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The Sixers Frontcourt Problem

Aron's Twitter feed is like PT Barnum in reverse, he really believes the nonsense he spews

Excellent read, thanks rich

Because of the logjam in the front court, as you point out, I don't think Harkless will be playing any 4 or 5 this year. Those "extra" 15 minutes will be split between Voose and Moultrie, and will probably go to just one of them that Collins prefers as the season goes on. Thorn mentioned that he can see Harkless play the 4 in the future because of his ever-expanding "growth plates," but there was no indication that they were lookiing to play him there right away. That's how I see this playing out.

On a related note, the situation could get even uglier if/when the Sixers decide to go small. They did have stretches last year where Iguodala played the 4, and I can see them going to such a lineup again with some combination of Wright/Young/Turner at the 3/2. This would leave even less minutes for the hoards of young and old mediocre big men on the Sixers' roster.

I think I'd like to see Moultrie get minutes, just because he's an unknown, but the rest of these guys are interchangeable to me. I think Lavoy is the most capable, and can probably be a rotational big for many years to come, but probably never a starter. Hawes and Vucevic are nothing to me, I could care less who gets the minutes between them, hope they're both playing in different cities ASAP. Up to me, I'd probably play Kwame and Moultrie up front as much as possible, Kwame because he isn't as soft as the other fives, Moultrie because who knows.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 16 at 12:11

I sort of disagree on Voose. I think he can work his way into being a rotational big man. He showed flashes of being a solid team defender last year Hawes has never shown IMO. I know some of the young guys may not pan out, but having Hawes and Brown ahead of them is useless. One guy, maybe. But two, no way.

My way-too-early guess is that Thad and Kwame start up front. Hawes and Vuce back up the five, Lavoy and Moultrie the four. That's one too many bodies for a frontcourt rotation, so I doubt Moultrie sees much floor time or is active most of the year. It's just as well; he and Harkless need a couple years of NBA level strength and conditioning programs.

The Watkins era is over, I know many will be disappointed to hear this.

The Philadelphia 76ers announced today that they have waived center Darryl Watkins. He was acquired by the Sixers in a three-team trade last Wednesday. The Sixers obtained Watkins from New Orleans and forward Dorell Wright from Golden State while sending the rights to Edin Bavcic to the Hornets, who also traded Jarrett Jack to the Warriors

A few years ago I was certain that Iguodala would not opt out of the last year of his contract due to the $16 million pay check he was set to receive. Right now I am not so sure about this. He may not get a contract that pays him $16 million in his first year, but I think he may be willing to opt out for a 4 year deal that pays him 50-60 million.

Wouldn't it be time to trade Iguodala now since he's coming off an all star season and making an Olympic gold medal run?

I also don't want to see this guy play significant minutes with a Kwame Brown/Spencer Hawes front court. It seems like a waste of talent to me.

Yes - it's time to trade Iguodala

But that makes too much sense to get done

johnrosz reply to GoSixers on Jul 16 at 18:12

The fear of the unknown with trading Andre. He has been their safety blanket for quite some time. I've been of the thinking that he will opt out after this year for a while now. He's intimated his desire to play for a winner on numerous occasions, I think the Olympic experience will reinforce that...how much he loves the role he's in right now. Will be tough for him to come back to the Sixers after enjoying this summer.

Nearing 30, with some legs that have wear and tear on them, he's going to want that one last big money extension before he settles into a useful role player into his mid 30's.

Please just trade him already.

This Jeremy Lin situation is pretty funny. If NY matches the offer, they will have to pay an extra $48 million in luxury tax in the 2014-2015 season.

"And in that scenario, the Knicks would be $26 million over the luxury tax threshold. With the new tax structure, that yields a luxury tax bill of $68 million. Without Lin and his $14.8 million contract, the payroll would be $82 million, and the tax bill would be $20.5 million, $48.5 million less than if they kept him.

If they let Marcus Camby walk and replaced him with a minimum salary player, their total payroll would be $93.5 million. That yields a tax bill of $57 million. Without Lin, it'd be $14.3 million.

If they let Camby go and declined to pick up Shumpert's team option, their total payroll would be $91.4 million. That yields a tax bill of $49.1 million. Without Lin, it'd be $10.6 million

If they let Camby go, declined Shumpert's option, and offloaded Raymond Felton, their total payroll would be $87.4 million.That yields a tax bill of $35.6 million."

If they match the offer, they will definitely try to unload Amare's, Chandler's or even Melo's contracts. Maybe this plays into the Sixers' strategy. They have only $10 million dedicated so far to the 2014-2015 season and plenty of teams will try to unload player salary in order to escape tax penalties.

I like this strategy but it still doesn't justify re-signing Spencer Hawes.

I think that absolutely is a part of it. Teams that are expected to be paying exorbitant amounts, unless they are absolute locks as contenders, are going to be looking to unload - and fast.

Paying Jeremy Lin 15 million in year 3 isn't going to help out Houstons cap room going forward either.

Houston, more than most teams, knows the huge benefit of catpuring the chinese market though - and this is just as much an off the court thing as an on

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jul 16 at 15:01

They may not have to pay a luxury tax at all depending on their cap for that year. I don't think a guy with his experience is worth that type of money, but as a marketing move Houston may be able recoup that salary.

I think I read somewhere that the most watched regular season game in NBA history was a match up between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Houston Rockets. Which was a matchup between Yi and Yao Ming.

I don't care much for Houston's team, but I love how they screwed over the Knicks.

No - not tax - but cap - if the cap is (say) 50 million dollars, 60% (basically) of it in year 3 is committed to jeremy lin.

How does that make sense? Even at 60 mil you've got 25% committed to jeremy lin

That's a lot of cap to commit to a guy with a 29 game resume

BTW - SAS is now officially a mouth piece for the knicks if you've been listening to him talk about the Lin situation you know what I meant.

Matt reply to GoSixers on Jul 16 at 19:00

I've read that Houston can average the contract against the cap, but Knicks can't. Win-win for Houston. Pay him later, and gain the player/revenue with that odd contract.

Hawaii Phil reply to Matt on Jul 16 at 19:41

That's an oddity... how does that work? And why would the former team NOT be eligible to average the salaries over 3 years?

Coon explains it: http://www.cbafaq.com/salarycap.htm

I can't imagine this was the intention, but for now that's the rule.

Does anyone know what the winning bid for Luis Scola was?

Mary Schmitt Boyer/Tom Reed: NBA source says Suns winning bid for Scola was $13 million for three years. Minimum was $10 million for three yrs. Yes, #Cavs did make a bid Twitter

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jul 16 at 14:53

That's not bad, even though he's 32 years old. I would have liked to see him as a replacement for Brand

I think there is still a move to be made - most likely in the form of a trade. Wouldn't be surprised to see a wing and a big traded for someone that will ultimately start at either 4 or 5.

If Iguodala were to be traded [which I hope DOES NOT happen], you know they'd wait until after the Olympics. Not only might that increase his perceived value, but the recipient team would want to assure he was healthy when the deal was consumated.

I refuse to accept this is what the roster will actually look like to start the season. The Kwame move was the most disheartening I've heard this offseason.

I thought that they were trying to make a move as well, but I think they've wrapped up their offseason "moves" pending the addition of a backup point guard. The only body they could move to free up a role or minutes would be Vucevic, and he doesn't account for much of either.

Unless of course he gets hurt during the olympics, any trade should actually occur before hand

Stan reply to TNT on Jul 16 at 15:33

I felt like the best time to move him was on draft day when teams were reportedly willing to give up a lottery pick for Iguodala. I don't know for sure if those reports are correct, but it did seem like the Raptors and the Warriors were aggressive in trying to build a better team for next season.

Question for the Advanced Stats crew.

I know Evan Turner's PER was pretty low last season and because I'm not particulary well versed in the "new" basketball statistics, I was hoping for some help here.

If Turner got to the free throw line say 5 more times per game next season, what would that alone do to his efficiency rating? Or, if not 5, how many more trips to the line would it take?

I'm asking because it seems to me that Turner got fewer calls than any Sixer in recent memory when taking it to the basket. I know, I know, he puts his head down when he attacks the rim, and get his shot blocked too much etc etc...

But I wonder if it's as simple as him earning the respect of the refs to get more calls as he moves forward. Paul Pierce is not a super athlete and is slow and awkward with the ball, yet as he's been in the league forever now, he gets tons of calls when he drives to the hoop (much to our chagrin).

Anyway, thanks in advance.


Pretty tough question to answer. If he's still going to shoot 68% from the line, it won't help as much as you'd think. And if he got there 5 more times/game, that means he'd be increasing his free throw attempts by 300%.

You don't get whistles very often when your shots get blocked flatfooted by defenders.

If he halves the number of shots he takes from 16-23 feet, takes them instead from behind the line and makes them at a league average, that's a start. If he gets to the line about four time per game, on twelve shot attempts, and drains them at his career average of 75%, then he would be an efficient scorer.

Rich reply to steve on Jul 16 at 16:55

I will say its true of Turner that even though he gets blocked a lot, he also gets very little respect. He really got screwed in Game 5 against Boston when any contact on the other end was a foul.

Respect such as you refer to is earned...since he (as you say) gets blocked a lot, officials will assume the blocks are clean

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jul 16 at 17:41

It's funny. When he is officiated poorly, it's usually before the shot and before the sort of respect calls you would think he needs. Many of the blocks are clean, but the hand checking before is what does Turner in. If people are allowed to be physical with him, he's usually not allowed to defend the same way on the other end. I can see how he would be frustrated with that sometimes..

Great write up Rich.

Here's a question. There has been a lot of moves, but have we improved on our "Final 5" from last season. The guys who finish the game?

Turner or Lou

Brown? or Allen?

Looks pretty similar. Don't get me wrong, I like the moves, the team needed to shake things up. But are they really going to be that much different? Do you see Wright or N. Young cracking the "Final Five" on a regular basis?

What's more important than adding "better than..." players is developing Holiday and Turner. Nick Young and Dorell Wright certainly facilitate that more than Lou or Jodie. They are both excellent spot up threats to help Jrue and Evan operate the drive and kick game. With Thad, there's at least one effective cutting big, although he isn't a very big target inside.

Theoretically either of Nick or Dorell can close alongside Andre and one of Jrue or Evan.

johnrosz on Jul 16 at 18:08

I actually think a lot of you guys are going to like Moultrie a lot if/when he sees the court. First athletic big this team has had in a while. He can catch a lob and we haven't seen that in what...3 years?

eddies' heady's reply to johnrosz on Jul 16 at 22:01

Not sure how he'll do on this level, but I liked him in college, at UTEP and Miss St., just could never understand why he rarely ever blocked any shots. He's certainly athletic enough and tall enough. Puzzling.

Seems like the knock on him going in to the draft was his lack of understanding help defense and its rotations, as well as not having shot blocking instincts.

Would love for the NBA to be as physical as International play. This is fun to watch and takes away from the advantage that superstars like Kobe/LBJ have from getting to the line as frequently as they do in the NBA.

Spencer is Hired on Jul 17 at 8:03

The K.Brown signing bothers me more as everyday goes by. How is he getting minutes gonna push our young guys more than adding a young athlete to the mix.

Guys like Jordan Hill are still out there. K.Benson is looking pretty good in the summer league and could of been gotten for nothing this past year. The lakers have a raw kid, Elonu from Texas A.M., who is 6'10" and is flying all over the court rebounding and blocking shots.

H.Whiteside was just released and Thabeet was wanted by 2 pretty good organizations this summer, Dallas and Okl.City, and cost 8oo thousand to sign. Stiesnma was a better option also.

Watching Ed Davis this summer he seems to be growing both physically and offensively and would of been a great pickup for us. I can understand Toronto not being willing to give up him and #8 in any deal and if getting both cost us the #15, in hindsight I may have done that. Him and T.Ross would both look good here.

I really hope I get lambasted for even asking this question, but, after reading that Collins regrets how he handled Brown in DC, does anyone think signing Kwame had something to do with redemption? maybe Doug feels bad and wants to make it up to the poor sweet high school kid who's career he ruined.

humphries back to the nets 2 years 24 million

I would've preferred Humphries on that deal and OJ Mayo on the deal he got (which is probably 2 years, $8M) to Hawes, Kwame, Nick Young for a combined $15M.

And I'm really not a fan of either Hump or Mayo.

Brian, serious question. Between the Hawes, Kwame, and Nick Young deals, and one swift, hard kick in the nuts, which would you prefer? Let's say the kick is about as excruciating as it could be without causing any long-term injury.

I'm no Brian, but I would only take a kick to the balls if you could guarantee me that the Sixers would win a championship in the near future.

Tray reply to Brian on Jul 17 at 10:37

I would've preferred signing Hickson or Kaman, or signing Hickson and Haywood.

Stan reply to Brian on Jul 17 at 11:00

I would have preferred putting in a claim for Scola for his remaining 3 years at 12-15 million, and then going after Darko Milicic.

I don't mind the Nick Young move, it's a one year deal. The Dorrell Wright trade is the only move this off season that I actually like.

Hey Brian,
I don't know if you're aware but something appears to be wrong with your twitter feed. It's tweeting all of your new posts today at once going back prior to the draft.

Yeah, not sure what happened there.

This is the most "depressed" I've been in quite some time. All last year i was dreaming of the flexibility we would acquire with the amnesty of Elton. And now, we are stuck with Spencer, Kwame, Nick Young, etc.

I agree with the main argument of this post, if we are going to be middling for at least 2 more years, then i want to see so much Moe Harkless and so much Arnett Moultrie and so much Lavoy Allen and so much Nik Vucevic and so much Evan Turner that my head explodes. We need a "brightside" post. What's the good news? I get it that we only have to watch Hawes get pushed around for 2 more years but is there some luxury tax bubble that is going to burst in 2014 that is going to allow the Sixers to land that superstar? is the two year horizon the right window based on things we are not talking about? I can't believe Rod Thorn culd figure this out, but maybe Joshy boy has a quant tucked away somewhere and we are actually building a massive short position against the salary cap in 2014. The other good news isthat the Sixers will definitely miss the playoffs next year. At least we'll have some ping pong balls next june.


Jesse reply to csth on Jul 17 at 13:30

Not so sure we "definitely" miss the playoffs next year. Replacing Lou with Dorrell Wright and Nick Young has to be an upgrade, and replacing Brand's minutes with Kwame Brown and Lavoy Allen is a downgrade. Overall, not sure that we got that much worse from last year.

Depends if Evan Turner is used as he should be or made the focus of the team

Jesse reply to GoSixers on Jul 17 at 13:58

True. Then again, if Jrue continues to improve and if Turner gets the same number of minutes as he did last year but improves upon his abysmal efficiency, the team could also be better than last year. I can see this happening, for better or worse.

buke reply to GoSixers on Jul 17 at 23:21

I really think Turner is going to be the 6th man (unless he gets traded, of course).

KH reply to Jesse on Jul 17 at 15:30

You would be wrong that Dorrell Wright and Nick Young are upgrades over Lou Williams. A nickel (Young) and a dime Dorrel Wright does not equal a quarter. Lou Wiliiams had a much much higher PER then both of those guys. Lou has made himself about as a good a 3 point shooter as Wright as well. Anyway you slice it Lou Williams is significantly better then both those guys.

There are many ways to slice it - and Lou is easily replaced in many of them

They are upgrades by not being black holes offensively and sieves defensively. I'm not going to deny Lou being a net positive, but N. Young and Wright theoretically make the team better by virtue of being the complimentary role players Lou and Jodie were not.

Jesse reply to KH on Jul 17 at 16:48

This is just completely false. Lou Williams plays no defense, and Dorrell Wright is an above average defender. Lou also only had one good season as a 3pt shooter (last season), and Wright has averaged a better percentage for his career than Williams' percentage last year. Not to mention Wright's superior size and ability to play without the ball, both areas in which Lou is just terrible. I would take Wright 100 times out of 100 over Lou.

And that is without even mentioning Young.

buke reply to KH on Jul 17 at 23:24

We'll just have to see if those players are an upgrade. But, unlike you, I'm not going to miss Lou. Seven years of him was more than enough for me.

crazy thing is that you could probably live with hawes at the 5 if you had Favors at the 4.

Collins: Goal to start Hawes at power forward and Brown st center. Added Royal Ivey as vet backup PG. #Sixers

That Doug Collins - he's a coaching genius

Ha, Royal Ivey is back to play the 5 mpg role.

johnrosz on Jul 17 at 15:57

Is this an unintentional tank we've got going on here?

I can't see this roster making the playoffs.

What's the point of an unintentoinal tank - if you want to tank you let hawes go you don't sign brown - you sign NBDL guys to one year deals - you maximize minutes of Lavoy and Voose

The only way it's an unintentional tank is if you look at it "hey look - they tried to build a competitive roster, but they're clueless so they're sucking accidentally"

That's just a nice way to say incompetent

Yes, that is what the guy above you is saying, believe it or not.

Tom Moore: #Sixers Collins on Vucevic: 'I don't know where Nik is right now. He's got to be tougher.' Twitter

Hawes however, he's tough enough, right doug?

tk76 reply to GoSixers on Jul 17 at 17:41

Just look at the picture above. It's all about the scruffy beard. That is Nocioni-mullet toughness.

Man, i shave once a week, i hate shaving, i havem ore facial hair after one week than hawes has in that picture

Wow. First he calls him a poor rebounder, than this.

Brian might ban me for saying this but i kinda want the sixers to take a chance on blatche

I would do it - but i think he'll clear the amnesty wire (he's got 3 or 4 years left) - i'd bring him in on a minimum one year contract - incentive laden - and make it very clear to him he'll be cut if he doesn't shut up

Rich reply to GoSixers on Jul 17 at 19:04

Shutting up is only half of the problem. The way he plays and his approach to basketball is insulting to everyone involved.

WEll when I said shut up i was being a bit more all inclusive

It sort of was 'shut up and man up' take your profesison seriously - listen to coaches - and do the work

Or cut him

I can't think anyone will claim him

Tom Moore on Jul 17 at 19:05

Tuesday video: Doug Collins on offseason moves, especially idea of moving Hawes to power forward and starting Brown at center:


eddies' heady's on Jul 17 at 19:10

I'm aware that you can cross-switch matchups sometimes, but how in the hell are Hawes or Kwame going to guard any power forward in this league? How? I mean, where's the basketball sense, or logic, in playing those two chaps together?

They could maybe stay with Kurt Thomas, but who else?

Don't see why they wouldn't just take a chance on JJ Hickson for a couple years or Jordan Hill as Spencer is Hired mentioned above. arrrggghhhhh

...........i just still can't believe they gave Spencer freakin' Hawes 6.5 mil per for TWO DAMN YEARS!...........6.5

It's such a joke. I'm coming around to thinking this team is going to be really, really bad.

I'm all for tanking but man, it's embarrassing to think the Sixers think this is a team built to make the playoffs and compete. The unintentional tank, if you will.

This is going to be a fucking mess.

I'm pretty sure they'll continue to be a really good defensive team, despite their front court. They actually got much better defensively on the perimeter, in terms of depth, and they're used to covering for shitty defenders down low. Does eliminating the size disadvantage in the backcourt mean more than losing Brand down low? Maybe?

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jul 17 at 20:33

Piggy-backing on what Rich said about him coming around to them potentially being really, really bad...I'm just not feeling the same way oddly. I certainly dislike some (most) of their moves, but I looked at it from afar and thought about it a lot over last weekend and I think they will be just as good, if not slightly better. I mean, they were what, one of the five worst teams in the whole league after the break last year? Like 15-22 or something?

We've all longed for some shooters, or at least a guy that can knock down an open look, and that's basically what we've accrued with the same crappy frontcourt.

Now, I still can't tell you what in the heck they will do when they need someone to break someone down off the dribble with the clock ticking down and/or get to the line ala Lou.

But casting aside that unknown, and I emphasize 'at this point', I crazily for not-yet-known reasons believe they'll be better and more competitive. Of course, all this is predicated on minimizing Evan Turner as much as possible and relegating him to a spot-minutes role and letting Dorell or Nick Young see the majority of time at the two with Dre and Jrue flanking them.

With Doug already publicly talking about Evan starting there, that position/role could be just as important as their missing of Lou generating offense or free throws.

But I really feel Lavoy will pull some of EB's weight up front and they'll be better this coming year. They were pretty near-awful toward the end last season, so much so that I was actively rooting for them to miss the playoffs which is about as odd as me now having this belief they are, in fact, better off as they keep professing publicly.

With what they did last year on defense as you mentioned, Michael Curry or Doug or whomever was responsible is pretty damn good.

Rich reply to Brian on Jul 17 at 21:03

I don't understand how you win any games with Hawes and Brown starting in the frontcourt. Even if that's the plan for a limited amount of time before it eventually sorts itself out, it's gonna be a waste of time to the point where the rest of the team has to catch up.

Nick Young, while a better defender than Lou because of his size, is still not a good defender, so there still is an upgrade.

PF got significantly worse. The loss of Elton Brand on that end of the floor is huge. And it's not really the fact they are losing him. It's that they are going into the season thinking Hawes can play there.

Maybe I'm just mad that the team could have been covering for guys like Moultrie and Allen who at least have a shred of hope for the future instead of Hawes and Brown. Anywhere from 6-10 probably sounds about right, no?

Considering how seamlessly they were able to maintain their defensive perimeter on switches between JTI, adding Young and Wright is adding to their greatest strength. The NBA is first and foremost a game of matchups.

I think Lavoy is sneaky quick but has a slow reaction time, probably due to inexperience. He and Thad can handle most fleet of foot power forwards. Their smallish, but hopefully Kwame can handle the true centers of the league. He certainly has a better chance of doing so than Hawes.

Another aggravating thing about the unintentional tank (I'm hearing that phrase a lot) is that it sets us up to hang onto our pick in the shitty 2013 draft, assuming we don't make the playoffs. We'd then lose our pick in 2014, if we're out of the lottery by then.

For what it's worth, I haven't yet come around to the idea that we're going to miss the playoffs entirely. I bet we struggle our way to the 7 or 8 seed and the FO packages that shit and sells it as a "record of success".

if the sixers have a top 5 pick the draft wont be shitty

If they get a low playoff seed but feature Jrue Holiday as the primary offensive player on the team, I won't mind.

I don't think so. If we're a lottery team for the next 3 years, Miami will get our 2nd round picks in 2014 and 2015. or something like that

Tom Moore on Jul 17 at 22:17

Sixers story (with video, photo): Collins aims to use Hawes at power forward with Kwame Brown in starting frontcourt:


Twitter: @tmoorepburbs

eddies' heady's on Jul 17 at 23:00

Kind of disappointing to see them take the safe route by signing Royal Ivey. If he's still out there would have like to seen them give Ish Smith a shot as a backup.

Seems bassackwards to draft youth in Harkless and Moultrie then sign/trade for nothing but so-called veterans instead of taking a chance on more youth. This approach just screams staying in the depths of mediocrity and not getting a little worse in order to get a tad better in the long run. Just stuck in not bad enough to get good and not good enough to make any serious noise.

I wish they'd just once allow themselves to throw themselves a life raft to cease the continual treading water. That, or someone tie a boulder attached to a rope to their leg.

I was hoping for Ish Smith, too. Maybe they think Ivey will fit better with Turner off the bench. The more I see, the more I think Turner is going to be the designated 6th man at the start of the season.

eddies' heady's reply to buke on Jul 17 at 23:46

See you've said this twice, what do you mean when you say "the more I see"? Tom Moore put out an article where Doug said Turner was in the top five with Jrue, Dre, and the twin towers.

I'd love it if they started and gave most of the SG minutes to Dorell Wright.

Turner will start but I expect him to see plenty of time initiating the second unit offense. He has a lot of chemistry with Thad and will always be armed with two legit shooters.

Spencer is Hired reply to eddies' heady's on Jul 18 at 7:43

I believe Turner will be given the same freedom Lou had with the difference being he will have better shooters surrounding him. How our coach reacts to his turnovers will be interesting.

I agree with Cin that Turner starts, Young subs for him early, and Turner runs with the 2nd unit alot. Jrue and Evan have to get to the line this year.

We should be cringing a lot with teams going small and us playing twin towers and neither being capable of posting up down the offensive end. Hawes on L.James, at the p.f. spot, will be interesting.

I'm going to file the Hawes/Brown frontcourt in the same category as Collins trading Iguodala, I'll believe it when I see it.

Collins has made statements like this prior to every season, his first year "Thad is a small forward." Then he didn't play a minute there. Last year, "Turner is the starter at SG" took like 40 games for that to happen. "Hawes at the four" has the same ring to it, to me.

I agree with Brian. Perhaps he's trying to motivate Voose and/or Lavoy to show some backbone.

Mostly I still think there is a move left.

i see no possibility that we start the season with this roster, the minutes just don't add up. While willing to accept that DC might exercise poor judgement, or even personal motives, in personnel decisions I have to believe he can count.

I disagree w/ the minutes thing. Just think Collins won't have a problem burying anyone on the bench. Voose is the most likely candidate right now.

is this really my team? how the fuck did it get so goddamn fucking bad? we're starting hawes and kwame brown. jrue blows. turner fucking sucks. iguodala is the only starting caliber player on the whole fucking team, and the management has been shopping him since i can remember.

seriously - fuck you, sixers. fuck you.

Revolutionary times: There's an underground movement underway to rename the 76ers the Philadelphia Mystery Bag Of Sweets. Second choice, The Valley Forgeries. Fallback position, The Delaware Valley Bits & Bobs. Raise your voice at the village green; time is of the essence.

Surely you'll remember the old Philadelphia Feeblers?

hahaha Bill thanks for the laughs!

Tom Moore on Jul 18 at 13:34

Story (with new Collins video): Collins says financially sensible Sixers are bigger, stronger, deeper:


Which word do you think collins doesn't understand the meaning of - financial or sensible?

I'm going with sensible, mostly because he could use the word 'sensible' to discuss the Hawes/Brown front court and it would still be wrong

Jrue, Turner, Iguodala, Hawes, Brown - I defy you to find a worse starting 5 in the NBA next season. We're looking at a 25 win season.

Atlantas is going to suck pretty bad
Houston will be starting jeremy lin, kevin martin and, well, um who else?
Clevelands five will still suck more

And I don't believe Turner is starting yet

Doug said he is, although it's totally possible that things change. didn't he promise the dorky dude that came over with Hawes like 20 min/gm?

mchezodefa reply to GoSixers on Jul 22 at 19:14

Why do you think Atlanta is going to suck? They lost Johnson, but they still have Smith and Horford and they gained Harris, Lou, Korver, Jenkins and Morrow.

You answered the question

mchezodefa reply to GoSixers on Jul 22 at 21:48

Really? Horford is a young all star who is getting better every year. Smith is a versatile front court player who fills the the stat sheet. Whatever, rather than back up what you say you just make up stuff as usual.

They have zero defense on the wings and not a single quality small forward. I like Smith and Horford, but those two are not going to carry the Hawks anywhere if they're surrounded exclusively by role players.

btw, I think Melo had a lot to do w/ the Knicks not matching Lin's offer sheet. It was a blow to his ego how he became the bigger star last season. He also made a comment about stupid contracts earlier this summer which I though was referring to the reported offer for Lin.

Stan reply to Brian on Jul 19 at 10:08

He's the 6th highest paid player in the league right now. I hope he has fun playing with an overweight Raymond Felton.

Javale McGee back to the nuggets 4 years 44 million

A couple of nuggets in here.

- Collins saying the phone was ringing off the hook with teams who wanted Iguodala.
- Collins calling Kwame a top-five defensive center
- Collins' description of the Lou negotiations, apparently Lou told the Sixers he had an offer in pocket that they couldn't match. Don't think 4/$20 was the offer, unless they weren't allowed to hand out a 4-year deal. Doesn't compute.
- Curry is a finalist for the Orlando head coaching job.

It's pretty awesome that the Sixers aren't in position to be the third team in a Bynum/Dwight deal since they used all their cap space on Hawes, Nick Young and Kwame.

Exile on Kenny Payne Street on Jul 19 at 9:28

Melo is an expert on ridiculous contracts.

One more thing, if the Lakers get Dwight, I think they win 65+ games next year. Nash, Kobe, Artest, Pau, Dwight? That's an insane team. The only thing that could hold them back would be their coach. Still think Brown is a terrible coach.

Cleveland is a 3rd team because Bynum supposedly is willing to sign long term with Cleveland (no idea why)...being the third team and not ending up with Bynum long term isn't exactly encouraging.

I still don't see it happening unless orlando gives up on their 'wish list' no way they're getting a lot of picks AND giving up those bad contracts - there's just not enough cap room out there on one team

Still think if you can get Dwight or Bynum, you do it and then worry about the next contract when the time comes. Worst-case, you flip them at the trade deadline.

I know Houston was willing to do the whole rent Howard for a year, but they had the room to absorb contracts, acquired a lot of young assets and draft picks (including a guaranteed lottery pick), and well, the sixers could have absorbed Dwight (or Bynum) but what else?

Only way it really works is if the Lakers want Iguodala, because they need an upgrade at that position, but even then, how do you make it work...the lakers aren't doing a deal that doesn't net them Howard.

Even With the cap space you absorb bynum (the lakers get howard), but where do the picks and or cap relief the magic feel they need in addition to moving howard come from?

Do you give Iguodala to the Magic and take on one of their bad contracts? I mean are those contracts even much longer than Iguodalas?

I just don't think they would have had the assets, even with doing the off season smartly (which started a year ago with lavoy allen) to be part of the deal...that's part of the being mired in the middle problem, assets aren't really plentiful.

Stan reply to Brian on Jul 19 at 10:39

Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, Mo Harkless, Arnett Moultrie, a bottom 14 protected 1st round pick in 2014, a future 1st round pick in 2016, and the absorption of Richardson's contract.

I think that's all the Sixers can afford to give and that still isn't enough.

DC Comic on Jul 19 at 11:29

Anyone notice the stark contrast between the Flyers front office and the Sixers front office?

Last year, the Flyers decide to go young and trade their stars for a boatload of young players and picks. They still had a strong year and appear to have their arrow pointed up. [never mind that eventually LA capitalized on the guys they dumped ... they didn't sit there pretending they had enough to win it all].

This year, they have been the first to aggressively offer multi-year $100 million contracts to free agents and RFA who would really make a difference. Whether they are successful or not, they are decisive and agressive.

Can anyone even imagine them signing the basketball equivalent of Hawes, Kwame, Young and Wright and saying they were a better team?

My hope was that we were getting a culture change that was aggressive with the new Sixers ownership. If they wanted to reload and get younger ... as long as they played hard and articulated a plan - I could deal with waiting to get better. This feels like the exact opposite of that ... they appear rudderless and timid.

I wouldn't say they aren't aggressive. To me, they just seem misguided. Using the amnesty on Brand and eating $16M for nothing this season was an aggressive move. Spending the money on Hawes/Kwame/Nick Young is just misguided.

Comparing the NHL to the NBA is flawed for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that their CBA is so messed up you can hand out 10 year contracts - that's ridiculous (not for nothing, the NHL salary cap is also higher than the NBA's and the NHL is laying the smack down to the union in its early negotiations, they wanna totally shred the deal they had just agreed to)

Eh, I kind of like the signing of Nick Young to replace Lou. He's not totally ineffective without the ball and can create his own shot in a pinch.

Tray reply to Cin on Jul 19 at 13:42

I like it too, actually, if this team's goal is maximizing its chances of another second-round appearance. But I don't really get why they're hell-bent on being the best mediocre team they can be.

Maintaining mediocrity and their false sense of second round accomplishment (that you seem to buy into) they should have let lavoy walk, kept brand, given hawes his one year deal.

Because if anyone thinks they're better now - they're an idiot

I think the backcourt is certainly better than last season. Their frontcourt is equally basketball-challenged compared to last seasons', even though they lost a gamer in Brand.

Their postseason success last season was certainly a mirage, but how much have circumstances really changed? Ray Allen skipped town and the Bulls are mired in uncertainty. I see a lot of teams, like the Sixers, who either remained stagnant or got worse, other than the Nets who markedly improved.

Granted that the Heat take the top seed, if the Sixers get the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, or 7th seed and avoid a first or second round meeting with them then they have a fair shot at the conference finals.

Stan reply to Cin on Jul 19 at 15:16

The Sixers were 8th place last year and haven't done anything to put them over the 7 teams that were ahead of them. I'd put them over Atlanta, but Brooklyn, Indiana, and most likely Boston are still better than them.

Are the Bulls minus Rose clearly better than the Sixers?

Stan reply to Brian on Jul 19 at 15:33

Clearly? no. Although I think the Bulls' frontcourt is far superior to the Sixers' frontcourt.

I didn't consider the Rose injury. I wonder what the time table for his injury is. In the NFL it takes one season to heal and another season to get back to normal.

After the Heat and Nets it's a toss-up. I would consider those two teams to be the only ones with indisputably superior talent levels.

Healthy Bulls team has more talent than the Sixers
The celtics, even with old kevin garnett are more talented than the sixers
The knicks have more talent - it just doesn't go together - poorly built team

I don't know what to make of the Knicks other than Stoudemire fading out as a star.

I'd put Indiana and Boston a notch above the Sixers talent-wise, but I wouldn't put money on them over seven games. For the Bulls, if I recall correctly, they're expecting Rose after the All-Star break. How much can be expected from them after more than half a season of, to that point, being rudderless?

What was the bulls regular season record in games that rose missed last year?

He missed a bit of the regular season and they were still the one seed - over 7 games you need rose sure - but don't forget it wasn't JUST rose they lost - they lost noah as well - it's possible iff they kept noah the sixers lose that series.

The bulls are not the 2001 sixers - they aren't rose and 'some guys who play defense' - plus they have a better coach than the sixers.

People are counting the bulls out - i wouldn't - and the east is still pretty damn weak - let's say rose comes back healthy - and they don't suffer other major injuries - no reason to not think they end up at least the 4 seed in a weak east.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jul 19 at 17:30

Who is going to replace Derrick Rose this year till the all star break?

krik hinrich

In a sign-and-trade, the Celtics move JaJuan Johnson, E'Twaun Moore, Sean Williams, and a second round pick to the Rockets for Courtney Lee.

Spencer is Hired reply to Cin on Jul 19 at 18:17

It seems like a lot of other teams are showing creativity in their moves. Boston may win the east next year.

Chicago will be missing a lot of pieces from last year. Watson, Korver, Brewer and possibly Asik. Butler is playing well this summer though so he could probably replace Brewer. Can Hinrich stay healthy?

Mean as new post.

Actual reply to GoSixers:

I just don't see it for the Bulls. They are coming in with a much different bench, especially is Asik is out, and don't have a single shot creator on the roster, especially at the point.

Tray reply to GoSixers on Jul 19 at 16:57

Me: "I like it too, actually, if this team's goal is maximizing its chances of another second-round appearance. But I don't really get why they're hell-bent on being the best mediocre team they can be."

You: "Maintaining mediocrity and their false sense of second round accomplishment (that you seem to buy into)"

You really suck at reading.

Don't your have a cousins box score to research future bottom feeder?

MCT reply to Brian on Jul 19 at 12:49

Is the amnesty move still aggressive if they did it by mistake though?

Heh. Then the whole thing is just misguided, I guess.

Let's say in December the Sixers get an offer in which they give up Iguodala, Thaddeus, Lavoy, Spence, Turner, Moultrie and a few 1st round draft picks for Howard and Richardson.

Something like this: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=884nrbg

Would that be a trade that you would make? The Sixers would only be committed to $9 million in salary. Based on the way things play out in LAC, would you bank on the idea of getting CP3 to come here via free agency or in a sign and trade for Jrue?

To rent dwight howard for a couple months?


To get rid of Spencer - sure

that trade would leave the sixers without enough players on their roster

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jul 19 at 15:44

They would have to find 3 more players. But something like that. If you could get Howard for a 4 month rental and only have $9 million in salary committed for next season, would you do it if it meant giving up Iguodala?

I'm not sure if this has been brought up but the Nets signed CJ Watson to a 2 year contract at the veteran's minimum. I'm not saying the Sixers needed Watson but he is a much better player than Royal Ivey.

Simple reason that CJ Watson wasn't signed. To be a role play on the Sixers you have to play defense. Watson is terrible on defense. Ivey is a plus defender.

If we are relying on Ivey for points we're in trouble. He is liekly the 3rd point guard behind Turner.

Sixers moved sideways this offseason. I'd call it a step in the right direction: http://www.cheesesteaksports.com/2012/07/19/a-step-in-the-right-direction/

27 years old and under players for each team:

Kris Joseph - $0.5M
Fab Melo - $1.1M
Jared Sullinger - $1.1M
Avery Bradley - $1.6M
Courtney Lee - $4.5 (minimum possible - placeholder)
Brandon Bass - $6.7M
Jeff Green - $9.0M
Rajon Rondo - $11.0M
Total: $35.5M

Arnett Moultrie - $0.9M
Maurice Harkless - $1.4M
Nikola Vucevic - $1.8M
Jrue Holiday - $2.7M
Lavoy Allen - $3.0M
Dorell Wright - $4.1M
Evan Turner - $5.3M
Nick Young - $6.0M
Spencer Hawes - $6.5M
Thaddeus Young - $8.0M
Total: $37.4M

Eh, I can't reply for shit today. Also your blog has absolutely no substance, sir. What is your endgame?

Spencer is Hired on Jul 19 at 18:29

Which young group of players would you rather have?

F.Melo S.Hawes
J.Sullinger N. Vucevic
J.Green A.Moultrie
B.Bass T.Young
R.Rondo J.Holiday
C.Lee E.Turner
A.Bradley N.Young

It is amazing that Boston reloaded in one summer, kudos to Ainge.

Spencer is Hired reply to Spencer is Hired on Jul 19 at 18:32

My apologies to Mr. Harkless.

The Celtics have $70 million invested in Jeff Green and Brandon Bass. Fab Melo and Jared Sullinger are rookies, I don't know if you can say they will be any better than Moultrie. The guys you mentioned are decent players but a lot of them have injury problems, and all of them except Rondo are just role players. BTW, you forgot to add Dorrell Wright

Spencer is Hired reply to Stan on Jul 19 at 19:22

Looking at the roster they finished the year with and what it is now is a big improvement as far as youth is concerned though. I hope our organization got our picks right this year.

I wonder what number Boston is going to get Courtney Lee at. He would have been a top priority for me this offseason if I'm in charge, and considering how little interest he received, it's a shame the Sixers didn't even seem to be aware of him. Regardless of what plan you endorse, Lee could have been good for either. I would have been fine with a three year deal for him because of youth, shooting ability, defense, etc. Why didn't Collins push for him? Or maybe he did?

Spencer is Hired reply to Rich on Jul 19 at 19:28

I recall the article somebody posted on here about G.Dragic and how he blossomed with a low usage player [Lee] next to him when Martin got hurt.

I was really surprised Pheonix didn't sign Lee and unite them again. I would prefer him over N.Young but maybe he wanted a starting role.

He was probably too emotionally attached to "his" picks to part with them in a sign-and-trade.

Stan reply to Cin on Jul 19 at 20:22

Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Mo Harkless, Dorell Wright, and Nick Young. How many more wings do you want on this team?

Rich reply to Stan on Jul 19 at 21:17

Just because there are wings here, doesn't mean Lee wouldn't be an upgrade.

I'd rather have Lee than any of those guys not named Iguodala.

johnrosz reply to Rich on Jul 20 at 1:23

Saw something today about his corner 3% being near the top of the league,awesome, but gotta be honest, nothing else I see from his metrics blow me away to the point where I'd ever think of him as a "priority".

Absolutely loved him in ORL,just don't understand where the hype he's getting from the blog community is coming from...

Nothing an eskin says can ever been seen as sanity

Barkley thinks the sixers are a 'better' team now Here

What do have against Howard and Spike?

Eskin is a hate monger, a closet racist, an uniformed blow hard, he's the equivalent of rush limbaugh, in sports radio, and he encourages the (morons) masses of WIP, he's the epitome of what's wrong with Philadelphia Sports fandom.

Spike, well, Spike takes after his dad...

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jul 21 at 15:30

Spike is not as bad as his dad. Although I do agree with your assessment of Howard, I still hate Angelo Cataldi more.

Jesse reply to GoSixers on Jul 22 at 18:53

Yeah, Spike is much better than Howard. Not really fair to judge Spike based on his father's "work." If you just look at what Spike says objectively, he's actually one of the better Philadelphia sports writers/talking heads.

Hate monger, that's over the top. He never stirred me to hate. Closet racist, where's your proof? Another leap. Rush Limbaugh parallel I can see. Both are successful radio men, yakkers, through and through.

I respect Howard. He's worked hard for many years, hustled. Is passionate. Knows his local sports. Has his sources. Is a genuine NE Philly character. Calls it like he see it. Perfect? No. (A thousand times no.) A valuable sports voice in town for a long time? Yes.

Don't have an opinion on Spike as I've not encountered much of his work.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Jul 21 at 14:57

I don't think he said anything wrong or substantial. All he said was that coaches say things they don't mean

eddies' heady's on Jul 22 at 10:43

Repeating what I mentioned above about where they will stand next year, another weekend is coming to a close and I still have this belief/opinion they will certainly be better than they were last year. Wanted to kind of share why.

EB and Lou are a given as the biggest losses for obvious reasons (Lou's scoring spurts and EB's post defense).

If you were to take EB's defense out of the equation and reluctantly compare some of his per 36 numbers to Spencer Hawes (ewwwwww, I know!) there's really not that significant of a difference in some of them, some.

EB averaged 13.7 pts and 8.9 rebs and 2.0 blk per 36
SH averaged 13.9 pts and 10.6 rebs and 1.9 blk per 36

EB's TS% was 52.1 and eFG% was 49.4 with a PER of 18.0
SH's TS% was 51.7 and eFG% was 49.4 with a PER of 18.1

I won't reference their win shares or turnover percentages because it doesn't suit this particular argument, obviously. Also, comparing Hawes' numbers above to EB's numbers above may not be a fair shake since EB played slightly less than double the minutes and games that Hawes played in last year's shortened season.

But back on my optimistic slant, EB was atrociously bad and downright invisible in many a game last year (and the year before) and that can be easily forgotten when most of us think about how good he was on defense, at times, last year. The flip side to that is, Spencer was equally bad and favorably invisible too last year, while having a really good game sprinkled in occasionally along the same line as EB.

So we lost EB (arguably our not-so-heavy anchor) and gained an improving and continuing-to-be-seasoned Lavoy Allen and a serviceable-but-not-flashy-or-dominant Kwame Brown. As much as I was liking Lavoy in mid-season when EB was out those 6 games and the mettle and fortitude he displayed in the playoffs I'd call that a slight upgrade when combining the two (Lavoy and Kwame), but for the doubters let's call it a push.

Lou was let go and replaced by Nick Young and Dorell Wright. This is where a detailed analysis or explanation gets fuzzy. Lou could get "his", but could also shoot you out of a run, comeback, or lead. And his defense left a lot to be desired at times.

Haven't looked at their percentages and they may be similar, but Nick and Dorell 'appear' to be better catch-and-shoot and spot-up players than Lou. Lou again, 'appears', to be a better penetrator, and drive-and-dish guy, and foul drawer. While the foul line forays by Lou will be sorely missed on a team already lacking this aspect from anyone, maybe the possible open shots (preferably 3's) knocked down by Nick and Dorell throughout the course of a game will cancel everything out.

So without rambling on any further on these players' strengths and weaknesses and placing the focus on the much-needed shooting this team has been in need of, I'd also call this a slight upgrade, but again for the doubters let's call this a push.

Now take into account that:

1) Jrue should be more seasoned, and acclimated, and better, and benefit from practice time.
2) Thad was a catalyst in many a game and basically saved them several times last year, and he will benefit from the lengthened season since he broke down with the hectic pace last year, and he actually went to his right hand and right side maybe 4 times last year (yeah, insert joke..). Not to mention, as much as I cringed when he loaded it up last year, his jumper was better. He will be better just from off days and practice time.
3) Evan can't stink it up THAT bad again, you'd think? He SHOULD be, at worst, incrementally better.
4) Andre will be Andre which is always a good thing. Not to mention, he was pretty good spotting up from 3 last year. If he doesn't suffer any missed games (and those untimely missed freebies!), he'll certainly be as good if not minimally better

So, there you have it. That's, I guess, somewhat why I believe and feel what I do.

Besides, just like the playoffs, once the season gets closer and closer, they always pull me in as a sucker one more time. I mean, they've been doing it going on for the 30th year, so why not one more?

(GoSixers says you're an idiot if you believe this so pass the dunce cap over from the guy on Hee Haw....) [editor's note: If someone uses a handle, don't use their real name]

I think you're downplaying a couple of things here, though I agree they didn't take a major step backwards.

First, Hawes and Brand were pretty much equal players offensively, but they weren't close defensively. The team was more than 2pts/100possessions better on defense w/ Brand on the floor than they were with him on the bench. They were more than 2 points worse with Hawes on the floor than they were with him on the bench. That's a pretty dramatic swing under normal circumstances, but even more troubling when you consider Hawes played such a large percentage of his minutes with Brand. The defensive dropoff from one to the other is significant, and that doesn't even take the whole switching Spencer to the four thing into account, if it actually happens.

Second, Lou was actually a very good catch-and-shoot player last season. The problem, if there really was one, is that he wouldn't play that role enough. So you're replaced Lou's minutes with one guy who's very comfortable in that role (Wright) and one guy who has proven to be an inefficient gunner (Nick Young) who may be a better catch-and-shoot guy, but I'm not convinced he'll accept that role exclusively.

The offensive benefit of Wright/Young over Lou is neither of those guys are going to demand playing the point. Neither of those guys are going to push Jrue to the "stand in the corner and watch" role he often played when on the floor with Lou. Of course, there's a flip side to that. On paper, it looks like the transition from Lou to W/Y will probably mean more time for Turner as the primary initiator than Jrue. Based on absolutely every shred of evidence we have to this point in both of their careers, that is not a good thing. If the equation is more time for Lou with the ball in his hands to more time for Turner with the ball in his hands, Lou wins hands down.

Anyway, I think the season will shake itself out and we'll see Collins go to combos that work and make sense. Probably with Lavoy or Thad starting with Brown or Hawes. Probably with Wright starting at the two. Probably with Iguodala or Jrue on the floor most of the time to handle the initiation and probably with Turner apologists blaming Collins again when Turner doesn't take advantage of yet another opportunity.

I think Royal Ivey was a mistake, because he can't run an offense, and that's really what they needed off the bench. A guy who can run things when Iguodala and Jrue are out of the game.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Jul 22 at 11:27

Yeah, I don't disagree with anything you say and I'm fully aware of the presence EB had when on the floor. Not really downplaying it per se, but just more seeing it from how good they were from a team defensive standpoint and, I guess, hoping that will stand for something.

But going along with what you said about not taking a major step backwards, if they didn't in fact do that, then we call all agree they didn't take a major step forward so that's why I've come to the conclusion, for now, that they'll be marginally better.

To me, it's only two choices - marginally better or marginally worse. I choose the positive because EB was really, really terrible in quite a few games as if he wasn't even on the floor (some while Hawes was out). And Lou was a team-killer some nights as much as I valued his penchant for ending scoring droughts, getting to the line, and setting guys up inside with drives and dishes. We added shooting, and Kwame, and Lavoy especially, can pick up some of EB's slack. The other guys will benefit trememdously from practice time and being under the same staff (here's hoping Curry stays) and system for another year. Therefore, we're better, however small of an amount.

Totally agree on the Ivey signing, wanted them to get a young penetrator to break down the defense setting up those shooters off the bench ala an Ish Smith. Ivey is mostly nothing more than a spot-up shooter from deep himself. That may be the most puzzling signing of them all including Hawes, with Hawes of course being the stupidest one.

Mostly just felt like talking some hoops albeit in a positive light as much sulking as I did over the last few weeks with their so-called moves.

Former Trail Blazers exec Tom Penn is a serious candidate for the Sixers' GM job under president Rod Thorn, league sources told @CBSSports.

Penn was seen this week in Las Vegas with Sixers managing partner Joshua Harris and interviewed for the job recently, sources said.

Sad that they let Thorn and co. make those other moves before he can weigh in. At least it will be a new voice in the room.

I never understood that philosophy. Hire a new management but allow the current management to make moves that handicaps the future management from making any changes.


Why am i not surprised that the Spurs are onto McCaleb? How can they be ahead of every other team even on players that are perfectly known in basketball circles. Despite his lack of size, i truly believe McCaleb can be really successful in the NBA. He is like a smaller version of Derrick Rose.

Spencer is Hired reply to Xsago on Jul 23 at 8:24

I thought Thorn would have changed our mindset, as an organization, on players in Europe. Minnesota seems convinced with Rubios' success and just signed A.Scved to come over and had a big euro [P.Prestis] on their summer league team.

The Spurs, in spite of Splitters limited success, keep going that route and it wouldn't shock me if N.Decaro makes their team this year.

My theory on the Hawes to p.f. statement; Collins thought heading into last year Hawes should get bigger and stronger to play in the post more but he ended up hurt and any added strength had no affect whatever in his style of play. So he could want him lighter this season and may of told him concentrate on flexibility and getting his weight down this offseason.

"Spencer, we need you to be softer next year." Best exit interview ever.

Maybe Spencer Hawes can be the next Arvydas Sabonis (post injury) :)

Spencer is Hired reply to Stan on Jul 23 at 14:00

Why go to europe for a soft perimeter big when you can grab one in the seattle area.

Light and tight!

Softer, than Bargs?

What is the Sixers' training camp schedule like this year? Are they practicing as a team now?

Stan reply to Jesse on Jul 23 at 19:11

I think they lost Vucevic. I bet he gets traded this year for a future 2nd round pick.

Mike reply to Jesse on Jul 24 at 23:01

that is hilarious

Did the Sixers pay Moultrie and Harkless 20% above their regular pay slot?

It would only be a story if they tried to not pay them 20% above slot.

Stan reply to Brian on Jul 24 at 23:05

Is it common? It seems odd to me that Austin Rivers who was the #10 overall pick is only making a 100k more than Harkless. I know it's only a matter of about 300k but it still annoys me. Harkless might play the majority of the season in the d-league.

Everyone gets 120%. I believe the last time a team tried to only give 100% was Memphis with Xavier Henry. That's why he held out.

Hey guys, if anyone's watching the US team I put up something about how bothered I am about the supposed mindset other teams try to play them with on my site. Give it a read if your interested:


Stan reply to Rich on Jul 24 at 23:22

It never ceases to amaze me how NBA scrubs like Victor Clavor, Juan Carlos Navarro, Rudy Fernandez, and Sergio Lul can be so effective against Team USA

Andres Nocioni logged in 26 minutes for Argentina in their 6 point loss :)

Tom Moore on Jul 25 at 9:42

the sixers schedule comes out tonight

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