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I believe. The Sixers are going to win this. It will be the end of terrible Sixers basketball that lasted from around 03 til now. This is a team that is going to be reinforced, not rebuilt. I finally have faith in my favorite team in my favorite sport again. Win this, I don't care how, just fucking win this.

Dwight Howard Sixers title 2013!

Joking- fully locked in on the game tonight.

Charlie H on May 26 at 18:36

It's all there the taking. Just a win a game against a team you've beaten before on the road, once already in this series. It's 50-50 game, play it like it's your last. Keep your cool, play your game, rebound the ball, get back, get stops.

Best Photoshop work yet.

No prediction?

I just hope they weather the storm and can start strong, taking the crowd out of it. I'm nervous as hell. I want them to win. Not primarily to make it to the ECF, but to send a huge FUCK YOU to the media and all those experts.

But to be completely honest: I'm not very optimistic. I sense a blow-out, because they couldn't keep their cool. The past couple of years have affected my thinking. PROVE ME WRONG, PLEASE!

Biggest Sixers game in the past 10 years? I still can't believe they have gotten to this stage with this collection of players- but I'm not complaining. Win this one and this team will have a special place in Sixers lore.

Mike reply to tk76 on May 26 at 19:14

I honestly think this could make or break the next few years for this franchise.

tk76 reply to Mike on May 26 at 19:32

I'm not sure how this series fits in the big picture. But definitely caught in the moment.

I really don't think that's an exaggeration. Tough to justify blowing up a team that makes it to the ECF. Knock on wood.

I'd like to see a healthy dose of ET post-ups against Allen and Rondo tonight. Felt like great things happen when he gets the ball in the post, and I don't think they exploited that match-up enough with Bradley out last game. Allen cannot handle Turner in the post, and Rondo essentially gives up.

a) Rondo gets a triple-double and the Celtics win.
b) Rondo doesn't get in double figures in any category and the Sixers win.

Man, I fucking hate these talking heads.

tk76 reply to Brian on May 26 at 19:58

Why even play the game?

Man, this game can't start soon enough. I have butterflies like you wouldn't believe. Can't imagine what the guys on the floor are feeling right now.

Magic, what's your take on this game. "blah, blah, blah. I played and won rings...blah, blah, blah...Boston's going to win."

Any chance we get Van Gundy and Breen tonight?

I have absolutely no idea what to expect. No idea at all.

Phil reply to Brian on May 26 at 20:01

I feel you. Hopefully not an x-0 start. :S

yes you do, anyone who touches pierce will be called for a foul

Ryan F reply to Brian on May 26 at 20:01

hopefully the unexpected

Alvin reply to Brian on May 26 at 20:05

Exactly, just hoping for the best. I just hope my stream holds up.

And no matter what, just lay it all out on the floor. Give it everything. That's all I ask. Box out, scrap for loose balls, rotate quickly, attack the basket. take and make free throws.


Breen and JVG. Doris Burke is there, no idea why.

Come on. Come the fuck on.

/me needs booze

there is now way in hell hawes is 7-1

Charlie H reply to sixerfan1220 on May 26 at 20:10

I don't think he's even 6 11

the boston P.A announcer said 7-1

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:08

I feel like throwing up right about now

Alvin reply to Charlie H on May 26 at 20:09

The Celtics intro does that to everyone but the Celtics

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:09

and I too have no idea what to expect

ItAintEZ on May 26 at 20:11

Oh the nerves. LETS GET IT ON!

Aaaaaaaaaand we're off...Hawes loses the tip.

Sissy J missed on the first possession. Get in the fucking paint.

Moving screen on Garnett, there. No whistle.

Need to survive these first minutes.

Damn it with the turnover and Iggy's first foul early.

Every motherfucking time that cunt goes in the lane he gets a whistle. That's not a fucking foul.

Get a god damned hoop here. Jrue, make a shot.

EB brick from 5 feet after Jrue sets him up.

Rondo fouls Turner on the floor.

Goddamn EB gotta make that

Come on Brand we need you to hit that.

Great job Turner with the board and the attack

Sissy shot blocked at the rim. That's fine, just get in the paint.

Call a timeout and get Hawes out of this fucking game.

Great move Jrue. here we go.


Jrue hits, should've been an and-one.

Bench hawes


i like that Jrue, we know you can get in there when you want.

I think Philly is too tense, missing open shots while they are making theirs



Charlie H on May 26 at 20:17

We need some Lavoy

That's what I feared the most.

And by the way: FUCK HAWES! He's done everything wrong. Each fucking touch.

Jrue looks good. Only player on the team that wants to play inside the arc on the offensive side. Still early though.

Please put Hawes on the bench.

Honestly it seems 2/3 of the time when we start Hawes we go behind early, I have no idea why we never try to start someone else instead.

Get Lavoy in there right after this timeout please.

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:19

Just play your game & get a stop.

They better fucking score out of this time out

ItAintEZ on May 26 at 20:20

And he is still in.?.!

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:20

I pretty much expected this

No sub, and they run the play through Hawes, of course. Fuck this shit.

Why the fuck is Hawes still in there, Doug? Why?

EBx2 from the line. Get a stop here.

Good foul, EB. Boston's looking to run.

Iggy we do not need your early-in-the-shotclock-hero-contested-jumpers. Not tonight.

Iggy with a terrible shot 5 seconds into shot clock

bad shot by dre on offense.

I understand keeping hawes in for first 6 minute run, don't want to send a message of panic to the players. But he better not run any more than the first 6 minutes of the half.

bad shot evan

A Turner 20-footer w/ 20 seconds left on the clock after an Iguodala 20-footer w/ 20 seconds left on the clock. That's awesome.


There we go, EB. Stops.

Now Turner throws a prayer up. WTF guys? Doug, make them run a play.

And get Hawes outta there! Come on!

Even if you lose, don't lose it in the first quarter, in a manner we all expect if you do things like play Hawes when he's sucking out there

Why the fuck is Turner taking these jumpers?

Stop with the early jump shots!!!

I suck hawes

Auto correct lol u*

Great job, Hawes. Great fucking job. Free points are just what we want to give them. Motherfucker.

Hawes for fuck's sake! He was camping in there for no fucking reason. God, can a player suck so much in such an important game?

Great, Garnett out, Lavoy in.

Iggy is so goddam passive right now

Great board, Lavoy, then he coughs it up. Terrible pass by Rondo in transition. Come on, get a hoop here. Run a Jrue/Lavoy pick and roll.

Lavoy with the o-board. Turnover though, good job Turner with the deflection.

Steinsma with his second foul. Garnettt outta there, let's go to the motherfreaking rim


There you go. EB on the p&p.

Shocked bitch Pierce didn't get a whistle on that drive.

Lou to the line. 2 on Rondo.

2 on rondo

I would like to see Thad in here against stiemsma

I'm appalled Doug hasn't tried to match Lavoy with Garnett at the start.

It does not make any sense.

I thought that was a damn lucky call for us on Rondo, didn't look like a foul to me but i'll take it.

Charlie H reply to Alvin on May 26 at 20:33

Why not sub 5 minutes earlier while KG was in & Hawes was sucking? Collins was talking about how he used that stragegy in Game 4 and how well it worked... Did he forget?

Nice Lou

Heh, elbowed him in the chin. Good work, Lou.

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:29

Lou draws a foul on rondo, good

Lou, you have to hustle back and foul Rondo there. Make him fucking earn those points. This is game seven, god damnit.

Crazy pass Jrue, crasy pass. don't need that.

Wow Brand.



FreeMattCord on May 26 at 20:32

Didnt Lavoys shot hit the rim? And now Williams has to jack a 35 footer?

Looked blocked

I actually thought it hit the rim, too. But it worked out.

Charlie H reply to FreeMattCord on May 26 at 20:34


Okay, please end the quarter strong. Whoops, I guess I just jinxed it.

(I need cynicism to overcome the tension)

Good trap. Love that.

Nice D, Lou.

Wow. Whistles are going Sixers' way early.

Pietrus with the deflating dunk.

It started with him going past Lou, of course.

Dre swishes two at the line. Good sign.



Charlie H on May 26 at 20:37

tie game

Lou jofie and young on defense. Awesome.

Finish strong here plz

OK, don't let them get any space here in the final minute.


Wow Lou that was amazing.

Every point counts tonight.

Another Pierce sissy scream gets no whistle, and Lou gets the touch foul for the and-one on the other end. Am I seeing this correctly?

First lead of the night!

Ah, Meeks.

BS call on Lavoy. That's his first. Shots for KG.

OK, 24 seconds on the clock. Milk it all the way down and hit a shot. Don't let Boston get another possession in this quarter.

Did the refs really just put the celtics on the line. Jeez

are you fucking kidding me? it's game 7 in the conference semis, why are we calling fouls with the slighest contact? Because it's Garnett? Because it's the Celtics? Fuck off

Phil reply to Alvin on May 26 at 20:43

We got some whistles, too. It's even right now.

Ok ok ok ok

Holiday took that shot too early, but we didn't pay (thankfully).

That was a big tip by Jrue on that rebound, was going right to KG.

PHI 20, BOS 20 after one.

OK, weathered the storm. Now please don't start the second w/ Lou/Meeks/Turner.

Yeah, bad shot Jrue. If Refs call those contact fouls, they really need to call moving screens. Won't happen though.

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:42

Nice shot Jrue but no good, tie game after 1.

36 minutes to glory. Let's go!

Tied game is good. Start was rocky. But Sixers survived it. Sixers have the first possession. Get some points and the lead.

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:45

Would love to see them score on the 1st possession

Fuck me. Not this lineup. Not in this fucking game.

Lou, that's 4 free points you gave Pietrus.

Yeah, Lavoy! Hit the freebie.



You called it Brian, an awful lineup to start the second, great play by Lavoy

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:47

attack the paint, that's it

Jrue, you need to be better than that.

Jrue that's the second terrible pass you've forced in tonight. And resulted in an and-1 the other way. sigh.

Get Lou and Meeks out plz

I give Doug Collins an F for his rotations so far.

Man's rebound by Thad, don't see that every day.

Bleh. Thad w/ the moving pick.

Thad needs to start providing some o

Dodged a bullet there, don't like doubling Rondo.

lol, calling a moving pick on the sixers. Rich.

Charlie H reply to Jason on May 26 at 20:53

right after Garnett does his pulling guard thing on the other end

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:52


Meeks in there to stretch the D so we can drive? doesn't make sense cause we haven't been driving enough. Nor has Meeks made a shot.

Why stick with that lineup?

Doug is trying to kill us with his rotations tonight.

They're smothering Jrue on those p&r's, need EB to go right to the foul line for an open look when they do that, then the other big needs to cut to the hoop. Two quick passes and it's a dunk. If they don't overplay Brand, he's got a wide-open shot from the foul line.

Another Jrue turnover. Gotta live and die w/ him tonight. Clean it up.

Hawes back in. Fuck me.

Charlie H on May 26 at 20:56

Just gave them 2 there, sloppy

FINALLY Iggy is back in.

And did an invisible man hit Garnett there?

Danger time need to keep our composure and get good shots

Get Hawes the fuck out of the game.

oh hawes

Why is hawes in

Hawes back in, almost threw it away as soon as he got the ball.

Turner really can't buy a whistle.

good job jrue

Jrue to the line. That's how you attack.

Great move Jrue. We need you to be the man today. If the shot's not falling, go to the hoop and get to the line.

Damnit. Fucking o-board for a three-point play. Fuck me. That was a cunt hair away from being a dunk the other way. five-point swing.

fucking bullshit momentum play.

We can win this, we just need Doug to stop putting his worst lineups out there.

Fuck you, Hawes.

Hawes can't even make his jumper.

Great feed, Jrue.

sissy layup

WTF were you doing there Hawes? WTF?

Hawes fouled Bass' feet on a 20-footer.

FreeMattCord on May 26 at 21:01

Id like some of the hallucinogens from the people who are saying the whistles have been even.

Lmaooo who would Yall rather have Hawes or Shawn bradley

Charlie H on May 26 at 21:02

You wanted Hawes out of the game? How do you feel now? Worst play of the year for him - falls down & fouls the shooter. We have no chance with plays like that.

God damn. Just keep Lavoy in.

Lavoy, Brand, Iguodala, Lou, Jrue. That's the group I'd go with out of this timeout.

Hawes still in there.


Jrue, you can do that every time Ray Allen is on you.

What a pass by Jrue. Hawes actually dunked it, too.

nice pass jrue, sissy dunk



And Hawes dunks!

And Hawes sissy slaps it off Jrue out of bounds. Awesome.

2 points for Boston.

Did Hawes just tip that out off Holiday?

And of course, Garnett hits the jumper

Hawes was pushed under the hoop by Pierce on that board he didn't get. KG can't dunk.

Hahahaha. Garnett has no idea what to do with the ball at the rim

We got lucky with Garnett missing that. You're OLD!!

Please get Lavoy in.

Can we see some more rest for Hawes please?

This is absurd.

Brand was going to hammer him again to stop the dunk, but pulled up for some reason. Saved them two points.

Why is Doug doing this to us?

maybe he wants to get the celtics so tired from all of the runouts that Hawes gives them, that they'll all be gassed in the second half?



Lavoy keeps it alive, Hawes finds Iggy, monster jam!

Not the hero jumper again Iggy. Sigh.

Pierce with the and-1 the other way.

There's the whistle for the pussy scream. Fuck me. Don't let them push this in the final 50 seconds.

Yay a free point


Stupid fucking play. That's terrible. Just giving it away to end the half.

Damn can we get a whistle

That was the worst possible thing that could have happened on that inbounds play.

Really unbelievable how things are conspiring against us.

what the hell lou??


This is going to be 10 or 11 at the half. They're getting a hoop here. Motherfucker.

What a fucking meltdown.

Come on.

So, down by double digits after the first half?

Phil reply to Phil on May 26 at 21:19

Nope, down 8 ...

PHI 33, BOS 41 at the half.

Collins needs to make a major adjustment to his rotation at the half or they have no chance. No chance at all.

Fucking ugly end to the 2nd quarter.

Let's do our typical third quarter run here.

Hawes, Doug, ET were pretty bad in the first half. Iggy not doing well on offense, poor shot selection.

Could be worst could be better I look for the Sixers to push in the third quarter

only positive from the first half is Jrue's play.

don't care that he's 2/8, kind of tough to be efficient when you're the only one on offense doing anything positive.

Alvin reply to Jason on May 26 at 21:25

that is true, he needs to keep attacking. he's the only positive on offense. that and lou, but lou gives up as many points as he scores.

This is the problem:

Hawes/Brand is a recipe for a Celtic run. And a run to start the second half could lead to a rout.

Collins has to be bold and start Lavoy- even though he is not having his best game the team has on;y been successful with Lavoy on the floor,

Agree 100%.

Charlie H reply to tk76 on May 26 at 21:27

that ain't gonna happen

tk76 reply to Charlie H on May 26 at 21:30

Why not. I understand the loyalty to Brand... but what has Hawes done to deserve to start. The guy can't play against the Celtics. He can't guard KG or Bass, so why have him on the floor?

tk76 reply to tk76 on May 26 at 21:31

Sorry I forgot to use punctuation.

johnrosz reply to tk76 on May 26 at 21:32

Doug has shown zero ability to change his rotations based on what's happening on the floor.

Thank God they're not showing the halftime show at my end, last thing I need would be hearing those idiots go on and on about Celtic's experience, I told you so, blah-blah

Anyone else sick of all of the media with the constant "oh we can't even watch this game" "how ugly is this" "this isn't worthy of a game 7" bullshit? This is the 2012 Sixers vs. 2012 Celtics. Same thing with the Bulls. 1,2,3 ranked defenses. We get it, it's not fun to watch. Just shut the fuck up with all the lame jokes you've been repeating for the last month.

tk76 reply to MikeW on May 26 at 21:35

Might as well hate seeing a great pitching duel. 1-0 shutout victory... ugly baseball?

Tray reply to tk76 on May 26 at 21:52

No that's totally different.

tk76 reply to Tray on May 26 at 21:53

Great defense (#2 and #3 in the NBA) is different then great pitching? How, because it is less aesthetically pleasing?

Do yourself a favor and dont watch their halftime show..... Terrible. Waiting for the 2nd half.

Alright, shot out of a cannon to star the third, let's go.

Starters in there, first play is run through Hawes. Why? Why? Why?

Sissy brick.

EB w/ the o-board, and then fouled. 2 fouls on Boston on the first possession.

split the pair.

Jrue quick trigger on the three. Allen misses by two feet on the other end.

AI9 brick. Get to the fucking hole. They fouled you twice on the first possession.

Iggy throwing up ugly shots all night. Come on.

welp this could be the last half of spencer hawes basketball we ever have to see...can't come soon enough...

Is Thad hurt or just useless?

Man, they let KG get that board flat footed in the middle of three sixers.

ET in the post, scores. More of that?

sure as long as he attacks

Nice challenge, Hawes.

Turner jumper, good.

Jrue jumper, way off. If they score here you need a timeout.

Timeout. Get Hawes out of the game.

ET again. Ride him.

Get HAwes out immediately. He's responsible for 6 celtics points this half already. jeez

Not getting Hawes out of there may have ended this. I blame Doug.

JRUE43!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally. STOPS!


jrue 3!!!

Nice, Thad. STOPS!


Good thought, Turner.


Like the energy. Get stops

No more Hawes and hey have a chance.

crap cmon Thad gotta put those in

Jesus, Thad.

Settle the fuck down. Back-to-back turnovers.

Gonna lose my shit soon

damn damn damn they are giving you every chance to get back in this game....grrrrr

Back to 8. Don't fucking switch that shit. Why? Just go under, if Rondo takes jumpers, you win.

Nice play, Lavoy gets it blocked, though.



alright AI9 not what you guys need to be doing but if it works, good call

Might be my imagination, but iggy is limping.

I'm just going to pretend his knee is why Iggy's struggling so much with free throws. Makes me feel better.

Garnett back in. Cut this lead in the final 2:03. Take some fucking momentum in the fourth quarter.

JRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fucking play!


fuck you lou and YESSSS JRUEE!!!!



dammit stop giving possessions away and you're ahead in this game!!!

Man, that was such a huge fucking play. Just a simple pass and it's a one-point game. Come on, Iguodala.



AI9 to the line for the lead.

Fuck me. At least split them.

YES YES YES THIS is exactly the run they need...now don't fuck up the free throws Iggy!!

FreeMattCord on May 26 at 22:00

I dont know why youre not pulling the ball out and draining the clock

pretty bad final 24 seconds there.

Gd knew it. We got this shit. Let's go!


PHI 52, BOS 55 after three.

OK, this is it, folks. Win the fourth by four. The Celtics are running on fumes.

Collins, do not fuck this up with some shitty starting lineup. Allen, Brand, Iguodala, Williams, Holiday.

Garnett hits it at the buzzer are you fucking kidding me?

Big Will on May 26 at 22:02

This is it. Finish them!

They can win this. Play with poise.

We won 3rd qt....

Why is Jrue on the bench?

cmon guys you can do this...just keep Lavoy in there and this is your game...and STOP WITH THE FUCKING ALLEYOOPS!!

Nice, Thad. STOPS!


Moving screen, really?

Lou is I don't even know

Refs are the celtics 7th man

This season is going to end because of a shit lineup to start every quarter of this game.

AI9 to the line.

Put Jrue in the fucking game.

AI9 splits the pair. 5-point game.

Why is Jrue on the bench right now? Why?

Lou make a freaking 3 ffs

Lou can't hit a shot to save his fucking life. Need a stop in the worst way.

Horse collar by Pierce. Twice. And neither is shooting.

Lol on the floor




Huge thad

THAD+1. Hit the freebie. Keep fucking attacking the paint. Sixers are in the penalty the rest of the way, I believe.



Can't shoot or shoot FTs, yet down only 3 in game 7

These refs

This is exactly what Collins wanted. In the game with 6 minutes to go. Grind out the win. Come on, follow the script.

Get Lou out of the fucking game. He's done nothing on offense and he can't stick with fucking Ray Allen.

Need a stop in the worst way

5 on Pierce.

I wish Collins would put Lavoy in, but it probably won't happen.

Garnett molested will thr

couple of stops and a couple of hoops and this is your game guys...that Bulls game 6 you were losing the entire time until the last shot...

5:16 left. Boston is in the penalty the rest of the way. Keep fucking attacking.

funny how Ray allen starts hitting shots when Lou is guarding him lol.

Lou out, Turner in.

Garbage fucking leaning banker. COme on!



Let's go!



Later pierce

YESSSS PP just fouled out, how incredible!!

OH, Thad. You give, and you take.

Come on, STOPS!

Get a fucking hoop here, come on.

where the hell is Lavoy??

of course that happens

And a Rondo three does it. Motherfuckingmotherfucker. Why did they switch that pick-and-roll? Why?

good choke!


Hollinger is saying it was a 2, foot on the line. We'll see.

Big Will on May 26 at 22:29

Cmon show heart. Not over yet

I don't want to see Evan Turner in a Sixers uniform next season.

ItAintEZ reply to MCT on May 26 at 22:30

who cares what u want

MCT reply to ItAintEZ on May 26 at 22:42

Didn't ask whether you cared, kill yourself.

ItAintEZ reply to MCT on May 26 at 22:43

Ok I'll get right on that. Douche

FreeMattCord reply to ItAintEZ on May 26 at 22:46

Are you dead now?

ItAintEZ reply to FreeMattCord on May 26 at 22:47

Hanging on by a thread, but bleeding out.

Changed to a 2. Down 7, 2:47 to go. This is doable. Attack the fucking rim. They're in the penalty. Drive to score or kick to AI9 or Jrue for a three.

A Thad 20-footer, huh? Come on.

ugh but instead they'll keep chucking long twos and FUCK ME HOW THE HELL DOES HE MAKE THOSE???

well it was fun

That'll do it, folks.


Alright Eddies, I give. ET killed them.

eddies' heady's reply to Rich on May 27 at 14:02

Putting all bias aside, he sure did. Glad to see somebody else noticed and felt the same way. Even if it was you :). Took the words right out of my mouth this morning my friend

this team is going to be so much less stressful to watch next year when they have a real center and time to practice the fucking free throws...grrrrr

We can all agree that losing hawes is addition by subtraction.

If rondo's hitting 3's and free throws, good luck next round

Went down fighting. Too many mistakes

Good run. Way more than I ever expected.

They could have had this one./ Wish they would have stuuck with Lavoy in the 4th.

ET -20 in 31 minutes
Hawes -10

Charlie H on May 26 at 22:36

wasted possessions, so many 4-pt swings

Been real, fellas.

I'm proud of them. They grew this season. Hoot hey make the right moves in the front office to build a contending team

if they start Lavoy instead of 00...

they were in bonus with what, 6 mins left and didn't get to the line at all??

ill miss you andre

good riddance hawes

dont know how i feel about lou yet

I'd be shocked if they got rid of Andre (unless they get a really good deal for him, of course).

ItAintEZ on May 26 at 22:39

Rondo finds his shot at the worst possible time. Good run. Replace some of the garbage with some good pieces and next year could be even more fun. Thanks for this blog Brian.

johnrosz on May 26 at 22:39

The part that hurts the most is that Evan Turner is just not a very good basketball player

Buke reply to johnrosz on May 26 at 22:59

Can't say I agree with you. He needs to work on some things, but I still think he is a keeper. I don't know why so many on this site feel the urge to point the finger at some scapegoat of choice. I thought Thad, Elton, and Iggy were pretty good tonight. Lavoy wasn't bad but he should improve his finishing in the future. No one else was that great but some were weaker than others. This team has flaws and would have been mowed over in the next round anyway. Some of those may be addressed in the offseason.

johnrosz reply to Buke on May 26 at 23:02

I like the kid, but how long can you just look for silver linings, he was dreadful tonight, and one of the reasons that they lost. I suppose you hope he can fix his jumper and become a contributor, but it's just not there right now. His ceiling appears to be significantly lower than you would like from your #2 pick. It just sucks.

Buke reply to johnrosz on May 26 at 23:24

Well, he's definitely not Kevin Durant, but my guess is that he will be a much better #2 pick than Michael Olowokandi or even Greg Oden were #1 picks. He had some defensive lapses tonight (he wasn't the only one), but he rebounded well, hit few buckets, and didn't turn the ball over much. He really wasn't a big factor in this game.

Chauncey Billups was a #3 pick. By his sixth year he played for five different teams. His field goal percentage didn't exceed 40% until his fourth year. I think I'll keep the faith for a little longer. I like a lot of things about Turner, but he looks like he might just take a little longer than some.

People around this site are always rushing to point the finger at one or two players as the cause defeat, but the mix of players and talents on this team isn't that great. My guess is that even Spencer Hawes could do pretty well on the right team, in the right role, and with the right amount of playing time (maybe shooting outside for San Antonio in a reserve role). The trouble is that this front office han't seemed very inclined to assemble a "team" in the same way that the Spurs do. They're always blindsided by "talent" or so-called value (the idea of getting a high ranked player who has slipped in the draft).

johnrosz reply to Buke on May 26 at 23:33

for his shot to be that bad is really troubling. He simply cannot shoot, and doesn't possess the athletic ability or quickness to hide that

All coaches trust certain guys and have set rotations. Not right, but it is what it is.

ItAintEZ on May 26 at 22:41

Chant all you want Boston. you aint beatin the heat


PHI 75, BOS 85 Final.

Game over. Series over. Season over. Wild ride. Two guys lost them the game tonight, I'll let you decide who they were.

ItAintEZ on May 26 at 22:44

I think I saw Doc say thank you to Hawes when he hugged him.

Good season everyone. This site made it that much more entertaining. We all knew it would be over at some point.

And maybe we never see Hawes suit up as a Sixer ever again. He has sullied the jersey.

Malachi Constant reply to tk76 on May 26 at 22:53

Yeah, thanks Brian for all the work done on this blog, and to all the commenters for making each game more enjoyable. For a guy living in Korea it's been a nice taste of home. It's been real.

What to do about the fact that Thad has been a playoff disaster for 2 years? He needs to eitehr put on 20 pounds of bulk or switch positions.

Buke reply to tk76 on May 26 at 22:52

We must have been watching different games. I thought Thad was pretty good tonight, one of the better players on the team. He made some mistakes but he was pretty good overall.

tk76 reply to Buke on May 26 at 22:55

I was referring to the entirety of the last 3 Sixers playoff series. He has been erased. But I agree that tonight he was O.K.

Jason reply to tk76 on May 26 at 23:19

He simply can't play the 3. Has no shot as is, we don't need another wing that struggles shooting. Would help him to develop a reliable mid range jumper, but don't think it will happen at this point in his career.

ItAintEZ reply to Jason on May 26 at 23:22

I think more than the mid range game, he needs to develop the ability to dribble with his right hand. Every team knows that all they have to do is sit on his left hand and he will either pass or jack up a mid range jumper (which he settled for a lot more this year than last)

Sigh~ It's been a great ride, disappointed at the outcome (but even if we moved on, what next?). Thanks to Brian and the regulars for having a place I can share my depression haha.

Please o please let this be the last time I see Hawes in a 76er uniform!!!!

heh i wonder who's more pissed at the Sixers right now, Doug or Ruben Amaro?

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