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Do or Die

Tom Moore on May 18 at 9:32

Blog (with Collins video interview): Pierce, Celtics figure Sixers will stiffer challenge in Game 4:


mixville on May 18 at 10:00

I thought one of the big adjustments that the Celtics made on offense was to speed up their sets. They were pushing on rebounds and inbounds. They almost looked like the Suns. Garnett sprinted down planted in the lane and had a shot up with 16 left in the shot clock.

The Sixers were "seduced" into this and eventually stopped making jumpers as the Celtics played inside out and couldn't miss.

I think the biggest stat that sticks out to me from Game 3 was turnovers. Before the last 3 minutes of full scrub time, the Celtics turned the ball over 4 TIMES!!!!

The sixers have to get more deflections, and play at a higher energy level. Don't let Boston set up their defense. Take a page from their book!

The Sixers were "seduced" into this and eventually stopped making jumpers as the Celtics played inside out and couldn't miss.

This is a really good point. The Sixers really started playing "faster" than they should have, and in a contest of shooting open medium-long 2's, the Sixers have no chance at matching the Celtics (who are pretty much the best in the league at that). I don't particularly like Collins' comments about "shoot with no conscience" because not all players should shoot the first open 20-footer they get.

mixville reply to Statman on May 18 at 12:33

I was watching Game 7 of Memphis/LAC and Tony Allen shot and bricked a wide open 3 point shot.

Jeff Van Gundy commented: "Hey Tony, you know there's a reason that you're wide open"

I was actually pretty surprised by the shot distribution at the end of the game. I sort of kept track in the first quarter, and they had only taken 2 long twos, everything else was in the lane or a three. Probably not much of a surprise their scoring bottomed out when they started settling for those shots after the first.

Actually, what Sixers need is Lavoy Allen on Garnett. KG is the only one we can't defend and Lavoy is the only one capable of at least bothering him.

mixville on May 18 at 10:40

Should the Sixers Start Lavoy Allen?

Will they?

THe last two games he came in with 3 minutes gone in the first and 3rd quarters.

Strange as it sounds, if I were DC I would start Hawes. The reason would be to get an early read two things: whether he can demonstrate the intensity and toughness to do at least a mediocre job on Garnett; and, to get an early read on just hot hot a hand Garnett seems to have tonight.

This will tempt Boston to force the ball to Garnett early. If he isn't on fire starting out, or Hawes turns up the intensity, then we'll know what we have to work with in terms of rotations.

If it becomes clear that Garnett is on and Hawes is still hopeless, I'd sub him out for Lavoy within the first 4 minutes and use him only when Garnett rests ... using a combo of Lavoy Allen and Battie to defend Garnett.

I don't think Garnett will singlehandedly beat the Sixers. He can get thirty and the Sixers still win.

What I want to see is lots of deflected passes and tough defense from the wings to set a different tone for this game than last game.

I also never want to see Williams and Meeks on the floor at the same time --- or Thad Young when their first team is all on the floor.

This game needs to be won via defense. Turnovers and disrupted posessions ... along with sustained pressure on their wing players, will set a different tone for this game.

Finally, either Brand or Turner has to be able to make an open jump shot from 12 feet or so.

Expecting a win tonight. The only person who has messed up more in this Series than Hawes has been Collins. He needs to earn his money tonight.

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