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Sixers Roll Celtics With Huge Comeback

It took 10 games for it to show up, but this is how the Sixers bench was supposed to impact games. It might not be a coincidence that it showed up this deep in the playoffs, when you think about the minutes Boston's starters have logged to this point. Thad, Lavoy, Lou and Meeks all had a big impact on this game.

This was a crazy game. Left during the first quarter because this game was atrocious and it was already after 2AM. Anyway, went to bed, and listened to some podcasts on the smart phone. Kept an eye on the score. Ended up watching the 4th quarter on the smart phone in bed, at 5AM...

Great win! I just hope they can take some of this energy to Boston. They'll need it.

Seanzy Billups on May 19 at 8:37

Turner and one of the Celtics are going to throw fists before this series is over...

Charlie H on May 19 at 8:38

Great writeup Brian. I like your point about ET. It was as though the rest of the team was saying to themselves "He ain't giving up, and he's playing like shit. What the hell, let's go for it." Turner's one of those guys who just finds a way - like that layup in the 4th qtr of Game 2. He wasn't playing all that great in that game either.

Anybody else think Rondo has a hard time guarding Lou?

Saying not to get too high is asking a lot

I was so glad to see Hawes on the bench. Thad was almost as important as Lou. He hustled, got second chances, and got to the basket. All the reasons he was rewarded with a big deal were on display tonight. Yes, he over-helped and airballed a jumper or two, but that's just Thad. He's done well to not leak out on the break too early which I thought he did too much during the season. He might be more effective as a trailer after attempting to secure a second chance than using his second gear to lead a break.

Big Will on May 19 at 10:20

Thad really pissed me off with the turnovers, air balls and general lack of effort in the 1st half. He played un-Thad like. Thank goodness he turned it on at during crunch tIme with big slashing buckets in the lane and big time o boards for second chance points. Let's hope game 4 is a turning point for Thad in the playoffs. The Sixers need him back big time.

Good point about Turner. There is another aspect to what he was doing besides the emotional mindset: he was forcing the old Celtics to use energy to defend him. I liken it going to the body in boxing or keeping rallies alive in volleyball -- plays that don't pay immediate dividends but sap the opponent's energy and cause their form to break down later. I suspect that some of Garnett's missed jumpers and Pierce's turnovers were caused by fatigue from having to defend actively earlier in the game.

My stat of the day: during the regular season, the Sixers were 5-20 in games that had "clutch time" (margin 5 points or fewer with 5 minutes or less left in the game). In the postseason they are 5-1 in such games. That is the most shocking part of this crazy, crazy season ...

Tom Moore on May 19 at 11:02

Game 4 video interviews: Thaddeus Young and Lavoy Allen on when Friday's Game 4 turned in their favor and working so well together:


Above and beyond the exciting game swings, the coaching counter-play has been very interesting.

1. Hawes abused by KG.
2. Allen shuts down KG.
3. Boston goes small with Pierce at PF and thrives when Sixers move Iggy to PF.
4. Sixers counter with Young at PF, but cross cover Iggy on PP and have Thad cover the SG with surprising dividends.

You can see the chess match summary by looking at the game flows. here was last nights:


Here was game 3:

eddies' heady's on May 19 at 12:23

Thad acting as a pseudo-facilitator in that 4th quarter, so surreal. Three sweet dimes to Lavoy on high-lows (one was more an across the lane feed in traffic). As terrible as Turner seemed, and was, I was dumbfounded when seeing the box on NBATV that he ended up with 16 points. Quietest, yet loudest (from all the empty forays and bricks), 16 points I've maybe seen. Would like to see Jrue get a portion of those 22 shots ET took going forward though. Jodie Meeks getting two really big steals (3 overall), and when he hit that triple with 8:49 left to finally get the lead was house-rocking.

Still, to shoot worse than the C's, make two less 3pters than the C's, miss 11 free throws while the C's only missed three of theirs, 5 lousy points and rebounds from our starting frontcourt, guess it came down to all those offensive rebounds and the thank-goodness-for-fast break points.

To even think back to that 1st quarter again this morning and remember how relentless and aggressive the Celtics were swarming around on D, getting their hands on so many balls while our guys were either dribbling or passing it, and then to watch our guys persevere late while the Celtics had the stunned/wilted looks on their faces which our guys seemed to have in that opening quarter, was something you can only marvel at. And just chalk it up and say basketball can be an ugly but oh-so beautiful game and why I love it so much.

I occasionally heed your advice but to the 'don't get too high' I say, F you man! :)

Just try and be like Lavoy Allen for a day.

I'm surprised anyone is too stoked after this win. Maybe I'm buying into the talking heads chatter, but the Celtics are an elite home team and the 76ers are not. The series is even in games won, but I'd give the Celtics the advantage over the next three. If Ray Allen or Elton come alive then maybe they are the wildcards, but they're too hobbled to realistically expect a throwback game.

The Celtics are not a deep team. My layman knowledge of basketball tells me that a key to Game 5 is Jrue overcoming Avery Bradley to initiate thr offense more quickly. Carry over of the excellent fourth quarter ball movement is a must. This is not a good half-court offense on an individual basis, but I feel they are amongst the best when they apply pressure and move the ball intelligently.

MojoSoDope on May 19 at 13:16

Is Evan Turner cocking his leg up for a huge fart on Paul Pierce's head? Looks like Evan is squeezing one out.

Doris Burke on May 19 at 13:25

"The only way the Sixers can come back in this game is if Boston lets them."

You're surprised anyone is too stoked after this win?

I think that might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard anybody say. Ever.

And you've naturally supplied some form of rationale behind your statement as opposed to I, who blankly stated something inane.

Charlie H reply to Cin on May 20 at 10:20

opposed to me

Actually, a good feeling as a fan to have the weekend to gloat. Unfortunately, for the players boston gets to rest an extra day. Maybe, this will help Elton heal. I hope the Phillies sweep the sox and keep that good mojo going.

For anyone interested...


Uploads games, by quarter, in pretty good definition.

Ahahahaha great quote by Doug and it is acutally uncensored for now in the video on Sixers.com - right at about 7:30, when he talks about his goal in life...


speeke reply to das411 on May 20 at 0:47

Doug's the man

In hindsight, Lavoy was wildly underrated (e.g., ranked by DraftExpress as 54th best prospect in last year's draft). This happens and isn't surprising. But the strangest part is that he was thought to not have enough *physical strength* to match up at PF in the NBA.

The thing we're really going to worry about with this team though, and since we have a weekend to think about it i guess we might as well, is:

does this team currently have as much talent on their roster as they're ever going to?

Once this season ends, they're going to have to make decisions on Lou, 00, Meeks and now apparently Lavoy...and even if Brand gets amnestied, will they be able to net improve the roster without creating more holes than they fill?

This team kind of looks like the 07-08 Phils who had a couple of bad contracts (Burrell and the Adam Eatons and Freddy Garcias of the world), but also had elite players at or way below market value - before Jrue and ET have to get paid, will this team be able to add talent over the next season or two without falling into the Ruben Amaro trap of overpaying to fill holes while ignoring new ones that appear...

...woah and don't look now but somehow the Spurs are down 22 after one??

Tom Moore on May 19 at 18:01

Story (with Lavoy Allen, Thaddeus Young video interviews): Allen, Young pull an inside job:


Tom Moore on May 19 at 18:33

Nice write-up. I honestly thought the move to put Allen at center, along with Dre, ET, Thad, and Jrue should have been easier for Doug to see. One only needed to watch Lavoy play KG early in the series and it was obvious that he is the most effectice defensive presence at center. I have been begging for this line-up. Great win by this team, and nobody quit which was great to see.

eddies' heady's on May 19 at 22:14

Last night's game was so awesome, I still feel all warm and giddy as a result of it. So rewarding for it to end like it did, as so many seemed to still have hope throughout in the game thread.

What'd really be awesome is if anybody can knock down an open shot in game 5.

Well, the Sixers don't have the lowest-scoring quarter in the playoffs so far this year. Clippers scored 8 points in the third quarter today vs. the Spurs. How is that possible when you have 2 "superstars" on your team?

Jason reply to Brian on May 19 at 23:54

You have one step above Eddie Jordan as your coach.

spencer for hire on May 20 at 9:25

Some interesting numbers in the J.Finger article on C.S.N.com about E.Turner and his production with more days off. He really needs to dedicate himself to getting in shape this summer. Maybe Iggy could take him under his wing as far as workouts and diet.

He had made comments at some point that where others in his "situation" turned to drinking he instead ate a lot of pizza. He definitely was not in good shape this season. I think this next offseason is going to be very good for him if he dedicates himself to an NBA training regimen.

I may never delete this game fm my dvr. I thought I was the only one who would say turner set the tone and made th team play better. He has the biggest ballzz on the team and when ur getting punked and ur boy just don't give a Fu$& and keeps fighting, u can't help but fight w him. I think sixers give up at the half if it ain't for turner

Anyone know our options for re-signing Lavoy? Are there certain salary regulations or weird clauses that exist or can he be signed for whatever a team feels like offering? Also, what kind of market do you expect for him this offseason. Thanks.

If the heat lose thi series handily, gotta think one of the big three will be available right? LeBon and Wade certainly aren't going anywhere...but Bosh? I could see him being a possibility.

Anonymous reply to The six on May 20 at 16:10

Been discussed for weeks now

Wade would be the smarter move. Older. Testy. Injury prone. In the way. But would never happen

Not one, not two, not three....


Tom Moore on May 20 at 20:43

Sixers notes (with Iguodala, Meeks video): Meeks uses end of Game 3 as springboard to strong Game 4 finish:


Tom Moore on May 20 at 20:55

Main story (with Brand, Collins video interviews): Will extra day off help Sixers as much as Celtics?


Johnrosz on May 20 at 23:17

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2+ days: 17.5 ppg 48.1 FG%”

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