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A Dynamic Duo

Tom Moore on May 7 at 15:36

Monday practice video: Evan Turner and Lou Williams on trying to close out Chicago in Game 5 Tuesday:


Noah is officially out for tomorrow correct?

I haven't heard anything official, yet. Wouldn't surprise me if he tried to play, though I doubt he'd really be able to.

MikeW reply to Brian on May 7 at 16:19

NBA Today (an ESPN podcast) said he was out for tomorrow's game (and they made it seem official). But I haven't seen it in print.

Coincidentally I received a text from ESPN alerts when I was reading this. Thiboadeau is quoted as saying that Noah is 'likely out' tomorrow.

Turtle Bay on May 7 at 16:28

Hey Brian, After watching Turner's first two seasons, how optimistic are you about his continued progress in the years to come, and what do you see as his ceiling? I think he has shown major strides this year but has also had problems with consistency. After seeing Jrue and Turner play well together in this series, I want to be very hopeful about the future of the Sixers' backcourt but at the same time stay somewhat realistic.

I'll have plenty about this when the season's over. For now, I just hope they continue to play this well together.

Rodney reply to Turtle Bay on May 7 at 17:03

Suffice to say, the next round should assist in your realism.

Baron Davis another victim of the ACL/MCL double whammy, partial patella tendon tear - i'd guess his career is over

I was listening to an orthopedist the other day on 710 AM radio and though the Nike douche who bad mouthed Rose on Twitter for going with Adidas wasn't right that Nike wouldn't have hurt him - it's possible that newer technology on shoes might be an issue - there's no give in the shoes

How many guys messed up their ACL's in Chuck Taylors, all this fancy new technology might actually be bad for the guys when they cut if there's no give

I don't think it is the lack of give as much as it is a combination of additional traction and that all players are now weight lifters.

stan reply to tk76 on May 7 at 22:43

That's an odd fact that I've noticed. NBA players in the 80's didn't have much muscle tone. Just look at a picture of Larry Bird from the 80s. I wonder if that progression has made players more stiff.

Hah, Jrue is putting up great numbers. Just like what Iggy put up prior to his extension:

Iggy 2007/8:

Jrue 2012 playoffs:

Wonder what Jrue gets extended for? Does the plethora of big name PG's hurt or help him?

Great recap Brian - but as much as we rip on Doug for not being the great in-game coach, doesn't he deserve credit for keeping both of these guys on board with what he's trying to do?

Saw an interesting column today by Spike Eskin of all people who hit on that - how many other coaches, like say a certain one with braces who we have all completely forgotten about, would actually have lost one or both of these guys instead of getting them to both raise t heir games at exactly the right time?

@SpikeEskin - Here I write about the sudden development of Jrue and Evan, and living in Bizarro-#Sixers Land http://cbsloc.al/IHIysI

Spike- nothing like his dad.

Case in point, here is a quote you would bnever here from his dad:

"The truth is most likely somewhere in the middle. Which is a place in today’s sports talk and media atmosphere we’ve all forgotten, and I can be as guilty as anyone."

Jrue is about to become the 17th player in NBA history to acrue 1+ playoff win shares by age 21.

Here is a table of playoff stats for jigh WS/48 players ate age 21 who played regular minutes. Jrue's numbers are impressive.


...don't look now but Reggie Evans and Speezy are going at it in LA

It's almost certain that we'll be seeing the 6ers and C's go at it soon and I'm going to go ahead and ponder the match-up.

I think that the 6ers are built to beat a team like the Celtics in a series. Of their starters only Rondo can be considered to be in his prime. Outside of the expected contributions from Allen, Pierce, and Garnett, there's little they can count on. Bass is a strong and athletic guy who can hold position in the post but he lives and dies by his jump shot. After him there's who, Avery Bradley? A nice prospect to pencil in down the line, but we're talking about next week potentially.

I think a critical match up is Thaddeus and Bass. It isn't the decisive factor for the series, but on the road to the ECF, Thaddeus is going to need to contribute despite his match-up strength. We cannot discount his lack of contribution because of poor match-ups in Taj Gibson or Joel Anthony. He's good enough to impose his will in brief spurts and support that with hustle plays. That's going to have to come through or else he's just as expendable as the next guy.

Another question mark is Brand and whoever defensively. He's the only guy the 6ers have down low but he can't close out against Bass and Garnett. He just doesn't have the legs. It's one thing when you know it's coming from Boozer and nobody else. It's one thing when there's absolutely no pressure from the opposing point to put you on your heels. Spencer Hawes is in the same boat but anything from him defensively is just extra.

The last thing I'll mention is Iguodala's Achilles. Allen and Pierce are a deadly efficient duo. I have faith in Jrue limiting Allen's impact because he doesn't pose a threat on the drive and can be chased into limited effectiveness. Pierce is another sort of beast, and I would go so far as calling this the most critical factor of the series. Coming back around to the post topic, if Jrue and Evan can put the work in and let Iguodala focus only on negating Pierce (a la Afflalo vs. Kobe), or at least offsetting his efficiency, I think the ECF is a possibility.

We're a long way from Chicago in 6.

Semi long but great article about Joey Crawford in the NYTimes this weekend:


Interesting story, thanks for the link.

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