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Sixers Lose Ugly, Series Back to Philly

Good points about Brewer. Couldn't figure out why he wasn't on the floor all series.

johnrosz on May 9 at 1:11

You guys really need to watch McGee tonight, I'm sure people will laugh at him as a target this offseason because of all the dumb things he does, but he's been incredible tonight and damn good overall in this series

pretty insane run by Kobe there. McGee definitely has skills. Huge knucklehead though.

No way I'd put $12M+/year into that guy.

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 9 at 1:16

He's doing all the things that this team so desperately needs, excellent catching lobs, blocks and alters shots, and he's rebounding/doing a solid job on Bynum. I really think he would be fine with a better culture and coaching staff than he had in Washington, but I understand why people are shying away.

The Six reply to Brian on May 9 at 11:57

Would you rather trade for Al Jefferson? Iggy and AJ match up pretty well contract-wise, and they have a number of bigs.

So the consensus is that either you get Javale McGee or you give up Iguodala for Al Jefferson and create a hole on the roster that didn't already exist?

Sheesh - didn't realize it was such a binary option.

Javale McGee shows up for a few games in the playoffs after years of immaturity and nonsense (and no - it's not excused by 'being on the wizards' - you can be a mature player on any team if you are a mature player) and everyone wants to throw money at him.

It's like no one remember a 5 game series against the pistons the sixers played long ago that earned someone a long term deal most thought was too much (and no it wasn't Andre Iguodala)

Jason reply to GoSixers on May 9 at 12:24

I fear that Hawes will play his way to a contract with one more good game.

Well, if this one series encourages the sixers to pay him long term - then the organization is doomed anyway and we should all start lowering long term expectations or root for a better run organization

Like the clippers

The Six reply to GoSixers on May 9 at 13:19

Relax. I was not implying that there are only two options. I didn't word it properly. Better now?

Looks like game six will be at 7pm on Thursday.

Right after my interview... they better win game 6.

good luck!

jswigga on May 9 at 2:19

Another great read, bro. I love that you began with "calm down."

I asked earlier if looking to a potential Boston 2nd-round matchup was a bad idea and apparently it was... Still, I really like how the guys are attacking and getting to the cup. this is all Ive ever wanted from the squad. Be physical, be aggressive and get to the hole.

They are showing they can do that... now if we could only get Thad (major WTF!!!) going

Only saw a few minutes of this one here and there and had to listen to the rest on radio, but it sounded like an awful lot of shots were just falling short...no problems with Doug leaving the starters in the entire game, even when they never got any traction in the 3rd/4th to chip away at that lead? You wonder if a guy like Sam Young or V8 who would come in rested after everyone else has been battling away would be just faster enough to make a difference...

The problem with the non-existent three point shooting was never more obvious than in this game. That's the reason that they can't get away from the Bulls, even though their defense is really good.

Jrue was good on D, and he did a lot of things well on the offensive end as well, but i think credit must be given where credit's due. Hawes had a solid allround game. He pretty much did what he was supposed to and his softness didn't really hurt them on the defensive end tonight. He even made a few pretty good defensive plays.

I am terrified to say this but they really need Hawes to continue his solid play.

Hawes was fine. Didn't hurt them, scored some points. Nothing that really stood out to me, either way, which is pretty good for him.

It's so ridiculous how streaky this team is.

Great write up. I think I've handled this loss better than any playoff loss in (6ers) recent history. I still feel really confident about this series, Game 6 should be a good game for the team.

I don't to whine about the physicality, but that forearm shiver to Brand's face was not acceptable. In my opinion, it was more aggressive and intentional that what world peace did. I liked Brand's comment -- "Got an elbow in the face, can't allow that. But after the play was over, it's over." -- but I'd like to see Collins politic a little for the refs to keep the game a little less physical. I'm worried they'll let the bulls bully us for the sake of a game 7.

Malachi Constant reply to JC on May 9 at 11:29

I don't know how you can even compare Taj's half elbow response to having an elbow thrown at his junk to what Artest did.

And "physicality" is a made up word.

tk76 reply to GoSixers on May 9 at 11:53

So someone made it up in 1660.

A valid point, so no words are real (and neither is our understanding of time because that's all arbitrary as well)

There is no spoon

Clarence Weatherspoon? Not very good, but definitely real.

Yes, just like someone at some point made up 'trending', 'robust', 'draconian', 'indeed', 'frankly', 'spot on', 'mind you', 'having said that', 'by the by', 'how cool is that', 'take a listen', 'what say you', 'the folks', 'well played' and other buzzwords/catchphrases of the "I'm trying to say little but impressively"-club.

Language, constantly evolving... like the Obama Administration's position on gay marriage.

Hey - language evolves constantly

When I was growing up the past tense of plea was pled, and pleated was something pants were - but with the dumbing of american it's now a different word.

Google and Facebook are acceptable verbs

... as are 'is', at last check. And 'wuz' too. :)

Charlie H reply to Dollar Bill on May 9 at 13:16

Yes, language evolves, but stupid words like "physicality" and "athleticism" (forgotten school of ancient Greek philosophy?) get weeded out by people pointing out how useless they are. It's all part of the evolution process. "Rough play" and "violence" will survive; "physicality" will not.

That's a strong opinion that time could weaken. Grip tight.

Given "physicality" has remained in the lexicon for at least 370 years I'd say it already has demonstrated better staying power than most words. If it does fade away then I'd say it had a good run and showed some gumption.

After a handful of comments, I get a picture in my head of what each commentor looks like. Like a one of those drawings you get airbrushed on a boardwalk somewhere. You're the only one that I can never nail down. I had you as like a crotchety 70-year-old sitting in his library surrounded by leather-bound first edition books typing away on like a 10-year old Mac your grandkids bought you for father's day one year. Kind of looking like Ben Franklin. Then you throw in a gay marriage line that's vague enough to leave some doubt as to which way you lean.

Your imagining was funny. Thanks for the good laugh.

I too love my fresh Amoroso rolls, but I've often been told, tiringly so, I look exactly the opposite of Ben Franklin, much to my chagrin.

FWIW, I lean back to repose, down to pick up, forward to acquire. :)

i heard that chicks back then really dug that partially balding look, together with the round wire rims, that stuff was popping meen. That was the ish back then. Should have tried some mutton chops IMO but otherwise, not a fella to be wary of.

As our country's first diplomat, Franklin was a highly successful and revered French tickler. Shot the lights out, even with a balding pate. The assembly rooms and parlors of Paris pay tribute to him to this day. Mental acuity, a rollicking spirit and an unrivaled sense of humor wore down opponents. Benjamin Franklin, nonpareil Philadelphia point guard... would've schooled the likes of scrappy Jimmy Lynam, cool Matty Guokas and hustlin' Doug Overton - and then befriended them.

Malachi Constant reply to GoSixers on May 9 at 11:55

Fair enough. I guess my mentacality isn't strong.

The Six on May 9 at 13:51

This comment is not intended to rip Iggy (even though I was critical of him yesterday and he is 3-20 from 3pt range this series), but rather look at the team's 3Pt shooting as a whole. Why is Doug allowing so many 3pt shots when this team clearly doesn't have guys that shoot it that well?

Game 1: 3Pt% = 11% (1-9)
Game 2: 3Pt% = 42% (5-12)
Game 3: 3Pt% = 7% (1-14)
Game 4: 3Pt% = 26% (5-19)
Game 5: 3Pt% = 18% (2-11)

JW reply to The Six on May 9 at 14:13

"Why is Doug allowing so many 3pt shots when this team clearly doesn't have guys that shoot it that well?"

Because it's the shot that presents itself the most (along with long 2's) with the way the Bulls are packing it in. Not to mention, this offense he's ran all year has been predicated on guys being able to make perimeter jumpers. Also, the Bulls appear to be inviting the 6ers to take them at times.

Well, take a look at the individual shooting and their percentages from the regular season:

Jrue: 38% regular season, 7/18 this series (38.9%)
Iguodala: 39.4% regular season, 2/20 this series (15%)
Lou: 36.2% regular season, 2/19 this series (10.5%)
Meeks: 36.5% regular season, 0/1 this series (0%)
Hawes: 25% regular season, 2/3 this series (66.7%)
Turner: 22.4% regular season, 0/3 this series (0%)

So you've got 57 attempts from guys who were above average 3-point shooters, but they've converted at a combined 21%, but Jrue is inflating that number greatly. The real problem is Lou and Iguodala who have hit a combined 4/39 (10.25%).

If you tell two of your best shooters to stop shooting threes, what are you really left with, though. I think this is a combination of a couple of things: #1, the Bulls close on shooters much better than your average team. #2, Iguodala's shot is different w/ the achilles problem. He doesn't get the same lift, which is throwing the shot off. #3, they're just cold.

Maybe you tell Iguodala to cool it on the threes if he can't get a natural shooting motion, but there's no reason to expect Lou to continue to shoot them that poorly. It's just a bad streak, but if you take those shots away, you drastically shrink the floor, and the floor is already shrunk pretty badly. The terrible team percentage has to improve, it just has to. There's no way I'd tell them to stop shooting them, and I'd probably run plays to get Jrue more looks from three.

A team is a reflection of its coach. Doug was a racing gunner, though mostly from mid-range. That fire-away mentality has been successfully transmitted, especially to Jrue.

The Six on May 9 at 13:57

Great write-up by the way Brian...

I thought the refs felt sorry for the Bulls misfortune and gave them a free swing. So they brought out a lead pipe and went to work.
Our 24FTs attempted compared to their 11, might make it seem like the whistles were working for us. But the carnage I saw from my TV screen was pretty real.

To be fair, we did try to match their play. Gotta give the Sixers credit for that at least. Defense was intense. But Gibson was a monster. Sixers always struggle against teams with very physical styles of play (or should I say tough interior play) like the Jazz and the Pacers off the top of my head.
Back in Philly, we should hear more chirps whenever Turner and Holiday get clubbed in the lane. I think we win this one, even with Noah back.

Getting way ahead of myself here but the possibility of eliminating the Cs on national TV will be the ultimate blessing for 8yrs or so, of mediocrity we have endured.

Here's the stat I was looking for. The Sixers shot 8/25 at the rim last night. 2/6 from 3-9 feet. So 10/31 inside the paint. 32.2% and they only got to the line 24 times (yes, only).

In game 3, they only had 19 attempts at the rim, and got to the line 31 times.

If they attack the same way in Philly, I think they get to the line a whole lot more.

Knock down threes at just a below average rate, and continue to attack the rim and the dam will break. They don't need to fix anything, they can just play the exact same game, the same type of game Chicago plays, and win with slightly better execution and home court advantage, imo.

The Six reply to Brian on May 9 at 14:40

Agreed. I absolutely want to see them take it to the rim more. Which was one of the reasons why I was hoping for fewer 3's. I see your point in your previous post, and I agree that during the regular season they are better 3pt shooters. But I wanted and adjustment since the shots just aren't falling.

Lastly, I am tired of seeing Asik leave his feet to block a shot, see ET aggressively take it to the RIM, draw the contact......and no call. That is a foul if ET has a bigger name on the back of his jersey. That has to change. The officials have not been the reason for the outcome in any game this series, but that part is terrible to see.

JW reply to The Six on May 9 at 14:59

One could reasonably argue the officials were responsible for the outcome of game four, or at least had a heavy hand in it. The Bulls were hosed many times in that game especially during the crucial 4th quarter.

I'd say games 3, 4 and 5 were all influenced by officiating. But no more so than your average playoff game is, without a superstar on either side. Home crowds influence refs, home teams get away w/ more in front of their crowds. The only way you really see a shift in that is when you come up against a superstar who will drive the lane a lot.

matt reply to Brian on May 9 at 14:56

I agree. Even its not necessarily our strength (or they way they've played together all year), its extremely entertaining and encouraging to see the team get inside, get contact, and take threes instead of longs 2's. If they play tough again, I think they win tomorrow night.

jsmoove on May 9 at 14:37

From ESPN:

The 76ers shot 28.8 percent in the half court during Game 5, the lowest for any team this postseason. The 76ers had 80 half-court plays during the game and they were unable to score a point on 58 of the 80 (72.5 percent).

Half-Court Offense Game 5

76ers Bulls
Pts 47 69
FG pct 28.8 45.6
3-pt FG pct 20.0 62.5
Score pct 27.5 37.9

The Bulls didn't have their two best players in Noah and Rose, yet another glaring reason that hopeful offseason changes are on the horizon. Those stats are just pitiful and highlight this roster's flawed construction. 27.5% in the halfcourt, what would they do without fast breaks?

To me it just highlights how badly they shot last night and how they didn't get to the line enough. Look at the same numbers from game two against the same team and they'll tell a vastly different story. In game two, they shot at an unsustainably high rate, in game five they shot at an unsustainably low rate.

South Broad reply to Brian on May 9 at 19:50

I agree with most of this but didn't they shoot at that same low rate for the third straight game in game 5? If so, it's not so unsustainable at that point is it?

I really think the Sixers should try to get Thad some SF minutes next year. Lets face it, he is just too small to be playing ALL his minutes at PF. When he meets up with another PF that can match his speed he is almost useless. And of course there's the fact he is one of the worst rebounding PFs in the league. Thad could absolutely abuse other teams SFs on the block and if the Sixers could find themselves a stretch 4(Anderson or Ilyasova maybe?)that could turn into a huge advantage. I love Thad, but if I have to watch him get used and abused down low for the next 5 years it's gonna be hard to keep giving him a pass because he's a likeable guy.

matt reply to DonH on May 9 at 16:10

In an ideal world everyone would fit the protypical positions. If Utah can pull off their "big" lineup, it stands to reason Thad could benefit from a few minutes there.

Steve geez reply to DonH on May 9 at 17:22

Thads non developement as a sf is really a huge disapointment.... I remember bein courtside at the jordaN classic the year thad was in it ... Wat a completely diff player from the one i saw battle KD point for point (albeit in a all star setting) mainly as a shooter and ball handler smh... Wat the Hell happened between then and his rookie year thats made him exclusively a undersized pf?

Stan reply to Steve geez on May 9 at 19:05

I was thinking the same exact thing a few days ago. I remember watching that game and seeing him use a crossover dribble to get to the basket and hitting long jumpers. I thought he had the potential to be a Tracy McGrady type player.

I don't mind seeing him at PF, but a PF making 8 million per year should know how to rebound.

Paul Milsap for Thaddeus Yong, would you make the trade?

One thing I noticed attending a game is just how skinny Thad is right now. Part of his reliance on jumpshots and recent struggles likely has to do with the fact that he went from undersized to ridiculously undersized by losing all this weight.

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