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This is by far your best game thread picture

Sorry, the NFL draft starts at 8, that's more interesting to me tonight :)

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 26 at 17:46

I think the Eagles interest in Tannehill is very real, people will freak if they move up to take him but I wouldn't be stunned

Because it's stupid to move up and take tannehill yess - let the dolphins waste draft picks - not the eagles

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Apr 26 at 18:14

I wouldn't be crazy about it, but you can never put it past Andy to look at QB's. Tannehill has the tools, Andy considers himself one of the best in the biz at developing young QB's.

In other news, Doug isn't going to lose tonight because he wants to "respect the integrity of the game" Ok, Doug.

He's going to coach with the players he has available to win and the players are going to play to the best of their ability.

Detroit is bad, and the sixers are missing their 3 best players (sorry lou, sorry evan) detroit should win, but doug is going to make the moves he think will get the best out of what he has for him.

I hope NY enters the playoffs on a winning streak. A NY-MIA series is perfect because at least one of them loses every night.

If you want to see some serious tanking - watch the lakers game tonight

Starting Five is probably


And some dude whose name I forgot

Pretty much none of their rotation players are playing tonight :)

the nets are starting Stevenson at PF

cause that will make a difference :)

Knicks starting Bibby, Fields, Shumpert, Harellson, stoudemire.

@preston76 #Sixers starters tonight will be Turner, Meeks, Brackins, Allen and Hawes; Brand is inactive, Iguodala, T. Young and Williams will not dress

Ok wait a minute - based on that text Jrue is dressing and Lou isn't?

they both arent playing

Ok - jrue wasn't listed in his tweet that's all :)

MikeW reply to GoSixers on Apr 26 at 19:34

It's b/c Jrue is dressing. Assume he is used for emergencies only.

That lineup should get the job done. Jodie will probably be working on his dribble drive again, then he'll try it in game 1 and realize it doesn't work when you're playing against an actual defense that's trying.

We need Collins not to coach. Adam Aaron acting coach.

The Raptors are doubling up the Nets. Nets graciously helping the Trailblazers improve their draft position.

Brand, Iguodala, Young, Williams and Holiday - Sixers top 5 scorers - aren't playing because of Doug's concern for the integrity of the game. A guy can't help the way he was raised. Good golly Miss Molly.

Apparently the entire league has no integrity. Even the non-playoff teams.

Stern's Butcher Shop; all items reduced. Extra Special: Sixers' Benton Illinois Bologna/2.99 lb.

Man, if he doesn't use Turner for 40+ minutes tonight, the Sixers are going to be without a PG on the floor for a LONG time.

I'd love to see like a 65-66 loss. Just so they can retake the league lead in DFR :)

Are they close to the TO record?

10.86, I guess not.

What a starting line-up ^^

Phil reply to Phil on Apr 26 at 20:17

Double digits for Brackins tonight?!

Aaaand we're off...Hawes loses what will hopefully be his last regular season tip as a member of the Sixers.

Come on, Monroe. Go to the hoop. You have Hawes on you.

Three straight bricks, then Brackins hits a three. Come on.

Haha, all those announcers seem to really like Hawes ... haven't seem him play after the hot start.

Man, Turner has a HUGE size advantage.

Sissy foul!

Ben Wallace is making Hawes look old.

Sissy slop, good.

its the ben wallace show

This shit is hilarious. The Pistons announcers are really into it. It's Big Ben's big night.

This is tough to root for/against. I wish the Knicks were already up by 50 or something so I could just root for the Sixers to hold them to like 50 points.

It's so funny watching Hawes "fight" for position.

Hawes with the super-soft foul for the +1.

Damnit, Hawes is out.

This might be the worst ball-handling lineup to ever take the floor in an NBA game.

Watch the first half of the lakers game tonight - i dare you (the name i couldn't remember was eyenga - yes eyenga is starting for the lakers tonight)

Need more Battie 3's.

Battie's 12-73 lifetime, .164 - a better deep shooter than HOFer Elvin Hayes, 5-34, .147.

John Wall was 3/42 from three this year. 7.1%.

Wow. Needs a shot team-of-surgeons. Good thing he's a Ferrari.

Voose airball!

OK, just play tough defense and keep the offense right at this level.

PHI 15, DET 26 after one.

No more Turner. Give these scrubs 40 minutes in this one. And please pick up the defense.

Yesterday was fun. This is not.

They don't even try to move the ball. One or two players touch the ball on each possession and then a long two is thrown towards the basket.

This game has Charlie V. written all over it.

TwoSense reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 20:53

Has he been hurt this year? What's the reason behind his tail off?

He sucks ass. Oh, and he's lazy.

I swear playing with Hawes has made Voose softer as the year has worn on.

yea ben gordon

chicago here we come

This lineup would have given the Bobcats a run for its money, in terms of least wins.

This is good.

This defense is kind of pissing me off.

Who's "guarding" Ben Gordon?

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 20:56

Aw, come on. He's hitting contested shots. Just be happy that this loss has no meaning. Sixers can lose by 40. I really do not care... just rest ET when it's 30+. :)

Wanted the #1 defense in the league.

Phil reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 20:58

Was this stat on the line tonight?

They had a chance to take it. 98.8, leader is 98.5.

how nice. hawes and vucevic playing "anything you miss i can miss better"

Ben Gordon, from Mt. Vernon, NY. So were Gus & Ray Williams. And Dick Clark.

stonedeightytoo reply to Dollar Bill on Apr 26 at 20:56

lest we not forget the late Heavy D

Right. McCray brothers of Louisville too.

stonedeightytoo reply to Dollar Bill on Apr 26 at 21:06

Rodney? and?

Scooter. Think they played for Denny Crum.

Ha! Meeks trying to bring the ball up against pressure. That's too funny.

Heh. Ben Gordon is making Meeks look like...well, like a three-point specialist trying to be something more. Though he really isn't a three-point specialist anymore.

Brackins trying to put up an uglier shot than Charlie V. Succeeds.

Eagles traded up from 15 to 12

Soneone worth trading-up for?

I have no idea - there's been a LOT of movement - the browns moved up from 4 to 3 to make sure they got a running back (which while he's good makes little sense to me if you pay attention to the direction the NFL is taking) - i think moving up 3 spots is weird

The god damn cowboys moved up to 6

Undersized D-lineman?

hopefully its Fletcher Cox

Eagles give up a 4th and 6th

The pick is (as it happens people) Fletcher Cox

Who kiper didn't have as one of the 5 best available

Bwah ha ha ha

The Cardinals reportedly 'promised' the Fitzgerald they'd take Michael Floyd if he was available :)

PHI 43, DET 65 at the half.

Can they just forfeit the second half or do I have to actually fill out the rotation chart?

D-Rating in the first half was 154 and change.

Eddie Curry is starting for the Heat. They're down 25 at the half to the Wizards. Maybe there is some coherence.

Anyways, I'm off. Sleepy time. Let's hope the Sixers don't start a big comeback in the 2nd. Cheers!

Lavoy to the line to open the second half. Lot of burn for Turner and Jodie so far.

Cats are up on the Knicks. Doesn't look like Meeks has suddenly refound his jumper.

I like Ben Wallace, Tayshaun Prince, Ben Gordon. They kicked ass in their own ways, often. Gordon's disappointed in Motown, but 7-7 in 7 minutes... maybe he could rev it up again - for some contending team. Tayshaun too.

Gordon was amazing the year before he got this contract. Remember him torching the Celtics in a tough playoff series. He's probably best in a Lou-type role for a deep team.

Don't think Prince has much left in the tank.

I remember that series. Andrew Toney revisited. Ben's a killer when he's in gear.

Prince uses his head, has heart. Agree, legs have miles but I think he can still contribute in spots for the right team. Lakers, Celtics & Heat have shown a knack for picking up quality aging vets like him.

Hawes is 8/11 for 16 points. Odds Collins points to this game as a justification for starting Hawes in game 1?

Was that Turner's first touch in the post? He's had such a huge advantage all night.


You're going to miss him just for making fun of him

How many minutes has Turner played so far? Guess he doesn't need any rest.

Sissy foul dagger! +1 for the Pistons.

Shockingly the jets fans hate their pick

30 minutes through three quarters for Turner.

PHI 66, DET 86 after three.

30 minutes already for Turner and Meeks. Just go with the guys who don't have a prayer of seeing the floor in the playoffs, and Hawes, who shouldn't have a prayer.

Turner back in. Kind of crazy that he's going to play 40 minutes on back-to-back nights with one rest day before the playoffs begin.

Especially for a kid who said his stomach hurt after playing a lot last night. (I kid you not.)

JC reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 21:53

isn't that just an F U from Collins?

does anybody know if iguodala needs glasses or if they're just for fashion?

Not sure. Didn't someone say he had eye surgery in the offseason?

Yes, but I thought it was lasik to correct a vision issue?

Glasses seem to be a fashion statement these days - Trent Richardson had a pair on - but couldn't even be bothered to take the designer label off the 'starter lenses' that came with the frame...he looked foolish

Hey, Meeks hit a three!

Silas just missed a three by about 10 feet.

A sliver off the old block.

Silas, slighter of build than his father.

Craig Brackins must go.

Ben Wallace fare thee well.

eddies' heady's reply to Dollar Bill on Apr 26 at 22:15

Trading an agile big man (J Smith) and Willie for him was a joke. Just a straight joke.

Rubbish for rubbish.

An emotional "evaluation", and a false one. Measure the careers of the 2 against the 1. Not even close.

Yeah, was that Eddie, or Rod's first move? Didn't pan out well at all. But there weren't many tears shed for JS or WG.

eddies' heady's reply to Dollar Bill on Apr 26 at 22:39

Not sure, think it was Rod's first move. Brian would know. I liked both of 'em. To have to watch Hawes and Vuc just makes you long for a Jason Smith or Dalembert. And Evan makes Willie look good for them to have similar usage, and when factoring in salary for both.

Yeah, that was his first move.

PHI 83, DET 108 Final.

They count starting Saturday, folks! I'll have the most brief wrap up shortly, then we'll start talking Bulls.

eddies' heady's on Apr 26 at 22:17

This most unsettling season is finally over!? Oh wait, the Sixers earned a four game extension....

postgame show just gave Collins player of the game for insuring the 8 seed.

Sixers now have the 15th pick in the draft, no?

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