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Good luck Sixers!

I'm hoping to see the type of Sixer game where the teams counterpunch for about 2.5 qtrs, and then the Sixers put there foot down and run away with it. Let us have the last 6 minutes of the game be an extended scrub-time celebration of the gutsy Sixers.

Too much to hope for... but I don't think I can stomache a close game or a poor showing.

Yep games like this are why we all follow sports, can be so glorious and so painful at the same time...and posts like this are why this blog is so great, thanks for an excellent season here Brian and let's hope it keeps going!

jswigga on May 26 at 4:22

Get this win, my dudes.

Shout out from Japan!

Great Article. Let's Go Sixers!!!!

Let's do this! Go Sixers!

The officials for tonight's Game 7 between the #Sixers & #Celtics are Monty Mccutchen, Tony Brothers & Mike Callahan.

eddies' heady's reply to sixerfan1220 on May 26 at 11:18

not too keen on Tony Brothers, we'll see

@DrewUnga: The Sixers have lost 9 of the last 10 games that Mike Callahan has officiated.

@DrewUnga: Oh yeah. The Celtics are 9-1 in the last 10 games of theirs that Callahan has officiated.

At least it's not Violet.

Doug Collins' good but brittle 8-year playing career - seasons of 58, 47, 36, 25 & 12 games - included only one series against the Boston Celtics, the '77 EC Semifinals, which the 'warmup dunk circus' Sixers won 4 games to 3 over a 44-38 "last legs" Celts squad (who would win 32 and 29 the following 2 seasons).

Collins had 10 pts (3 FG, 4-4 FT) in the clinching Game 7 at the Spectrum. A young Lloyd Free went world, exploded for 27 and saved the day for Julius, George & Co in a tense 83-77 win (last quarter: BOS 14, PHI 12).

Later on down the title-dream line, the late Maurice Lucas of the Portland Trailblazers punked sucker-punching manchild Darryl Dawkins and the talented-but-soloing Sixers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, an event that turned the series on its head and went a long way to spawning Dr. J's "We owe you one!" slogan.

Sixers won the first 2 games at the Spectrum, got swept after the fight, including immediate 22 & 32 pt losses in Gms 3 & 4.

Doug could do worse than mention enforcer and talent Maurice Lucas - and the winning effect his example of stouthearted toughness and determination in that series bore - to his young group of soldiers before they enter the enemy arena tonight.

Lets Go Sixers, lets do this keep the turnovers down play are Defense and attack the rim from start to finish.No matter what leave it all out their. Lets Go!!!!Great job Brian great site for Sixers Fans.

Let's go Sixers! Fun fact: I'm 5-0 watching the sixers live in the playoffs since last season. I will not be in attendance tonight :/

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