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Game Two, Time To Adjust

Raffaeke on May 14 at 5:48

As usual, nice and informing preview, Brian. What I am looking for for tonight is a rebound game by Jrue. I usually expect him to be able to craft a few good buckets in crunch time no matter how he's been playing throughout the game. That did not happen in Game 1 and I am confident he will deliver in Game 2.

Let's hope Iggy and Turner will keep the same level of playing displayed in the first game.

In particular it would be great if Turner turned out having a good game along with Jrue: that would be a great confidence booster for the two kids in the series.

fisforfrizz on May 14 at 8:02

I think the sixers need to adjust their mindset. Know that Boston is craftier and more experienced and will do the little things that can really matter in the scope of a game...maybe not a quarter...all the sudden you realize you dont have the lead anymore etc.

The Sixers needs to improve on playing with the lead. That means not settling for jumpers, applying constant pressure, and when you have the C's in the penalty with five minutes left, driving continuously.

As much as I'd love to see Brand turn it around on offense I think it's set in stone that he'll continue to reserve his energy for the defensive end, which may be a shrewd coaching decision by Collins. I think it will be Bass as his success is predicated on a shot that Collins is just going to feed him.

Better free throw shooting, more aggressive going at the celtics, get them in foul trouble.

Quick hook for Brand if continues with his horrible shooting. Has he had a good game yet? Lavoy on the other hand has been phenomenal. I would prefer starting Lovoy, Thad, Iggy, ET, and Jrue. Or at least go to that line up early if the regular crew isn't getting it done. Sixers can win this game. No doubt. But if they lose it, there is no way in hell they are winning four straight.

4 times only. 3-0 deficits, 4 straight to win series:

'42 Maple Leafs over Red Wings
'75 Islanders over Penguins
'04 Red Sox over Yankees
'10 Flyers over Bruins

3 hockey.
1 baseball.
0 basketball.

Tonight, Wednesday: important.

Probably the single biggest adjustment I'd like to see is when there is a lead do NOT run the play through Lou Williams. He is too unreliable to protect a lead. It's probably a positive to have him available in that role if we are trailing 10 points and desparate for offense - but we should consciously take the ball out of his hands when maintain a large lead.

When Sixers have a lead, if Bradley guards the ball, post up Iggy or the off ball guard and take high percentage shots - not quick shots that can be turned the other way easily. This allows us to get back into a stifling defense if there is a miss ... the surest antidote to a 10 point run by an opponent.

I also think if Garnett starts out hot again shooting long twos, DC should consider inserting Vucevic and have him hard foul a couple of times intentionally to push Garnett off his spot and try and disrupt his rhythm.

All in all, I'm expecting a strong game by the Sixers and potentially not as close a game as Game 1.

Defenses that bounce Lou around a bit render him fairly useless.

Sixers, not many high percentage playoff shooters. .412 as a team (and that's with Hawes and Allen playin' above their heads, .516 & .552 respectively), .263 from 3.

Does Vucevic have a couple of hard fouls in him? Decent shooter for his size, but docile. Besides, you don't wanna stoke Garnett; he's good enough to begin with.

Great write-up. Like the little analysis. I think it will most likely be Thad; neither Brand or Bass have any mismatch opportunities but no big in this series is quick enough to guard Thad (see ya Gibson) . Can't wait for tonight's game, should be interesting

Tom Moore on May 14 at 12:09

Blog from shootaround (with Evan Turner video on subject): Sixers must do better job against Celtics' small lineup in Game 2:


One thing I forgot about Garnett. He scored a bunch on the long twos, but he also had 4 or 5 makes on post ups. They need to double him hard when he gets the ball on the blocks. He's so slow and methodical, double off Rondo immediately, make him give it up, and if it winds up in an open look for Rondo from 18 feet, I'm fine with that.

Also forgot to mention, my favorite moment from game one was Turner throwing Garnett to the floor. That was a foul on Garnett before the shove, but I'd like to see more retaliation when he's pulling his cheap shot crap.

The retaliation is what tends to get the technicals, sadly the NBA doesn't use instant replay in those situations (though it should)...i say just use battie to hack the crap out of garnett - him and hawes should be instructed to foul garnett hard every time he shoots...you won't get technicals, and it'll get under his cheap shot skin. For some reason everyone in the NBA seems afraid of him...he's a bully, when you stand up to a bully they don't know what to do

Two problems that concern me with garnett:
1) His long two's were completely uncontested pick and pop long two's. Hawes or Brand would sag off to help with Rondo, and they never even got remotely close to putting a hand in his face. He'll consistently make that shot.
2) When Young was on him, he immediately went to the post.

We just don't have a particularly good defender on him when he's playing well.

According to this, Brand is dealing w/ shoulder and neck issues: link

Also the few minutes Meeks spent guarding Allen were the minutes he torched us. Dc needs to treat this like Iguodala/Deng, once Allen hits the floor, Jrue checks back in. Allen is the only legit threat they have for a big run. Meen I loved watching Holiday block those shots.
I think iggy can handle Pierce easily although I expect Doc will toss in some more screens and plays just to free him up and get him going.

Fouling Garnett is a losing tactic, unless refs swallow whistles (not likely @ TD Garden): FT - season .857, playoffs .900. 189-219!

It's a losing tactic if you're in the penalty. Putting him on his ass a couple times when he's setting illegal screens and you aren't in the penalty is a fine strategy. As for defending him when he has the ball, I don't think you foul him unless he's got a layup or a dunk. Otherwise, double in the post and don't abandon on the long twos. I'd rather they switch the p&r than double Rondo. Preferably, they'll hedge and recover, though Thad is the only big who's quick enough to do that effectively, and as you mentioned, he took Thad to the post (though I don't think Thad was on him very often, I remember him being in the post w/ Lavoy and Hawes on him more frequently).

Agree on your plan of on-ball defense of him.

Switch P & R or double Rondo - pick poison. Brand & Hawes are, shall we say, "wanting" exterior defenders. At least they're scarecrows in the paint. :) Thad does a nice job hedgin', usually.

Seein' Garnett take a hard hit or knocked on his ass might make you, the viewer, feel good; I don't think it'll deter him though; he's a certain future HOF on talent AND competitive spirit, whether his m.o. is reviled or respected.

Best Sixers hope: he's still a little tired from Saturday's give, is not able to crank it up to that level tonight. Or, simply, his outside shooting goes sour - happens to all on occasion.

In the short term, yeah he gets some free throws, in the long term the bully is rattled when people stand up to him...i'm saying foul him the moment he gets the ball, hard, but clean, make him expect contact - teams don't do that, teams are afraid to foul him, but since he's shown to be a punk, a bully, an immature twat, i say hit him hard, it'll rattle him...it's tony battie, it's not like losing him is going to make a different either way, just put him in to show garnett that while the refs might not notice he's a cheap shot artist, the sixers do...let him set those moving screens - have battie, or hawes, hell have voose, run him over every time...maybe he thinks twice about it

Marcus reply to GoSixers on May 14 at 13:46

Man u really dont like Garnett I dislike the Celtics as well lol

I didn't like him when he was in Minnesota, he's a punk, always has been a punk, and he's treated like greatness...he's never carried a team on his own anywhere, just like carmelo, only time t'wolves got anywhere in the playoffs he had help, had help in boston winning a title. Titles make you a better player than you actually are.

The whole 'tough defender' when really he just gets away with cheating CONSTANTLY just is more irritating, but that's mostly on the NBA and officials and the start treatment program of the nba

I don't like bullys, plain and simple, and he's a bully. All bullys back down when you show them you aren't scared of him - running KG over a few times when he sets those moving screens would, I bet, lead to him getting at least ejected, if not a one game suspension for his reaction

Marcus reply to GoSixers on May 14 at 14:18

I agree I think he's a punk as well I think carmelo situation was worst than kg though. I really don't like carmelo since he went to the Knicks

I have no opinions on Carmelo actually.

I think of all the 'moving stars' that everyone gives grief too - he handled his situation best - he didn't have a plan in place and then lie all season (Lebron) - he didn't keep changing his mind to make everyone happy (Dwight) - he said what he wanted - and he never waivered...whether or not you think all the team changing is good or bad, Carmelo handled it with the most 'class' as it were (for lack of a better word)

Here's hoping when Chris Paul begs out of LA next season he handles it well...

Marcus reply to GoSixers on May 14 at 16:30

Yea he did it with the most class but he is way overated than kg ever was imo.

raro reply to GoSixers on May 14 at 17:26

Congrats - you're making me like KG

You deserve each other

Jesse reply to GoSixers on May 14 at 18:03

What player has carried a team on his own to a championship? I guess you could count Dirk. Who else?

Jesse reply to GoSixers on May 14 at 18:04

What player has carried a team on his own to a championship? I guess you could count Dirk. Who else?

Agree, Battie's your 'defender and hatchet' sub. Read somewhere he's got a health issue though (outside of age, wear & tear); not sure what it is.

mixville on May 14 at 13:23

I watched game 1 in a sports bar in Boston, and couldn't see everything so clear. The one confusing play was when Iggy went to the cup in the 4th quarter. From far away it looked like he dunked it. then they showed the replay where it looked like garnet got 10% ball and 90% body with no call.

If you are the sixers you have to be a little frustrated. When you are going hard and get fouled the whistles are silent. And when you are trying to finesse it in since the calls will not be made you fall short (Lou vs Bradley).

They have to keep attacking, because that will wear out the Celtics. Steemsma has a bad foot, and so Garnet is really all they have to protect the rim. You need to turn him into Elton Brand where all his energy is used at the defensive end! If he gets away with fouls so be it, just let him get tired doing his beast mode so that his jumpshot gets heavy.

The Sixers need to be more disciplined in the half court period. That doesn't mean being some kind of great half-court team because they will never be that. What it means is not taking crazy rushed shots that are such bricks they lead to easy scores down the other end of the court. The Celtics offense the whole game was basically uncanny outside shooting plus they got a handful of cheap transition buckets they do not normally get because of assinine shots early in the shot clock. They cut out the easy baskets they gave the Celtics and I don't think the Celtics can score enough to win four games as banged up as Pierce is.

You have to defend Rondo the entire lenght of the court. Thats the best way to defend any point guard is to make him work every second he has the ball. Take him out of his comfort zone.

If you're going to do that, you have to switch Jrue onto him. Turner can't apply that kind of pressure full court, imo. Might be worth a shot if Allen isn't full strength, but I doubt we see it tonight.

I will say this, though. They don't have another PG on their roster. The Sixers should be mercilessly applying pressure for the 8 minutes or so when Rondo is on the bench.

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