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Boston Paid A Steep Price For The Split

Lmaooooo that's the funniest picture I have ever seen that had anything to do with basketball besides LeBron James hairline.

Shattered on May 15 at 10:11

Nice work.

MojoSoDope on May 15 at 10:26

Woo hoo!

Wish there were some back to backs in this series, there seems to be at least one in the lakers series.

If it gets that far, and the thunder just bitch slapped em

Andre and Jrue post game presser from last night.

The Six reply to Brian on May 15 at 10:54

The look on Jrue's face after Dre's "Cally coolness" compliment is priceless!

Boston has been doing a really good job of challenging shots on the fast break. The Sixers have also been careless.

Games 3, 4 and 6 will come after 1 day rest and games 6 and 7 will come off after 2 days of rest.

whats worse, shumpert getting a 1st place vote or josh selby getting a 3rd place vote?


Actually I was wondering why this award was given out after MVP and COY and even sixth man, to me ROY should be the first one handed out

I had never heard of Josh Selby before, and after looking at his statistics, I'm shocked that he got a vote. It's probably the worst single vote of the postseason so far.

what is this talk about "the refs shouldnt decide the game by callling that foul on garnett"? so then can you just foul in the last minute of the game because the officials shouldnt decide the outcome of the game? such a dumb argument

and charles barkley is a bum. saying sixers made lucky shots. he couldnt stop himself from saying it oevr and over. it was one lucky shot barkley, the one that lavoy made. and if the celtics won and rondo made a circus shot with 4 minutes left in the game, would he then be saying the celtics made lucky shots to win?

A lot of folk are saying that refs should 'swallow their whistle' and let the players decide it in the last 2 minutes. I've never been in favor of a 'change' in the rules near the end of the game.

Could you imagine it in baseball? No balls or strikes called by the umpires in the 8th and 9th innings - let the players decide.

No penalties in the NFL in the last 2 minutes of a close game - let the players decide

This rule is right up there with 'no bunting to break up a no hitter' that made curt shcilling so mad years ago.

A foul is a foul is a foul - and besides - how many moving screens did garnett get away with before that one was called.

Charles Barkley is still bitter about not being beloved in Philadelphia, his ego is fragile, and thus they brought in shaq who makes everyone look smarter, even the moron from alabammy

This rule is right up there with 'no bunting to break up a no hitter' that made curt shcilling so mad years ago.

I think that while a good analogy, even that is generous too. Garnett had been doing all night something that was against the rules period. Poetic justice that it finally got called at that time, which IMO was more blatant and indefensible that usual (of course that does not stop the talking heads). It's basically not even a consistent rule, ask other teams how many games they have lost in the final 2:00 when Durant, Wade or Lebron whistles descended upon them?

Even Iguodala went out of his way to point of that they had been doing that all series. But Garnett aside, can anyone tell me how many times a Sixers hit the floor last night on defense? It seemed like they were wobbling over like skittles, especially Jrue. Must be that Boston "toughness".

Well the rant was against bunting to break up a no hitter of a close game - i forget the exact circumstances, but it was like a 1-0 or 2-0 game...and some batter was given grief for trying to get on base with a bunt.

Pretty sure the batters job is to get on base - in a situation like that - by any means necessary.

Baseballs 'unwritten' rules are just as stupid as basketballs - ask cole hamels :)

My basic point is that the rules are the rules
And we all know that if every KG foul was called on both end of the court - he wouldn't be a 20 MPG player

The Six reply to GoSixers on May 15 at 14:54

KG also stated that he was warned by the ref earlier, so notice was given. Still a little surprised that they made the call, but it's a slippery slope if have to decide that wasn't "enough" contact to make a call if Pierce hits a wide open 3pter.

Stan reply to cvd on May 15 at 12:10

Exactly. Would it have been fair to the Sixers if Paul Pierce would have gotten that open look for the 3 point shot? The thing that annoys me about this series is that everyone else feels like Boston is entitled to win it.

cvd reply to Stan on May 15 at 13:04

i know it drives me nuts. its like they think the sixers need to know their place and just lay down. like we are ruining the playoffs by winning.

i agree gosixers. a foul is a foul no matter how much time is left. now i understand u shouldnt call a ticky tack foul but garnett was moving and leaned over and then even reached out so no way you cant call a foul. or should we just have played 4 on 5 and gave them an open 3 pointer? the funny thing is we were up by 3, they still needed to drain a 3 just to tie. everyone is acting like it was a tie game and the celtics were gonna win if it wasnt for the call

mixville on May 15 at 12:41

This series has nothing to do with the Sixers. If they win they are lucky, if they lose they are supposed to. It is all about the celtics. As long as the sixers keep winning, that is fine with me!

Kevin Garnett banks in a shot with the foul in game 1 to take a 2 point lead. He was lucky it went in and was labeled clutch.

Evan Turner makes a crazy tough shot (if he was peirce it would have been an and 1) and is called a lucky circus shot.

I understand that Garnett and Pierce's pedigree speaks for itself when compared to the upstart Sixers. And analysist's can't break away from that thinking. But the reality is the Celtic's were down for the better part of both home games. Their Home playoff record over the past few years has been terrific.

In the Big 3 era playoff era Home: 34-9 and on the road 14-24.

If they don't win on Wednesday? It will again be the lucky sixers playing an injured team. How bout in game 1 when the celtics luckily beat the sixers with Dre (sore Achilles), Brand (Neck spasms) and Young (twisted ankle) not playing at full strength.

Credit is not given it is earned! Please keep winning sixers! You have yet to play a good 48 minutes...Maybe when you do the blowout will happen and the conversation will change!

The most surprising shot to me was not Evan Turners - but Iguodalas 'reverse' (it probably wasn't a reverse) late in the game after he was fouled, he almost never makes shots when he's fouled, hell he misses dunks if he's fouled, but that shot was beautiful.

someone said the foul shouldnt have been called because it wasnt being called all game. unless i am wrong i thought they called moving screen a few times in the game. and garnett said that the refs warned him during the game about his screens and he still did what he did because i guess he thinks he can do whatever he wants. so anymore excuses?

It just amazes me how they were able to make something so straight-forward into a 'controversial' call. The insanity about is that the more you see the replay, the more you are convinced. This is nuts.
I feel like Karl Rove should be taking notes.

cvd reply to jkay on May 15 at 13:08

and im not the type that just says whatever benfits the sixers. there is no question it should have been called.

i wonder if that bum barkley and all the other scrubs on tnt would be just as mad if it was reversed and spencer got called for that foul and sixers lost.

i really hope nobody shows barkley any love in philly.

Worrying about how this series is covered isn't worth worrying about (in my opinion). Yes, ABC/TNT/NBA want the Celtics to win, there's more story there, there's the old guys versus the young super stars (on the heat) there's the one last run of 'big 3+1', there's the love of Kevin Garnett.

Let's face it, Philadelphia is a big media market, but they must not pull good NBA ratings or TNT/ESPN would have more to say about the sixers (let's face it - it's all about ratings folks). There's no ESPN Philadelphia yet even though there's one for Boston and Chicago and New York. Philadelphia just doesn't have the 'juice' in the things that matter to ESPN

And who cares?

One thing Philadelphia sports teams seem to excel at is being the underdog...when they're expected to win, things don't go so well...the eagles last year, the flyers after they dispatched of the penguins (who were the 'darlings' to make a stanley cup run before the playoffs started). Let them continue to underestimate the sixers, it's a better story anyway if they somehow make it all the way (shame that they are one of the few teams that can't take full advantage of a missing Chris Bosh, but maybe the pistons can)

ESPN/TNT/ABC are sweating an eastern conference final that is pacers/sixers and then a spurs versus that team final...the tv executives would just cry.

Though 'Adman' (i can't spell his real name) on ESPN made a point today that the city is ripe for the 'picking'. Flyers choked out against the Devils (yes, they did), the phillies are in the toilet missing the right side of their infield, football season ain't really going yet...they could become the darlings of the city (assuming the talking heads have nice things to say)

I'm curious - anyone with the aural fortitude listening to sports radio in philly today - do they have anything nice to say?

To me this settles the debate on the KG call - it was called on him before, the officials warned him about it, and even KG essentially admits the call was legit.

"[Crawford] had already given me a warning about how I was setting picks. ... Mike made a great call, man. I don't really give it up to refs. But if he thought it was a moving pick, then that's what it is."


Well the point the heads are making isn't that it was the 'wrong' call but the timing (10 seconds left in the game) was inappropriate, they think that the refs should just let it play out...it's the standard bs

No one mentions that pierce took the shot after the whistle and missed it - so to me it's a moot point :)

I can say this I highly doubt we see Charles Barkley coming to wells Fargo center for any type of standing ovation I think he would get booed right out the arena. He always say how wrong LeBron was for joining mia but he did the same thing going to Houston I dont care if he was old.

The Sixers are straw men to be knocked over at leisure by the mighty Celtics according to just about everyone outside of Philly. They are the Washington Generals. Unfortunately for them this is 2012 not 2008. Charles Barkely really hates the Sixers its very sad.

"When Spencer Hawes is on the floor, the Sixers defense allows 95 points per 100 possessions. When Lavoy Allen is on the floor, the Sixers allow 101 points per 100 possessions. "


Is this regular season or playoffs?

Basketball Value has Hawes at 93.84 and Lavoy at 91.98 in the playoffs. I think they've both been pretty good, better than the regular season, definitely.

I think the minutes above should be discounted some as consensus is the legends weren't playing hard given the weakness of their opponent.

johnrosz on May 15 at 15:20

The national media has already written their narrative, Barkley and Shaq already had their post game analysis ready by lunchtime...When the outcome did not fit that narrative, they were forced to make silly excuses to further defend their narrative (KG call, Celtics weren't trying, etc...) rather than analyzing what had just happened on the court.

They don't say a word about Iggy shutting Pierce down through 2 games, the best analysis you'll get is "Pierce is a PROFESSIONAL SCORER, and he will get UNTRACKED as the series goes along, because THAT'S WHAT PROFESSIONAL SCORERS DO"

a scorpion is a scorpion.
a frog is a frog.
and life goes on...

Big Will on May 15 at 16:07

That graphic is awesome. It seems like Garnett is holding up ok so far. I have noticed Pierce grab his knee and Allen's foot rolling once or twice. It's time for the 76ers to put the Celtics on ice!


This is the type of game that Boston is used to getting from the refs

mixville on May 15 at 16:24

I remember that game from last year. There was also a push down by Garnett that was not called before thie tripped the Knick defender.

Karma sucks!

Not sure anyone mentioned this before but apparently Garnett is shooting 14-19 with Lavoy Allen on the bench and 5-13 with Allen in the game (guarding him for the most part). If this continues Doug will have to realize he has to start Lavoy, even if it is only for his defense on Garnett.

Stan reply to Xsago on May 15 at 21:56

For some reason he doesn't do well as a starter.

I'm fine w/ sticking with the same starting lineup. I like Lavoy coming in with fresh legs at the six minute mark or so to pester Garnett on the defensive end. Basically, I like having two or three guys to rotate in/out on Garnett, keep his old ass off balance and constantly having to deal with active bigs on both ends.

A little bit more on the Iguodala/Allen "dynamic duo" through the first 2 games vs Boston:


"Iguodala was also able to hold Paul Pierce in check on Monday. Pierce made only one of six shots and committed four turnovers when guarded by Iguodala. In the series, he has more turnovers than field goals when Iguodala is the defender."

Andre Iguodala on the nba today podcast, good listen if you have 20 mintues


Good stuff.

Listening to the podcast and realizing I don't want this guy off the team, I have to wonder what Mr Howard is thinking right now, watching this team contend and wondering how having a real big man might come in handy.

Sigh - if only he really meant it when he said winning was the most important thing...

Kudos to Andre for doing this while sitting in a 50 degree tub

Tom Moore on May 15 at 20:19

Sixers notes: No challenge seems too big for Lavoy Allen:


BTW, Allen is outscoring Paul Pierce, 22-21, in series on seven fewer shots (14 to 21).

It's kind of frustrating watching Paul George get absolutely raped in transition on one end, no whistle, then LeBron gets a charity whistle on the other end.

matt reply to Brian on May 15 at 21:04

Sometimes the NBA is tough to follow. Its sad that we just accept these inequalities as "basketball"

Wade didn't get a call later and threw a hissy fit which culminated in just a disgustingly flagrant foul on Collison.

matt reply to Brian on May 15 at 21:18

Not watching but found it:


What a surprise that he wasn't thrown out. Despite how it hurts the Sixers at times, I respect that most of our guys just keep playing despite rarely getting calls. Though, I also like the ET attempts to demand them. Such a strange league.

The thing about it that amuses me the most is when the officials finally do call a foul on Miami all the announcers whine about how bad a call it is. Just like the Boston game. Just like the Chicago series. Must they be so obvious that they hate competitiveness because it screws up their marketing and "product" delivery plans?

I hope the NBA takes a look at the huge downside of marketing superstars rather than the game of basketball.

That has to be a flagrant and an ejection for Wade. Holy crap.

Gosixers reply to Brian on May 15 at 21:21

No way is wade getting ejected aftere they lost bosh to injury. They need the heat in the finals remember?

Crazy. Artest would garner a 2 game suspension from that. Fortunately there was no injury there, but could you imaging if someone did the same thing to Wade?

The mood on this blog is going to completely change if the Sixers lose tomorrow. People will start talking about lottery balls.

MojoSoDope reply to Stan on May 15 at 22:39

Why? For what reason?

Not until the series is over.

Season. Not until the season is over.

ONly those people with no idea how the NBA actually works will do such a thing.

Man....San Antonio. You got Duncan down low playing like he's 25 again, Tony Parker, and then they spread you out with three legit 3pt shooters. Its a thing of beauty.

"They beat a really good Chicago Bulls team, so that has us all on notice." That Ray Allen. Always the joker.

The Bulls did beat Boston twice w/out Rose.

But not w/o Noah too. Ray glidin' thru an interview.

People can get on Chuck all they want. Like he said, C's aren't exactly inspired (that's on them). My bet, they will be tomorrow night.

Nope. They had Noah, so the team the Sixers did this to, in Chicago, beat the Celtics twice.

So Bulls beat Celts twice without both Rose & Noah??

I think signals are crossed.

Nope, the link was to game 2 of the Bulls/Sixers series, the Sixers most demonstrative win of the series, on the road, against the Bulls w/ Noah. So the same team the Celts lost to, twice.

I don't really understand this "They aren't inspired" logic. I mean, they don't care if they lose this round? They aren't taking a team seriously that blew their doors off twice this season, and just beat them on their home court in the playoffs? I thought they were the most professional, veteran, savvy team in the league. How can they not be inspired?

johnrosz reply to Brian on May 16 at 0:19

Think there's a fraternity mentality with the former players that are in the media?

I think there is, especially with the guys like Pierce, Garnett, Allen that were young guys that played with the TNT and ESPN types... Easier to say "they aren't trying" and are playing "uninspired" than to accept that Pierce is in decline and getting owned by Iggy, and that Ray Allen is not the impact player he once was...

It can only come from their experience competing against the Sixers, their perception of the Sixers players as a collection and the high team confidence they've acquired through much winning together. I didn't say it was the correct approach. If you've competed as an athlete, you know what it is to be "flat" in the face of an opponent that you don't highly respect. Human nature.

Marcus reply to Dollar Bill on May 16 at 0:48

Your such a hater how u call yourself a Philly fan I have no idea Charles barkley doesn't know Wtf hes talking about & if Boston isn't inspired than tell me when the hell they will be sounds like an excuse to me but hey its just my opinion

Calm down. There's all kinds of Philly fans. And we represent only two.

Charles has been there. Philadelphia. NBA Finals. League MVP. Olympic Gold Medal Winner. You may not like him but beyond his good-natured TV horseplay, he knows what he's talkin about when it comes to the nuts and bolts of NBA competition.

Marcus reply to Dollar Bill on May 16 at 2:06

Lmaoo that dude has no idea what he's talking about. He clowns LeBron for going to the heat to team up with other stars & has ass did the same exact thing running to houston. I wont say he wasn't a top player but dude sounds real bitter imo. U & charles said the celtics arent inspired so again I ask u when are they going to be inspired? Sounds like excuses I'm sure other people would agree on that statement.

TwoSense reply to Dollar Bill on May 16 at 21:43

"People can get on Chuck all they want. Like he said, C's aren't exactly inspired (that's on them). My bet, they will be tomorrow night."

Once again, your feel for these playoffs and this particular team and it's opponents has been spot on.

Argh looks like I won't be able to make it down there tomorrow night, anyone interested in two tix at face value 3 rows away from the Celtics bench, email me das411 @ gmail.com...

...re: the other game tonight, how suspicious will the refereeing get if Indy manages to take both games at home...or if Wade and/or LBJ manage to get hurt during this series...

welp superstar Chris Paul is now down 1-0 to the most boringest team in NBA history...

If by some chance the ECF was Indiana-Philly then the NBA might decide to cancel the playoffs or not televise the series. It would seriously put the NBA in tears and might lead to some serious rule changes.

^ this is why OKC vs SA will be a hilarious West finals...although the league did somehow survive that Spurs/Nets Finals from way back when didn't it?

Dwight reply to tk76 on May 16 at 2:27

Whenever the Spurs go far, you can be sure for a ratings downer. The worst was the 2007 Finals with the Spurs playing the Cavs. Although I would venture that a Spurs Heat Finals would garner good ratings.

Stan reply to Dwight on May 16 at 9:23

Spurs vs. Pistons probably had less ratings. I think people were intrigued with what a young Lebron could do back in 07'

Haven't posted on here in a while, but man are the Spurs fun to watch. Now that's how you execute an offense! But I'm not sure they can execute it as well against the Sixers defense when they play in the Finals. :)

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