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Back, Meet Wall

I'll be in the house tonight. Anyone else going?

Sharone Wright reply to Rich on May 23 at 12:16

I'll be there. 108. Hopefully the place is hoppin.

spencer for hire on May 23 at 7:08

Maybe if Elton tells Collins pregame to go with the rookie he starts Allen. And maybe out of necessity he plays the Battie card tonight, he sure would look good on Bass or Garnett for a few minutes.

The time for hurt feelings are over Doug, do what you have to do.

Great article.

I'll definitely be in the house. Haven't missed a home playoff game yet.

I think Doc Rivers may have lucked into his biggest adjustment. He couldn't go with his small lineup because Avery Bradley didn't play. But I agree DC was terrible at adjusting, letting the Celts dictate the matchup for Garnett.

There have been two times in this series where the Celtics have found a mismatch to exploit - and both times Collins sat and watched doing nothing about it. Each time, the problem was having Thad in the game against the wrong match ups. His defense has been exposed in the playoffs and is way worse than I noticed in the regular season.

I would agree with playing Battie today. I would start Lavoy Allen against Garnett, and have him mirror Garnett's minutes exactly. If he gets in early foul trouble, then have Battie sub for Allen and give him 7 mins or so to alleviate the foul trouble then go back to that matchup.

A big deal tonight to see what fight this team has. Really hoping Iguodala doesn't end up at the line in a critical situation - cause I can't stomach the fan reaction any longer. [Speaking of which ... did anyone else notice the sarcastic facial reaction from Doc Rivers when he missed those clear path free throws? If I were Iggy, I"d have wanted to make him pay.]

Sixers - assert yourselves on defense. Let us see the type of play that got you here. Imagine the pressure on this old Boston team in a Game 7.

Charlie H on May 23 at 10:31

Agree with all this. I don't see Collins starting Lavoy, that would be a shock. I really hope they get something from Jodie, that would be huge. You never know with him.

I agree with TNT. I think their attitude and competitiveness is the most important thing of all. It's disheartening that they don't show it every minute of every game. Or is it that they just get outplayed and it seems they don't have enough heart? That's always a tough question to answer.

Turner has to play better. We need him to score efficiently and stay on the court for rebounding. When he goes to the bench we seem to get Lou playing with Jodie, and that's a formula for Rondo going off.

I'll be there as well. Unfortunately not as optimistic as I was about last game 6.

If you want to be thoroughly depressed, read this first. (talks about how bad Turner and Lou have been in the playoffs). Then read this.

Key quote from the second:

Derrick Favors, Jazz - Here's the crazy plus-minus stat of the playoffs: Utah was minus-1 in its 116 minutes with Favors on the court in the four-game demolition by the Spurs, and minus-63 in the other 76 minutes. His impact was so obvious that the Jazz started him in Game 4, producing their only near-win, and one surmises Game 3 will be the last time he comes off the bench for a very, very long time.
The 20-year-old is still coming along offensively yet had double-doubles in Games 3 and 4, but his real calling is at the defensive end. With his size, athleticism and mobility, he has a chance to be a defensive player of the year down the road. In the short term his playoffs will have a different impact this offseason, because it makes it almost certain that the Jazz will trade one of Millsap or Al Jefferson to make room for Favors in the lineup.
Sharone Wright reply to Brian on May 23 at 13:11

I guess the blog has its name for a reason...

Excuse me, whilst I vomit.

buke reply to Brian on May 23 at 13:57

I guess I'm fairly unperturbed about this. Drafting Favors would have better addressed a critical deficiency of this team in recent years instead of adding to personnel redundancies, but our team has gone further in the playoffs than at any time since 2003 and had the first winning season since 2005. Can we say with any confidence that we would have done better the last two years drafting Favors instead of Turner? At this point, I'm sure glad the Sixers didn't draft Wes Johnson at least, but I might be at least as inclined to wish the team drafted Greg Monroe as Favors. I think we can all agree that, with regard to the 2010 draft, the Sixers' fortunes were a good news/bad news story (top three pick in a seemingly poor draft).

Turner obviously is taking longer to develop than Sixers' fans hoped and may never develop into the kind of star the fans wanted, but I've seen enough to retain optimism for the future. It took Nash five years and Billups six years respectively to play a full season of starter's minutes and Billups played for five different clubs during those six years.

Three years from now this team may look very different and might have very different needs than it has now. I expect that Favors will have a nice developing career during that time, but the 2010 draft was not the Sixers' last chance to get one or more quality frontline players.

Seeing some twitter chatter that IVERSON will be there tonight...enjoy, those who can be there!

timx reply to das411 on May 23 at 14:05

Yes indeed, AI will be honored tonight prior to the game! Very exciting! I'll be there as well. Hope to see everyone at the after party at TGI Fridays on City Ave!!! LOL

In the low expectations category, I'm just hoping the Sixers do better than the last time they had do-or-die Game Six's at home (blowout losses to Detroit in 2008 and Orlando in 2009). As was often stated in the mid-2000's about the Eagles and their fans, the Sixers need to do well early to take their own crowd out of it ...

Buke reply to Statman on May 23 at 14:05

Yes, repeating those would be miserable, but I think we faced much stronger overall teams in those years. In 2009, the Magic played very well and seemed to have destiny on their side until they reached the NBA finals. Although this team doesn't have any more talent than those Sixers teams (maybe even less actually), it might have a little more heart and endurance.

1st Team All defense

Guards, Chris Paul and Tony Allen

Haven't seen it yet, just saw that Hollinger said Kobe got second team over Iguodala. Fucking joke.

Vote totals here.

Iguodala actually had more points than Kobe but wasn't considered a guard, I guess. At forward, he lost out to Deng by 1 point.

Boozer got the 1 vote Iguodala needed, apparently. Awesome.

Jrue got one vote as well.

Hollinger re-tweeted a funny quote on that: "Carlos Boozer wouldn't make second-string All-Defense on his own team."

ESPN "Text" Alerts are a pretty useful thing for news updates...if you've got unlimited texting on your phone. Showed up on my phone - knew you'd be excited :)

Dude was a DPOY contender 2/3 of the year, didn't get a SINGLE damn vote (whereas some really crappy defenders did) and now this...how short the memories of these voters are...more 'what have you done for me lately' than other sports it seems

Stan reply to GoSixers on May 23 at 17:10

Luol Deng? KG? Kobe Bryant? HA!
Iguodala had a higher point total than Kobe Bryant. Did he not make it because he is a SF? Also, Luol Deng beat out Andre by 1 vote

Jrue Holiday got a vote. Who voted for Carlos Boozer?

Chris Paul really spearheaded the league's #18 defense. Well deserved.

This is such fucking bullshit. He should be on the first team.

Let's hope Dre takes out his anger on Pierce tonight.

Charlie H on May 23 at 16:53

Except for a few obvious choices, All Defensive honors are consolation prizes for players who aren't good enough for 3rd team all NBA. Most writers don't know anything about defense.

AI943410!!! - - - - - - -

Clear path free throws find brambles. Lump, lump.
10-22 (.454); ain't no way to treat a Spalding.

Skippin' rope like Ali, still shootin' like George Chuvalo.

And now this lack of recognition - again! - for his stalwart defensive efforts. Burns me up. What's next, a trade?

Tonight's outcome, a Philadelphia minted-coin flip.

Iverson redux, '82 Gm 7 video viewing by team... organization's leavin' no stone unturned. If Pat Williams arrives with his dancing pig, Cs guaranteed to be roasted. Even if he doesn't, Sixers at the start will be on fire, Celtics will be wearing kelly green asbestos uniforms.

Saturday Gm 7, TV golden egg.

Tricks aside, ya gotta like a team orchestrated by a 73/16 A/T0 guy. On the other hand, 2 co-point "hybrids" that total 35/21 (24/10, 11/11) don't inspire confidence.

FT BOS reg season .778 playoffs .824
FT PHI reg season .742 playoffs .704

Collins playoffs 22-32 .407
Rivers playoffs 58-48 .547

Prediction: Sixers 86 - Celtics 85 on BOSS BOMB AT BUZZER!!! Lou signs new 5 yr. contract at scorer's table with a pen leftover from the Stefanski regime.

Sixers are approached, agree on the spot to appear in a summer production of Hoosiers II, with the proviso that they're not to be expected by producers to shoot as well as the original team/cast.

Blame it on Dolph Schayes.


John Clark NBC10 ‏@johnclarknbc10

Allen Iverson's flight to Philly keeps getting delayed, but he should make it in time for opening ceremony. Just like old times #AI

Interesting 'point counter point' probably accidental on ESPN.com today

Evan Turner mentioned in an article of 11 guys hurting their off season value in the playoffs (Lou Williams also included) here

Chris Palmer picks Turner as one of his '5 breakout players' for the 2012-2013 season here

Both are espn insider articles, and no I won't copy and paste content

Rich reply to GoSixers on May 23 at 18:18

Not saying Turner cant improve, but everything I've ever read from Chris Palmer has been laughably bad. Don't get why they put him behind a pay wall.

I'm more apt to believe that Hollinger knows what he's talking about than most on ESPN (in the nba category), but I just found it interesting that two articles on the same day told two entirely different stories about Turner and his future

Thanks for the share! That was tremendously funny.

Sure hope AI makes it. But seein' is believin'.

Mike reply to Phil on May 23 at 17:46

possibly the best thing i've ever read

Oscar "Ringo" Bonavena was never subject to a 10-count. Also, he floored Joe Frazier twice in the same round (a legendary feat); Joe rallied to win a 10 rd split decision. Not shy by nature, Oscar warmed up for one bout by calling Ali a "black kangaroo"; Ali beat him in 15 rd TKO at MSG. 58-9-1. Bonavena's commemorative statue stands in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rocky Balboa long ago met his match - and then some.

I finally figured it out...you're like a dementia patient with internet access who thinks it's 50 years ago?

Fear not, brother, my mind's gettin' along so-so, no complaints; close up shot of Rocky's hair and fizzeek whisked me back to rugged "Ringo" is all. Reckoned I'd add a little tellin' onto my rememberin', 'case youngsters such as yourself cared a hoot.

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