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If anything maybe this moment will get some folk on his side finally...but I really enjoyed watching him make both, not just for the win, but for the fact that so many folk I'm sure felt he'd be lucky to make one.

You've been my favorite sixer (current roster) since the moment you were drafted...here's hoping you get some more moments like this in the second round, very cool, I hope you swayed some people your way tonight

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on May 10 at 22:58

heh, talk about prisoner of the moment....

aw you poor guy, you.

Talk about missing the point and total incomprehension of what was written. Sadly this isn't the only moment in which you miss the point...please, tell us again how you were right about something 3 years in advance and how no one else ever believed you about anything?

Go Sixers! And Congrats to Iggy, he deserves this!

What a win! It couldn't have been a more ironic/scripted/whatever you want to call it ending. The most polarizing Sixers player of the past decade at the line with the game (and honestly, the series, because noone expected us to win if the series went back to Chicago for Game 7). And he calmly drained both!
I don't even care if we realistically don't have a chance to beat Boston. I'm just really looking forward to lustily hate-cheering against Boston for an entire series. Noone gets my ire up like those guys.
Of course, as I'm typing, ATL takes the lead with under 3 minutes left. Let's go Hawks...and GO SIXERS!

The Six reply to Sean K on May 10 at 22:28

I completely agree because Iggy truly is the most polarizing player. I've been critical of him a number of times, but I am also really happy for him for sinking those shots. Way to step up.

Well done guys!!! Congrats Iguodala, congrats Sixers, congrats to all of you guys for investing yourself so much in this "difficult" team!!!

Now go win another round next week. Have fun, don't be satisfied.

Awww yeaaa!

I don't know how they did it, but they did it!

And yes, our All-Star came through, even I did not truly believe he'd make both with the game on the line, but he did it. Great effort, and yes he deserves this for all the crap he gets from some sections of the Sixers support sometimes.

Would we rather play the Celtics or Hawks? Hawks with Horford could be a different story than the regular season.

I said earlier, I'd prefer the hawks just so that the idiots on ESPN couldn't focus PURELY on the sixers opponent like they will with the celtics, but Josh Smith gives up a jumper to KG on one end and takes a stupid ass shot on the other end to probably seal it for the celtics (except Ray Allen can't make free throws - Ray Allen 90% and not making important free throws - irony?)

We going to run atl/ bos out the gym .... To all the iggy haters go eat d%$k dont suck a d&#k eat a d*%k ... Very sorry for the language but people on this board have been talking to much crap about iggy on this board to all the iggy fans live it up to the real Sixers fans live it up.

And Congrats to Andre! maybe the most unfairly maligned athlete in the history of Philly sports. He deserves this moment in the sun.

Pat Burrell was pretty unfairly maligned - he won a title though

I would give the title to McNabb more than Iguodala myself - though they'd be on the mt rushmore with Burrell and probably Lindros (picking one from each team : )

The Six reply to GoSixers on May 10 at 22:38

no way on lindros

Philadelphia fans hated him cause he was 'soft' and finessey

Burrell won two titles :)

Really? Burrell won two world series while the other phillies only won one?

In team sports, teams win AND lose, not individual players

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on May 11 at 10:56

heh, but you said last night Andre Iguodala "won" the game.

"I expect that if another player had won the game you would feel like it meant more."

Don't be that guy.

Josh Smith settles for a bad jumper. Ballgame.


good "no call" on pierce

I don't believe in no calls - fouls are fouls -a nd should be called - the game shouldn't change with two minutes left in the game - if pierce committed a foul and it wasn't called - it's unfair to the hawks ESPECIALLY (if you believe in such things) since the celtics have a foul to give

The Six reply to GoSixers on May 10 at 22:39

contact is not always a foul. Piece made contact but didn't foul.

Horford 3 here?

The hawks just got screwed

Damn al

Jobbed by the refs - that marquis daniel - that whistle - came before the ball left dudes hand - should have been two FT's with no time off the clock anyway.

And that's another super star missing game tying/clinching free throws - just saying :)

Marcus reply to GoSixers on May 10 at 22:43

Yea u right Lmaoo

Marcus reply to GoSixers on May 10 at 22:52

Yea u right Lmaoo


I think I rather see Boston anyway to be honest I like the Sixers chances against them.

The Celts it is. Get ready, folks.

Horford played great... but has to live with that FT miss all summer.

He's the guy there's no way the hawks would trade right?

Impossible dream.

The hawks are a team stuck in neutral - with bad fan support - come on - just trade him for a big fricking trade exception (created by an amnesty of one old guy, making the second youngest team in the league younger)

As the man said in starsky and hutch

Do it, do it


I'm so glad my g/f isn't a celtics fan...only have to worry if the phils ever play the red sox...

I think that call on the foul before the inbounds was a bad call...though Horford should have made both (and maybe Daniel should have been called for a flagrant the way he threw Horford to the ground...he seemed to make no play at the ball to me)

Sigh...the games will be fun - the commentators will suck

The Six reply to GoSixers on May 10 at 22:48

My wife IS a celts fan. sucks.

I don't call her my wife cause we won't be doing the 'marriage' thing for a variety of reasons - but we are together forever - i mean seriously - a woman who loves me and stands me - you don't let that go :)

SEriously though - she really only cares about baseball - which is cool - and she's become sixers and eagles fans living with me for 10 years

The Six reply to GoSixers on May 10 at 22:54

I'm lucky as well....she watches hoops too. I live in CA and found a cels fan. oh well. A good woman is hard to find..congrats. And I hear you about "putting up with me". I'm the same way.

Al "Antiguodala" Horford

The Six reply to Cin on May 10 at 22:44

Now thats fucking funny! Iggy has new status...

OK. One day of rest, then at BOS Saturday night. Game 2 is Monday night.

That doesn't make sense to me - the first round might not be over in the west but they're starting the second round?

think it has to do with the lockout and the condensed schedule

Yeah - i get that - but come on - it's the playoffs - they take forever...

Brian - you said the second round was the one with back to backs right? That's in the sixers favor.

The sixers should run - every damn posession - i don't even care if the celtics make a basket - make them run

Glad to see the heads on the D.F. page showing love for Andre. I left years ago, but remain a die-hard fan. Never understood why he got a bad rap cause it's been years since I was home. I figured my boys on this page would know he has been a baller since he showed up.

And while his 62% FT shooting is atrocious the fact that he iced both speaks volumes.

Seriously - the sixers won - and most of this TNT highlight is showing and talking about the bulls


Just heard a stat that Iggy has sank 9 straight 4Q FT's. Never woulda thought that.

I swear Charles Barkley is such a hater


Kobe has the runs and everyone wants him to have his own "Flu Game." Give me a break. He's not going to be need to be assisted off the court because of the runs.

"Bryant to play despite sour stomach in Game 6"

Thank you for the headline Arnie Stapleton of the AP.

That's Iggy/Brand press conference was fascinating. They talked about some stuff about with Doug and the struggles this season that we haven't heard before. I'll try to track down the transcript/video later, I don't want to misquote anyone.

Big Will reply to ojr107 on May 10 at 23:10

Yeah, that Q&A was great. I thInk I heard Andre call Turner crazy.

Mike reply to Big Will on May 10 at 23:20

haha yup. how Turner being crazy and going at it with Collins all year has helped Collins learn how to deal with players of this generation.

he also indirectly clarified his SI quotes about Lou, saying how they all joke with each other about their weakness, but they are still friends at the end of the day

really great side of Iguodala we just saw in that interview that he rarely shows in public. he is a really intelligent dude.

He has the mind to be a coach, but I really doubt he has the personality. Time will tell.

Maybe a front office future (in another city, because the fans would be merciless...

Mike reply to tk76 on May 10 at 23:24

i was also thinking about a future as a coach after watching his presser. he knows so much about the game. but the personality might make him better suited to be an assistant.

Stan reply to Mike on May 10 at 23:29

I'd like to see him in the front office and make personnel decisions. My gut tells me that he wouldn't have traded Dalembert

Mike reply to Stan on May 10 at 23:31

that's interesting. i could see him being quite good at that.

JC reply to ojr107 on May 11 at 0:17


I didn't have the physicality to work my keyboard (or maybe the html skills) to just put a neatly underlined link. :)

Seriously, it is a great conversation. Iguodala is so much better when he gets more than 30 seconds of questions and loosens up a little bit. The interesting stuff is about 5 minutes in.

Thanks, that was a great presser.

The Six reply to JC on May 11 at 0:40

Good stuff....

Big Will on May 10 at 23:08

Andre said in the post-game press conference that when he goes to the line, he thinks about teaching his son how to shoot free throws in order to relax.

Mike reply to Big Will on May 10 at 23:22

this was also a really touching moment, and just shows how endearing he could be if he wanted. fans would really warm up to him if he revealed himself with more stuff like that.

I'm happy that I missed the 2nd half. During the whole train ride home my heart was beating really fast. I think I would have had a heart attack seeing Iguodala at the line with a 1 point deficit and less than 4 seconds on the clock. I'm 23, so I'll probably have to stop watching sports by the time I get to my 40s

Mike reply to Stan on May 10 at 23:26

29 here. i was standing in front of my tv literally shaking. felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. i don't know how he made both of those.

Brian, I'm expecting an epic post game recap from you tomorrow. The pressure is on.

He should have me write it. It would be like AJ Watson passing the ball to Asik to try and ice the game on the line. I'm ready to do the Sixers proud!

I just noticed on the replay that Thad tipped in Iggy's miss when he was fouled. Great play by Thad that never will be remembered.

Thad also scored the hoop that made it a one-point game.

tk76 reply to Brian on May 11 at 0:10

Yeah, Thad would have been the hero no doubt.

Wait, you mean they get to the second round, have the 15th pick in a draft lauded for it's middle-of-round strength, AND have cap flexibility if they want to make a move? This can only end well.

tk76 reply to Cin on May 11 at 0:26

You don't know the Sixers :)

There has got to be some doughy big they will jump at at #15... but maybe that is what is needed to get them to let Hawes walk.

This will be a very different squad a year from now. If not after this summer then the next.

anyone else still think they should've tanked for lottery balls?

tk76 reply to das411 on May 11 at 0:44

I certainly think they should have traded Iggy at some point prior to this season and embraced rebuilding. And that is not a alight on Iggy.

Stan reply to das411 on May 11 at 1:02

Depends. If it's the difference b/e 3 spots than I would have preferred winning against Chicago.

Never thought they should have tanked for lottery balls in the first placee because they wouldn't have moved up that much anyway (maybe 12th)

However, if this single five game series against an injured/depleted bulls teams changes your long term perception of the team or players, then I disagree with you completely. Every thought I had regarding the future of the team before the playoff series began hasn't changed in the slightest.

Talk to me if they somehow beat the healthy heat in an ECF match up - then I'll start changing my mind

Just caught up on the last 2 minutes- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oJwzYMu3ak

Few things:

- It looks like Young got the final word against Gibson.

- Thad could have been called for an offensive foul against Brewer on the last bucket

- Boozer's face @8:19 after Iguodala got fouled is priceless

- Why did Collins substitute Meeks for Hawes? I think Meeks is the last guy on the roster that I would have fighting against Gibson for the rebound.

- Who is at fault for the Asik bucket? Turner or Hawes? I think Turner should have rolled with Asik.

- Hamilton shoved Jrue on their last bucket. Jrue should have flailed, it would serve Rip right.

Stan reply to Stan on May 11 at 1:00

I take back my offensive foul comment. Thad didn't touch Brewer, that was a flop. Good non-call.

I also find it odd that Hawes was in on the defensive possessions. What happened to Brand? He was a beast in game 1.

what happened to LAVOY?? was there any chatter about him on the game thread?

No, actually. Don't think his name came up once.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on May 11 at 1:19

It just wasn't typed.

tk76 reply to das411 on May 11 at 8:51

A bunch of us were calling for him to be inserted during the Bulls rin- bit I was posting at LB at the time. I like their game threads where you do not have to refresh.

Sure, no refreshing but the maturity level much lower than here (which is sad) and the lame attempts at humor much more plentiful - i'll take this place any time :)

Brian, something off with your new post that makes it impossible to enter a comment (so I'll write it here.)

Good points about the defense. I've been amazed all year that the Sixers can have an elite defense without an interior presence beyond Brand. They still remain soft in terms of securing D-Boards, but otherwise there defense is tremendous.

Although I still am in the rebuild camp, I'll admit it would be interesting to see how good this team could be with the addition of a Camby-like rebounder/blocker and the added maturity of their scoring guards.

Sharone Wright on May 11 at 9:25

The last moments of the game were mind boggling. Think about what we needed in the those last 8 seconds: The obvious is that we needed our much-maligned best player to make two last minute free throws, where he shot 45% in the regular season. The second thing we absolutely needed is for our softest player (pound for pound) to take a tough playoff foul on Asik to avoid the and-one. Both of things happened to perfection. Unbelievable that it ended that way.

Big Will reply to Sharone Wright on May 11 at 9:59

As I watched the replay a couple of times last night I noticed that CJ Watson's half court shot at the buzzer hit the backboard and rim. Can you imagine if that shot went in?

Most fun game I've been to since 2001 playoffs.

In typical scheduling nonsense from the NBA, the sixers/celtics series finished last night, they play saturday with limited rest. The Pacers and Heat have been sitting/resting longer, and yet their series starts Sunday so the great and powerful heat can have the 'prime' Sunday afternoon slot on ABC.

I imagine if it was sixers hawks, TNT/ABC/ESPN would opt to run reruns of other games and banish the series to NBA TV at 3 AM Pacific Time

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