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Sixers Close Out Bulls, Again

Winning close games.
Spencer 20-10 and clutch.
Iggy ices late game FT's.
Lou's late game PASSING.
Winning by getting to the FT line.

Just your typical Sixers like we saw all year?

Heh. I'm telling you, it's a brand new world. 5-0 in their last five close games.

I think Chandler might've just gotten run out of the game for two techs on one play. Nevermind. They only gave him one.

Nice recap, agree on almost everything this time.
Not to take anything out of these guys but what do you guys think of the combo Hawes/Brand block on Boozer before Jrue made the FTS for the 84-80 ?? I watched the play only twice and it looks like Hawes gets all ball while Brand grabs Boozer's arm, anyway there was a lot of contact, if I was a Bulls fan I'd be pissed off.
Also not sure why Thibs left Rip out so long in the fourth, if I am not mistaken he was put in again only with 21 sec left !!

I never blame losses on the refs, I'm certainly not going to discount a win because of them.

same for me, just wanted to hear more opinions on that specific play, a key one.
BTW just read the AP recap on NBA.com and they talk about "whistle-happy game" (not sure what that refers to, anyone to break it down for me? is it a knock on us?) and Bulls "barking at refs".
(for Statman: extremely pleased by Iguodala's off/def game today, I left another comment on the game thread praising him)

Noted, I responded in the game thread.

I would say that the play that you refer to was definitely a foul. If it were LeBron or Durant (or Rose), it would certainly have been called, and we as Sixers fans wouldn't have complained.

That said, I thought Turner got fouled on more than one very similar play in the 1st half.

just saw your reply in the game thread: I'd say that I usually criticize Iguodala when he plays bad and praise him when he plays well. Same for all other Sixers (j/k)

Seriously, thanks for giving your opinion on that non call, it looks like that was definitely a foul then, as also Eddie's agrees. Boozer got no All star treatment :-)

("whistle-happy"? I am curious to know what that refers to)

It refers to the refs calling fouls often in the game. It could specifically be in reference to the sixers since in the regular season they got to the line the fewest amount of times (this game: 31 FTA) while the bulls allowed the third fewest FTAs, I believe.

eddies' heady's reply to Ricky - Sixers4guidos on May 6 at 17:32

Looked to me that Hawes is the one who grabbed the arm and EB then got the ball. It was a clear foul whoever it was.

Certainly could have been called. There is definitely an advantage to home teams late.

My understanding is that if the ball is knocked out of the players hand before there is contact then it is no foul. I'd have to watch the play again to see if the contact happened before or after the ball was blocked out of Boozers hand.

Interesting how Collins starts both the 2nd and the 4th with Meeks at SG but pulls him out after 2-3 min. I think given our guards' struggles Meex could have got some extra-run tonight, especially in the first half.
Anyway I liked the substitutionss, Collins is basically sticking to a 7 (+ 1/2...) men rotation

What a game, these guys sure do look like they're learning how to win playoff games, hopefully that translates into at least some respect from the refs and ABC eventually...and as long as he's playing like Dirk it's amazing how valuable 00 looks to this team!

South Broad on May 6 at 17:02

POTG displays your improved objectivity.

Nah, Spence boxed him into the corner, Brian had nowhere else to go, went to the canvass. Smelling salts, please.

I give him credit when it's due. It's been due about 12 times this year.

Tom Moore on May 6 at 17:02

Sixers video: Jrue Holiday and Spencer Hawes on their contributions in Sunday's Game 4 win over the Bulls:


eddies' heady's on May 6 at 17:06

Is Spencer Hawes now just getting healthy again? And back to his what looks similar to his early season game?

I expect that's what we'll hear when they sign him for 5 years/$50M. If that's the case, though, then he's only been healthy for about 12 games in his career.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on May 6 at 17:13

Most interesting mention from Collins in his presser was he told Spencer, "...you're a free agent playing for a contract, leave behind you behind you, just go forward..". Amongst more backstory obviously, but thought that was an interesting side note coming from the ol' head coach.

Apparently the $$$$ button is more effective w/ Spence than the pride button. Who cares, just keep winning games.

I doubt it. He's just been ridiculously hot with his jump shot and making good effort on defense. He looked pitiful inside against Noah, and better today against Asik and Boozer.

A good fourth quarter last game and a good game today...It might have more to do with who's guarding him...or namely, who's not guarding him.

I certainly hope the FO doesn't let 5 quarters be the deciding factor in whether or not he should be re-signed.

Never thought my main man Spencer would get the love here. HAWES!!!!!

eddies' heady's on May 6 at 17:21

Maybe you can look at it like DC knew that maybe his best chance at getting a bucket would be to isolate Jrue up like that, then Lou two times after (though they failed), but moreso him saying that he just hasn't been able to generate any worth-a-damn look when running sets, and it is game 4 and Thibs has seen enough footage of em, so let's just let guys go to work and hope for the best. Could explain why he wasn't even interested in having his guys run a so-called "play".

They were getting mostly nothing for lengthy portions of the game running sets, perhaps he said let's not be insane and keep trying this and expect a different result. Even though, it was kind of frustrating to watch, no, really frustrating, with all the too-early-from-the-end-of-the-game and crucial-moments isolations.

This Knicks/Heat game is hilarious. Mike Bibby just hit a corner three to give the Knicks a three point lead w/ a little over a minute left. The hilarious thing is that Mike Bibby is on the floor with the game tied in the final two minutes.

Anonymous reply to Brian on May 6 at 18:24

Not really hilarious. Baron Davis messed his knee up pretty bad earlier un the game

Just heard that. Still hilarious in that Mike Bibby is a backup PG on an NBA team at this point. Bosh just coughed the ball up on a key possession. Miami's first close game in the playoffs doesn't look like it's going too well.

Did Battier really just foul him on a three? That's terrible.

I didn't see a foul.

Melo is smiling after he misses the first two.

Ha, LeBron w/ the and-one. Chandler fouls out on the play. What a finish.

Knicks win. Wade just dribbled around and took a bad three for the win. The Knicks are pumped.

excellent, every extra game Miami has to play makes the chances just so slightly lower of them winning it all...especially now that OKC can rest up and they can't!

Stan reply to das411 on May 6 at 19:22

I want Miami to win the championship this year. I don't know why but I've never hated Lebron. I'm going to get an ear full from emphatic Knicks fans tomorrow about how the momentum and Lin's return is going result in NY winning the series.

Mike reply to Stan on May 6 at 19:31

i love Lebron. dude is by far the most entertaining athlete i have ever watched.

TwoSense reply to Mike on May 6 at 22:39

You never saw Jordan or Magic or Larry I'd suppose?

Stan reply to TwoSense on May 6 at 23:00

ugh. Another old guy about to start a rant about how Bird played the game the way it should be played- with heart, integrity and work ethic. Stuff that Lebron lacks. :)

Purely from an entertainment perspective, Lebron isn't that exciting. McGrady was my favorite player to watch.

LeBron is my favorite player after Evan Turner. Never understood the hate. Because he only gave that dump city and dump team 7 years? Please.

Coulda fooled me. I thought it was Jodie Meeks.

MCT reply to Brian on May 6 at 22:37

Jodie is his favorite D-League player


Marcus Hayes is obviously a total joke, but there are some interesting quotes from EB here: http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/sixers/20120506_Sixers_take_huge_step_forward.html

Celts making it look easy against ATL. Hit a lot of tough shots there, which is basically their offensive game at this point. If they go cold, it'll be a game in the second half.

It's still baffling how with this many injuries, and with their aging stars, how they're still this dominant. I get it that they're good on defense, but they don't have much of a bench, and they can't exactly play Garnett and Allen heavy minutes.

So what is it then? Coaching? Rondo playing like a top 20 player?

Garnett and Pierce are both over 40 minutes/game in this series. They're in much better shape at the two w/ Bradley able to eat those minutes for Allen. Their bench is garbage. Ultimately, if they're hitting their long twos, they're pretty tough to beat.

And their bigs are pretty good at hitting those long twos...

Per Hoopdata:

From 16-23 ft -

Garnett - 48%
Bass - 48%

Stan reply to Jeff on May 6 at 21:08

Well our bigs are 67% from the 3 point line in the playoffs :)

I know, I hate complaining about officiating just as much as the next guy but: is it just me or did Bavetta and Co. really screw Turner today? There were really a lot of times that warranted a call and he got nothing.

But the Sixers got a lot of favorable calls as well. I think it balanced out.

The Six on May 6 at 23:35

When this team backed their way way into the playoffs, I was pretty pissed. Not because they made it, but rather the play down the stretch. When the series started, I just wanted to 1) see these guys fight, and 2) See "the future" AKA ET and Jrue play well. I could not be happier. Chicago is now a ghost of the team they were, but who cares. This is great experience for a young team. On another note, I would like to see Thad step up next game.

I hate to get greedy, but it wouldn't it be great if Iggy could get a fee extra games to recuperate before round 2? Sure it would be lucky to even get their, but why not put yourself on the best position to compete?

How does the schedule work? I know they do not reseed, so does round 2 start right after both teams are decided or is there a set calander?

My wife had the exact same question for me tonight when she was trying to plan for next weekend. My guess would be if both the Sixers and the Celtics finish it up on Tuesday, they'd play game 1 on Saturday, but I really don't know.

Absolute best-case scenario would be Sixers close Chicago out tomorrow night, and Atlanta/Boston go the full seven games. If that happened, I think the earliest they could start round two would be Monday. First things first, though. Get that win tomorrow night.

tk76 reply to Brian on May 7 at 5:15

So round 2 games could start while round 1 game 7s are still going on?

Stan reply to tk76 on May 7 at 7:37

yes. It's happened before.

Spencer for hire on May 7 at 8:14

From my seat at the game today there was an odd trend with the officials; more fouls seem to be called off the ball than when guys are driving and shooting it.

Turner fell victim quite a few times after nocalls going to the hoop and than getting hit for bumping Watson at the other end. It seems to me Turners' physicalness when driving to the hoop is looked at by the refs with a "let them play attitude" when he draws contact continually.

Agree with the trend. Along with too many offensive fouls when guys slide under a player and flop.

tk76 reply to tk76 on May 7 at 8:38

To be clear I respect a guy who anticipates well and draws a legit charge - but the floppers undermine the integrity of the call. It has reached the point that the acting is more important then actually absorbing contact and that seems backwards. Like a touchdown dance counting more than the score.

Like Thad. Slides more than Jimmy Rollins.

Tom Moore on May 7 at 8:36

I think the calls down the stretch clearly favored the Sixers. The call against Korver for fouling Jrue and the call against Asik for fouling Andre both looked like bail-out calls to me. I generally have a pretty favorable view of NBA officiating but it just didn't strike me as a very well called game.

As for Spence, my guess is that he's just starting to feel good following his most recent injury woes. I know from personal experience that bouncing back from injuries can initially be very slow and then with luck things can improve very quickly. If he can stay healthy, and if you can stomach a finesse big, I think Spence is a quality NBA center. Of course those are two very big ifs.

I also don't understand the hate for LeBron and wouldn't mind seeing the Heat win the championship. Yes he, and some of his teammates, have said and done some stupid things. But show me someone who hasn't and I'll show you someone who's 1) never gets out of bed in the morning or 2) is really f%@%#ing boring. He's a great athelete and a great player who's been a boon to the whole league.

That said, ever since the day's of Jordan, I've hated the way the NBA is covered. The go on and on about the big name players and teams ad nauseum totally marginalizing the rest of the league. The failure to make any substantive comments about the Sixers in yesterdays pre-game show is a prime example. And why do they always insist on primarily showing 1 vs 8 matchups on network TV. I don't have cable so I'm stuck with watching LeBron and Co. walk all over the Knicks rather than watching a competitive series.

As for the rest of the playoffs Lou has to step it up on the offensive end. I can live with most of the other guys not scoring because they bring other things to the table. But Lou needs to score to be really productive. I do think Lou's defense gets unfairly maligned and he can make some beautiful passes but he's just not as complete a player (and somewhat undersized) compared to most of the other guys. I also think Thad needs to get more involved at both ends of the floor. His energy could really be a difference maker going forward.

Boozer's waist-level cross court push pass some rows into the stands and his "oops, I forgot the ball" drive were curiosities. The plays were so bad I passingly thought of Jack Molinas.

Deng has been saying "dang" a lot this series.

The "Veal" was ready to serve. Thibs opted out. Result: Bulls fans went to bed hungry for a win, cursing their stubborn head coach with saucy deliverings before nodding off. United Center grill will be fired up Tuesday. One more chance before expiration date, Chef Tom. "Work harder! Finish it off! VEAL!!!!!"

Collins was on the money about one thing yesterday: he had no conscience when it came to shooting; his next shot was his next breath. Is coaching his pups up in this 2-handicap series though. Nice job so far. Q4, last 3: Sixers 79, Bulls 56!

Collins was on the money about one thing yesterday: he had no conscience when it came to shooting; his next shot was his next breath.

Getting shots on the 76-78 Sixers (Erving, McGinnis, Free, Collins) was like getting your share at the dinner table with a bunch of hungry siblings. While Collins might have shot a lot, he did it efficiently (50-80 for his career), not really sure why you have such an antipathy toward his playing career.

If you take a close look, you'll notice on about 3 of every 4 Brand blocked shots, his left hand or left forearm is planted on the shooter's ribs. Gets away with a lot due to dimples and Duke "charm," my theory. Whatever, it's workin' to some extent - and he's durable like a Tonka Truck, except when he's injured.

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