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Sixers Must Never Let Up

Garnett is OLD, OLD, OLD!

Yes we need to run with those OLD players until their legs give way. I hope Doug really extends his rotation and gives Lavoy some minutes. He's done pretty well in his minutes. I wouldn't mind putting Vuc in their for a bit to see if it works either. Sam Young is not being valued enough, I think he can spot Iggy or Turner for a few valuable minutes here and there.

Seven man rotation all the way is very taxing on the players.

eddies' heady's on May 12 at 11:55

Man, I really despise these cluckers. Just can't stand 'em, don't care who's currently on their roster. Takes me back to pre-teen days when Larry Bird and Kevin McHale in particular, and M.L. Carr and Cedric Maxwell amongst others, drew my ire hourly. They were so good and I just could never understand why we couldn't get by them and they were the ones that always seemed to stand in our way. Don't know if I cried more when we finally got by them in '81-'82 ECF or when we lost to them in '84-'85 ECF, though many a tear was shed also in '83-'84 when they coughed up their title defense with a 1st round loss to the Nets.

Don't have a feel for how this series will go until I see how they match up with each other in this game 1. We walked the dog on them early in the year when they weren't yet in stride, yet we played what I think was one of our worst games of the whole year on Easter Sunday when they just annihilated us. They wiped the floor with us that day and it wasn't pleasing at all.

Make them run!

I'm already annoyed anticipating Collins and Rivers blowin' kisses to one another for the next two weeks. Prefer Thibodeau's quieter, surlier 'dog of war' approach to competition.

Frisky Sixers have a good shot at 2nd straight series upset, with continued focus, Collins extending bench some AND a 'Night Shift' revival.

'Danger: Construction Zone; Men At Work' beginning Saturday, 8:00 p.m. 'Drive Wicked Good.'

Key series matchups: Allen's head vs. gimpy ankle, Pierce's head vs. gimpy knee, KG's head vs. high mileage body, Celtics ghosts vs. Sixers ghosts; clam chowdah vs. cheesesteaks, Sam Adams vs. Nodding Head, Tommy Heinsohn vs. Malik Rose.

this might be the only person i have seen pick the sixers


Yes, nothing like Rocky 4 to get the blood going.

Awesome writeup, Brian. A couple of keys from my point of view. Rondo has been below average in the two Sixers wins this year because of two things: Turner's length and the fact that they go under ball screens. You just have to with Rondo. If he wants an open 13 footer, it's all him. Even if he makes one or two, don't even respect it. He can shoot them all night if he wants.

Two, they need to attack Rondo on defense with whoever he guards like you said. Need to. If we push the pace, Rondo would have to guard Turner on the cross-match sometimes and when that happens, ET needs to bully him.

Getting into the paint against Boston is big, and Iguodala is going to be needed to make spot-up threes. Thad is going to have to be an offensive force and it would be nice if EB can play Garnett even. Let's see the Russian get cut tonight.

For some reason the Celtics scare me less than the Rose and Noah-less Bulls. I think the Sixers can win this series. The key is being focused on winning and not being satisfied with winning a round. If they keep their focus and hunger they will win. If not the Celtics are experienced enough to beat them easily.

Prediction: 4:2 Sixers with losses in games 1 and 5. I think Brand and Iguodala want more and will be able to transfer that to the youngsters.

On a side note someone gave Joe Johnson an MVP vote (even if it is a 5th place one). That is just mind blowing.

March 1960, Wilt's rookie year, is when BOSTON-PHILLY playoff rivalry began (Doug Collins was 8 yrs old, Dr. J was 10).

3/24/60, Celtics win Eastern Division Finals 4-2 over Wilt-Guy Rodgers-Tom Gola-Paul Arizin Warriors. Game 6 winning tip-in at buzzer by Tom Heinsohn, 119-117. Series included a Chamberlain swing at Heinsohn and follow-up melee, game 2 at Convention Hall.

4/5/62, Celtics win EDF 4-3 over Warriors at Garden. Sam Jones hits J from key with :01 remaining to drive a stake through Philly fans hearts, 109-107. Attempted in-bound to Wilt at rim, Russell deflects it away. An alternating wins series, home team winning each contest.

4/25/65. Wilt returns mid-year from SF. Takes 40-40 'year 2' 76ers to Eastern Division Finals. Celtics win EDF 4-3 at Garden as "Havlicek stole the ball!" on Hal Greer's intended baseline in-bound to Chet Walker to close it out, 110-109. AGAIN, an alternating wins series, home team winning each contest.

Boston Celtics: Long ago-established green clad heartbreakers. With antagonistic "Red" attitude. And a record 8 straight championships from '59-'66; now 17 in all (to Philly's 2).

A 3rd year Bill Russell and a rookie Wilt Chamberlain. That's where it all began.

Philadelphia suffered 3 EDF eliminations by a total of 5 points in a span of 6 seasons (which included a '62-'63 sabbatical)!

The genesis. Celtics 12 wins, Warriors-Sixers 8 wins. Competition at its best in low black and high white Converse.

Enjoy tonight's renewal.

eddies' heady's reply to Dollar Bill on May 12 at 20:01

A Chamberlain swing at Heinsohn, huh? I could respect that in that day, if I were fortunate enough to see it.

Thanks for your contributions, love the history aspect of lots of things. Wow, so interesting.

Glad you appreciated. Considering your love of history, I highly recommend "The Rivalry (Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain and the Golden Age Of Basketball)" by John Taylor - a great book. Here are a few excerpts from it, in coloration of my previous post:

Heinsohn was utterly fearless. Growing up a German American in Jersey City during World War II, he had been taunted as being a Nazi by the neighborhood's kids until one day when his father, who worked for the National Biscuit Company, rounded them all up and had him fight them one by one. On the basketball court, Heinsohn showed such little hesitation in using his elbows or hands that to players on other teams it seemed as if he simply did not care if he hurt someone.

"You do that again and I'll knock you on your ass," Chamberlain warned.
"Bring your lunch," Heinsohn replied.

And, lastly, a variation of Red Auerbach's standard speech on the first day of camp:

Gentleman, you are the world champions. You've heard the accolades all summer long. You've had a good time. And now everybody's out to knock your jocks off. So, is this the year we get lazy? Is this the year we start feeling content? Because if you want to let them get you, just try living off last year's reputation. What we have to do is meet them head-on and say, "You're damn right we're the world champions, and if you want this title you're gonna have to take it from us!" [Alex, Wilt, Hal, Wally, Chet, Luke, Billy, Larry, Dave, Matty, Billy and Bobby did just that in '66-'67, finally and hallelujah!]

Hello, its fastidious post concerning media print, we all understand media is a fantastic source of facts.

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