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A Rumor To Get Behind

PG: Holiday, Turner, Ivey
SG: Wright, N. Young
SF: Turner, Harkless
PF: Allen, T. Young, Moultrie
C: Bynum, Kwame ($6M), Hawes ($13M)

Had they not spent the money on Hawes and Kwame, they could've been serious players in free agency next summer before extending Jrue and Bynum. Unreal.

Sorry Woj - don't buy it
I figure he'd sign here after the season (people need to stop talking about a player refusing to sign the extension as some sort of sign, 5 years is better than 3 years folks) because he'll want that fifth year, but don't see this trade happening...honestly, I think the new orlando GM is off to a rocky start even with the situation he was thrust into.

I'm inclined to doubt every bit of good news, so I'm with you. Don't think Gasol makes a difference at this point, but if you can get Bynum I'd be extremely excited. They'd probably wind up having to give up a first-rounder or two in the deal as well.

I have no idea how the money can work that the sixers obtain Gasol and Bynum and only give up Iguodala, they don't have the 'brand room' any more cause they wasted it (though this possibility is the exact reason the brand room should have been created and NOT used on useless place holders like kwame brown, nick young and giving spencer hawes more money than any other team in the league would have)...the machinations of a 4 team deal where the sixers take on 50-75% more salary (approximately, i'm just guessing) than they give up aren't readily apparent to me - but I'm sure someone can make the magic ESPN trade machine work it out.

As a whole it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me - and the lakers are better WITH bynum AND gasol then only with howard...right there it gives me pause...

The rumor has them getting one or the other, not both Bynum and Gasol. They could fit both of them if they also sent out Turner and Thad, but don't think that makes sense in the scheme of this deal.

Yeah, misread the comments here instead of just looking at the report, which is thin.

Afflalo and Gasol. Really? That's somehow 'better' than letting Howard walk? I don't see that.

Just looking at it - still not sure how the numbers would work

According to the ESPN Trade machine (is it up to date)?

The deal doesn't work for Orlando with just the players named, which is kind of ironic :), and if you swap Bynum and Gasol (so the sixers get gasol) it don't work either



And for the hell of it - here's one that nets the sixers Bynum and also allows them to 'leverage' against Jrue's max contract demands


I don't buy the Bynum part but I'd take Gasol and then trade him at the deadline.

Bucher all but says this deal is undoable, so it must be a sure thing. Seriously, I never thought LA would trade both Bynum and Gasol, but I guess the calculus is a little different with Nash on board. Nash, Kobe and Howard could be good enough to win on their own.

It works with a few adjustments. The Lakers would have to take Hedo and the Nuggets need to add some salary. like this.

Actually, forgot about Harrington in the deal above. This is how it could work w/ Harrington involved. Really simple to make it work, just add Q. Richardson to the Lakers. link.

You beat me to it - though my deals involve the sixers giving up an extra player (Voose or Turner) depending on who they take on :)

Hey - the magic add a 'young player' versus two older players

AJ reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 17:57

Lakers probably need something else if they are giving up Bynum and Gasol and also taking on the Harrington contract. Plus, I don't think the Magic will be OK with Gasol and Afflalo.

I'm thinking someone (Nuggets) will have to throw a 1st Rd pick and/or young player the Magic's way (after all, they are getting Iggy for only Afflalo and getting rid of Harrington's contract), and the Sixers would probably have to take a bad contract from the Lakers (World Peace?).

Stan reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 18:01

It was bad enough reading about these howard rumors when the sixers were not involved. Now we're being pulled into the Howard hype. How long will this go on?

I've always felt that Howard wouldn't make it to training camp in Orlando, but then again, I'm of the opinion that if he isn't traded that his back injury will 'linger' as long as it takes for him to get traded.

I don't believe Dwight Howard will play another game for the magic

sfw reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 16:27

Can Kwame or Spencer be traded at this time? Yes. I agree he will be trade. The rumors as just tiresome.

Kwame and Spencer can't be traded at this time, there's a limit - don't know the exact details though - before you can trade a guy you signed in free agency (except of course in a s&t deal)

The deal I indicated with Voose in it makes sense since, well, I mean doug seems to hate him already, add in another big men, and he'll suffer bed sores from all the sitting he does

sfw reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 17:27

I also forgot that spencer is a power forward.

Trade wouldn't make sense for LA or Orlando.

LA would be better off with Bynum + Gasol than with Howard alone. Luxury tax concerns don't make sense since Kobe's and Gasol's contracts will expire by then.

I think Orlando can do better than Afflalo and Gasol. They're not giving up Richardson or any othe bad contract. They would be better off trading Bynum for Howard straight up and then use the bird rights to entice him to resign. If that fails they can trade him at the deadline.

Isn't Dano a "SF"? Even if he is a PF, they just gave Wilson Chandler a new deal. But they shouldn't complain if they're getting rid of Harrington in this deal.

I can't fathom this trade because it benefits the Sixers.

Tray reply to Stan on Aug 9 at 18:44

"LA would be better off with Bynum + Gasol than with Howard alone."

Not so sure, Howard would be a massive defensive improvement, and not that big an offensive downgrade. And looking beyond the strictly on-paper comparison, the Kobe/Gasol/Bynum trio has underachieved the last couple years. I give the current team very slim chances of getting past the Thunder.

ESPN now reporting that the deal is "very close"!


Other sources out there have said that Vuc could be going out on our end; HoopsWorld also reported a scenario where Gasol and Harrington aren't in the deal at all. We're still getting Bynum in that scenario.

sooner reply to JL31 on Aug 9 at 19:33

I was extremely pumped until I saw this came from Broussard. But that just means I'm only really pumped now.

ojr107 reply to sooner on Aug 9 at 19:38

The video in that link is of Bucher, but the report is completely different, its the generic "espn services''. (Bucher in the video says the trade isn't going to happen).

Other sources out there have said that Vuc could be going out on our end;

Check out the two fantasy trades I made, one of them (i forget which one) requires that voose goes out to make the numbers work - but I think it's the one that nets gasol :(

I think everyone should go on the record BEFORE the trade happens - just if they would approve of disapprove of giving up Iguodala for either gasol or bynum

Gasol - Disapprove
Bynum - approve


ojr107 reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 20:00

Bynum- Approve
Gasol- approve(as long as no additional assets are traded). I really have no idea if it makes us better to trade Gasol for Iggy, but I think its worth a shot to see how much better it makes us to have a big who is a legit threat inside.

theotherguy reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 20:31

Bynum - Approve
Gasol - Disapprove

stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 21:06

I approve of both, as long as you don't give up AI9 for Gasol.

I'll say approve to both, with Bynum obviously being a HUGE preference. Gasol is signed for 2 years, I think, so they aren't making a long-term commitment. I don't think they're going anywhere in the next two seasons w/ either Iguodala or Gasol, so at least we'd get a chance to see Jrue play w/ a legit big man for a couple years, see something new.

The Sixers might be good, young, relevant and balanced?

I'll believe it when I see it.

Gasol would be the best frontcourt player we've had since Barkley.

If our options up front were better currently, I'd be indifferent but given that our senile HC is talking about Hawes/Brown starting, both deals get an approve from me.

"Stay. Sit. Down." Last Sixers 4-team trade involvement netted Westminster's "Big Dog" Robinson and mongrel Marc Jackson.

Bynum's got pedigree but needs further training in etiquette. Let someone else empty Fort Knox for his tall, intermittent services. I don't trust him to commit to Philadelphia's purpose. He and Collins seem like a match made in Clifton Heights.

If team only wants freedom from anaconda contractual obligation to "Junkman" Iguodala, it works. Too, eight wings on a runway is a crowd.

In closing, as much as it hurts, I approve a trade of Andre Iguodala for the minimum take of a DVD of Wilson Washington's greatest rebounds.

Wow, looks like this might actually happen. Don't usually see this much confirmation and then nothing happen. Dollar Bill cracks me up.

Has Penn joined the Sixers yet?

Hard to imagine Thorn pulling off a 4 team deal between naps and long distance calls to London to check with his commentating boss.

I was actually wondering about that just the other day, like a week ago (or two?) it was 'imminent' and then all went quiet - I wonder if these talks are why or did Penn decide not to be interested because he has no say?

Here's the crazy thing, if this trade happens, they suddenly have the only offensive center in the East, and really there's only one defensive five who might be able to guard him.

If this trade happens, and bynum stays long term the sixers could have the best center in the game period in as little as one season....

The weird thing to me is, still, that keeping bynum and gasol is a better basketball move to me - in two years - you probably win one more title, and then gasol and nash, and kobe are off the books?

Long term - I'd rather build my team around Bynum than Howard

I'm not sure Bynum can coexist w/ Kobe at this point. If he's going to become a dominant center, he needs the team to be about him, feeding him. That's never going to happen w/ Kobe on the team, no matter how old he is. LA has a year, maybe two, with Nash and Kobe, Howard gives them a much better shot in that window, imo. I don't really care about LA, though, just get the deal done, please.

Oh, and one more thing. If they get Bynum, you start Thad at the four. Fuck Kwame and Hawes.

Yeah, but hawes can be the four who makes those silky 15 footers (and can't rebound :)

I really hope they had NO INKLING going into the off season that this was even a minute possibility - cause it just makes the other signings worse - and seriously - keeping brand to play with bynum might have made sense.


That would be one of the youngest starting fives in the nba wouldn't it?

nuff said!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than Kwame?

Heh. I hope Collins uses the triple-towers lineup w/ Hawes playing point-forward at the three.

I can see it now Jrue to Bynum for the ollyoop, sounds good to me. We would def get a chance to see Jrue play with a quality big. A quality big on the Sixers, hope we can get him, breath of fresh air.

This news is making brian totally ignore that mike vick got hurt tonight :)

I didn't even know. Thanks for ruining my one happy moment since June.

Oh sorry - figured you knew - supposedly it's a minor thing - don't worry :)

Been avoiding sports news outlets so I don't know what happened at the Olympics before it's re-aired on NBC.

Oh - I see :)

Man - there are reports out there that say Gasol isn't even involved in this deal, not sure how the numbers play out then

Saw that. Says the Sixers would still get Bynum. I wonder if the Sixers would be sending another player to Orlando.

I figure they still get Bynum - and iguodala goes to denver - but how does LA balance the numbers - howard and bynum don't match up as well...and what does orlando get?

i saw voose was suppose to go to orlando but i dont know if that changed

Marc Stein tweets "Source close to talks tells ESPN that trade call with league office has been scheduled for Friday morning to process four-team Dwight deal."

Holy shit!

Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine
Source close to talks tells ESPN that trade call with league office has been scheduled for Friday morning to process four-team Dwight deal

Marc Stein days done deal. Trade call scheduled with league office for first thing this morning

(I posted elsewhere)

player-age 11/12

Jrue-22 / Ivey-30 / Wayns-21
ET-24 / SwaggyP-27
Wright-26 / Hark-19
Thad-24 / Lavoy-23 / Moultrie-21
Bynum-25 / Hawes-24 / Kwame-30

N.B. Bynum and ET have the same birthday (10/27) but Bynum is 1 year older and not a BUST.

Not a contender (yet), but amazingly young, talented and balanced- with strength at the right positions to grow into a serious contender as the super-teams age.

I’ll be shocked and stoked if this happens. I don’t even care about whether this leads to a championship because at least they would be trying to win it all, and it would be tremendously compelling to watch it unfold.

Some writers had tweeted that they couldnt imagine the deal being completed before Olympics end and Dre and Pau make it through unhurt but Stein's tweet pretty much blows that up.

ESPN News running sports center right now with Steins report - Broussard reporting it.

Howard to Lakers
Iguodala to Denver
Bynum / Richardson to Philadlephia (Sigh, richardson's contract)
Afflalo, Voose, Harrington, future first round picks (protected) from EACH team to orlando.

Oh yeah - Broussard said Harkless might be in the deal too

Richarson? Crap

Which Richardson?


Tray reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 22:07

Wasn't really looking forward to watching Harkless's bust of a career anyway.

Still one of those beleive it when I see it, but it sure sounds real, I hope so, very exciting if this really goes down. Def sounds like we will have to give up more than just Iggy.

They don't give up players that really matter...harkless and voose who was so far in dougs dog house there were other dogs in his way before he could get out

and a future first round (protected) pick.

Keep in mind they owe Miami a first round pick too

With Bynum growing up an hour from Philly, and being able to offer him the most money, there's a decent chance we get this guy for his prime - especially as the focal point of a young team in a hungry city.

Names in deal still emerging but sources say ORL definitely getting Afflalo, Harrington, Vucevic & one future 1ST from all three other teams

I think it'll have to be a super-conditional first. With not only lottery protection, but also year variability, because of the conditional first they gave to Miami.

Idiot on ESPN just asks chrs broussard this question seriously

'Chris, quickly. Philadelphia, Denver, either one of these teams get better in this deal'?

The sixers got BYNUM you idiot

Tray reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 22:10

We are losing the best player on a second-round team.

yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this really happening?

how bad is Richardson's contract?

So do I wait until morning, or jinx it by writing something more in depth now?

I would hold off - until the trade is officially announced and all the pieces are confirmed.

JRich contract info??

About 3 years/$18M left.

Pff, that's nothing.

Stein saying Harkless is in the deal now to Orlando.

Take him.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 22:25

I would be thrilled to get JRich. Seems so damn odd that they now have what can be called THREE legit shooters after being absent of any for so long. IF, I mean, IF....

Am i the only one wondering how the sixers ended up in this deal? You know someone brought them in and said 'you give up iguodala you'll get bynum and maybe a bad contract - you in'?

Yeah was just thinking this. Is it the ability to take Richardson's deal? (Lakers not able if they keep Gasol?)

theotherguy on Aug 9 at 22:09

Wow. Did anybody think Rod could pull this off?

rod didnt pull this off, who ever is running things did

I don't think the sixers did anything but say 'yes we want bynum, sure we'll take richardson' - i'm betting they were passive participants.

As for richardson folks - he has 3 years left, the last year is a player opttion but assume he'll pick it up

It's basically 3 years 18 million dollars -

jay reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 23:05

You really are unbelievable JEM, nothing can ever divert you from your narrative. They now don't deserve credit for getting the 2nd best center in the league?

Shame on you.

The sixers are in a four team deal and they get the second best player in the trade...who saw that coming?

Fuck man, this could've been such an awesome summer...anyway, I'll talk about it when I write something up about this.

"Obtaining Bynum" was never really an option I considered when thinking off season...I would have advocated holding off on the Brand amnesty thing if I knew this could happen

If you were annoyed with overly optimistic self-aggrandizing tweets from Adam Aron before...

Official now?


Jason reply to sixerfan1220 on Aug 9 at 22:18

ESPN's reporting its done.

I'm not on Twitter right now, please keep posting updates.

So looks like the Sixers are giving up Voose, Harkless, Iguodala, getting Bynum and Jason Richardson.

Shit, Harkless can't be traded until Aug. 23rd.

Nope, Harkless signed July 9th. Derek just tweeted it. He can be traded.


There's a valid argument that this trade might not become 'officially official' until the two guys in london survive uninjured

Count me as one who never thought Iggy would get back a quality big- let alone Bynum. Crazy.

dam thank you Rod Thorn or whoever the defacto GM is for this. Where did this come from? How long have the Sixers been in the serious running for him I wonder?

The math doesn't work right now. The Sixers are taking back too much, even if they include Voose and Harkless (who they can't trade for two weeks).

they can trade harkless

Yeah, saw that above. I wonder if that was why it didn't get done until today? Hard to believe there wouldn't have been a leak in one of the four organizations if this had been in the works for a while, and they were just waiting for Harkless' contract to season.

Harkless signed on the 9th of July - so says the bodner retweet on twitter (the only twitter account I read) - retweet from pincus

How long before WIP starts ripping Bynum for not signing the 3 year extension cause he wants 5 years instead?

eddies' heady's on Aug 9 at 22:20

Ain't no fuckin' way! Can't be.... Not MY(?) Sixers..

If, and I emphasize IF, this really does happen (please, please!) it harkens me back to one of the greatest days in my Sixer fandom history -

September 15, 1982!!!

And most should know what went down that day. And how sweet it was, by only being ~10 days after an offer sheet was matched by the Houston Rockets, they traded the damn guy to us ......... M.O.S.E.S Malonnneeee!

B.Y.N.U.M certainly has a nice ring to it.

.......still don't believe this mess though....it just can't be.... it cant...

Have to imagine that trading Spence will be priority number one when eligible if this goes down. That may be the best part of all of this.

No one wanted him as a free agent - why would anyone want him for 13 million dollars?

Alex Kennedy from HoopsWorld says framework is agreed upon

Something funny - ESPN listed all the players in the trade but ran out of room for the magic, so as the 'footer' they listed one player and the three picks...harkless name is 'big' next to afflalo and harrington and voose is shunted to the bottom :)

Wait, Harrington is going to Orlando?

Can you paste the complete trade?

It's up above - but here's what I wrote before as ESPN / Broussard announced it on the top of sportscenter (on ESPNNews)

ESPN News running sports center right now with Steins report - Broussard reporting it.

  • Howard to Lakers

  • Iguodala to Denver

  • Bynum / Jason Richardson to Philadlephia

  • Afflalo, Voose, Harrington, Harkless and a future first round pick (protected) from the three other teams to Orlando

theotherguy reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 22:28

I like AI9 and all but it doesn't seem like we gave up that much, does it?

Jason reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 22:26

It feels like the Magic got fleeced in this trade. Lakers got to keep Gasol, Denver gets Iggy while unloading Harrington, we flip Iggy+scraps for Bynum. Den/Lal/Philly all winners.

don't get it.
maybe D12 killed any leverage they had. but even still....


At least we didn't get stuck with Al Harrington in this.

Interesting note, according to story tellers, harringtons contract may have 3 years left on it - but the 2nd and 3rd year can be bought out at 50%, so they could be rid of him after one season

eddies' heady's on Aug 9 at 22:27

Does Doug Collins still suck so majorly as this purported-adamant GM by some now?

Yes - because I think the sixers were passive players - they rode in the back seat while the big boys talked and they just nodded their heads and said thank you for the gift horse

I get being asked to be a part of it, but surely they pushed for Bynum when they saw their chance. Otherwise Orlando REALLY made a bad hire.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 22:36

That's just too simple, JEM. And you know it. Me thinks you're just sandbagging on giving credit. No way they just lucked into an arguably top 2 center in the game by sitting back chilling ordering ribs at Chili's. You're better than that man...

Sure, I mean it's not like I said aaron afflalo is a better player than Andre Iguodala or anything

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 22:49

Deflect and dodge. Who said that?

Who made the trade, though? We need a source who works at AT&T to see if Collins has like $10K in roaming charges on his cell phone.

Totally forgot about that whole time zone issue with collins stealing money from NBC

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 22:46

I have no idea. Let GoSixers tell it though, Doug's been running shit. That is, until something good on a major level goes down.

Either use my screen name or don't refer to me - Are we clear?

Either Use my screen name or don't refer to me - are we clear?

I never so much thought Doug sucked as a GM as I didn't like the concept of the coach having that much pull.

Do you believe the sixers were 'active movers' in this quarter or brought in to facilitate and just said 'thanks'


they knew how much Karl likes Iguodala and pounced.

I didn't know Karl Liked Iguodala - but denver seemed to have a lot of guards and not enough small fowards :)

I'm sorry to see him go - i had hoped he'd end up in LA so he could win a title and get some recognition...but he'll do well in Denver I think...

eddies' heady's reply to Derek Bodner on Aug 9 at 22:40

Yeah I get that, thing is, I never believed he had "that much pull" as was reported by Woj. Reason is, if that really was the case, who was the source that leaked it? Thorn?

Trade as reported by Stein:

To LAL: Dwight

To Den: Iggy

To Phi: Bynum, J-Rich

To Orl: Vuc, Harrington, Afflalo, Harkless, at least 3 future first rounders (1 from everyone)

this is one hell of a tease.
If they pull it off, all past sins shall be forgiven; Nocioni and Hawes included.
If so, might shift the dynamics of rebuilding, all of a sudden retaining Holiday becomes essential and reportedly will be costly. All welcome troubles when you acquire an Andrew Bynum.

eddies' heady's on Aug 9 at 22:29

Serious question - we commit robbery by ending up with Bynum. Why does Denver want Andre though? I mean, giving up Afflalo who is a better shooter (seems he is at least) and a pretty formidable defender. Why would they want/need Iguodala?

They want out of Harrington's contract and lack the cash to buy him out?

so they get Iguodala with 2 yrs and some flexibility? will he be on the move later on?

Iggy is better than AA and they are paying the same for Iggy as they were for AA+Harrington.

Veteranness? I don't know. Don't really care either. When I first saw the rumor, I was kind of hoping he was going to the Lakers.

Because Andre Iguodala is better than Aaron Afflalo (and plays a different position and has a shorter contract)

eddies' heady's on Aug 9 at 22:32

If you honestly look at this proposed trade, to me, Philly clearly makes out like the lead bandit. How is that possible? Do the Lakers really think Dwight is that much of a difference maker than Bynum? I mean, to end up with Bynum AND Jason Richardson? That's way better than the Lakers getting what I think is an overrated Dwight Howard. Way better, to me.

No fucking way, there's no way this happens. Can't be true.

You know why I believe it

Cause no one is denying it - you got four organizations - you got a handful of players - two who can be free agents next season if they don't sign extensions - and NO ONE is talking - every other time one of the franchises or agents opened their mouths one way or another.

Has anyone from any organization or player / agent said a thing?

The silence of the 'major players' in the deal makes me think it's for real

Jason reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 22:34

If this does go through, my Sixers apathy will be cured.

Is this deal contingent on an extension for Dwight?

Can't be - LA believes they are awesome and after one season and a possible title - plus Dwight ain't giving up that fifth year - let's not forget that 20 mil :)

Plus Dre is a great fit with Denver's style of offense. Works out nice for the fans to give Dre a nice send off to since our opening game is home with Denver.

Richardson/Young/Wright with Jrue/ET and the frontcout. That's pretty exciting.

You add Wright, Richardson, and Nick Young this off season, there's still a chance Turner won't be starting, so that's good

how weird will it be when doug is calling the USA game tomorrow and they bring the trade up?

Someone call coach K and tell him to glue Iguodala to the bench tomorrow.

OK, for one night can we please all get along. This is probably the first time in the history of this blog where everyone can agree they're making a good move.

But the eagles are losing a pre season game - LOSING

OK, so if this deal goes down, the Sixers got 31.5 win shares and Andrew Bynum for the $80M contract they signed Andre Iguodala to :)

so the lakers have Nash, Bryant, Gasol, Howard?
hmm not complaining but quite a lineup.

The good thing about that is they'll have Howard and nothing in two years. That team should beat the Heat, by the way.

Except the lakers still have no answer for durant and westbrook defensively...

Don't really think that's going to matter.

Only two things can keep the Lakers from the finals imo:

1) Injuries
2) Eddie Jordan

I have zero criticism for the new owners and F.O.

Sure they made some bad moves... but it is all irrelevant now. They are clearly:

1. Swinging for the fences.
2. Building around a physically dominant young center + Jrue.
3. Actually has a roster that fits (bigs to spell Bynum when he has to miss some time, shooters, youth, athletes, perfect spot for Thad.)
4. The 2 year thing could be really great if this all plays out the way it could. They could potentially turn their 2 year garbage contracts into one more big ticket player who puts them over the top.
5. This suggests to me they are willing to spend (paying Brand and headed towards the tax .)

I can still criticize two years to Spencer Hawes and Kwame Brown which were stupid before this - and the mishandling (as I see it) of Elton Brand because of Lavoy Allen - especially now - where for one year brand could have been a really important part of this team.

Great move, great move, but that doesn't mean they are a great organization or have proven they know what they were doing - on balance most of their moves have been puzzling - they made a great move tonight - helped along by two organizations really seeming to want to get this done...AND having a great asset (contrary to the belief of some) to facilitate a deal...but one great deal doesn't a great organization make...and if Bynum walks after next year, they're still screwed :)

Bynum could walk- but they have proven to me that they are on the right track. Taking a risk on a 25 year old physically dominant center is great compared to more years of treading water with a bunch of quality good players.

100X better than had they gome into next year trying to upgrade with vet talent (Iggy + gasol or some other 30+ quality big.)

ESPN source says Dwight definitely NOT doing extension with Lakers. Will test drive Lakerland for season and go to free agency in July 2013

I think I will call it a night before this trade is somehow undone and I wake up to find that I am dreaming.


Hah, they can get knocked out of the 1st round next year and still be 100X more relevant than this last season.

It really doesn't make sense for either Bynum or Dwight to sign an extension now, even if they're planning to stay in Philly/LA. More money if they become free agents and re-sign.

That won't stop uninformed radio hosts in Philadlephia from calling him out on a daily basis...

ojr107 reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 22:50

Why did they design the CBA like that? Kind of defeats the whole point of extensions.

Eagles took the lead!

Sad to see iguodala leaving a great player who will be missed by some fans. Hopefully Andrew signs an extension with us or resigns back I really hope that's the case I don't want to see a one yr rental.

It was well past the time for Igy to move on to the next stage of his career.

I am glad he got to go out on a bright note (playoff success/All-Star/Olympics as a Sixer and now moves on to a quality team. Berst of luck to him, but I honestly did not want him back next season. This team needed to go in a younger direction.

So is this like...wait, this offseason is actually making sense?!

wow. couln't be more thrilled.

:) This move is so good it makes the other stuff sting less, is more like it.

That's a good way to look at it.

Great move - but the rest of the off season is still quite befuddling :)

Well - sort of
Except they now have 3 centers and no power forwards :)
Was Kwame Brown really sought after they couldn't wait until later in the off season to see what played out?:)

Any team that starts Bynum must have full time replacements availabble, or you are not making the playoffs.

That said, I can think of a lot of better ways to spend that 10M per year (Okafor?)

You missed last season didn't you? The one where bynum stayed healthy?

BTW - Woj gets another one - lending more credibility to his sixers expose dismissed by others - I must admit - this sounds liked utter BS when it came public - I mean come on - who really believed it?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Aug 9 at 23:19

Except for the fact that Woj's initial report had the wrong pieces going to the wrong places. And some pieces that aren't even going to be moved at all. Not sure how credible that really is.

Yeah you're right, because he didn't know that useless players like chris duhon or harkless were going to be involved he has no credibility.

He broke a story no one was talking about, not even a whisper, with most of the major pieces ending up where he said they would.

So desperate for him to be wrong so that piece about COllins can stick in the 'hatchet job' category for you huh?

TwoSense reply to joeykey on Aug 9 at 22:58

This is Philadelphia. Things just aren't supposed to make sense. It's the Sixers.


Man I keep forgetting how young bynum is - he's not even 25 yet

And his FT shooting fits right in (career 68.7% :) )

eddies' heady's on Aug 9 at 22:55

I could give a rat's ass where Iguodala ended up if he were traded.

Kind of funny though that the original AI got shipped to Denver for a decent PG and some scraps, while AI2 gets shipped to the same place for a big-time center and a heck of a shooter. You would have thought the real AI would have brought back the biggest prize but it may end up being flipped. Guess that's the Billy King effect.

I could give a rat's ass

Then you should

Isn't the gauge of Iguodala's trade value what Denver gave up for him - Afflalo and Harrington - rather than the player that we got from LA in return for Orlando giving them Howard?

eddies' heady's reply to Tray on Aug 9 at 23:22

Yeah, thought about that after I re-read it after it posted. The Iverson trade was just between two teams.

Really...there are people who are concerned because the sixers gave up Harkless and Voose - I mean it's not like they gave up the yoda like future of the sixers or anything...i mean that would have sucked - if they got bynum but had to give up turner? That would have been tragic.

So, aside from Jrue and Bynum - who is your starting five next year?

Young (by default - please stop with Hawes as power forward)

Let Evan Turner 'anchor' the second team

If I'm coaching, it's this:


I want those two shooters out there, and Thad can absolutely play next to Bynum.

Second unit is


Did you just list evan turner as your second point guard?

Didn't the sixers re-sign Royal Ivey - ROYAL IVEY :)

WHat's Dougs success coaching big men with exquisite offensive skills? (Bynum really is smooth offensively...)

stonedeightytoo on Aug 9 at 23:01

Ah hell i'm just gonna go pack the bong this cant be real. at least that will give another false sense of wellbeing

And Bolt finally won the 200, I can sign on to twitter now.

Does knowing the outcome really affect watching that kind of dominance (not just by bolt but by his countrymen too)

Yeah, I hate knowing who won. Bolt is fucking amazing.

Guys, holy fucking shit, we can actually afford to PLAY Thaddeus Young at the 4 because we have Andrew fucking Bynum guarding the interior. Is that not the craziest thing you've ever heard?

eddies' heady's reply to Lavoy Allen's Motor on Aug 9 at 23:12

I'd still rather start Lavoy Allen there. Keep Thad as the spark plug off the bench.

Adande says Bynum will re-sign in Philly. Not sure if that's speculation or reporting.

eddies' heady's reply to JL31 on Aug 9 at 23:15

Will we have the room to pay him if he does opt to become a free agent? Can we give him the 5 years and also give Jrue an extension with all these 2 year deals they signed guys to this offseason?

Yeah, you can always go over to re-sign your own players.

league veto? Why, what the hell?

MCT reply to Joshua on Aug 9 at 23:21

What?? What happened?

Joshua reply to MCT on Aug 9 at 23:23

Marc Stein

According to that source the league is strongly considering a veto on the Howard to LA deal. A conference phone call is happening right now.
5 minutes ago

MCT reply to Joshua on Aug 9 at 23:25

What the fuck for? The Lakers gave up a stud younger center for a slightly older, slightly better center? Why the fuck would they do that?

TS reply to MCT on Aug 9 at 23:26

That's from the fake Marc Stein account. The real one hasn't been updated for ten minutes.

Joshua reply to Joshua on Aug 9 at 23:25

My bad... Someone made a Marc Stein fake account, ESPNSteinLime not Line

MCT reply to Joshua on Aug 9 at 23:26

Ahh dude you're killing me, haha

Joshua Butz reply to MCT on Aug 9 at 23:27

That freaking guy should be blocked! He nearly killed me.

Just saw Berg report Richardson to LAL, not the Sixers. Not sure if it was a typo.

I don't get this trade for Orlando at all.

They're run by idiots, apparently.

Berg just corrected his mistake, Richardson is coming to Philly. They still need to include someone else to make the salaries work, though.

ojr107 reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 23:23

someone else to philly?

Someone else from Philly.

Actually, no. Harkless makes the money work.

eddies' heady's reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 23:28

Wish they could have kept him and shipped Turner out.

Awwww that's cute

If it's any consolation, there are enough wing players on the team now to prevent ET from starting by default. So you're golden, dude.

TwoSense reply to Stan on Aug 9 at 23:25

I don't either. Why wouldn't they just take a shot with Bynum and roll the dice on him possibly re-signing? Is it the picks?

sixers 1st game of the year is at home vs denver

How exactly are the sixers going to give up a first round pick with the Heat currently being owed one?

It'll be a first-rounder not next summer, or the summer after that, but the summer after that one. Summer of 2015.

Stan reply to Jason on Aug 9 at 23:28

I think they can give Orlando a bottom 14 protected 1st round pick?

Adande tweets that he has a source for his claim that Bynum will resign with us, and that it's "Someone who know him better than you [the guy he was replying to] or I do."

Really gonna be fun watching Bynum stuff on Synergy all summer!

I'm retracting my Bynum re-signing with 76ers tweet. Original source clarifies to say "not sure"

Or as the original source said "Shit, I need to cover my ass in case something happens"

Funny... eh, i'll still take that over iggy

mymanjrue on Aug 9 at 23:31

OMG!!!!!beyond pumped!

gotta love gosixers immediately asserting that the sixers were OBVIOUSLY passive participants here who simply sat around while andrew bynum fell unexpectedly into their lap...lol

1 2 4 5 SIXERS!

mymanjrue reply to mymanjrue on Aug 9 at 23:34

The rest of their moves this summer now sorta make sense...a shooter who can hit the three and play sf...a bench scorer to replace louwill who can hit the three and excels in catch and shoots...a backup center in kwame...hawes is still questionable, but now dc's rumblings about playing him at the 4 make sense...

Our Sixers will be, assuming everything goes smoothly tomorrow, in the top tier of the Eastern Conference...additionally, they now matchup quite well against Miami, who has run into the most difficulty in the last 2 years against teams with a 5 who is an offensive force and can block shots/protect the rim on defense and force james/wade into taking more jumpers...


Hawes- a poor, penniless, blind man's Pau Gasol... next to Bynum :) And I don't care. His bad defense and annoying tendencies won't even hurt them so bad if he is paired with Bynum.

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Thad starting at the 4. Has to be. Absolutely has to be.

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 23:58

I totally agree with you about Thad at the 4, Brian...he could excel playing next to Howard...but I fear Hawes will have ashot at the job

I agree. Just making a joke- although Hawes is less of an issue as a back-up or some minutes next to Bynum.

mymanjrue reply to tk76 on Aug 9 at 23:47

Unbelievable, right?My cousin texted me about an hour ago, I had been away from TV/internet all day but immediately rushed to espn.com...super excited right now...plenty of time to examine Bynum's foibles later...right now, it's time to be legitimately excited about a Sixers team for the first time in at least a decade

MojoSoDope reply to mymanjrue on Aug 9 at 23:35

Funny, funny shit, I tell you ...... LOLx2

It's finally coming together, can't believe that they're actually getting things right.

Jalen Rose just said that Thad Young will now slide to the 3, with Turner and Jrue as the 2/1. We can assume he has no idea what he's talking about right?

I'm not gonna get all excited about this until we see what we have, Bynum can just up and leave after this year and that'll be it. A lot of how this year goes is on Turner, if he can step it up (and now with Iggy gone, he'll have some more breathing room) then we'll have a decent squad. And let's see how Bynum does this year.

I've always felt Hawes would be a fine backup and it's nice to see that come to fruition. My way too early depth chart had Brown ahead of him at the five and Thad manning the starting four spot. Attempt #2 for the nine man rotation:

Turner/N. Young
T. Young/Allen

Brown, Ivey, Moultrie, and Wayns get spot minutes, if anu.

This trade not only brought in a stud center in Bynum... but the ripple effects make many of the current Sixers much better players.

1. Jrue now has that athletic big we always thought he needed to raise his game to another level. I can resume my Payton/Kemp banter...

2. Thad all of the sudden went from overpaid bench player to impact quick PF. There are 2 current quality established centers that Thad can play full time PF next to.... and the Sixers have one of them.

3. Hawes' oh so many weaknesses due to softness and lack of defense/fotspeed have now been masked by putting him behind (and sometimes next to) Bynum.

4. If Lavoy can perfect his jumper he is now a really effective starter given what the team can physically bring to the table with a Bynum/Lavoy defensive frontcourt. No one in the East can come close physically in terms of interior defense and rebounding. Lavoy/Thad is the perfect PF rotation to put next to Bynum. Not so good a combo next to Hawes or Kwame.

5. ET should have a better chance of finishing with Bynum in the lane. And Bynum should turn some of the misses into dunks. Also, ET can pass and now has an A level finisher to pass to.

6. Moultre's weak defense now seems not such a red flag. He might develop into the perfect athletic stretch 4 to pair with Bynum.

All of these Sixers are better players now that Bynum is a Sixer. All of these players fit perfectly with the current construction of this team (even the lousy ones like Hawes.)

I'm going to dig my eyes out w/ a grapfruit spoon if I see Hawes handling the ball at the high post and them trying to run some bullshit high-low game w/ Bynum. Glue Hawes to the bench, let Kwame play the 13 minutes/game Bynum isn't and stick with Thad/Allen at the four.

MCT reply to Brian on Aug 9 at 23:55

If not for the Hawes signing, I would say this offseason has been fantastic now. It's the one move that still makes zero sense.

Or I guess you could say, the combination of signing Hawes and Kwame. One of those two should not be on the team, Hawes if it's my vote.

The Six on Aug 9 at 23:54

Wow....Wow!!!! Unbelievable!! I can't believe this is happening. The Sixers must have borrowed Paul Holmgren for a couple weeks! Great Fucking move!

MojoSoDope on Aug 9 at 23:57

Amazing that the media is SOOOOO focused on only Dwight Howard being moved here. No mention at all of Andrew Bynum changing places or Andre Iguodala. Bynum and Howard are the two biggest pieces in this mega-deal and the attention is heaped upon Howard almost solely.

Broussard said on espn that denver replacing Afflalo with Iguodala is "probably a marginal improvement."

MojoSoDope reply to Jeff on Aug 10 at 0:39

Tend to agree with him. Afflalo is a heck of a player.

Sigh...it's nice that people can kick iguodala even when he's gone

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