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Can't Lose For Winning

Some random thoughts while watching the replay.

- Good for Jodie. Efficient game and he finished nice around the rim.
- Turner was allowed to gun. Not a very efficient night shooting-wise 29 shots to only 4 FTA.
- Speaking of Turner: He should've finished with a triple double. Was 4 assists short and he created LOTS of open shots for Battie and Hawes.
- 101 shot attempts?! Must be a season high. 90 points on 33.5% shooting...
- Bucks just threw the ball to the Sixers. 21 TOV.
- Battie played good D. I'd like him to get his minutes against the Bulls' (assuming we DON'T get this friggin' 7th spot) bigs.

Exile on Kenny Paine Street on Apr 26 at 8:48

As I've been saying (mostly to myself) all season long, I will take 6 minutes of Battie at the start of each half to bang on the inside, call out the defense, control the glass, set screens, and not take stupid shots. And I would advocate that even more strongly against the Bulls with Noah and Boozer. Them getting offensive boards and easy put-backs is a backbreaker this team would not survive. I agree that Lavoy would be the second best option, and Hawes is best served riding pine.

eddies' heady's on Apr 26 at 9:41

You'd think Evan Turner would learn to STFU running his mouth after being the one to say with around 10 or so games left that "we're gonna win out". Didn't seem to work out too well with his foreshadowing as they shat the bed tremendously after those comments and continued to do so for another week or so.

It's useless to say which team is the tougher one to face when both of them are going to make mince-meat of the Sixers.

If both teams would make mince meat out of us anyway, then who cares what he said? They asked him a question and he answered it. He also didn't so "we're going to win out", he said "we think we can win out".


"We think we have a winnable schedule. We think we can win out," said Sixers guard Evan Turner. "That's pretty much it. We all believe we can win out. We've just got to come out and play with intensity and play tough."

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Apr 26 at 10:12

It's not about "caring" about what he said. It's the fact that his answer shows yet another sign of immaturity.

The only immature action was ESPN turning his statements into "Evan Turner WANTS the Bulls!" But that should be expected of them I guess.

Turner has plenty of growing up to do, no question, but this is certainly not a big deal.

eddies' heady's reply to MCT on Apr 26 at 10:34

It really isn't a big deal as I said below. You saying over a month ago that you'd never defend Turner ever again and continuing to do so might be though. The allure never stops. :) (is the smiley face douche baggie)

I don't really care about the comments. I think the reaction to them is probably more about opinions before hand. Most of the people who are defending Turner would be killing Iguodala if he said it, and vice versa. It's not like he said Chicago isn't good. He basically said Miami has killed us over the past two years, we might have a better shot against the Bulls.

MCT reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 10:21

I am one of the rare people that likes both Dre and ET. I actually want the Chicago matchup because I think Dre will tear it up in that series. Turner has shitty numbers against them and I don't think that will change in the playoffs.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 10:30

Yeah, I'm on the same page here basically. The media 'getting' a story nowadays is beyond ridiculous. I just feel he could have been more evasive, or diplomatic in his answer. No need to wake a sleeping bear. I just don't see a worthy player in this league that has actually accomplished something in his career answering in the same vein of who they'd rather face, particularly when said team you'd rather face has secured the #1 seed and proven their worthiness of that seed by playing without their best player for a third/fourth of the year.

I hope Turner starts vs. Chicago, only because I don't want to see Rose or Deng switched onto Meeks. However, if Meeks can sustain his shooting, I would keep him as a starter.

If the Sixers win 2 games vs. Chicago and lose 4 close ones, would you still advocate blowing this team up for the future?

I actually think Chicago beats them badly in at least 2 games and takes the series in 5. They are a much better team than the Sixers right now- unless Rose is really hurt.

I actually had a question for you. A couple weeks back you were talking about adopting a second team and you said you were leaning toward Utah. Then the other day you said if the Sixers had Favors it wouldn't change anything other than maybe Favors would be a trade chip. My question is, who is the star/potential star on the Jazz that makes them worth rooting for/following when you're abandoning the Sixers because they don't have a star/potential star?

I'm not sure. They still need a franchise player and they got themselves in a Sixer-like bind by making the playoffs. Probably Cleveland is the right choice, but their owner is annoying.

In Utah's favor they have a good history of rebuilding, and unlike the Sixers, and are stockpiling bigs instead of wings. But on the flip side it will be hard for them to trade for an impact player because of their location. It is actually surprising they have managed to find a number of superstars willing to play for so many years in Utah.

And I'm not down on Favors- I just don't think he makes the Sixers' ceiling that much higher if they had him instead of ET. He could develop into the Sixers' Horford, but that would still leave the team very much like the Hawks.

Stan reply to tk76 on Apr 26 at 13:53

It was a hypothetical. You believe that the management should go in a new direction and rebuild. However, would a good showing in the playoffs verse the top team in the East persuade you otherwise? If the Sixers have the ability to be a top 3 team in the East next year, despite not being a championship contender, would you go for it? Or would you still be in favor of trading Igoudala, Brand and rebuilding with Jrue?

If 5 games persuades you versus the previous 100+ (this and last season) then you're in the wrong business...what's a 'good showing' really? They lost to the heat last year, the games were close, the sixers got 'continuity' - how'd that work out.

This is a team with serious flaws at multiple positions that is poorly built - if 5 games changes your mind (or 6) I dont want you anywhere near the decision making process of the sixers

A trip to the conference finals might change my mind, unless they win on the back of some kind of superhuman effort by Brand.

Do the sixers have at least 2 days off between every game?

They might. I can't remember if the playoff schedule was supposed to be trimmed or not.

I was kind of joking since Brand is so (basketball) old.

If I remember correctly, they did indicate there would be some back to backs this year in the playoffs, but they haven't released the real schedules yet

I think they said there might be back-to-backs in the second round.

Ah, good, no worries, the sixers won't make it there but maybe brand shows enough that a team might trade for him ;)

" If the Sixers have the ability to be a top 3 team in the East next year, despite not being a championship contender, would you go for it?"

Sure, I would go for it, unless that "top 3 in the East" was not close to top 10 in the NBA, which sometimes is the case.

Well - the 3rd best team in the east is indiana this year

Are they a top 10 team in the nba?

Anyone who thinks this roster has the possibility of being a top 3 team in the east with out massive roster overhaul concerns me though

eddies' heady's reply to Stan on Apr 26 at 10:15

Why would you not blow it up? They won games vs CHI last year. They won one this year. They beat the Heat once in the playoffs last year. Winning 2 games in a series vs them should not serve as a barometer of anything future related with this squad.

If the Knicks play that bad lineup that they played for a lot of the 4th quarter last night, they could definitely lose tonight. I think back to back games makes it more likely that they will do just that. Turner played over 40 mins last night, no way they do that again on back to back right?

Fans care more about what players say than players do...does anything think Evan Turners public comments are going to 'swing' a series the sixers were going to lose anyway?

I'm sure they're good idiot radio fodder, but that's about it.

MikeW reply to GoSixers on Apr 26 at 11:05

I think the most interesting part of that article was that Noah ended up saying "God willing" they play the Sixers in the first round.

Doesn't Noah know that no one likes French people, not even god?:)

Jeremy Lin sells more jersey's than kobe bryant
Tim Tebow is the second most influential athlete in the country (according to forbes)


Game 1 Saturday, time TBD

Intersting to note:

ET has played 3568 minutes in the NBA, while he played a total of about 3300 minutes in his 3 seasons at OSU.

So if the Knicks start out losing tonight (and they will be playing one of the few teams highly motivated to win), how obvious do you think the Sixers will be as far as tanking the game? If "25%" Sam Young isn't available, I'm not sure the Sixers can put a full "tank" lineup out there. But if we see a Silas-S.Young-Brackins-Vucevic-Battie lineup at any point, we'll know the tank strategy is in play. (Where is Darius Songaila when you need him?)

35 minutes of Spence Hawes is better than nothing :)

Seriously, let Hawes play 45 minutes.

Silas actually kind of worries me in a tanking lineup because he's playing balls to the wall, trying to prove he belongs. This is where Nocioni and Kapono would be perfect.

Detroit kind of has something to lose for, but only if GSW wins (and they're probably the most motivated tankers of all).

Assuming Lou plays 35 minutes... over/under 30?

Lou is gunning to top Turners performance (at least in points) last night - i'm sure of that

You think Lou will start or does Collins keep the novelty of having his team's leading scorer never start a game?

Lou has to play under 35 tonight.

also of no particular import, if Jrue is in a suit tonight, his string of 188 straight starts will come to an end.

also of no particular import, if Jrue is in a suit tonight, his string of 188 straight starts will come to an end.

If anything matters to collins, I think THAT will matter more to him than Lou and the 'bench' thing. So start jrue, get him his star and then do the cheesy time out on the first posession and sit him down.

Jrue gets his start, lou maintains the 'non starter' thing - and everyone who cares about things that have absolutely no real importance is happy

Loou almost has to start. Lou/Meeks/Et. Otehrwise they would have to start Sam Young at SF, since there is no other SF on the roster.

IMO they should start Meeks/Silas/ET/Lavoy/Hawes. Bench: Lou/Sam/Vuce/Battie. Might as well give some marginal guys some burn.

You love the effort, but seriously, they should lose tonight. They are very lucky the Knicks won last night.

Looking at the standings, Detroit can't move back in the lottery with a win, and GS is playing San Antonio, so it would be hard for Detroit to move up considering GS is tanking.

Does SAS have anything to play for?

They can still get best record in the league

Where's the game. I read on Twitter last night something about Popovich and the big three returning the San Antonio for some kind of situation, like a "we want to rest" situation.

Oh right, the game is in golden state...but the spurs bench is probably better than the warriors starters :)

(Even if the great and powerful and oft injured steph was healthy)

Chicago plays cleveland, at home, not sure what they'll do but if Rose can go i bet they get him some minutes cause they think it'll matter if he gest 20 minutes or so tonight.

Rich reply to GoSixers on Apr 26 at 13:05

Yup, and their backups took care of Phoenix on the road last night too.

Not sure if anyone saw this article on Basketball Prospectus. The author reviewed several advanced statistics and picked his All-Defensive teams, ranking Iguodala 1st team (and DPOY), Brand 2nd team, and Jrue honorable mention. It will be interesting to see how the national media rank the Sixers.

My guess is that he gets some votes for DPOY, but loses to either Chandler or Dwight. And probably second team all defense. LBJ will probably be first team at SF.

Iguodala got zero votes for DPOY from the ESPN dudes.

Shawn Marion got two votes, which I find laughable. Both from ESPN Dallas writers.

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