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Options At Fifteen

Heh. I'm pretty confident he wouldn't get by them at 15. :)

I think they move up a few picks and nab Henson.

they have talked about getting a big who is :

Can Defend
Can shoot

Henson it the only guy that they can reach that fits that profile (unless they are talking Zeller, which I won't think about.)

What do you think it costs them to move up those 'few' picks?

Henson doesn't excite me, not that many guys in this draft do. guy is so skinny.

How did Mo Speights get past the Shrink? I like the skills of Moultrie but I'll leave him to the good Doctor. I agree about Ross. A nice sized NBA shooting guard.

Shrinks don't analyze work ethic

sfw reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 12:43

Yep. That's what concerns me with Drummond.

There are other ways to suss out a work ethic.

I read one quote from an anonymous GM where a potential draftee was asking about the nightlife of the town more than anything else, that pretty much took that kid off their board.

Big Will on Jun 27 at 12:44

I am hoping the Sixers draft Perry Jones III. He has high upside with a scorer's mentality. He can play above the rim and shoots pretty well. It seems like he could be average to above average on defense, if Doug can get him to play hard. Collins was able to get Lavoy 'low motor' Allen to play well in the playoffs, so I see no reason why he can't motivate Jones III.

. Collins was able to get Lavoy 'low motor' Allen to play well in the playoffs, so I see no reason why he can't motivate Jones III.

Hmm....so Collins got him motivated for 7 games against the celtics, but couldn't get him motivated for the 70+ games before hand?

I'm not sure giving Collins credit for motivating a guy for a week and a half when he couldn't do it for months is a positive thing

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 12:48

Um, Allen was pretty motivated for long stretches of the regular season.

If you say so, though I'm not sure how you can tell looking at only box scores.

I think giving Collins credit for anything like 'motivation' is nonsense anyway, just wondered why getting him motivated to work for a WHOLE WEEK was a big deal

speekeasy on Jun 27 at 12:46

Never seen the Ross kid play but from the few games I saw Leonard I really liked his game.The kids got a lotta raw athleticism. If we trade up i hope it'd be for Robinson but he may be goin top three. This looks like a real talented draft so hopefully we can find something serviceable in the second round

does the NBA announce trades during the draft the way the NHL does? Or is it completely staged and nothing interesting happens at all (aka the MLB model)?

they announce them during the draft, in the mlb you cant trade draft picks

Televising the MLB draft is one of the dumber decisions MLB has made (and man are there a lot to pick from)

I like Ross a lot as well. It's too bad that everything the Sixers' brass says indicates they are going to draft a big man. I don't know, is Thorn capable of smoke and mirrors?

spencer for hire on Jun 27 at 13:30

If Drummond drops, Henson may also. Detroit and Henson have been linked for weeks but if Drummond drops to Detroit maybe Henson doesn't fit till us. Milwaukee likes him but doesn't already having Udoh and Sanders seem a bit like adding a similar guy.

Terrence Jones is an interesting option. He seemed to block shots well at Kentucky and is a bigger, longer and stronger version of Thad a bad thing?

Without looking for it, who do you think this quote is about?

I think xxxxxx will be shocked at the athleticism and length at his position. He'll try to do the same things at which he excelled in high school, spend a lot of time on the bench, get into it with his coach and teammates, get traded in a year or two to a desperate team, put up huge numbers for a cellar-dweller for a year or two, make some money, and eventually, teams will realize he can't be the alpha dog on a winning team.

Jared Sullinger?

Ryan F reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 13:59

Evan Turner.

Sounds like you're a bit down on him lately.

Nah, it talks about length and high school - turner spent 3 years in college :)

Maybe Austin Rivers?

sfw reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 13:59

Harrison Barnes?

Mopey reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 14:00

Makes me think of Evan turner - or sullinger. But it sounds like a guy that's coming out of high school. Kwame Brown?

Seriously - why not quote bleacher creatures :)

Cholo reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 14:04


It was Chad Ford on Austin Rivers. If you substitute college for high school, it fits Turner.

What's interesting is that Ford is so 'polite' about people on ESPN.com and then tees off on grantland...

timx reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 14:19

Definitely Perry Jones, just heard an interview in which they said he only averaged 14 ppg in highschool! He was 6'11" and only averaged 14ppg!!! He's an underachiever!

Nope. I don't think this would be Perry Jones' issue. He's got athleticism to burn.

Yeah, but he doesnt lack athleticism, he lacks refined skill and possibly a dedication to basketball as a profession

Austin Rivers?

Brian, I think you are absolutely 100% wrong about Sullinger. He will average a double double in the NBA. This is Dejuan Blair part 2 with the injury stuff except Sullinger is a better player with a much less serious injury condition. If he is there and the Sixers pass on him they will be kicking themselves for years. He makes up for his lack of athlectic ability with his bulk and skill.

This is Dejuan Blair part 2 with the injury stuff except Sullinger is a better player with a much less serious injury condition.

Back injuries are serious, back injuries that might require surgery and cause you to miss a large portion of your rookie seirous are serious.

He has no lateral quickness, it's been reported repeatedly, and not sure how he's averaging a double double

How many players averaged a double double (points rebounds) last year?

Only EIGHT players averaged double digit rebounds - period

Kris Humphries averaged a double double

Does that mean he's a great player?

Any reason he didn't average a double double at Ohio State?

Blair was a dominant rebounder in college.

Sullinger is undersized and unathletic. No thanks.

It would be fun watching Sullinger and Turner take turns getting their shots blocked, though. I'd really enjoy that.

People throw double doubles averages out there so often like it's easy to achieve

I think every guy who averaged double digit rebounds did get a double double average but it's only 8 guys

Gortat and Humphries are on the list :)

people think sullinger will average a double double because all his shot will be blocked right back to him so its easier for him to get more rebounds

So - reggie evans syndrome?

yes minus the flopping

Awesome - the team really has missed that lunch pail uselessness

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 15:36

Not as if college double doubles are the be all end all, but he was hampered by that ankle this year. Sullinger did average a double double as a frosh, too. Also, wasnt he at like 23 DREB% when they were the best defensive rebounding team in the country? He may not be Blair level dominant, but that's pretty good, no?

If there is one thing that translates well to the NBa from college basketball it's rebounding. I'm not worried at all that guys like Sullinger, Henson, Davis Robinson and Zeller will be able to rebound at a very high level.

China is just awesome

Stephon Marbury has gone from Chinese professional basketball player, to CBA champion, to Beijing city hero, to bronze statue… and now to published author. An autobiography, Wo Shi Ma Zheng Wei (I am Commissar Marbury), will hit Chinese bookstores on June 30th. From a Sina Sports writeup: “From Shanxi to Foshan to Beijing, the book gives the account of an NBA star who was completely ignorant of China and his transformation into a ‘Beijing Boy.’” The book will focus on Marbury’s life story from growing up in Coney Island, his days playing basketball in high school and college, his NBA career and finally three-year journey in the CBA that culminated with a league championship this season in Beijing. It will be sold for CNY 39.80 (roughly US $6.30). NiuBBall.com

I've kept mostly quiet on who i want, but i guess this is as good a time as any so here is my wishlist.

Every year there are one or two guys that i irrationally like. I just have a good vibe about them for some reason.

2007 Durant, Horford
2008 Mayo
2009 Rubio
2010 Favors
2011 Kanter, Valanciunas

I'd say i've done fairly well so far.

This year i have 1.5 "vibe" picks. The first one is Sullinger and the second one is Henson, even though i've been up and down on Henson for the past 3 years (hence 1.5). I also like Anthony Davis, who may be the next top 5 superstar after Durant but he is so locked into that no.1 pick that it's too obvious.

I'd be happy with either of these guys especially if they fall to 15. I understand they are not the best prospects and would probably draft a few other guys ahead of them, just because they are in a way safer, but those 2 are the guys i really like.

Of the guys that are supposed to be drafted in the top 20

i like: Davis, Sullinger, Henson, Beal, Drummond, Kidd - Gilchrist, Ross, Leonard

i don't like: T.Robinson, Barnes, Lillard, Waiters, Rivers, Lamb, P. Jones, Moultrie, Harkless, T. Jones,

won't be thrilled, won't be disappointed: Zeller, Marshall

I've only ever irrationally liked three guys going into a draft, and usually long before the draft, before they even declared

The sixers have chosen two of them


I have no players who I saw play this year that spoke to me at all...i've read so much that it seems that all the sixers potential picks are kind of the same guy in general, good at something, great at nothing, but a lot of deficiencies that limit their upside be it athleticism, motor, basketball iq, dedication, whatever...

Seriously, at the moment they all blur together

Yeah in some cases i like guys long before they declare too. I've liked Sullinger and Henson for a while for example. I was on Rubio's bandwagon in like forever (long before he was on the NBA radar).

Lets just hope whoever they end up drafting will be the right guy. Also trading up just for the sake of trading up is pointless. The more i think about it, staying put may be the smartest thing to do. We'll see. It depends on who is available. It also may be the dumbest move ever if the Sixers are left with P and T.Jones as choices with some combination of Rivers and Lamb.

spencer for hire reply to Xsago on Jun 27 at 15:22

I agree with your 2 favorites. Sullinger reminds me of why I stayed up to watch all the pac 10 games when Love was at U.C.L.A. . Drop steps and pump fakes and using your ass to clear somebody out are lost arts and weigh as much with me as athletism in most cases.

My feeling is if Sullinger is rated higher than Vuce in their minds[sixers] than draft Sullinger and use Vuce to get an E.Udoh or J.Hill type of player. Vuce may actually get F.Melo if he drops in the 25 to 30 range.

But I would like to have Sullinger and Vuce if possible so we always have a lowpost scorer on the floor.

Wait, you think Sullinger's going to be a five? Man, he'll get swallowed up at the five. If he's going to operate in the post on the offensive end, he has to be a four. On defense, it probably doesn't matter, he won't be able to hang w/ fours or fives.

spencer for hire reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 15:38

Sammy traded to Milwaukee. Brian, I think Udoh and Hill can both play some 5 but my point was put an athlete next to him.

12, 16 and 18 for the Rockettes, huh?

Wonder if they're able to get something done to move up further, or able to put together a good enough package to get Dwight. If not, they're going to be stocked with young role players!

Stan reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 15:56

I don't understand how these picks along with a player like Scola or Martin are good enough to get Howard.

spencer for hire reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 15:57

It was said if Drummond falls to Gold. St. the Rockets will try to get their pick. The Rockets want Drummond. J.West loves Waiters but it seems an odd choice for them.

Thank god Rod is playing it close to the vest.

1st preference - trade up to pick Drummond if possible.

Otherwise at 15, I would take any of the following that are available, in the order they are listed:

- Beal, Lamb or T. Ross [scoring is a priority]
- Sullinger [a bonafide post player, I think the injury stuff is all a carefully crafted Celtic plot]
- PJ3
- T. Jones

rockets made another trade

Dalembert and the 14th pick go the Bucks for the 12th pick, Jon Brockman, Jon Leurer , sources tell Y!

@WojYahooNBA: Shaun Livingston also goes to the Rockets as part of the package,

First impressions - great trade for Milwaukee.

Bucks drop a bit in the draft, and most likely buy out Dalembert

Seems brilliant to me

spencer for hire reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 16:01

Sammy fits with their running backcourt, doesn't he? Does this mean Milwaukee doesn't think Zeller,Leonard or Henson would be there at #12?

I have no idea what it means, but I think Sam Dalemberts value in a trade is his rather inexpensive buyout amount (1.5 million dollars) not his ability on the court.

Much like the clippers want Odom to buy him out while the mavs want the full cap space which is why they wouldn't take on mo williams.

Every move so far, to me, no matter what spin GMs put on it for at least one team was financially motivated pure and simple.

The wizards are just stupid - that's their excuse

Check that - I forgot about Houston Minnesota, that was just about minneosta getting a bench guy who can score from a position they didn't get much scoring from because they felt it was a weak draft at 18 for what they needed (do they need another young big man, really?)

My guess is this is the bucks clearing cap to keep ilyasoava without risking a luxury tax

plu they have to over pay brandon jennings soon

This is not about clearing cap space. They clearly like Dalambert.

Leuer will make 750k next year, Brockman 1m. There is no saving in trading those guys. Dalambert is on a reasonable contract. They don't need to buy him out. He fits in Milwaukee perfectly.

We'll see

He's a 1.5 million dollar buyout or a 7 million dollar cap hit.

spencer for hire reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 16:28

Leuer and Livingston both had partial guarantees so they could of just moved them for capspace. Sammy will fit well there and if Ross is there at #14, or perhaps Harkness Milwaukee will have done a smart trade.

1. Anthony Davis
2. Thomas Robinson
3. Andre Drummond
4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
5. Harrison Barnes
6. Bradley Beal
7. Jeremy Lamb
8. Terrence Ross
9. Meyers Leonard
10. Dion Waiters
11. Daminan Lilliard
12. John Henson
13. Perry Jones
14. Tyler Zeller
15. Terrence Jones

That's my top 15, which means that Moultrie and Sullinger should not be in play at #15

Drummond to the Wizards? Don't know about that.

There's a fun game of chicken going on in the 2,3,4 area. Apparently both Washington and Cleveland want Beal, so Cleveland's trying to leapfrog them and Charlotte doesn't care because they think Robinson will still be there at 4.

If I was Washington and really wanted Beal, I'd call Charlotte and tell them you're taking Robinson if Beal is off the board, not MKG. Make Charlotte stay put if they want Robinson.

Stan reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 16:02

That was my top 15 board not a mock draft.

Gotcha. Agree with a lot of it. Really don't want any perimeter player who isn't a plus shooter, though.

Count is 8

I predict by the end of the draft, at least 15 teams will have been involved in transactions...that's my over under number...i also believe the sixers won't be one of the 15 (i'm including second round moves as well)

Damn it, it's 7, not 8, houston counted twice, my bad

Oh, and btw as i predicted the Rockets are assembling even numbered picks. #10 is next. Too bad they had to give up #14 in the process.

Thorn came out of hibernation, albeit momentarily, to go on Missanelli and tell everyone that there's "more than a 50% chance that Iguodala, Hawes, and Lou Williams return next year."

I can't watch Hawes play anymore. If he comes back, I'm gone. I'm fully prepared to jump on another team's bandwagon.

I wonder if anyone even talks to him, or if he just sits in his office and then they trot him out to do interview w/out any knowledge of what's going on. I hope that's what's happening.

spencer for hire reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 16:34

Houston has about 5 young p.f.'s now. [Montiejunis,M.Morris,P.Patterson,Leuer] , oops just 4. Should the sixers have any interest for our 2nd rounders or something?

If Hawes comes back I think the sixers will suffer a lot in the dedicated fan space

Did he say and or did he say or - do you think he even realizes what a different statement it would be if he said or instead of and.

Cause right now it comes out as there's a 50% chance all three are back, which gives me pause, and heartburn.

If he said or, fine, there's a better than 50% chance that Iguodala will be back next year.

I don't take anything Thorn says seriously - it's all spin and such

Thorn won't be making any personnel decisions. I could care less what he says. His statements are the same for decades now. Only the names change.

I would be very, very angry at this. It'd set my fandom back years.

If Sammy is bought out by the Bucks, do we try to bring him back?

can't - locker room cnacer rmemeber?

Over/Under on number of trades the Rockets make between now and the end of the draft?

Well they're at 2 already.

I will set the over under at 4.5 and take the under

i really hope all this jamal crawford talk turns into nothing

I'm pretty sure they can't trade him until he decides on that player option.

spencer for hire reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 16:52

Lakers looking for draft pick and veteran for P.Gasol. Sounds like a Thorn kinda deal.

Holiday, X, Turner, Brand, Gasol. Bleh.

though I'd happily give them #15 and Brand for Gasol, if that's the type of deal they're looking for.

I offer it - but not brand - brands cap space after he's amnesty'd -

Billy King refusing to over pay his own free agent? What is the world coming to.

Kris Humphries has told anybody who’d listen that he wants to return to the Nets, but Billy King hinted today that’s unrealistic unless he's willing to back off his salary expectations. Reminded about Humphries’ desire to play in Brooklyn next season, King threw in a little jab (referencing a Hollywoodlife.com article in which Humphries said he wants to play for Team USA). “We'll be in discussion with him and see what numerical number he's looking for. He also said he wants to play for the Olympic team too," King said. To be fair to Humphries, he was asked if he wanted to compete in the Olympics. What’s he gonna say? With double-double average in the last two seasons and the Kardashian baggage, it’ll be interesting to see what Fegan can get Humphries this summer. Sulia

matt reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 22:27

If he really said "numerical number," I fully expect to run the NBA in a few years.

I don't know is Sulia is a US based web site or not - I see it a lot - but it might be foreign - so the translation MIGHT be off - I can't guarantee it.

Just how many teams are truly interested in trading for Beal? Already rumoured (besides the obvious Washington and Clevelend): Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Denver, Atlanta...

I'm sure almost every team is INTERESTED in trading for beal, but not a lot of them will put the package together where they could...i bet the sixers would trade for beal if they could - but iguodala and 15 won't do it.

BTW - on the drummond AND warriors front.

If Connecticut center Andre Drummond falls to the Warriors at seven, expect the Warriors to call Houston and try to get out of the No. 7 pick. Houston wants Drummond as their center project. The Warriors don’t really want Drummond, but there are a couple of guys Golden State would want at picks 14 and 16, or even 18 (Houston owns all three of those picks).

It's now 12 16 and 18 - Houston has a better asset package just with the picks - and probably could absorb a salary as necessary

From that same thing Brian took the austin rivvers comment from

My 15th pick (for Philly): Perry Jones III. He's too athletically frightening to dip into the second half of the draft. I just can't accept it. You should not be able to get Perry Jones with, say, the 19th pick. That's just stupid. And yes, I'm fully aware that Jones doesn't have a position, that the Josh Smith Experience probably can't be replicated, and that Jones might be destined for a couple of great Rucker Park moments and that's it.

FORD: Wish I could go with you with PJ3. I've loved him for two years and then got over it when I realized he's just a passive person. He works hard, he's skilled, but he just has no desire to take anything over. He wants to pass the ball and take jumpers. Guys his size just can't get away with it. Coaches will bench him, put him in the doghouse, try everything to motivate him and then realize he just likes to run up and down the floor. If he had any motor, he would be amazing.

SIMMONS: Is it weird that I'm nostalgic for those halcyon days when you would have drooled over PJ3's freakish dropjaw athleticism and taken him eight spots too high? (Thinking.) You're right, it's weird.

FORD: No, it's not weird. I was just thinking, this debate isn't nearly as snarky as in years past. I think we've both sort of figured this thing out. Let's run away and run a team together. What do you say?

SIMMONS: You never saw Hollinger's formula for our back-and-forths? Our level of snarkiness always corresponds directly to the number of unproven foreign players who (a) might be taken too high, (b) have unpronouncable last names, and/or (c) had a career highlight that involved three scouts and a stationary chair. We're suffering through an inexplicable drought for those picks right now, so we're getting along.

Why is there no discussion of Andrew Nicholson? I think the kid can really play, he just didn't get the national attention of the big men in his class so people are writing him off. He averaged 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 blocks a game in his senior year at St. Bonaventure and brought the program from the dumps of the A-10 to making the NCAA tournament and nearly knocking of Florida State. The kid can shoot, rebound, and block at a high level. He's slightly undersized, but he has great length and proved he can be a go-to guy when needed. There's a reason why he was the A-10 POY.

The Sixers would then have two intelligent power forwards who can also shoot the ball in Allen and Nicholson. There's really not a center that I see in this draft that will be that great for us. I think we trade Iguodala for Gasol and our team will really start coming together.

Because he projects to a mid to late 20s pick

spencer for hire reply to Jeff on Jun 27 at 19:10

He is an interesting player. I read this week that Melo couldn't stop him from scoring because of his craftiness and unorthodux moves. I keep thinking C.Gatling when I read his bio.

eddies' heady's reply to Jeff on Jun 28 at 18:30

I would not be in the slightest disappointed if we took this kid.

Tom Moore on Jun 27 at 19:01

I sort of here a little bit of Iguodala in the comments about PJIII. The guy does not have the approach of game to be "the man" and people see his crazy athleticism and hold that against him. But it is not the worst thing in the world to have an elite athlete who would rather be a team player.

yes, they both like their jumpers too much, but on the flip side, it is almost like they are punished for not being superstars.

I just vomited in my mouth a little - thaks

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 19:21

I don't want them to pick PJ3, because he is a poor fit for their current team. But I think he will likely be a good pro.

I'm not particularly high on anyone who is on their radar. Lots of players with ,talent, but not really the right talent.

Ross probably is my #1 target if the stay at #15... but I don't think he is going to be anything special.

Actually it was you comparing him to Andre Iguodala that made me vomit in my mouth a little...

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 19:43

Perception not game.

The perceptoin of PJ3 is that he's ONLY an athlete with no refined game and no desire to get better at basketball.

I never heard that perception about Iguodala from anyone with a clue

speekeasy reply to GoSixers on Jun 27 at 20:34

Such a dick all the time, it must come natural to you

a shooting guard who can shoot?!?!?!?

If he is there Terrence Ross looks locked in to Philly at 15....

johnrosz reply to sixerfan1220 on Jun 27 at 19:54

From what I see I'm impressed, I'll never get mad at them for drafting a shooter who can actually do a few other things. Looks like a one dribble shoot, or catch and shoot guy to me, wish I could get some input from the experts about how effective he will be coming off screens.

Rockets reportedly have two 'secondary targets' if they can't get Howard

One is Josh Smith, the other is Rudy Gay

Those rumors about Josh Smith and Paul Gasol are purely the Hawks interest in making the trade according to the LA Times beat writer

spencer for hire on Jun 27 at 21:15

If Brian is interested they are showing Indiana/OhioSt. on the big 10 network and Sullinger is guarding a top 5 pick in next years draft, Cory Zeller, man to man which is interesting to watch.

Tom Moore on Jun 27 at 21:41

Sixers draft preview (with photo): Expert: Philly has 'to be prepared for anything' at No. 15:


When you hear word from the Sixers front office (either leaking out or direct quotes) that the "price is too high" to move up, what does that mean to everyone? Do you think it means that teams are only asking for packages including Jrue (which I would agree is too high)? Is Turner and Igouldala considered too high as well?

I just can't imagine that this team could not: trade turner, Iggy, both, and/or take on an additional bad contract in order to get into a position to get a guy like Drummond. I will be pissed when the sixers don't do shit tomorrow and pick Tyler Zeller at 15.

I haven't had much to say about Drummond and everything because I didn't read much that I found really bothersome.

this however bothers me - a lot

Andrew Perna: Andre Drummond said his UConn teammates, specifically Alex Oriakhi, pushed him to go pro.

If the possibility that Perry Jones could be a SF was off the table, would people still consider him to be a lottery pick?

Most scouts see this guy as a PF, but he's skinnier than John Henson, doesn't have a consistent jumper, can't defend the paint, block shots, or be a force on the defensive glass. He doesn't have any post moves and he doesn't seem like he can take a guy off the dribble the way Thaddeus Young can.

If this guy doesn't have what it takes to be a SF, is he better than someone like Nicholson, Sullinger, Melo, White or even Festus Ezeli?

He's 6'10", 234 pounds. Henson is 6'9", 216 pounds.

Other than that, I don't really care when we're talking about the group of guys you listed. He's got the potential to be much better than all of them, which is the reason you'd draft him. The way I see the #15 pick is you aren't really putting a whole lot on the table when you pick a guy like Jones. If he taps into 75% of his potential, you've really got something. If he flames out, big deal. It was a mid-first round pick. With a guy like Sullinger, I think you're taking a guy whose ceiling is a rotational big, so if he pans out, big deal.

Like I said the post, I want a shooter if they stay at 15 and I'm going to be crossing my fingers Ross drops to us. If he isn't there, and the bigs I like (Robinson, Drummond, Leonard, Henson) are off the board, then go ahead and take a shot at something special with P. Jones. If he's a bust, so what? It's not like you wasted the #2 pick in the draft on a scrub...again.

Stan reply to Brian on Jun 28 at 11:04

If Mo Speights had reached 75% of his potential, he would have been a good pick.

We wasted a mid round pick on him which doesn't seem like a big deal, but we passed on a lot of decent prospects like Hibbert, Ibaka, McGee, and DeAndre Jordan.

The #15 pick can net us a decent player, I don't want to waste it on a player who has a high ceiling and a small chance of reaching it.

Every report about Mareese Speights said exactly the same thing, and I was in favor of drafting him, but what happened was predicated by almost every news outlet and draft board from here to timbuktu

Great skill, no dedication or work ethic or defense

Umm, OK, but you kind of made my argument with that comment. Jordan, McGee, those were guys with tremendous upside but not such a high likelihood of reaching it. Hibbert was probably the safest of the bunch.

how much better would the sixers have been with the pick of hibbert instead?

Sigh - that was a pretty bad gaffe - no one is perfect - and i don't deny I wanted speights - but all the warning signs were there - including being suspended at florida...sigh...i'd love to hear the speights over hibbert ratoinalization

Bilas has the Sixers taking Zeller, w/ Ross still on the board. Hope that tweet from earlier was right, and the Sixers won't let Ross drop past them.

sfw reply to Brian on Jun 27 at 23:49

If they take Zellar both Vuc & Hawes may be gone. Vuc may get another first rounder this year. Maybe to draft that long defensive player.

Bilas has no idea what teams are going to do. He just ranks players as he likes them.

My best guess at their top two targets would be Meyers Leonard and Terrence Ross in that order. I think, if their gone, then Arnett Moultrie will be their safety valve as someone they've researched that will almost definitely be available.

If Leonard makes it past the Trailblazers at 11 and Rockets at 12, I think he slips past the Suns (Gortat & Lopez) and Bucks (Dalembert, Udoh, & Sanders) to the 76ers.

Yeah, i too think Leonard and Ross are among the few guys they are hoping will slip. Henson is the third one.

Alex Kennedy: Jamal Crawford has officially opted out. He's an unrestricted free agent. Boston, Minnesota and Indiana among teams expected to pursue him.

I guess we can breathe easier now. At least for the time being.

So the latest rumors have a potential trade of Zach Randolph to the Lakers for Pau Gasol. What if the Sixers made that a 3 way deal with Iguodala to the Lakers, Randolph to the Sixers and Gasol to Memphis. Doesn't that solve the Sixers need for a physical, post up player at the 4 as well as anyone we'd get in the draft?

No. You don't need Randolph if you are trading away Iguodala. He is too old compared to the rest of the "core".

It's a great idea for the Grizzlies though IMO, pairing both Gasol brothers. Doubt they can pull it off though.

I also love how the Lakers attempt to move in the top 5 using Gasol, even though the actual reason is saving money instead of using your assets while you can, when you can no longer contend.

spencer for hire on Jun 28 at 7:10

If they get Leonard at #15 maybe its the basketball gods way of fixing the Turner/Favors situation. He could be the rim protector we need and may work next to Vuce for short stretchs because of his athletism.

In his mock draft #10 Chad Ford says:

Analysis: The Sixers really need size and rebounding in their front court. Moultrie led the SEC in rebounding and is super bouncy. He also has a solid face-the-basket game. He should be a good fit in Philly.

Trade Scenarios: They've been looking for a spot higher in the first round to nab Terrence Ross.

Sixers' Big Board:
1. Terrence Ross
2. Jeremy Lamb
3. Arnett Moultrie
4. Perry Jones
5. Terrence Jones

sfw reply to Xsago on Jun 28 at 7:26

Moultrie has the skill set. Like the Taj Gibson comparison. Just has to pass the shrink test.

1. Terrence Ross
2. Jeremy Lamb
3/4. Arnett Moultrie/T. Jones(whoever did better with the Psych guy)
5. Miles Leonard(hate that potential word)
6. Nicholson(may bypass 3,4&5) really fits DC's system.
7. Perry Jones

spencer for hire reply to Xsago on Jun 28 at 7:39

If Drummond falls to #8 don't they have to give up #15 to put that frontcourt together. [Drummond,E.Davis,Vuce,L.Allen] My best case scenerio for tonight is either Drummond or Leonard, K.Murphy at #45 and H.Thompson at #54.

spencer for hire reply to spencer for hire on Jun 28 at 7:47

#15 along with Iggy is what I meant in the trade discussed this week. Lamb, P.Jones and Moultrie all seem to have motor issues and I am surprised they pass our teams interview process but Spieghts did once so who knows.

Moultries' skillset seems in the Jordan Hill type but the inability to block shots worries me. Can that be changed at the pro level?

If you do that you also have to get toronto's early 2nd round pick.

If this is how the draft plays out, trade Turner to Houston for #12 to get Ross before MIL grabs him.

Rich reply to Brian on Jun 28 at 9:23

Does Dork Elvis really like Turner? His advanced stars aren't do pretty, after all.

there was an article a couple of months back about how he values guys based on their draft position.

I don't know who I want yet, but if we draft Zeller, Henson, or Leonard, I might puke. Henson will be a huge huge bust, doesn't have the nba body to play a 4. Zeller = Vuc. We don't need another one. And they need to go more athletic than Leonard.

Cholo reply to Mike W on Jun 28 at 7:50

More athletic than Leonard?

Durant didn't have the NBA body to compete in the NBA. I guess he ended up being a bust. The only worry i have about Henson is his ability to defend post ups as i am not sold on his lower body strength. Most of the other stuff will traselate IMO.

Zeller is better in virtually everything except wingspan than Vucevic. I have a feeling Zeller will be a starting level C in the NBA. Not a star, but a starting level C. He doesn't a single weakness. That's more than enough for a strarting level C considering who starts in the league nowadays.

Heh, Iguodala has a higher standing reach than Zeller. That might be a bit of a disadvantage for a post player, no?

Standing reach has long be considered as a very inconsistent metric at the draft combine. For some reason they often get it wrong on many players. That's the athletic related metric that i value the least because of it.

So you're going with the ostrich approach.

Well, one could say that in regards to Iguodalas future on the sixers, you're doing the same thing

Heh, I'm not ignoring facts in evidence. I'm just failing to see the logic behind the rumors that we hear every year.

Well, there are some facts in evidence (from a reliable source, who you trust) that while they don't make basketball sense are truer issues, and you seem unwilling to believe them :)

Just remember some of the stupid moves Larry Brown made purely because his mood changed...Collins looks more and more Brown like daily.

Can you really point to anything other than drafting Larry Hughes that Brown did while he was in Philly that was really a bad move?

That depends

Does throwing players under the bus matter to you?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jun 28 at 18:32

If I'm remembering this right, didn't he give up a 1st rounder to Boston for Jerome Moiso? If it is correct, I was highly pissed when he did that.

This really scares me too. On Daily News Live a few days ago Dei Lynam said of the three (Iguodala, Williams & Hawes) she thought Hawes was most likely to return. That just made my heart sink. Now, hearing it from Thorn makes it even worse.

Rich reply to will on Jun 28 at 8:59

In this case, I really hope Collins is calling the shots, because there's no way he wants Hawes back.

Well, Lynum just says the most obvious stuff. Hawes will warrant a far smaller wage than Hawes, thus he is more likely to return. She also knows Iguodala is most likely gone. This doesn't mean anything.

I'd say no more than 1 of them will be in Sixers uniform next year at this point.

My Darft Day 76ers Big Board

Drummond - he's my lottery ticket, elite size and movement
Henson - long defensive big, rebounds and blocks shots
Ross - shooter that fits the mold of what they tried to make Turner into (Rip Hamilton-like?)
Zeller - sprints the floor, can score the ball, not a sexy pick but good value for the dollar if you get a playable C on a rookie contract

T Jones - incosistent, but talented, legit PF size/bulk
Sullinger - too much skill to pass at this point
Leonard - developmental C
P Jones - I don't trust him
Moultre - Speights 2.0

2nd Round - I want a shooter and a big, but I'd take either of the Marquette guys if they drop (Crowder, Johnson-Odom)

Shooters - English, Thompson, Murphy, Miller

Bigs - O'Quinn, James, Plumlee, Ratliffe, Sims

I am fine with the majority of this.

You mention the second rounders. I actually think they should roll the dice on some point guards in the second round. I think you can find a decent backup PG there, so draft 2 and hope you can get 1 decent out of it. Machado and Holloway maybe?

Another great option (actually, the best option) would be to stash Papanikolau in Europe. I think he is the best Euro prospect this year. I have no idea how he is ranked as a mid second rounder. The guy is one of the best players on the team that won the Euroleague at age 21. He is a 1st round talent.

sfw reply to CM on Jun 28 at 10:13

Like your board but I don't think Moultrie is speight's like. From what I've read, He's been working real hard. Has vastly improved(including foul shooting) over his college career. Speights was never the man in college. Never put up near the numbers of Moultrie. Off the ball defense is the big question with him. As it was with Speights.

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