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The Highlight of the Season

After watching it like 200 times, I think it's probably not as bad as you think. He was definitely pissed when he yanked him out of the game, but the second action where it looks like he's pointing and saying "Sit your ass down right there," I think he's actually just pointing at Thad to come in. He does give Hawes an extra little shove to make sure he sits down at the end of the bench, as far away from him, as possible.

Looks like it could have been Curry who was calling in Thad.

Looks like Collins was disgusted with his sissy complaining on top of his pathetic play.
I would expect lavoy to start. Heres to hoping he doesnt get ib fpul trouble.

I'm not sure if you've discussed this in the comments somewhere, but did you see DC discuss Hawes v. Allen in the post-game Tuesday? He said the only reason he started Hawes over Allen was because he was starting ET, and he then needed to compensate the 2nd team by adding Allen's rebounding. Its great that our starting center is only getting the start because he's such a bad rebounder that he can't play with our 2nd team.

That's hilarious.

will reply to JayJ on May 3 at 9:03

Well, at least theres a logical explanation for him getting the start now. I clenched my teeth when I heard he was starting on Tuesday, it just reminded me of EJ not starting Jrue. Why wouldn't you put your best team out there?

Eugene from Russia on May 3 at 0:44

in fact, everything in the picture does not look like we would like. it was a situation like "sit down and stop being angry and cursing the judges!" smh

This is great. Was thrilled that the CSN broadcast caught it live too. Wanted to do that to Spence all year.

There's something about the WAY Hawes whines that activates intense visceral loathing in me

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the reason Doug was so harsh was because Hawes started arguing with the ref about a call and Doug was sensing that if he didn't pull Hawes, he would get a technical.

don't kill my hopes and dreams

I thought of it more as, "shut up, you have no right to complain about anything because you suck."

sfw reply to Greg on May 3 at 8:23

Agreed. That was my impression. I believe they also caught on camera that Doug went back and spoke with him a bit later once he calmed down.

Charlie H reply to Greg on May 3 at 12:16

That's what I thought. But he had to be pissed that Hawes was bitching about a good call when he should have been happy to sit down and avoid further embarassment.

I think it was too quick for that. Hawes missed a point-blank layup with his typical sissy attempt just before the foul. Looked to me like Doug was sick of his weak play and just wanted him planted on the bench.

...but but but don't bigs take longer to develop than any other position?

/not advocating anything about 00 in particular but isn't that the argument?

Cholo reply to das411 on May 3 at 9:08


Ryan F on May 3 at 8:48


I am not worried about resigning Hawes anymore. His minutes in the playoffs and the players he has lost those minutes to pretty much speak for themselves. He is not coming back and he won't be missed.

Big Will on May 3 at 11:29

Collins took Hawes out of the game because Hawes had just gotten whistled for his third foul. The ref's call was on a tick tack call and Hawes looked like he was about to go after the ref (like Rondo)and take out some of his frustration. I think that's the reason why Collins made sure Hawes sat his ass down on the bench immediately.

I am not sticking up for Hawes, or his pathetic game, at all, but that is what it looked like happened to me during this sequence. Funny stuff though.

ItAintEZ reply to Big Will on May 3 at 11:52

I agree with everything except for the tick tack foul part. It was clearly a foul. Hawes had his pasty white soft body drapped all over Noah while going for the board. That is probably part of the reason Collins was so pissed. It was so clearly a foul he was probably thinking, what the hell are you complaining about you idiot.

If he was going after the ref, it's a good thing, then, that Collins effectively boxed him out. Hawes, quite used to being boxed out, easily submitted and retreated.

Or he took him out of the game cause he sucked bloody ass, and the fact that he was on his can for most of the second half when the sixers made a come back and were much better at protecting the defensive glass just indicates how useless he is.

Collins herded him like a Border Collie. Not friendly with "ball-friendly" Spencer, least not no mo' at that point in time. "Shut up, and sit right there!" Expressions of watchful others are interesting, including Adam Aron's.

Can Hawes resurrect his January game in time for playoff heroics? Recent 'Yes/No' survey results: 98,239 to 14.

Heh. I didn't even notice Aron.

ItAintEZ on May 3 at 11:58

The best part is when Hawes turns back around and starts to say somthing and Collins points at the seat. Hawes looks like a little kid saying "but Dad, he hit me first." What a bitch.

...meanwhile, is Roy Hibbert the anti-Hawes?


sounds like a guy who might get PAID this offseason...hmm if only there was a team out there with a gaping hole at C, massive increases in revenue and owners saying "watch what we do"...

And if only there weren't such a thing as restricted free agency

He's restricted and Indy has a ton of cap space, no way he's leaving there.

Greg reply to Brian on May 3 at 13:45

Blah. There are some pretty underwhelming unrestricted FA centers this offseason.


tk76 reply to Greg on May 3 at 13:58

Looking at that it's hard to even find a good target for the cap space made available by using the amnesty on Brand. It appears the only benefit of a Brand amnesty would be to give flexibility for trades and get a better draft pick through a form of tanking.
What would be peoples next step after amnestying Brand? Trade Iggy for an overpaid big who is younger?

Anonymous reply to tk76 on May 4 at 0:09

I think losing Brand would really hurt the team. Unless some much better player comes out of nowhere to sign with us, I'd just wait a year and try to sign him to a lower contract. He's a great asset.

It's an awful off season for big men - that's absoultely true - and yet I'd still waive brand :)

Turtle Bay reply to GoSixers on May 4 at 0:34

What's your reason for waiving Brand if you aren't going to pick up someone else. And if you are, who?

raro reply to Greg on May 3 at 14:51


Isn't he one of those 'restricted free agents' like Jose Calderon was tht one year?

Not to mention - not a starter - and he's going to demand a lot of money I think

raro reply to GoSixers on May 3 at 15:29

Not sure to be honest... I do love watching him play though. Plus, Chicago will have to start thinking about extending Gibson after this season, so we might be able to 'steal' him.

tk76 reply to das411 on May 3 at 13:48

I'm torn. Hibbett would be a good fit (he's even ball friendly ) and the team would improve. But do we want the team making a new round of serious investments in good but not great players? Isn't that part of the problem when they went all on with Iggy and Brand?

Some guys are worth their contracts but are not the right players to be building a team around (Iggy and Brand through their careers.) I worry trying to build around a core of Hilbert, jrue, ET and Thad would be an Atlanta like trajectory.

Except for the fact that a quality big man like hibbert is incredibly rare in the NBA and Atlanta never had one

I'd actually prefer Horford to Hibbert.

If the hawks lose to the celtcs in the first round, I wouldn't be surprised to see them do some shuffling around this off season, maybe reset, and hey look, cap room to absorb al hoford if you waive brand

It's all about being in position to take advantage if your team isn't going to contend for a title anyway (in my opinion)

tk76 reply to GoSixers on May 3 at 14:15

Horford does not turn 26 until next month. I'd be shocked if they wee willing to part with him.

I would be too - but if they're willing to part with him and the sixers can't get him cause they kept Elton Brand in the hopes they can lose in the first round one more season - that would kind of suck now wouldn't it?

Stupid owners permeate the NBA, stupid GMs permeate the NBA, Billy King is excited to sign Gerald Wallace to a long term deal for isntance, you never know what might happen, but if you're not ready for it...then you're screwed. the sixers are a team going nowhere in terms of title contention, they have no front court of significance, and hopefully they do fire thorn and bring in a smart person.

Course this is all just my hope - maybe they won't fire Thorn maybe they'll keep hawes because it was a 'bargain' and keep Elton for 'one more run' at mediocrity

You know there could be a more troubling parallel between the Sixers and the Hawks...Marvin Williams.

I was avoiding that on purpose you know :)

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 3 at 14:34

Actually, you could argue they've had two.

I'm thinking more 'traditional' big men in the nba term, a guy like hibbert or monroe (bynum, howard) are traditional big men - the hawks to me (in this incarnation of mid level playoff team over paying joe johnson) haven't had a traditional big man I don't think. And I think a traditional big man is pretty important, and I think the west playoffs might demonstrate that come WCF time

Tom Moore on May 3 at 15:22

Sixers Thursday video: Iguodala on his Achilles tendinitis and Turner on the Bulls' adjustments for Game 3:


Thanks, Tom. Did you guys get to see the end of practice? Was Iguodala noticeably favoring the leg?

Tom Moore reply to Brian on May 3 at 15:46

Sure, Brian. Didn't see a second of it. Were called down without curtain ever opening.

Collins said Iguodala "didn't do a lot today. He warmed up and shot a little bit." Said coming back in Game 4 1 1/2 days after Game 3 will be tough for Iguodala.

Tom Moore on May 3 at 15:46

Thursday practice video: Lavoy Allen on playing so well in Game 2 and being effective as a starter or reserve:


How funny would it be if the Sixers went to the ECF? Which is pretty much the ceiling for ever east team except for Miami and Chicago with a healthy Rose.

...isnt the only way that can happen if the Knicks somehow turn into a real team and beat Miami??

No. If Sixers beat the Bulls they play either Celtics or Hawks.

NHL is the league that 'reseeds' after each round of the playoffs...NBA is set up more 'bracket' style - opponents are fixed by initial seeding.

It's actually something I've just been pondering myself the past week or so, if it's more 'right' to re pair like they do in the NHL or have it fixed in the NBA.

Personally, I think i might come down on the side of the reseeding - if the 2 seed loses - why should the 1 seed have to play the 'better' regular season opponent in the second round than the 3 seed just because the 2 seed choked?

Stan reply to GoSixers on May 3 at 22:18

The difference in talent b/e playoff teams in the NFL and the NHL isn't as big as it is in the NBA. If the current method makes the playoffs more competitive, I'm all for it.

johnrosz on May 4 at 0:42

got my tickets for tomorrow night, think we can expect a sellout? I really hope so

I'll be there w/ TK76. Don't know if they'll sell out. If Rose was playing, maybe he would've drawn a crowd, on the other hand, the prospect of winning might bring more actual Sixers fans. Who knows.

I will be in the building also

tk76 reply to KellyDad on May 4 at 3:25

Brian and Kellydad should settle their Iggy differences at the half with an aover the top armwrestling match to settle things once and for all.

There are a bunch of seats available on Stubhub for not that much, so I'm skeptical it will be a sell out. A shame if it isn't.

Sixers won ... Redskins got rg3 .... Mayweather about to be 43 - 0 let's go

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