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Sixers Need To Be The Aggressors

They need to identify mismatches and attack them at every occasion. That means do not use Hawes to run the offense up top. Attack whichever weak defensive guard or SF is on the floor. Force the bigs to come up and help, and attack the paint or kick to Brand or Hawes for open jumpers.

And Thad showing up for a game would be a plus.

Yeah, I'd also add they need to avoid the bad matchups (AI9 iso w/ Deng on him, Turner iso w/ Deng or Brewer on him). I'd also like to see the bigs set a halfway decent screen on those high pick-and-pops they've been running. Feel like those half-assed screens wind up completely killing the play. The bigs are more worried about flaring out early to get a 20-footer.

Spencer for hire on May 10 at 7:39

Brian, I think Thad is staying home to help defensive rebound and the coaches are more concerned with getting the rebound than running with it. Two things I would like to see;

1] A couple 2 bigs lineups with Spence and Lavoy and possibly Spence and Vuce, yes Vuce. I think Chicago hasn't game planned for him at all and if so, put him on the block and make Gibson or Boozer guard him. If it doesn't work get him out quickly. It is a card that hasn't been played and our offense could sure use a boost.

2] Put in some wrinkles to free Evan up. It worked for Lou that one game. Maybe off the ball backscreens or something like that. I totally agree with you that screening should be emphasized in practice.

Spencer for hire reply to Spencer for hire on May 10 at 8:00

Thad's finesse offensive game is giving this team nothing and a 2 big lineup may be the way to rebound better and get some lowpost offense. An Elton, Hawes, Vuce and Lavoy rotation may be more effective.

..or you could distract the Bulls by having some dumbass woman wander onto the court, did this really happen last night??


It happened in one of the previous games not last night...

If the impossible could be arranged, Bulls would benefit from Mendy Rudolph (Wilkes-Barre), Earl "Yogi" Strom (Pottstown) and Jake O'Donnell (Philadelphia) reffing tonight - - none of them minded in the least making unpopular calls before a partisan home crowd.

Distinction: O'Donnell is the only person to have officiated both an MLB and NBA All-Star game. Also, he was on the RFK Stadium field in Washington when fans broke from the stands on 9/30/71, causing forfeit of the final Senators game (vs. Yankees), a move to Texas having rubbed some the wrong way. Ted Williams' 63-win squad would be missed, the loonies "averred."

Collins: "We can't win playing smash-mouth basketball."

Bulls: "But we insist."

Referees: "And we condone."

Collins: "Sam, take Lou's spot. Tony, get Spence out o' there. Both you guys, use your 6 fouls - have some fun. Remember, you're not my last resorts; you're my delayed first choices."

If Noah is in there I would like to see Battie get some action, but otherwise, Omer Asik is a zero on offense and Boozer raining deuces isn't something Battie will mend. He may be the only one willing to give a hard foul but Watson and Lucas are so poor at putting pressure inside I don't think he'd have the opportunity.

Forgot about Noah. Assumed he was out until (potential) Game 7, if even available then. What's the latest word on him?

Don't know how matchups will go, but if Bulls crash O-boards like they can, "Clubber Lang" Battie could be useful in stretches.

Adding to your point about the bulls lack of of ball-handlers, I would think the Sixers would do some full-court pressing. I have not seen any of that, and I think for short stretches, it would really give the bulls guards some problems. The half-court defense has thus far been very good, so perhaps there is no need, but why not press every now-and-then and force them to deal with another look?

I wonder if the sixers will get as much post mortem coverage as the knicks once they are eliminated from the playoffs.

I don't know if they win or lose tonight, have no feel, but do feel that if they lose tonight, they'll lose game 7 as well

Not even close. National media doesn't care much about Sixers when they're alive. If they die - still a big IF - it'd be a small funeral.

The future will take care of itself. It's great to have a 76ers game of importance in the second week of May.

I don't think Curry's words set in on them like it would have a veteran team. Win or lose they had no sense of urgency or killer instinct at any point, seemingly subdued to a return to Philly if the Bulls wouldn't rollover.

I think they'll come out strong tonight since they know, even in their youth, they can't afford to enter game seven without any momentum and that they will assuredly lose if they do so.

for all those wondering the latest word on noah is that he is a game time decision


Tore ligaments in my ankle playin' ball, wore a cast; can be worse than a break. Can't imagine him not bein' gimpy. Can sports medicine outduel nature? Time, the shrewdest assayer, will tell.

Is Thad in an impossible situation against the Bulls?

The 6ers need all their 'best' rebounders in at all times to break even on the boards, so Thad's losing minutes there. The Bulls get back so quickly on defense that transition opportunities are becoming more and more limited, so Thad's effectiveness is diminished there. He may not be able to establish position working on Taj, but he has a step on all of their interior guys. Even then, if he's being met by Asik or Noah, it's another negated ability because he won't go into them for contact. With his man beat he still goes for the finesse move instead of playing for contact.

This is definitely a tough matchup for Thad, and the Bulls have essentially destroyed Lou as well. But I think people are overreacting a little bit. When you play the same team 5 times in a row, and they've had time to prepare and adjust, they're going to be able to do things to limit certain guys. They're going to scheme and use matchups. The Bulls have done a really good job of that in this series, as have the Sixers. Deng really didn't do anything until the last game. CJ Watson has been useless (except when Lou is guarding him). Good or bad, one series really doesn't define a player. With Thad, it might be problematic that two teams have been able to do this to him, but I'd like to see how he does in the next round, if they get there.

interesting post Brian, maybe you should be in that locker room half time to get them fired up.
Go Sixers!

Lou was runnerup to Harden (a near-unanimous choice, deservedly so) for 6th Man of the Year ...

Thad get any votes?

Thad got two 2nd-place and four 3rd-place votes to finish 9th (after his 3rd-place finish last year).

Trivia question: when was the last time a Sixer finished second or better for any individual award? (Hint: it happened more recently than you would think.)

Wanna say dalembert for dpoy at some point :)

I'm not sure I believe Lou is 'deservedly' a unanimous second place choice for sixth man of the year though - one dimensional players with long slumps aren't 'unanimously' second place for anything in a league where guys like Manu Ginobli come off the bench.

I actually meant Harden was deservedly a near-unanimous choice for first place.

Trivia answer (trick question): Doug Collins finished #2 in COTY voting last year. Before that, I'm pretty sure you have to go back to 2000-01, when the Sixers took home 4 awards.

Ah I see now...gotcha

Totally forgot about doug and COTY - hell I think he did a better job this year.

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