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Set The Tone In Game One

Spencer for hire on Apr 28 at 7:16

Brian, I think a reason the sixers frontcourt has success against the bulls frontcourt is Curry's system keeps our bigs back and putting our guards, out on an island, on the pick n roll.

Since our bigs are so slowfooted they have to play this way so they are closer to the boards at all times, therefore negating offensive rebounding a bit.

I say let D.Rose beat us and lock up everybody else. And if Elton can outscore Boozer we can win this series.

Smell that? You smell that? Playoffs, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.
I love the smell of Playoffs in the morning.

With JTI in the game (which I hope is a lot), I'd love to see Iggy match up with DRose and use his length to bother him and daring him to hit 24 footers. Jrue runs with Rip, and Turner bodies up Deng. I think we might have some success there, or at least it's worth a shot.

Ryan F reply to Johnny on Apr 28 at 10:12

Rose makes Iguodala's defense look average at best. Anytime Rose is in the game, its Evan or Jrue. Iguodala should focus on shutting Deng down. If he turns Deng into an inefficient contested jump shooter, this series will be close.

"Bulls have the best record in the league but were 2-6 in early starts this season. They need to play with the type of energy that has become their trademark, regardless of when the game tips off.

The last thing they want to do is come out flat and give the Sixers hope, not only in the game but in the series."

- Neil Hayes, Chicago Sun-Times, 4/27/12

Sam Young was 7th in minutes for Grizz 7-6 playoff team last yr (beat SA 4-2, lost 4-3 to OKC). He could prove useful in spots if Collins would dare to use him.

Let's go sixers & redskins rg3 baby

A little respect from former Sixer Bruce Bowen - picking the series to go 7 games.

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