dimes from him

More sissy nonsense.

Jrue w/ a lefty backhanded runner. That was different.

And sissy falls asleep on the defensive end.

Looks like Collins was having some words with Hawes in that timeout.

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 20:22

Good call wanting Hawes to play 40 min, god damn he's bad.

Getting ET confident for the playoffs can't help, let him shoot away if he's going to play like this...

johnrosz reply to johnrosz on Apr 25 at 20:23


Sam Young w/ an ugly long two that drops.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 20:26

No comment on the Hawes defensive nobound? ;-)

Did he have one? I saw him bat a ball out of bounds.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 20:29

He gave up an easy defensive rebound because he fumbled it badly.

If I noted all of those, these threads would have thousands of comments.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 20:31

Isn't this supposed to be anger management class?

ET to Sissy, back to ET. Gets the roll. Might have to get Turner out.

Court_visioN on Apr 25 at 20:27

love it when opposing announcers say "hey hawes is a pretty good player!" gives me hope.

Seriously. Sign him!

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 20:28

Turner probably wishes he got drafted by the Kings, he's having a good time with the zero accountability/meaningless game/ do whatever you want style of play

Glad he got Turner out of there. Hope Jrue doesn't go off now.

stonedeightytoo on Apr 25 at 20:32

thhis is as bad as a preseason game

Worse, because I want them to lose it.

Well, after watching 10 minutes of the Heat/Celtics game yesterday, I can assure you that this game is dope!

Nice, keep taking these long twos.

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 20:33

hilarious lack of vision from Sam Young there

What a great series. Beno ends it with a three!

Silas' first shot is a brick.

Silas going for that o-board led to the fast break dunk on the other end. Atta boy.

Silas might've been the perfect signing to lose these two games. Keep shooting, kid.

et 3!

Turner w/ a three.

Who likes jumpers more-Hawes Vucevic or Turner?

Wow. Tough call. I'm going to say Hawes.

Phil reply to Rodney on Apr 25 at 20:46

What a block by Silas... :S

3-on-2 break with Jodie running it. 20-foot brick by Silas!

Sissy jumper, no good!

Wow, nice block by Silas.

sissy putback

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 20:47

NY up 11 midway through the 2nd...

So, this was fun. Enjoy the rest of the game. It's almost 3AM here and I need to get my 6 hours of sleep.

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully #8 will be wrapped up when you wake.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 20:51

Thx! Lose Sixers!

Nice work, Sam.

Oh man, too much sissy crap there to break it down.

Isn't it kind of misleading to say Turner leads all guards in rebounding. He plays a lot of minutes at the three. Not that I don't think he's a great rebounder, he is.

stonedeightytoo reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 20:54

i dont know but he's such a natural passer

sissy jumper

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 20:54

Why not run the offense through Spencer right now, need him to throw a bunch of interceptions and incomplete passes to secure the L

6-point game...come on.

Nice shot, Jodie.

Jodie w/ a ridiculously bad dribble drive, somehow gets the +1.

PHI 45, MIL 50 at the half.

Collins, put Meeks at the point or something. This one's too close.

More Hawes please.

Rare day. Rooting for the Knicks and against the 76ers.

Fuck me. Collins talking about big men knocking down jumpers against Chicago.

Tony Battie!

I know they've only played 66 games, but the Charlotte Bobcats will have less wins than the 72-73' 76ers. If they don't get a top 2 pick I will lmao

Hawes had to go to the floor to lose that rebound. Awesome.

Heh, they gave the sissy shots for that?

Meeks hits another three. Good.

Cuts the deficit to 4. Bad.

oh no tie game

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 21:19

Fuck you Jodie

Sissy block. Meeks is killing us with his best offensive game since the Cleveland blowout.

Get Silas back in there.

Phew. Turner brick. Could've taken the lead.

Jrue to ET, that's the lead. Get Silas in there for Jrue, please. Fuck me. Up 4.

Seriously, can we lose this please?

There we go. Turnover because Hawes can't move his feet. And then Hawes bats a rebound out of bounds, but the Sixers get the ball.

keep shooting 3's evan

This Bucks performance is shameful.

Keep taking those long jumpers, Turner.

BS offensive tending call on the Bucks.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 21:25

How about Jennings making a layup?

Sissy J. NO GOOD! Did you guys catch the limp-wristed follow through? Classic.

Get Turner out, Doug. Silas needs to get him or Jrue.

Stop shooting so close to the hoop, Turner.

Wouldn't mind Doug benching jrue for that turnover.

Seriously, he needs to go with Silas at the point for the entire fourth quarter. Or maybe Sam Young.

fu jodie

Fear the Dear, alright. Christ.

Meeks is pouring it on. We're fucked.

shit, that was a clean block. should've been MIL ball.

This is the lineup I want to see for the entire fourth quarter:

PG: Silas
SG: S. Young
SF: C. Brackins
Soft Big #1: Voose
Soft Big #2: Hawes

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 21:35



Fucking Silas three. Come on.

God damnit, Bucks.

Hey now!

Knicks are only up 2. If they win this game, it's Miami in the first round, folks. The Knicks will know how to tank their last game.

they face the bobcats

The Knicks have some real garbage at the end of their bench. If they want CHI in the first round, I bet they get it done.

This is my favorite game thread of the entire year - my league pass was fracked and all 'digitally' messed up

PHI 71, MIL 63 after three.


Fuck, he's going to keep one of either Turner or Jrue in at all times. This is a disaster.

Nice. Jrue bricks a three. Don't score another point and maybe the Bucks will be able to come back and win this.


hawes getting ready to check in

Lavoy long two, no good. NO STOPS!

We can't win close games and we can't lose games we're trying to tank. I love this team.

You may be trying to tank - but anyone who thinks the players on the court are trying to lose is an idiot

that was a charge!!!!!!!!


johnrosz on Apr 25 at 21:43

in all seriousness Doug Collins should be fired if they win this game

Kenny Mauer, now fucking them the other way. Wonderful.

Now this is a lineup I can roll with. Fuck you Meeks.

Dam Young's injury is going to kill us.

Come Jennings, you have to hit that three.

Jennings if fun to watch, ain't he?

Tobias Harris is a joke. How do you defend Jodie like that?

Fucking Turner back in.

Man, this is so bad.

So now Voose decides to dunk.

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 21:50

what is Doug's problem?

Coaches don't coach to lose either

That was a travel, not a foul. Come on.

I hate the Bucks.

20 turnovers for the Bucks. This is just deflating.

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 21:53

The Bucks couldn't be playing any worse either, jesus...help us out Jennings

And the bucks are saying eff you to skiles at the worst time possible.

I think that's it. Don't think the Bucks can score 10 more points.

What's the point of watching this game. Seems like a no win situation, right?

jennings 3!

Yeah! Jennings43!

Fucking Turner prayer. That's it.

Really, Turner?

Knicks up 8 after three. Really need that score to hold up.

The Knicks might still win tonight, and I refuse to believe they will tank to the Bobcats. We should still be ok [knocks on wood and crosses fingers]

I'm sure people are going to go crazy when I say this, but this is pretty much what a good game for Turner is going to be when he's dominating the ball. 27 points on 26 shots. And this is against a pitiful team.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 22:02

Pitiful team doesn't do them justice.

28 shots for 27 points.

And no trips to the foul line!!!

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 22:04


29 shots for 27 points.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 22:04

Nah, they only go crazy when I say it. Kudos to you.

You're right - it's all about you - then again - that's what you want

That's because you're a douche bag. It's not because you don't like Evan Turner. Many people don't like Evan Turner and they don't get the same reaction. The sooner you realize that the better off you'll be.

Hey now - i'm the only douche bag here thank you very much = he's an ego maniacal self centered know it all


MCT reply to GoSixers on Apr 25 at 22:14

I stand corrected!

Alright then, I work real hard to establish my persona, don't go messing about with it thank you very much...

Hobbes reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 22:10

You won't get any heat from me. I was fully in support of the team picking the consensus #2. But that won't stop me from acknowledging that Turner is after two years a pretty seriously underwhelming player. Maybe even a detrimental player to have on the roster?

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 22:10

I don't think you should read too much into a scrimmage, and that's what this was.

get a stop


got the stop, now score

Back screen to Udrih for three here. Do it.

They probably go for the quick two and miss it. Then don't foul because who cares.

please win new york

Yep. They went for the slow two and missed it. At least they gave the foul.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 22:07

And ET teased by missing the first, only to make the second and put the game away.

Turner sneaks in a fuck you to the coach.

Eh, good for them. Gotta keep positive vibe.

Turner's efficiency will improve when he starts getting more respect from the refs. Seriously, this guy gets hacked more than a Rupert Murdoch investigatee... amiright???

How about a four-point play?

Another stolen board for et?

Knicks up 14. Turner w/ another F-You to Collins. Finishes with 29 points on 29 shots.

PHI 90, MIL 85 Final.

Let's go Knicks.

See - he can average 20 points pergame - he just needs his shots

Iguodala couldn't do that - he passes too damn much

YoungGun13 on Apr 25 at 22:12

90 points on 101 shots.

Melo isn't playing anymore already

johnrosz on Apr 25 at 22:14

think this is a little unfair to ET, first game where he's handled the ball a lot since that huge stretch. He was inefficient but it's one game

Man - that's just like clockwork - Brian predicts it and you make him freaking kreskin

Cracked me up

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 25 at 22:20

I don't think he's a guy that should ever put up 29 shots, but to assume that one throwaway game is a microcosm of what his entire career will be, just doesn't seem right.

And to assume one five game run is a microcosm of what his career will be on the plus side isn't right either...and yet turnerites did it - and still point to it even though the evidence shows that that was the anomaly

He's mediocre plain and simple - he's shown nothing more than being a mediocre player who can get hot against bad teams

Lots of nba players can do that

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 25 at 22:27

Of course it goes both ways, but during that stretch he played with a full compliment of players, playing meaningful games. I'm somewhere in the middle on ET but just don't think you can get a real read on him until next year.

MCT reply to GoSixers on Apr 25 at 22:27

He's been hot against good teams too, what you are saying is false.

Evan Turner has shown nothing that doesn't say he isn't a mediocre NBA player yet...it's not one game or 5 games it's ALL OF THEM - and as a whole - he's mediocre so far -anyone who says he isn't has an agenda as far as I'm concerned

MCT reply to GoSixers on Apr 25 at 22:36

I should have clarified, what you said about only getting hot against bad teams was false.

He is nothing more than mediocre at this point, that is true.

Charlotte is going to be fired up tomm night trying to avoid the worst season ever. the nightmare continues. we're getting the Heat i fucking know it.

knicks up 18 7 mintues to go

The clippers are locked in at 4 right?

no, memphis can still catch them

Mike reply to GoSixers on Apr 25 at 22:21

they entered tonight's game with the same record as Memphis

Weird - something to actually play for and they lay a big turd - well done Vinny

God - Steve Nash is just an awesome point guard

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 25 at 22:30

hey look the Knicks are tanking

Or maybe the knicks just suck - the clippers are better than the knicks - even without chris paul

Knicks were sitting all their regulars, but they brought Chandler back in.

And what did you say, yourself, about the knicks bench earlier?

I wasn't including Mike Bibby and Dan Gadzuric in that statement :)


knicks are really trying to blow this

The Knicks are going to blow this, unless Joey Crawford has a say in the matter.

Look at the lineup the Knicks have out there. That's how you tank.

Novak guarding Blake Griffin. Heat, here we come!

OK, Chandler coming back in for the Knicks. Come on, hold on Knicks.

chandler back in, maybe that helps

Knicks up 3, 59.8 seconds to go. This is killing me.

matt reply to Brian on Apr 25 at 22:39

I've never rooted for the Knicks like this. Why died we leave the door open?

Because the bucks are godawful and players don't ever play to lose

Rich reply to GoSixers on Apr 25 at 22:44

They are mediocre. Not Godawful. No way in hell they should lose to that team on the floor tonight.

Circus shot for Griffin over Chandler. Need a hoop, Knicks.

JR Smith gets it. 31.7 seconds left, 3-point Knick lead.

steve novak deflection!

BTW - historic sixer fans should root for the knicks again tomorrow, while it's a shortened season the bobcats loss tomorrow will give them the worst win percentage in nba history of any season (worse than 9-73) at least according to espn heads.

knicks win!

RT @thekidet The heat are a tougher team for us to match up with us if you look at our record vs them the past 2 yrs.

REALLY TURNER? Glad to see somebody knows.

MikeW reply to Rich on Apr 25 at 23:18

It didn't seem like he knew tonight.

Statman reply to Rich on Apr 26 at 0:01

Not so sure it was wise to say so publicly. ESPN has a story about how all the Bulls were asked about his comments.

MCT reply to Statman on Apr 26 at 0:18

I don't think there's anything more overblown than the "he said..." shit that the media tries to turn into a story. The Bulls are much better than us, they shouldn't need motivation from Evan Turner comments to show it.

I remember when we lost to Orlando in the playoffs, Thad stated the obvious that Orlando losing Dwight for game 6 was "huge" for the Sixers. And for some reason SVG tried to act like Thad was talking shit about the Magic.

Ruben Patterson famously called himself the "Kobe-Stopper" years back and when Kobe proceeded to shit all over him, ESPN made it seem as if it was all started with his comments. Not because Kobe was just great or anything.

'personal issue' calls poppovich and 3 players back to San Antonio. That's funny

Play Silas 40 minutes tomorrow. Play Brackins 40 minutes tomorrow.

Can they call another D-Leaguer up?

Statman reply to Rich on Apr 26 at 0:02

Don't forget, Lou comes back tomorrow for Jrue. Maybe start Lou and tell him to get into a shootout with Stuckey? :-)

Saw this on Twitter. History repeating itself.

Rich reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 0:42

Wow, that's pretty crazy.

I'm not surprised ET would try to talk a little to try and get under Rose's skin, but it looks like he got Rose to respond. Rose has always been very shy around reporters, and in that interview he was downright candid. He was talking smack right back with Turner.

mymanjrue on Apr 5 at 19:48

jrue drives and hits off the bank

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