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Chicago It Is

I just wanted to say that I think I called 35 wins at the beginning of the season, that or 36. Also predicted Indiana would be hugely improved. Not to gloat eddie heady's style, more to suggest that our continued mediocrity isn't some coaching fluke, but rather something that was totally predictable to those who don't view this team through rose-colored glasses.

Is there something about this blog that brings out the douche bag in everyone?

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 22:57

Brian, I'm guessing we get the 1 pm slot on Saturday. What do you think?

My wife isn't going to be happy, but that's fine by me.

MikeW reply to Brian on Apr 26 at 23:01

Actually pacers magic could get the 1 pm slot.

MikeW reply to MikeW on Apr 26 at 23:01

**if that game is Saturday, just saw that flash up but for some reason I think it might've been wrong.

i just spit out my coffee, and i'm not even drinking coffee

Tray reply to Brian on Apr 27 at 0:27

I'm just saying. To be fair, over time it should impair your credibility as a Sixers commentator if you always think they're going to win 5 more games a season than they do and that our competition will win much fewer games than they do, or when you say that Jrue had a good chance of becoming a top 5 point guard because he posted some unusually good stats as a 19 year-old, or that he would definitely be better than Lawson, a guy who's something like twice the player right now that Jrue is. Then there was "if we added Dwight Howard we'd win the Finals"/"Dwight Howard might actually come here"/"Dwight Howard would be stupid not to come here." All of that seems way off now. It took you a couple seasons to accept that Brand would never be pre-injury Brand, and up until a couple years ago to accept that Iguodala wasn't, offensively, anything more than a third or fourth option. Then on a macro level people like me or tk76 or GoSixers have been wanting to blow up the team since we dealt Iverson, while you're finally coming around to this view six years after the fact. I don't see how it's douchey to mention this stuff, any more than it's douchey of you to pick on Kate Fagan (who at least was right about the big picture) for always underrating Iguodala.

I was actually 2 games over this year. 9 games under last year. So yeah, I consistently overrate them. Good call.

I still think you add Dwight Howard to this roster and they're in the finals. Of course, if you add a superstar to any .500 team, they have a shot at the finals. I also never said he was coming here, I said they had a slim chance, and it was pretty much the long shot to being a contender without really a plan B. I'm not really sure what your point about Brand is.

If you think I don't have any credibility, that's fine, just do your homework before you start throwing stones. The archives are right there.

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Apr 27 at 9:43

To be fair, while gloating, I blindly stated that Jrue would never be as good as Ty Lawson was at the time both came out in the draft. Majority of rebuttals were "wait til both have played 3 years in the league before saying that". Well, seems to be holding up so far.

Never liked or believed in the whole 'he's younger and has more upside'. That just means he's unproven and his body of work is more abstract. Give me the proven player and concrete evidence any day.

You really think he's only a douchebag on this blog? He's going to be a lawyer for gods sake - do you know any lawyers who aren't douchebags?

game 1 saturday at 1pm, game 2 tuesday at 8pm

i read game 2 is monday

yep nice! the chicago CSN reporter had it posted as monday. i've seen enough tuesdays now that it seems to be right.

Brian- I sent you an email from a different account.

Random Google results can sometimes lead to excellent blogs such as this. You are doing a good job, and we share plenty of opinions.

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