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Sixers Hammer Bulls, Tie It Up

another awesome write up...
Can't wait to get home and watch this game.
Thank you League PAss!!!

Great game, great writeup Brian.

It's every Sixers fan (almost) dream to see Jrue and Turner leading the team to victory in a playoff game. Lavoy's play is the icing on the cake. He should definitely get most of the minutes at the 5.

Oh and by the way, this Iggy dunk gets better each time I watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY81HsyDhIM

how badly do you guys think Iguodala is hurt? he looked awful in the 1st half. i'm hoping the way the 1st round is scheduled with so many days off gives him a chance to heal a little bit.

Sharone Wright on May 2 at 7:06

Thanks for the write up. You mentioned that the Sixers trapped on the catch for the Korver and Rip Hamilton screens. I thought that was a great adjustment by DC. In addition, I noticed that he put Jrue on Korver. This worked great, even though KK has about 4 inches on Jrue. The key to guarding Korver is staying with him through all those screens, and Jrue is best suited to do that.

Those two adjustments really helped us win the game. For the first time this year, I felt like we had a coaching advantage that significantly contributed to a win. I would bristle when DC complained about lack of practice time, because obviously, every team has the same disadvantage. But maybe that disadvantage is more pronounced with this team and this coach.

marcus hayes on May 2 at 8:10
tk76 reply to marcus hayes on May 2 at 8:42

Yeah, that article was terrible.

mchezo reply to tk76 on May 2 at 9:22

+1 horrible article. Its written like the writer got confused and thought he was writing a short fiction piece rather than reporting on an actual game.

MCT reply to tk76 on May 2 at 9:45

I sent Hayes an email about how sloppy the article was, he cleary finished it at halftime or early in the 3rd before or run and never made the edit to it. He didn't take it too well, he called me a twit.

That was the most baffling thing I've ever read from the mainstream media in Philly. That made Stephen A. look like a bastion of journalistic integrity.

Its like a second-rate Dollar Bill post

I mean seriously how is this guy employed as a basketball reporter??? That is probably the worst basketball piece i have ever read.

obviously, Collins paid him off. disgraceful

This game got me so excited agian

Is it Collins who forces iggy to try to b aggressive on the offensive end? Whenever he is being aggressive on offense it looks forced and awkward. I don't think iggy likes doing it, I feel he would rather just take what he can get on O (like catch and shoots and dunks) or try to set up others. But sometimes you c him dribble to the top of the key, dribble behind his back and jack up a shot that u know is not gonna drop.

Iggy is so good at catch and shoot, on the break, sometimes setting people up, and on D, why force him to take those shots u know he can't make?

And how often does Meeks make a three when he is not absolutely wide open?

Charlie H on May 2 at 9:29

Great analysis Brian. Not getting too high or too low is essential. Most competitive playoff series have huge swings in momentum and games that are complete opposites of each other. 2 perfect examples of this in Sixers history are the Boston series in '81 & '82. I was never more certain of a loss than that 7th game in '82 (when the Boston fans chanted "Beat LA" for the first time).

Why was Turner being booed? Were they people from Rose's high school or something? I thought it was strange, but I don't think it bothered him at all. And if I'm not mistaken, he wasn't booed on every touch, which made it even weirder.

Sean K reply to Charlie H on May 2 at 15:52

My understanding is that Turner was being booed for his comments regarding the team rather facing the Bulls instead of the Heat because they were a better matchup for the team. The media blew it out of proportion, the Bulls used it as 'bulletin board material', and the crowd made Turner enemy number one on the Sixers when normally the arbitrary hatred would fall on the opposing team's superstar (which obviously the Sixers lack).

I'm all for Lavoy getting the bulk of the minutes at the center spot (he's had pretty much his best two games of the season in the Sixers' two wins vs. the Bulls), but my main question is: can he play effectively if he's tired or slightly tired? He was actually quite good helping out on the P/R traps in this game, but I seem to recall many times this year when he was slow or lazy on defensive rotations. With the focus of playoff time, hopefully that is a thing of the past.

The focus of the playoffs, plus the added rest of the playoff schedule, would hopefully be enough to combat that.

If you split Hawes' 18 minutes between Brand and Lavoy last night, they would've played 37 and 35, so you probably can't remove Hawes completely, but you could play Battie for maybe 8 minutes and then 32 and 30 between EB and Lavoy? That's a better rotation, to me.

Jrue - out of his mind last night, his finest mode; Sixers flop again without his brazen, blistering 1st half

Evan - like Brian mentioned on game thread, those 2 early 50/50 balls he dug out, turned into Sixers buckets, were big; impressed by resolute post-up effort over Hamilton; pretty nice game for the drama mama in drag

Iggy - woeful again on O-end, except for creation of new poster image on hype slam, his most dependable shot

Allen - big body, in-control pace pays dividends for a night; flicked away Bulls' resistance, went about business

Hawes - careening to another team next year

Lou - peachy late; hops well in empty zip code

Bulls retreated in Q3 applied heat and resultant confusion; Rose would've knifed through it after a couple looks

59 % shooting (!) vs #1 D an anomaly; I wonder when's the last time Sixers shot that well as a team

Cause for optimism - no way "Six-Gun" Noah goes 7-7 in H1, 10-11 in game Friday

Cause for optimism II - Jimmy Lynam's Rose-injury "sea change" postulate

Cause for pessimism - team's penchant for rising then falling

Cause for pessimism II - the theatrical Marc Zumoff & blabbering Malik Rose cheering Sixers and berating refs at courtside mics will distract the hometown team

"Cause for pessimism II - the theatrical Marc Zumoff & blabbering Malik Rose cheering Sixers and berating refs at courtside mics will distract the hometown team"

You can rest easy on this one, Zum and Rose are about 30 rows off the court in the WFC.

Good, that's better; wasn't aware. Soundproof booth seating preferred though.

Iguodala continues to struggle on offense, mainly because he can't hit a jump shot in this series (1-14 on jumpers, including a remarkable 0-9 on long two's), but he has taken 9 attempts at the rim (making 7, 6 dunks and a finger roll) and 7 free throws, both good signs. It should be noted, though, that he pretty much shut down Deng, whose shot selection got worse and worse as the game went on, culminating in a turnaround, contested 22-footer at the end of the 3rd. If healthy, Iguodala has all the tools to play consistent shutdown defense on Deng, who can't get around him and can't shoot over him.

The blanketing one guy D, over and over and over, except when he's bettered. Iguodala's extremely fortunate that Stefanski, who was also personally well-versed in unintentionally smudging rims, was his GM; otherwise he'd only be making 50-60 million for suffocating others, turning opponents into versions of himself (or his then-GM). Iggy and his agent played lockdown defense on Andre's limitations that summer of '08. And, let's face it, Ed was head over heels in love with the talent's '13 ppg Pistons playoff' contract push. On the other hand, think of the spine-tingling tomahawks and the caught-in-the-air errant passes we'd have missed had AI9 & Rob Pelinka played the game elsewhere. :)

Compare the top 40 salaries in the nba to the top 40 players in the nba and you will see that he is not overpaid.

Just because you value offense a lot more than defense (possibly because it's the only thing your eyes are capable of seeing at your age) doesn't mean that GM's should think the same as you.

Opinion is opinion. Fact is fact. The numbers are against you, old man.

Very well, you're an ageist and a chart-ist. Opinion: Iguodala's presence and boffo contract has roped the team to years of mediocrity. Fact: You're an Iguodala adherent and a rabid defender. What's your shooting percentage? And do your grandparents know?

I would actually proclaim to be an Iguodala realist, where as you seem to despise him so much to the point where you can't help but to make completely flawed, philly.com-esque statements. Did he push your wheelchair down a hill or something?

You ignore any numerical data that proves his worth and cite only ppg. On a blog such as this one, that's laughable at best. I think you do it intentionally because you relish in the thought of sparking fires on a blog that's predominantly pro-Iguodala (or maybe just a site that's better informed? Hmmm...). That seems like troll mischief to me. It's shocking that you haven't been banned yet.

Now go plagiarize some more literary works.

Sorry, fanatics are never realists. But they're hot on agendas. And wacky in their fervor.

Cite only ppg? You're conveniently omitting mentions through long duration of occasional D slippings/the overhyping of D prowess, his aversion to contact/strong finishing in half-court action, various shooting percentages along the way, loose play/turnovers (especially non-Collins years), poor body language and his leadership vacuum. Many angles, sonny. Get it right.

And an oversight isn't plagiarism. That I forgot a couplet's origin - and admitted it - and you hang on to that and twist it for your purpose? Weak. Attribution isn't hard at all, and I attribute you with misstating the truth of my case.

If I'm a fanatic, then what are you?

wah reply to Jeff on May 2 at 14:54

Any numerical data that you present is basically copy and pasted from Brian's posts. It's pretty consistent. You never present anything new or original. I agree with the data that Brian presents, but you of all people should not be throwing around the word plagiarize

You're right that people need to stop using the word plagiarize, as stuff published on the internet is mostly public domain, we all reprint it (i try to limit reprinting from subscription based stuff like ESPN insider myself but I know people who don't care about that) and while Brian does do the rotations on his own, most other data he presents is from other sources :)

I enjoy creating my own data from raw data I can purchase, but I haven't done that for a while for either basketball or baseball

I data that I present (usually from basketballreference, hoopdata, 82games) is always cited.

Your statements are nothing but a blatant lie from a coward hiding behind a different alias.

wah reply to Jeff on May 2 at 17:45

No it absolutely is not. And your "look at the 40 top-paid players" statement is directly taken from one of Brian's posts.

I said top 40 because he was ranked #30 by Zach Lowe at SI and #36 by ESPN last season.

So I thought top 40 was a good, round number. I'm not sure which post you're referring to, but to say that just because Brian said top 40, that I was copying him is just a silly argument.

Come out, come out, whoever you are.

Bravo, wah...a voice of reason against the more vociferously odious, march in lock step Igoudala cultists...and I, too, agree with many of their specific points, if they'd ever bother to make them. Any criticism, no matter how valid, nuanced, fair is summarily dismissed with some condescending crack about "20 pts per game"...although I don't ever see anyone here say that their diissatisfaction with Igoudala is based on his scoring average...it is just a device for the Igoudala Bloc to assure themselves of the pitiful ignorance of anyone who doesn't spend his days whittling wooden carvings of the Greatest 12 PPG Player Ever To Lead a Franchise to a Half Decade of Mediocrity

The next time there is a 'nuanced' critique of Andre Iguodala that uses facts to support an argument of being over paid or 'not good enough' will be the first time.

And, per usual, instead of arguing the merits of being 'anti' Andre Iguodala the plea is one of being attacked or not taken seriously, and yet the whole 'hamstringing the organization with his contract' thing was countered, and soundly ignored because, well, that's how it works. Just ignore the facts and argue that you're being picked on

Well said. They're like little boys who don't want to share their toys, then cry to momma when nobody wants to play with them.

Dude...I gave you a critique of why it's time for Igoudala to move on, a little analysis of how I think he was set up for failure here through no fault of his own...you replied to that post and spent most of your reply lumping me and my opinions together with those of every barely sentient WIP caller that hasn't watched an entire Sixers game in 5 years, said you hate how "me and my ilk" complain about his contract(something I hadn't done in the post you were responding to or any other post, or in real life, because to b!tch about Igoudala's contrac is to ignore all the truly outrageous contracts routinely given to dogs in this league...his contract was more or less market value...its not a big deal). Dunno if I met your lofty standards of nuance, but I do know that you wouldn't know if I did because you chose to respond and rip me for things I didn't say rather than have a conversation

At that point I realized with finality that you have taken the process of thoughtless, knee jerk political partisanship and applied it to sports. You decided, probably long before I ever posted on this site that you were a pro-Igoudala person and you were against his critics; that his critics were unsophisticated about basketball and etc.

So you've gotten so used to just picking up the slant-pro or con on Iggy-and responding accordingly, that here I come truly without a slant because I haven't been arguing on the Net aabout him and hardening my position for 5 yrs(I loved him when he came in the League, high hopes, had to accept that he wasn't ever going to be a super star, learned to marvel at his d...when I started reading this site I got a more fulsome perspective on him...was really thrilled with his year up to the all star break, but then the team went off a cliff, he couldn't stop it, and the perimeter logjam became an increasing concern. Strongly believe they should trade him in the summer, but would DEARLY love to see a little playoff run first and I'd love to see Andre come up big in this series atsome crucial moment. ) So I write something that took care not to hit the obvious hot buttons a beccause they're stupid and b cause I thought maybe a genuine conversation could be had. Then you go all Sean Hannity on me

The Igoudala Thoiught Police are a way more obnoxious segment of the fans on this site than any critics...seems most here even if disappointeed in Dre are fans and conflicted...Bill doesn't go around hectoring people that are fans of Igoudala...he just says his opinion. But a vocal minority on this site(hint: it is led by you) police what is said about him...then turn around and instead of responding to what I say, attribute opinions I don't hold and have never expressed to me and use them as a basis to insult my intelligence. This has happened twice. It's bizarre

If that's your voice of reason, it says a lot about what you consider to be "reason".

You say, "although I don't ever see anyone here say that their diissatisfaction with Igoudala is based on his scoring average"

And this is the problem I have with people who spend their time bad-mouthing him as a player. Your eyes are just as blind as any pro-Iguodala person. The difference is, you tend to not understand how to evaluate a player.

I don't care how many points Iguodala averages as long as he's averaging them efficiently. 12ppg means about as little as 20ppg if you're getting those points is costing the team wins.

If you were to spend a little time doing some research you would see that with those 12ppg he also averaged 53.7% TS% and a 51.4% eFG%.
Compare that to Luol Deng, who averaged 50% TS% and 46.4% eFG% respectively.

I don't think Iguodala is the greatest thing since sliced bread - I don't think he's aggressive enough and at times looks to pass the ball rather than try to finish at the rim; his free throw percentage this season was inexcusably horrible, and his insistence on shooting bad jumpers leaves something more to be desired.

However, for all of his negative attributes, his positives outway the negatives by far. The reason why we bring up "20ppg" as a joke is because people such as yourself spend little time actually trying to understand the premise behind this argument.

It seems like you have a lot of catching up to do. Happy reading, my friend.

Jeff...buddy...like your pal and fellow sociopath GoSixers, you seem to have a problem with reading comprehension. I guess you spent all morning looking up all those fancy dancy stats, ready to stuff em in my face, and got so excited that you didn't READ WHAT I SAY

I said:

Any criticism, no matter how valid, nuanced, fair is summarily dismissed with some condescending crack about "20 pts per game"...although I don't ever see anyone here say that their diissatisfaction with Igoudala is based on his scoring average...it is just a device for the Igoudala Bloc to assure themselves of the pitiful ignorance of [others"

AND SOMEHOW YOUR INTERPRETATION OF THIS WAS: "he thinks Igoudala sucks cause he doesn't score enough, he must not know about shooting effiency. Better give him some stats that he looked at dozens of times, and make sure he knows that Igoudala is a more efficient scorer than Luol Deng, because that is really important"

I mean, I do appreciate you MAKING MY POINT FOR ME-the point, if you would read what I wrote once more, sloooowly, is that Igoudala's more wild eyed, cultist defenders(you would find yourself among that number, Jeffster!) discount all criticism of Igoudala and react to it as if it was all about his scoring average or his contract, even if those topics were not part of the criticism at all, or figured in just tangentially. I then added-and this is the part your truly very sad Advanced Stat Opus purported to address-"although I don't ever see anyone here say that their diissatisfaction with Igoudala is based on his scoring average"-as I wrote this right after mentioning that act like all of the criticism of Iggy is about points per game, it is pretty clear to a native English speaker and most immigrants too that this statement means that Iggy's critics on this site DON'T bring up ppg...the inference being that this site is frequented exclusively by passionate basketball fans who understand that ppg is insufficient on its own to the evaluation of a player's game, and particularly so for someone like Igoudala who has a multifaceted game and doesn't really have any plus scoring skills outside of transition(although he did become an abv avg 3P shooter this season

Again, summarizing:

I say: Iggy defenders don't listen, like talking to a brick wall, no matter what you say they respond like you are fixated on ppg and contracts

You say(dripping with condescension that was both unintentionally funny and unintentionally heartbreaking all at once): "you have a lot to learn about basketball, because you said the words points per game, so you must hate iggy because he doesn't score 20 a game and not realize that there are shooting % stats that are adjusted to flect efficiency and by those measures, Igoudala had a better year than Luol Deng. we like to tease peopole like you who don't know that scoring is actually bad for basketball players to do, because of efficiency and luol deng, but stick with me, i'm writing a hoops manual for people in persistent vegetative states "(well...words to that effect)

Look, Jeff, I don't know why you shadow Bill the Buck with your whacked out, disproportionate hostility-can only assume he killed a beloved family pet or something, but that's your business. I have no problem with you personally as long as you refrain from putting words/ideas in my mouth that I have never come close-not CLOSE-to genuinely expressing on this site or anywhere else for that matter, and "responding" to this imaginary statement that you're pretending I made in such a way as to insult my intelligence. I would leave the advanced stats analysis to Derek, Brian, Statman until you've mastered intermediate paragraph analysis.

Despite your unnecessary need to have a battle over semantics, when I quoted you saying, "although I don't ever see anyone here say that their diissatisfaction with Igoudala is based on his scoring average"

You followed up this quote by saying, "it is just a device for the Igoudala Bloc to assure themselves of the pitiful ignorance of anyone who doesn't spend his days whittling wooden carvings of the Greatest 12 PPG Player Ever To Lead a Franchise to a Half Decade of Mediocrity"

Based on these two comments separated only by ellipses, it was fair to assume that you were attacking his lack of scoring. Saying, "The greatest 12ppg player..."

So you mean to say this wasn't an affront on his effectiveness as a player?


Perhaps you can see now (doubtful, again) the relevance behind my citing evidence on his efficiency? My point was, despite your mocking his 12ppg, I would take 12 efficient points over 20 inefficient points.

I'm really not sure how you missed that, but I guess I'm not surprised.

what are you, in 8th grade?honestly dude. Like I said before-it's like you saw the words "points per game" and immediately started composing your AWESOME SMACKDOWN without bothering to actually read my post and figure out that your AWESOME SMACKDOWN could not have more perfectly exemplified the obnoxious behavior that goes on in Iggy's name if you and I had coordinated it

The Greatest 12 PPG Pleretc was a dig, the point being that all I say in criticism of Igoudala is that you are never going to truly be a contender if he is the best player on your team. I don't think anyone here would dispute that. That's why your triumphant comparison to Deng (among other things in your body of work the last 24 hrs) made me giggle. I mean, if all your vast knowledge of the NBA and your ability to type basketball-reference only served to demonstrate marginally better TS and EFG% than Deng, I'm not sure what we're arguing about. You can't truly contend with Luol Deng as your best player either. I'm thrilled you were able to use 'scoring efficiency"

Poking fun aside, I don't mind Igoudala averaging 12-14...it is more natural to him. Think he has matured a lot the last couple years, realized his limitations and tried to do what he does. I didn't mind his Game 2-largely invisible offensively, but covered Deng well(far as I could tell-watching in a bar some of the detail gets lost) but most importantly wasn't forcing bad shots, and those big dunks in transition, the oop to Lou, were huge momentum plays

If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, oh what a world it would be...if Iggy didn't have an awful jumper...if he could have learned to consistently deploy the thunderously majestic open court finishes that will always be the first thing to come to mind when I think of Andre Igoudala off of half court dribble penetration...and the most frustrating, to my mind-if a desperate management team, faced with fans and $s following Allen out the door, hadn't foisted the number one scoring option label on him in the first place

He is what he is. A great defender and a beautiful transition player but a guy who can be extremely frustrating to watch on the offensive end and shouldn't be the top option. I'm fond of the guy but think it's best he move along. What is even your point?

We will see how the series goes, but Game Two had all the trappings of a franchise turning point; out with the old and in with the new, Andre assisting in the transition with quietly effective d and a couple impeccably timed offensive roars

Turner is the most talented offensive player on the team and is ready to move into that role I believe. See what kind of help Dre can fetch for the pathetic interior.

(Brian's not talking about the offseason till well, the offseason, he said-an understandable and appropriate decision. I definitely have it in mind in the case of Igoudala though. It's been such a difficult go for him; would be so nice for him to finish off with a playoff run, if this is indeed the last go round. Love to see a huge 4th quarter at home or something, let him get some love for once)

Your reply does nothing but prove my original point that you overvalue points per game. The only problem here is that you have the unfortunate combination of stupidity and stubbornness that prevents you from both understanding others while admitting you are wrong.


The part that really demonstrated you are just a blathering idiot who has no idea what he's talking about...

"ability to type basketball-reference only served to demonstrate marginally better TS and EFG% than Deng"

marginally better?? Ha!

I would hope for your sake that you were laughing at yourself.

To clarify, I was laughing at you and your transparent attempts to goad me, which broke unfortunate new ground with that latest post

I was simply pointing out that your use of the word "marginal" was an indication that you are completely clueless.

Abating the statistics I cited does nothing to prove your point. I could explain why, but explaining anything to you doesn't seem to do any good. You seem to be more content with senseless rambling.

You're not helping your case when you ignore the facts (as you constantly do) and rant and rave with obscure metaphors and similes in an attempt (I guess?) to be humorous, or interesting, or something.

Iguodala is not over paid. Iguodala's contract alone did not 'hinder' the sixers as much as handing out crappy 'mid level' contracts long term to mediocre players and paying Elton Brand 80 million and only getting one or two good years out of him.

And before you rant and rave about some pointless thing that only appeals to those who think 20 PPG is what matters, if lou williams opts out and the sixers amnesty elton brand, they could hand out a max contract to a free agent (a la Dwight Howard) and still keep Andre Iguodala.

But you're right, his contract alone has hamstrung the team for decades.

Let's not forget this statement, "otherwise he'd only be making 50-60 million for suffocating others, turning opponents into versions of himself"

Who does he think he's kidding on here?

He's not actually dumb enough to think that, so he must only say it to instigate arguments. Not debates, arguments.

This is what trolls do, and he's been doing it for some time now.

As a frequent reader of this blog, it's disappointing to see bollocks-laden crapola like this.

I learned very early in life not to underestimate the stupidity of anyone (just like PT Barnum, how's that for your obscure references). Maybe his flowery use of stolen references is his mask for his true ignorance?

Sebastian Pruiti is suppose have a breakdown of the that lou alley opp later today on grantland, fyi

I saw him say he had something on a great set the Sixers ran. Looking forward to it.

I see this has already been commented on today, but what a horribly unprofessional article by Hayes. He CLEARLY wrote that article maybe early through the second quarter and then didn't want to update the portions already written. Does anyone know if he has a Twitter account? He deserves to be crushed for this.

Ugh. First, Turner didn't start at PG last night. Second, Rod Thorn didn't draft him. National coverage sucks, sometimes.

MCT reply to Brian on May 2 at 12:49

Just wait until Marcus Hayes starts working for them.

Rich reply to Brian on May 2 at 13:53

That guy is a Philly writer too. No excuse on the Thorn thing. Harlan was beating the drum of Turner being point guard too. While I don't think Turner was exclusively a point, but he had the ball in that spot almost as much as Jrue did. Kind of like they both played the 1.5.

Charlie H reply to Rich on May 2 at 18:49

I'm pretty sure Harlan just misspoke. Sounded to me like he meant to say he started at the 2 - it was worth noting that he started because he hadn't started the previous game and that was the emphasis, not which position. Play-by-play guys have a lot to keep track of and I think Harlan is great - entertaining and accurate.

He's not the first person to make this mistake though - many folks when talking about the sixers 'nationally' have said Evan Turner is (and will be) the future point on this team...I don't believe it was a mistake...I think the perception is that evan turner is running the point for the sixers

It's really a nominal thing. The only time when someone is 100% the point is when they're on the floor with Meeks and Sam Young as the 2 and the 3. If any two of Jrue, Lou, Iguodala or Turner is on the floor, the duties are split.

I get that, in theory, but it just feels to me like a diminishing of Jrue Holiday when Evan Turner is called 'the starting point guard' (which i've heard used from others, when talking about the future of the sixers)

I mean, there seems to be a lot of 'evan turner awesome' talk today - but jrue was pretty awesome last night as well (nationally)

Honestly, I'm trying to complete ignore any discussions/arguments about who's good, who's bad, who's better, who should stay, who should go, what someone is or isn't. Don't want to concentrate on any of that stuff during the playoffs, with Hawes being the only exception, because, well, he blows. I hope Turner and Jrue both play like they did last night for as long as this run lasts, but mostly I just want to see wins. I want to see these guys play well in meaningful games. I'd really like to see them win a close playoff game, because I think it's much easier for them to blow teams out than it is for them to close teams out.

If you want to call Turner the point guard I think you're wrong, but whatever. Call him a kangaroo, as long as you're calling him a kangaroo after a win.

I like to call him azimuth - just cause he looks like azimuth and most people don't know who azimuth is - so it's fun :)

More likely to win tonight, Memphis or Orlando?

I'll be shocked if either of them wins. Memphis has to be completely shaken. Will be impressed if they don't get swept after that first game. Orlando, I don't think they should win a single game w/out Dwight.

Yeah, except that they did (though admittedly I didn't watch the game) in game 1 - how did they win that game?

No idea. I didn't see it. I know Indy didn't score in the last couple of minutes, though.

I bet they forgot to go to Roy Hibbert :)

Stan reply to Brian on May 2 at 22:47

Richardson was hot from the 3 point line. Jameer Nelson got good penetration. Earl Clarke has a surprisingly good game, he was altering shots and getting rebounds. Hibbert wasn't used, George wasn't used and Collison looked lost.

I gotta say i don't care about Rose, i don't care about contracts, right now i am just excite that the Sixers looked like a real competitive team in the playoffs. They managed to win a game or two in all of their recent playoff trips but none of them looked quite like this. They looked like a legitimate good team last night.

So 2 games in, the one thing that stands out to me is Turner's performance. With his comments, he pretty much brought all of the pressure directed to the Sixers on himself, he got booed in his hometown, but still he managed to be one of the best players on the floor in both games. So far his career has gone in Hardens mold, hopefully he can continue to play well in the playoffs in his sophomore season. And the attitude he has is the kind that wins you games in the playoffs. Don't let me jinx you kid, keep it up!

...did Meeks really only get 41 seconds on the floor last night??

Last night is the first time I felt Jrue ran the P and R with a purpose. When he was coming off the ball screen he was getting deep enough to draw a big man to have to help. That's an important step in his development, getting much better using ball screens.

One thing I wonder about is why they rarely run pick and rolls at the top of the key. He has more options where to go if he can drive right down the middle of the lane.

I think the Sixers rarely use the P&R in general for an NBA team, not just with Jrue at the top of the key. And all of that has nothing to do with Jrue and everything to do with the bigs on contract. The bigs can't roll, many of them can't set a good screen and really all they do is shoot jumpers. Young has some rolling ability, but his screen setting ability is suspect.

As for rarely running the P&R at the top of the key with Jrue, i think that play doesn't put the big men in the spots where Collins wants them (and really probably the only spots they can hit a shoot from).

Just like the whole defensive scheme is built around the sttrengths on the perimeter, the offense is almost entirely built in the "supposed" strengths of the big men. That's the part that has pissed me off the most all season long, but i have a feeling, things will change for the better in the off season in this department as there will be some significant roster changes.

Rich reply to Xsago on May 2 at 17:15

Rolling/finishing ability is not everything in the NBA with that play though. The Clips are supposed to be "Lob City," but there are way more times where the result of a Paul/Griffin ballscreen is a wide open 12 footer for Griffin. I don't have the numbers, but I'd like to see Jrue use ball screens and get in the paint, which my eyes tell me he does far too little. You can't blame that on the bigs, either, because they are in effect giving him space to get into the paint.

Sure, I'd like the bigs to be able to catch and dunk. I'd like them to set better off screens too. That doesn't mean Jrue doesn't need to adapt as well.

johnrosz reply to Rich on May 2 at 16:21

Lavoy is the only big guy on the team that sets screens that stand out to me, I think he opens things up for the ball handler so much when he's the guy out high and not Hawes. Hawes has mastered avoiding contact on his screens at this point, he is so worthless.

Rich reply to johnrosz on May 2 at 17:03

In the case of a ball screen, a big really only has to stand there if the PG is good enough. As long as Jrue is able to force his defender to make a decision (Which should happen if the PG runs shoulder to shoulder with a big), a defender can't run through even a soft big man. They have to trail, go under, or switch. I'm more peeved about the lack of contact on the off-ball screens.

zach lowe on what the sixers did to stop korver and hamilton


Nice, he has a link to a post w/ video of the exact play I was talking about, where Thad kept switching bigs so he was the guy blowing up the pick-and-roll.

Btw, no offense to anyone else, but I think you're officially the most valuable commenter. Right there w/ links to breaking news, really good contributions during game threads, I don't think I've seen you get involved in any of the petty arguments that happen here a little too often. You're pretty much what I should be in the comments, but often can't be. Thanks for contributing.

thanks for having this blog/website for me and others to contribute to

chandler won DPOY, ibaka somehow finished 2nd

Iguodala finished 7th (3rd among wings behind LeBron and Tony Allen), one place up from last year. One first, seven seconds, seven thirds. I guess that makes 15 more people who overstate his defensive prowess ...

Greg Monroe? wtf?

KG's still a great defender, think it's more than just reputation for him.

I did notice we were attacking mismatches more, but I'd still like to see us attack Korver more. On several plays in the first two games, with Korver guarding Turner we either A) Didn't attack the mismatch at all or B) Ran a pick and roll, which we don't run all that well, and even if we do, I'd rather see Korver guarding Turner than Noah.

Yeah, they do this a lot when Turner has a mismatch. He gets the ball on the wing w/ a clear advantage, then one of our useless bigs comes out to set a screen for him, which basically invites the other team to double Turner and get the ball out of his hands, in effect negating the mismatch. Get him the ball on the blocks, or just clear out and let him iso when he's got a guy like Korver on him. Those plays Turner had w/ Rip on him in the post were perfect.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 2 at 16:26

the right wing iso's were perfect last night in the 3rd Q, huge juncture in the game too.

How much different would this team be if we had a big who could set a good screen or someone other than Thad who could effectively defend a pick n' roll?

It's tough to say. I mean it seems like it would make such a huge difference, but you can never tell until all the pieces are in place. It would certainly be much more fun to watch. Hawes makes me cry.

If anything, his lack of minutes down the stretch is a positive indication that his time as a sixer is surely done.

If they don't blow this roster up (they still should) do they go for Okafor in the offseason? I can't think of anyone else really who would be both available and attainable.

Don't know. I don't see a whole lot of guys out there. I'd prefer a move to get Okafor to re-signing Hawes if they choose not to blow it up. Wondering who's going to bid for McGee, and how much they're going to bid.

MCT reply to Brian on May 2 at 16:59

What if Charlotte gets the top pick and takes Davis, do you think your boy Biyombo will be available in a trade? They wouldn't really need him anymore.

I kind of doubt it. I mean, you might be able to get him, but they aren't going to just give him away. He's cheap, and raw, and there's a lot there defensively.

MCT reply to Brian on May 2 at 17:08

I was thinking our 15th and cash and/or a future 2nd

I know he was a top 10 pick but this year is a deeper draft and they mught like the idea of having two picks in the 1st round coming off such an awful season. On our end, I doubt we could get someone with that much defensive potential at 15.

I'm getting ahead of myself here though, who knows if they will even get the top pick. Chances are better that they won't, and even if they did MJ would probably trade it for Amare and his gimpy hand.

South Broad reply to MCT on May 2 at 22:39

Been hearing from sources that there's already tons of chatter in the Charlotte/NC area from mostly talk radio heads that Biyombo *must* be traded if they get Anthony Davis. Says the majority feel that Biyombo is close to worthless because of non-existent offensive game and he's expendable. Obviously no one in management is saying this but was advised that these radio hosts in the Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham markets are shouting this "get rid of Biyombo if you luck into Davis" through megaphones.

Brian, your playoff coverage has been really good, it's appreciated

Tuesday was the most satisfying Sixer win in a long, long time for me. I was out with friends watching in bars-little Ethiopian place in west phl for the 1st half, then a bigger uni city spot for the 2nd-and when I got there, literally every single one of the approx 12 giants tvs spread about the place were tuned to the flyers game. I was by far the biggest Sixer fan in the group, only other NBA junkie is a guy from Portland, so I was on my own private cloud nine. To see Jrue and Evan-and Lavoy!-do what they did felt great.

Also great was Igoudala's open court brilliance in transition...when he doesn't play here any more I am gonna miss that stuff...pretty shit

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