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Sixers Embarrassed At Home

johnrosz on May 17 at 1:15

Really disappointed that nobody put Rondo or Pierce on the ground when they were out there throwing behind the back passes and taking 24 footers when the game was already won.

Charlie H reply to johnrosz on May 17 at 9:14

I really got pissed when Rondo did his let-the-ball-roll-on-the-inbounds thing until it almost came to a stop with a 25 point lead.

jswigga on May 17 at 3:01

agreed. WTF? We might not be able to beat the Cs, but we coulda at least repped our hood.
Next time somebody needs to do some checking...

the coach has lost the team... jus kiiidddd hahaahh

no excuses

spencer for hire on May 17 at 7:26

If Elton isn't healthy, sit him. Start Battie next to Hawes and put him on Garnett. They can't allow him to get off like last night, his team seems to feed off of him energywise.

Start Battie next to Hawes and put him on Garnett.

That seems like a bad idea

This was a really disappointing game. Brian, you spoke in your preview about expecting the Celtics to come out strong. They did that, but the Sixers matched their intensity to start and were still ahead after one quarter. But then the Celtics hit them with a second big quarter and the Sixers had no answer. We'll see how mentally strong the Sixers are now (I have my doubts).

There was one important adjustment that the Celtics made early, which was that Rondo penetrated to score. If the Sixers put Turner on Rondo and Rondo only penetrates to pass (his default mode), that lets the Sixers off the hook for putting a slower, poorer defender (Turner, instead of Jrue) on Rondo. Once Rondo started scoring at will, that seemed to throw off the rest of the Sixers' defense, to the point that they weren't getting effective contests on any Celtics shots. The Sixers had to pick their poison between Rondo and Garnett and wound up stopping neither.

If you want to see where the Sixers lost the game, check the expanded boxscore on hoopdata: from 10-23 feet (medium-to-long 2's), the Celtics were 13-27 while the Sixers were 7-31. The Sixers' defense is designed to give up the long two, but they can't keep leaving people wide open on those shots (especially Garnett and Bass, who were 11-18 from 10-23 feet).

The Sixers defense is designed to give that shot and the Celtics offense is designed to take it. May the better jumpshooting team move on to the ECF.

Exile on Kenny Paine Street reply to Cin on May 17 at 14:07

the sixers miss so many wide open shots its disgusting. i was hoping before the series that they'd have two hot shooting games, like game 2 against the bulls and that neither would coincide with a hot shooting night from boston. now im just hoping for one, and that they can win two more grinders.

They made a statement last night, they surely did, sadly it's not the one I hoped that they would make (nor am I surprised that it's the statement they did make). However many games this series goes, don't think they are going to win it any more. Game 3 of a 1-1 series, at home, a pivotal moment to establish some dominance...show up for a quarter, then get bitchslapped.

Plenty of blame to go around, a completely solid team effort of embarrassing yourself when you're on the big stage, in the spotlight, with expectations.

And the Lavoy Allen runway freight train derailed for a night

mixville on May 17 at 11:31

Not a lot of positives you can say other than it is good to get a reality check for a young team.

The sixers should be up 2-1. But they are not. They are not because they squandered a 13 point lead because they got satisfied and starting settling for jumpers in game 1.

The Celtics made a lot of jumpers in this game, but they were also 1000 times more aggressive then the sixers. Unlike them, they became more agressive when the lead hit double digits. They left no room for comebacks or doubt as the sixers did in game 1.

3 defensive adjustments for game 4:

1. Put Turner on Bradley and live with it. Rondo ate Turner for breakfast in game 3

2. stay aggressive on the switches so Iggy can stay on Pierce. Whenever they switched, Paul went right to the lane.

3. Front garnett in the post. Don't let him plant in the lane

Put Turner on Bradley and live with it. Rondo ate Turner for breakfast in game 3

Can Jrue really stay with him either?

Front garnett in the post. Don't let him plant in the lane

Weak big men make that difficult...the sixers have a real weakness in the post, defensively, that most teams could take advantage of with even an average big man.

Court_visioN on May 17 at 15:00

What I don't really get is why the Sixers bigs bother to come up and trap Rondo on picks. JUST GO UNDER THE PICK and give rondo the jumpshot!

I don't want anyone but Lavoy or Battie guarding KG. I think there is a ripple effect when the other Sixers guard him to where it destroys the whole fabric of the defensive scheme.

Look Doc Brown, just fix the flux capacitor

johnrosz reply to tk76 on May 17 at 17:38

I don't understand why they can't dust Battie off either, watching EB guard him in the 3rd Q last night was nothing short of depressing. One particular play stands out, where KG was backing EB down, and EB just blatantly fouled him in the act because he knew he was about to get owned. EB was like an over the hill boxer clutching and grabbing to avoid getting knocked out cold.

Can we just hire dear ol' Derrick Coleman for one day to teach Lavoy Allen how to give a hard foul? dude allowed THREE "and 1" plays to KG with just as many sissy fouls.
Anyway I am with Brian, just one game, don't panic, I'm sure there won't be many quarters in which Bos will start shooting 9/12 (they did that in the 2nd) or 8/9 (3rd), regardless of our D - that has to improve, obviously.
But with 3 starters MIA it won't be easy, Brand and ET must give us something.
Still confident that we can take this series

i am also still confident we can take this series, but the intensity needs to multiply x100 in game 4. they need to protect their home floor at all costs, and if we cant win tomorrow, its gonna be reeeaalllly tough to win in 7. game 4 is must win in my eyes.

also, is brand hurt pretty bad? he's been a no show except for maybe 1 quarter in the entire series.

Dexter Pittman starts for the heat...that pat riley - he's a genius

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on May 17 at 19:16

the Mike Miller deal really crippled their flexibility

Well, they also over paid for Chris Bosh :)

The staples center is going to host six playoff games between now and Sunday...4 NBA 2 NHL

That's just nuts

Wade and the heat coach just had a heated argument wade was in his face like he was about to hit him

Tom Moore on May 17 at 20:59

Story (with Holiday, Hawes video interviews): Sixers can't let defense rest in Game 4:

I didn't know that Chris Bosh was so important to that team.

Mike reply to Stan on May 17 at 21:47

me neither, i am kind of shocked how that series is going. the Sixers have a huge opportunity staring them in the face right now, i really hope they can seize the moment. it almost feels like not talking during a no-hitter, i don't even want to say it.

South Broad reply to Mike on May 17 at 22:08

Thoughts a flying, me either.

TwoSense on May 17 at 22:24

Roy Hibbert ... Marreese Speights ... damn

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