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One other thing, I'm expecting the Bulls to try something disruptive defensively in this game. I thought they'd start doubling Jrue when he got really hot in game two, expect to see some of that tonight on both he and Lou.

They were doubling Lou in the last game. He still held on to the ball too long, but he was able to get the pass off, and it seemed to not really be a factor.

I would like to see how Jrue would react to this type of pressure.

Great write up. Looking forward to this game!

So if anyone is still looking to go, but couldn't talk their friends into it I'm here for you.

One of my friends bailed and I have an extra ticket. It's Section 109, Row 18. I paid $50 for them with service charges and all that fun stuff.

If you are interested, MoveLikeNight_AT_gmail.com

If the Sixers outrebound the Bulls again AND shoot 64% in the 2nd half again, I predict they'll win.

Guard co-op 'Holiday, Turner & Williams' won't likely produce 65 again. But what about farmer Meeks?... can't ignore his .436, .423 & .946 at WFC this season.

Bulls must be aware of Sixers leaking, squelch hometown youngsters' planned "Phi Slamma Jamma" houseparty before the music begins.

Hard 48 - whichever team comes closest... D-#. Rebounding. Loose balls. FT conversions. Basics.

Collins-Thibodeau matchup is one to watch. DC tactics left "Shorty" short in Gm 2.

eddies' heady's reply to Dollar Bill on May 4 at 11:10

When runouts frequently occur, maybe Guy Lewis can lend Thibs his infamous red and white polka-dot towel.

A shame they won't put the guy in the Naismith Hall already; groundbreaking "Game of the Century" in '68 - first nationally televised game, Southern trailblazer for racial integration, 5 final fours. Travesty. To boot, the guy's 90.

Yeah, you'd think nearly 600 wins and .680 winning rate might qualify him. :)

ryan anderson won MIP, but someone voted for bogut even though he played 12 games


The MIP award is the one that i think they perennialy get it right (unlike some others). Ia do agree about Ryan Anderson winning it. Some of the votes including Bogut though are just laughable.

Sean K reply to sixerfan1220 on May 4 at 15:32

Hah Speights got one third place vote! No currently rostered Sixers player listed. There wasnt a Philly based panelist who could throw ET a bone with a 3rd place vote?

tk76 reply to Sean K on May 4 at 16:20

Hawes was probably leading the pack prior to his injury. Funny how he returned with no spine. Well maybe not funny...

Lucas is eating Lou's lunch. Christ.

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