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Watson Presents A Different Challenge

If C.J Watson is the reason the Bulls beat the Sixers in this series I will never watch this team again.

Well then, Go CJ Watson

Turner and Brand are the only Sixers who seem eager to attack mismatches. I'd like to see Jrue go on the attack but more likely we see a ton of long jumpers as the team is too timid to attack a big front court. t

What can fans count on from 35-32 Sixers and Rapmaster Dougy C tonight? Let me count:

- Thad's whirlybirding hustle
- Lou's jukin' and jackin'
- Brand's pet Js and multi-millionaire smirks
- Iggy's D (though, curiously, was missing on Saturday)
- Jrue's "excited/exciting" PG play
- Turner's continued strain at stardom
- Hawes' lane futility and expressions of frustration
- Meeks' mouthpiece-sighting
- Collins' referee jockeying and impulse subbing

Not a lot of answers or knowns in the pre-game consideration.

The 51-16 Bulls, without their star, with a worthy candidate for COY, will show up to compete in West Chicago at a sold out United Center. Collins, glib as he is, can't dance around that.

ONLY way to Sixers Gm 2 win: fight fire with sustained fire; amass rebounds and free throw conversions. Possible? Yes. Likely? No.

eddies' heady's on May 1 at 9:59

I vividly remember when you wanted CJ Watson on the Sixers squad really bad, think he was languishing on Golden State's bench at the time. Can't remember who you wanted to trade for him though. But you did beat that drum for a pretty good while. Interesting how things have sort of come full circle and he now is the pseudo X-factor for the Sixers opponent in the playoffs. Too rich, he along with former Sixer Korver potentially raining down threes.

C.J. Watson may help, but J.S. Noah, T.J. Gibson, C.A. Boozer and O. "The Turkish Hammer" Asik as a collective force can be even more substantial. And to omit Luol Deng, Dinka warrior, the late Manute Bol's brother in spirit, is to omit a Bulls' obvious asset in the impending clash; slaying lions is ho-hum fare.

While the sixers had no shot against a healthy heat or healthy bulls, watching the knicks implode and get lambasted by the heat is kind of fun.

MCT reply to GoSixers on May 1 at 12:45

There is no "kind of" about it! Haha

I was trying to be nice, I mean you don't wish an injury on anyone, but seriously, I do hope the Knicks lose the next game, and thus establish the record for playoff futility (13 in a row) instead of sharing it with the grizz

rewatched the Pistons game the other night and thought I heard Zumoff say that Collins will use Battie ahead of V8 in his rotations...anyone know why that is? Rookie wall, wants to use the vet, finally realizes he has zero (and a double zero) at center...?

johnrosz reply to das411 on May 1 at 15:10

Battie can actually at least try to put a body on CHI's front line, other than a few games in the last month, Vuc was getting pushed around badly. I think he can work himself into a solid player, but I don't want him to get exposed this round if he doesn't have to...we have Hawes for that

johnrosz on May 1 at 15:21

ET in the starting lineup tonight?

I believe so, but I can't find any definitive word.

So - Poppovich (rightly) gets coach of the year

But remember how everyone was pimping doug collins early? Alvin Gentry gets more votes :)


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