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Take the Life Out Of Them

jswigga on May 21 at 1:29

LOL... He called him Kevin Bass. Zero respect. Love it!

As for EB making an impact. Good question. The answer is more about who he matches up with. For example, were the sixers to pull of the unthinkable and beat the Celtics it is very likely they would face the Heat. Brand could (and better) have a field day down low against their bigs as they're straight garbage. If we faced the Pacers you could expect Brand to continue playing w/o almost no impact whatsoever.

Brian, you do a great job and this blog is awesome...but if the Celtics get any production at all from this guy you name dropped, they'll have big big big issues: http://tinyurl.com/7bumva7

matt reply to das411 on May 21 at 10:01

I was thinking he combined Kevin Boss (former NYG) and Bass.

Brian, when the Sixers win the Championship this year, you'll have to change the name of your blog! There's a good chance this season might cure your depression.

:) Go Sixers!

P.S. I think Elton will start hitting those short ranges jumpers and get some post action going before this series is over. He's been missing way to many open looks.

Elton's neck spasms sound pretty bad. Given this I havn't been too upset with his play.

But the missed shots are frustrating. It's not as easy to shoot when the pass comes from the side and the defender is running at you. I think these would go in more if he created his own space.

mixville on May 21 at 12:27

Going to the game tonight in Boston!!!

Looking for a carryover from game 4! Lou and Thad driving and dishing.

Sharone Wright reply to mixville on May 21 at 13:51

Excellent! I'd love to see some red in that arena!

I'm feeling very un-Lavoy today. Can't stop thinking about tonight's game.

mixville on May 21 at 13:57

I will be rocking my old school Manute Bol jersey...but from the front it looks like Jrue!

These 4 games have been amazing! I still can't believe that the Sixers are still playing on May 21st. They never give up!

They make you pay for your mistakes!

It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd will be there tonight.

Boston sports talk is all about facing the Heat today

"Perhaps the problem was an innate knowledge that the Sixers, as presently constituted, are simultaneously a work in progress and a team with a clock that's winding down. Iguodala, signed through the 2013-14 season, has been offered to half the teams in the NBA as trade bait."

"The former no. 2 overall pick has had a stop-and-start two-season stint with the Sixers. Drafted ahead of DeMarcus Cousins, he seems, frankly, soft out on the court."

Let's see how Boston plays down the stretch of this series. I remember an '09 Eastern Conference Semifinal against Orlando, when KG was hurt, where Orlando won by wearing them down. The Celtics went up 3-2 in that series with a couple of miracle wins. They then gave Game 6 away on the road and Orlando wore them out in Game 7 on their way to the finals. No KG on that team, but Big Baby and Rondo playing well along with Perkins to help with shot-blocking.

I guess my point is that the Sixers don't have to win this game tonight. Sure, it would be great to have a shot to close things out at home. Still, it's not the be-all and end-all. What would be nice is what Brian said, keep attacking. I was wondering to myself if the ET love from Game 4 was being oversold. Sure, he was aggressive and that mindset established a tone, but he was awful. Then I look back at all of the minutes these cagey veterans have had to play, all of the jumping KG has had to do blocking shots, all of the screens Pierce and Rondo are fighting through, all of the rotations Ray Allen is unsuccessfully trying to make. THIS ALL COUNTS. Make this physical, make this tough. Even if we do shoot jumpers, try to make them off passes getting into the lane, like Lou and Jrue did with Dre late in the last game. Really, Turner had chances to make kick out passes and ended up getting blocked. He just has to make the right play if three people swarm him.

Not a must-win, but I do feel the Sixers must play an attacking, uptempo style.

mixville on May 21 at 14:18

Good Point Rich!

This series reminds me of Cavs/Celtics series from 2010. The Cavs were up 2-1 after a blowout in Boston where Lebron went off. Then Celtics won game 4 in overtime i think. Then shocked them in Game 5, and won at home in game 6.

I am not comparing the quality of the teams but the series pattern.

Why can't the Sixers win tonight?

Rich reply to mixville on May 21 at 14:31

Funny enough, if the Sixers would win the next two, this series will be identical with the '10 Cavs-Celtics one with the Celtics switching into the losing role.

Game 1: Home team "steals" one the underdog lead throughout.
Game 2: Underdog bounces back, wins.
Game 3: Evisceration by the favorite (LeBron went nuts), making everyone question why they even thought the underdog could compete.
Game 4: Miraculous bounceback from the underdog, knotting it up at 2.

If this goes according to plan, a blowout in Game 5 is next. I'd take a one point win all the same too.

game 6 start time is 8 on ESPN

Please tell me Doris Burke isn't announcing the game tonight.

the game is on TNT

Nice. Thanks.

What's your problem with Doris "The only way the Celtics lose is if they choose to lose" Burke? She makes any Sixer win twice as sweet.

I assume the Sixers will get the better broadcasting teams by default as this series grinds on. One is done out West already, the other is about to be. They won't just rest their A team, they have to do some game, they'll get PHI/BOS by default.

Did Eddies' write this one (kidding)? These stats are pretty damning, but I wonder how much of an effect Game 3 and the slow starts have had on them? He did forget to mention the strong play down the stretch of Game 2 and how well he played in the 1st Half of Game 1.

I don't think Turner's minutes need to be curbed all that much.


Heh. I'd very much like for Turner to start hitting some shots, but I don't think sitting him is in the team's best interests. I do, however, think they should move Jrue onto Rondo when Avery Bradley is at the two. The logic with Allen at the two is sound, Jrue's better at following Allen through all those screens, but I think you're wasting Jrue on Bradley.

Tom Moore on May 21 at 15:13

stan van gundy relieved of his duties

and otis smith also fired

Actually ESPN has it in reverse - Van Gundy fired, Otis Smith and Magic 'mutually agree to part ways' - what ever that means

The team is still fracked, and Dwight Howard is still leaving :)

If Howard could hand-pick his coach, who's your money on? I'd say Isiah Thomas gets both jobs.

I think Dwight would target a 'big man' who played in the game cause he'd understand how to cater to Dwights needs...if Isiah Thomas is ever allowed back in the NBA, that owner should just admit he doesn't care.

I think the magic should hire d'antoni - just for the comedy :)

Eddie Jordan could draw some sweet offensive plays where Howard is handing the ball off 25 feet from the hoop.

He was my first thought, but D'antoni still has enough caché to be an NBA coach, Eddie Jordan doesn't have enough caché to replace Isiah at FIU :)

The magic have to compete with the knicks as one of the most messed up franchises in the NBA (Eastern Conference, I'm nominating the lakers for the western conference edition, because the one thing they really should do, trade Kobe, they'll never do)

According to Stephen A., Stan Van Gundy was extremely "underminded (sic)."

If you haven't seen it yet - look up the SNL Stephen A Smith sketch - heard bits on the radio this morning - dude nailed it

Yeah, someone linked to it above.

Tim (New Hampshire)
Of the remaining teams, how would you rank each in terms of enjoyment watching?

mike wilbon
(1:40 PM)
Great, great, great question. Platinum star for you...Spurs, OKC, Miami, Celtics, Pacers, Sixers...

Posted this on another thread and didn't get an answer. I know this is getting ahead of myself a little bit, but what are the Sixers' options for re-signing Lavoy this offseason. Are there any restrictions salary-wise or length of contract that I don't know about or can teams offer whatever they feel like? Also, what kind of market do you expect for him/what do you think the Sixers will offer?

He's restricted, so I believe they have a small qualifying offer ($935K or something), which they'll offer him. And they have the right to match any offer sheet. I'm not 100% sure how much other teams can offer him, but I believe it can't start above the MLE in year one. I doubt anyone offers him that much. If I had to guess, I'd say he signs for something like 3 years/$9M, either with the Sixers or elsewhere. That might even be too high.

Jesse reply to Brian on May 21 at 18:18

I'd be perfectly fine with that. A big man who can give you 15-20 quality minutes a game is worth 3 million a year to me.

Except that there were long stretches of games (in the double digits) wher Lavoy Allen gave the sixers nothing.

A few games doesn't suddenly make him worth more money - that's how guys get bad contracts - people over value playoff play in a small sample size and ignore the big picture.

Lavoys had a nice couple of games - he had some nice games in the regular season too - but he also laid some real stinkers...regular season, and he hasn't been perfect inthe playoffs - just memorable - mostly cause Brand is broken down and Hawes sucks

(Then again, people were fawning over hawes in the first round)

Jesse reply to GoSixers on May 21 at 18:28

I wouldn't exactly call a 3 year deal for $3 million a year a "bad contract." You need to be careful in being overly critical of rookies. You can't expect them to play phenomenal basketball every single game. Even most top players looked like crap in a lot of games their rookie years.

That aside, would you prefer to just make the qualifying offer to Lavoy this offseason and not match anything higher if offered by another team?

And you need to be careful in being overly joyful when a guy has a few good games (playoffs or not) the Lavoy Allen euphoria is getting out of hand...he's had a couple good games, that's offset by a lot of terrible games, where he couldn't get off the bench ahead of other players - or maybe he just matches up well with the celtics.

If Joel Anthony makes him his bitch in the ECF would you still want him for 3 years or 9 million dollars.

When you have the restrictive salary cap the NBA has and the punitive luxury tax the NBA has, EVERY contract matters, just ask the heat.

Lavoy Allen has earned MAYBE 2 years, MAYBE (i wouldn't guarantee the second year), but honestly, I make the tender offer and let him see what the market will bear, as GM's tend to be less emotional about it than fans of the team.

Guys like lavoy allen are not rare in the NBA...they're all over the place (except in denver where theirs is in trouble with the law)

Jordan Hill had some great playoff games for the lakers - think they should give him 3 years and 9 million dollars?

Jesse reply to GoSixers on May 21 at 18:57

Eh, this is probably futile disagreeing with you. You have a very pessimistic view and maybe I have an overly optimistic view. I would prefer not to lose a young big man who has shown talent, though, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He has been a very good defensive player and rebounder this entire season - just look at the numbers at Liberty Ballers, so I would completely disagree that he has been "terrible" in most games this year.

A young big man with defensive talent is certainly not a dime a dozen in the NBA as you seem to be implying. However, I do agree that I wouldn't be willing to pay much more than 3 million a year without seeing him play more.

Lavoy Allen is the power forward equivalent of Lavoy Allen

Too many people confuse realism and pessimism...that's ok

I was right about the facebook IPO and I'll be right about Lavoy Allen

Jesse reply to GoSixers on May 21 at 19:11

Haha. Ok?

I was right about the sun rising this morning. I'll be right about Lavoy Allen.

Posted this on another thread and didn't get an answer. I know this is getting ahead of myself a little bit, but what are the Sixers' options for re-signing Lavoy this offseason. Are there any restrictions salary-wise or length of contract that I don't know about or can teams offer whatever they feel like? Also, what kind of market do you expect for him/what do you think the Sixers will offer?

Jesse reply to Jesse on May 21 at 17:13

Oops posted this in the wrong thread again.

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