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Sixers Tie It Up. Maintain.

eddies' heady's on May 15 at 0:13

Now, now, all those words and you only mentioned Jrue one time? In a sequence amongst others? That's a writeup that seems undone, no? :)

Heh, it's rare that I get accused of spilling too little ink on Jrue. Thought he got caught up in the moment a little bit in the fourth quarter, then he settled and stuck that three in Pierce's eye. His first three was a really big shot, too. Down 9-0, out of the timeout, he stuck a three to get them on the board right away. And I really thought his play as a PG was important in the initial comeback. Driving and kicking, getting good looks for the bigs. He lost Allen twice, though.

I forgot about that one year contract! If you don't have faith in your scouts, get different scouts! Is he at least a restricted F.A?

The Six reply to ojr107 on May 15 at 0:53

get a new GM

Sharone Wright on May 15 at 0:20

On the weird Turner travel/no call, I believe it was not called a travel because the ball was hit by a Celtic and came back to ET all in the same motion. Therefore, he gets another "two steps." Does anyone agree? They didn't show a replay.

It's only a no call because his last name isn't Wade or Rondo.

Tom Moore on May 15 at 0:40
johnrosz on May 15 at 1:18

Think a pretty critical Lavoy play was in the final few minutes, BOS was having a ton of success with Rondo KG pick and roll. Think it may have been the play immediately after the KG lob +1, Lavoy stayed with Rondo to the hoop and stripped him, don't think they ran that p and r after that.

Missed this one but it sounds like EXACTLY the kind of game we've been hoping for all season...you wonder though if the front office decides to throw major $$ at one of the centers this offeseason, would it be Lavoy or 00? Did Hawes do...anything..tonight?

Hawes had 10 rebounds. He failed to blow a few layups. He even blocked a shot. His defense of Garnett was weak. Overall, not a bad game. But Lavoy Allen is a much better basketball player.

Roob Stat - "From 1960-2011, Sixers allowed 82 or fewer pts in 13 of 332 playoff games. This year they’ve allowed 82 or fewer pts in 5 of 8 playoff games"

A couple things:

The solid play by Lavoy only makes me loathe the time when Hawes is in the game more. Soft defense. Soft shots. Complete lack of contested rebounding. I’m OK with Hawes starting (hating myself for saying that), but I’m glad Lavoy’s minutes have increased, and they should stay that way. I still would like to see Vuce mixed in (even in a limited capacity, such as a couple minutes) in order to spell Hawes and reduce his minutes even more.

Turner’s turnovers have been infuriating. Turnovers are never a good thing, but it’s not like he’s making good looks that are just being defended really well. He’s just being careless with the ball. I know he loves that baseline shot, but he can’t get himself caught into a double team down there. It’s going to lead to more turnovers. This is something that can be fixed. He just needs to work on being smart with the ball.

I’ve been complaining throughout both games that a good number of KG’s screens are obnoxiously illegal. Not just because he’s moving on them a little (typically, most players who set screens like this move somewhat and refs are usually lenient on the call), but because he’s using his arms to hold on to or illegally impair the defender from getting through the screen. I’m not only glad they made that call because it helped the Sixers win, but because it’s been annoying the hell out of me the whole series.

The Celtics home record (24-9) differs greatly from their away record (15-18). They’re the only one of the top 5 seeds that have a “losing” away record. Here’s hoping the Sixers can make the most of their home court advantage and return back to Boston up 3-1.

...and if Brand and Thad are so banged up, might we see some Lavoy-V8 or even Sam Young (hey at least he's not Nocioni) on Weds?

Fun post coming in the morning. Rest easy, Sixers fans.

raffaele on May 15 at 4:01

I did not get to watch the game live and just saw the 4th quarter after reading Brian's recap.

Wow, what a victory! The most impressing thing to me was the composure of our young guys (Jrue, Turner, Williams, Meeks) all knocking down free throws when needed in the 4th.

That's how you win close (playoffs) games. One thing Collins has always been right, after all: making the playoffs is vital experience for the young guys. And I think last year first round loss to Miami is paying big dividends this season as they are showing they are learing to play the right way in close games at the highest stage.

Couldn't be more happy.

Big Will reply to raffaele on May 15 at 9:02

This is a good point. The Sixers did a great job shooting free throws well at the end of the game last night. Now if only they can start making a better percentage during the first three quarters, then they won't put themselves in a position where they have to hit every single free throw down the stretch.

J. Harp on May 15 at 4:35

The call is right. But the problem is KG has been doing it all night and then he was called in the crucial seconds. It should have been a let go. The referee is not consistent. It should have been a let go.

J. Harp
writer @ http://www.stubbletrimmer.net/category/articles/

ItAintEZ reply to J. Harp on May 15 at 7:05

The only problem is, if they had called it the whole game KG would have fouled out in the 1st qtr. I understand "letting them play" at the end of the game, but you can't let people get away with murder.
Do you think if AI9 grabbed PP to keep him from getting open they would just let that go. I don't think so.

If the referee made that call consistently, Kevin Garnett would foul out in about 12 minutes...every game.

The only people who seem 'upset' that the ref made the call are Celtics fans. Ref was damned if he did or damned if he didn't. The rules don't change in the final two minutes and the constant harping from tv morons that it should is asinine. The rules are the rules. The fact that a moving screen was called on Garnett at all is shocking...I don't advocate flopping but based on what was said about how you get the moving screen called, I think sixer players need to start exaggerating the contact the big pussy makes on his illegal moves

Can the sixers please get someone competent, instead of Chris Weber doing their games?

Nice to see the over reaction hyperbole machine in full force over Lavoy Allen - who for large parts of the season reminded people why he slipped so far into the second round

Jesse reply to GoSixers on May 15 at 14:19

? Are you honestly saying he hasn't given "first rounder" production this year? Most first round draft picks ride the bench the whole year and when they do play in no way produce like Lavoy has. Yeah, he hasn't played at that level every single time he's stepped on the court, but if you think his play this year justifies him dropping to the late second round, I completely disagree.

Yes, i'm 'honestly' going to say that

It's a couple playoff games and everyone is having apoplexy - playoff performance gets vastly over valued, both good and bad, look at his entire season, how many games did he even not get his ass off the bench - when the game was sitll in doubt

He looks good in comparison to Hawes, and Voose and Brand these days...big deal, they suck

jswigga on May 15 at 7:23

couldn't agree on more on two points...
First the biggie: the Sixers are really and truly showing slight (not getting too far ahead of myself, here) slight growth and maturity. I believe they have improved more in the playoffs then the majority of this last season. And while Thad, Lou and Brand"s production is waaay down I still feel like the team as a whole is getting better.
Second: you're so right about Allen stepping up and not backing backing down from that punk-ass Garnett. As a baller I have nothing but respect for his game, but when he's going against the Sixers I hate him. Anyway, Allen has not backed down nor been intimidated by KGs meaningless taunts. If anything L.A. has been cool under pressure. And if lo-and-behold the Sixers should buck the Cs out of the payoffs I hope Lavoy politely tips his cap to KG whilst spitting in his eye. Beeeeeeatch

spencer for hire on May 15 at 7:36

I actually think both Hawes and Lavoy have been effective and both showing some balls. Lavoy should see no less than 28 minutes the rest of this series, and hopefully Collins picks his spots with Elton.

Sharone Wright on May 15 at 8:10

I love how the Celtics fans and pro-Celtics announcers keep talking about Layoy's bank shot, and fail to mention that Brandon Bass also had a banker in a one point Celtics win in game 1. This stuff evens out people! #irritating

Charlie H reply to Sharone Wright on May 15 at 9:43

You just don't get it - when the Celtics hit shots like that, it's Celtic pride and the leprechauns in the Garden and Red watching over them. When the opponent does it, it should be taken off the scoreboard.

Cholo reply to Charlie H on May 15 at 9:58

Love to be the Opponent

South Broad reply to Sharone Wright on May 15 at 10:21

Coach Rivers mentioned when asked about it in his post game presser that he didn't think the clock started quick enough. Said he thought it took longer than 0.9 seconds to do all that Lavoy did to get the shot off.

spencer for hire on May 15 at 8:12

The more I watch Lavoy the more he reminds me of R.Mahorn. Not overly athletic but strong and immoveable. If Hawes is resigned he may be a good fit next to him, ala Mahorn next to Gminski.

Did anyone else think Evan was going to punch Garnett in the balls when he was hanging on the rim? I love his cockiness and feel this team needs some of that.

Lavoy's a solid body but not as "filthy" as McFilthy. Lavoy showing no fear, but Rick competed with an edge on top of his mass. Both players, hard to budge.

From Evan anything's a possibility. It did look like "The Villain" was "philosophizing" while lingering under KG's extended rim hang.

Sharone Wright reply to spencer for hire on May 15 at 9:05

Yeah, I was hoping he would. BTW, should have been a tech for hanging on the rim long after ET was clear.

With L. Allen on the court... Sixers +21pts.
Just saying..

A few additional observations from inside the arena last night:
- When the game started, the arena was literally not more than 25% full. Regular-season Celtics games start at 7:30 PM, but this one started at 7 PM, so the crowd was late arriving. I was thinking there wasn't going to be much of a home court advantage at first, but then the Celtics got off to a hot start.
- Brandon Bass got off to a hot start, but he absolutely killed the Celtics the rest of the first quarter. Not sure how many open jumpers he missed, but it seemed like a lot.
- After Rondo's alley-oop on the fastbreak to Hollins for a dunk, Collins spent the entire ensuing timeout chewing out Hawes, then took him out of the game. Water under the bridge, apparently -- Hawes came back in not too long after.
- Like everyone else, I was impressed by Lavoy's play, especially that he doesn't give ground when bumped in the post. The question in my mind is not really Hawes vs. Lavoy but Hawes vs. Brand. It seems to me that Hawes has been playing better than Brand (or Thad) for much of the playoffs, and we may be seeing more of the Lavoy-Hawes pairing up front.
- Collins (and to a lesser extent, Iguodala) berated Meeks for going under the screen on the Pierce 3 before halftime, with Collins actually following Meeks to the dressing room. I blame Collins for making that substitution, though (Turner really should have stayed in at that point). I noticed that Meeks came out of the locker room ten minutes before halftime ended, to shoot by himself. I hope that incident doesn't stay with him (he did actually make two nice plays early in the 2nd).
- I introduced myself to Adam Aron while he was tweeting in the concourse at halftime (he sat near my section). He was nervously hopeful at halftime.
- Iguodala defending Pierce was like a shark going after wounded prey. It wasn't just the shots that Pierce took (which were almost all contested), it was the shots Pierce couldn't take because Iguodala was right there. I did notice that the officials were letting Iguodala do a little grabbing of Pierce as he was going around screens.
- In person, Turner's scoop with 0:40 left was even more incredible than it looked on TV. He might have been close to horizontal when he let go of the ball. In watching the play again, I'm not sure the play was called for him so much as he wound up with the ball with the shot clock running down. But he made the play with a quick first step around Rondo.
- As far as clutch shots go, Jrue's 3-pointer in Pierce's face was tremendous, especially as it came right after an Avery Bradley 3-pointer that had the crowd roaring. Notice, though, that Pierce was expecting that type of shot on the next possesion and prevented Jrue from getting a shot off.
- The Sixers somehow won while the Celtics hit six 3-pointers in the 4th quarter (though the last two were somewhat inconsequential).

In boxing, they say that "styles make fights," and the Sixers showed in the first two games that their style will always give this Celtics team trouble. Another aphorism is that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," and I for one am glad that the officials are onto Garnett's illegal screens. I wonder if that's part of the reason the Sixers are usually so ineffective on their screens, because they don't do anything borderline or illegal on them?

mixville on May 15 at 10:00

Nice recap Statman

I will be at the game on Monday night! Hoping for a close out!

Watching with my roommate in the first quarter, i got pissed when The celtics hit a jump shot off a moving Garnett screen. He asked me why i got upset because they never call that foul in the NBA. I told him he only thinks that because he watches Garnett get away with it all the time.

Wish u would have spoke on barkley hating ass I can't stand that mofo. How much u think it would cost to keep Allen being that we don't have him on a rookie deal

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