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Report: Sixers Land Andrew Bynum


Looks there is an opening for Justin Holiday on this team.

I don't idealize Turner as the starting two, but he's etched in stone there as Collins projected him as an "18/7/7" guy, so realistically that's where he'll open up the season at in the depth chart, but the phrase "master if his own fate" definitely applies.

Nick Young to me is that shot-creating two that Lou was too short to be, so there is some alleviating of ball-handling duties off the bench despite a glaring hole of point guard depth.

If Collins can find balance in the backcourt rotation then the front court just became so much simpler. Feed the beast and his whirlwinding wing man!

I agree with most, but I absolutely do not want Jason Richardson starting on this team. Too old, not a fit with this team. I would start Turner or Young over him.

I'm no Richardson fan but he's only 31 (been in the league for 11 years though now).

eddies' heady's on Aug 10 at 0:07

I never thought there could be anything that could happen for me to forgive them for passing on a big in Derrick Favors to take a potential bust that couldn't/can't shoot in Evan Turner. And be damn if they didn't go and do just THAT!


Now if the day could only come when I can finally forget it.

This so takes me back to '82 when they surprisingly snagged Moses. Never ever forget that, or this.

holy shit so this has actually gone from wishcasting to legit going to happen?? haven't read the last thread yet but is it too early to take back all of the "rod thorn is asleep/dead already and never makes any moves at all" garbage?

I'm glad that Doug now has the pieces to finally go to that next level... really glad for him.

I'm still in shock that they have traded Iggy and his 2yrs/31M (or 15M expiring) + 3 non-lottery 1sts (Vuc(15), Mo(16), protected(?) future 1st) for the guy who will be the presumptive starting All Star center in the East for the next 6+ years as a Sixer?

eddies' heady's reply to tk76 on Aug 10 at 0:10

Unbelievable really is an understatement at this point.

The way our luck goes you just know that league approval tomorrow will hit a snag.

Stern promised the Magic the first overall selection if he sends their superstar slash only worthwhile player to a major market, specifically LA. I felt like he's played that card already.


Sit on it Potsy!

This shouldn't be about Iguodala, it should be all about Bynum and I'll disagree with your lineup:

G-Holiday. Turner HAS to be the starter, no more excuses, no more nothing. We're not playing to win this season, we're playing to see Jrue/Turner(and now Bynum) together. Jason Richardson can be a solid spark plug off the bench and in his mid-thirties is likely to be a defensive liability.

But, I do wanna address the Iguodala thing: "Great Sixer", are you kidding me? I've always said if Iguodala were a much better wing man, heck a wing man period the Sixers might've escaped mediocrity and this trade might not have been needed(or at the very least, we could've felt content with say giving Turner for Bynum.)

Iguodala is the same guy he was when he came in the league 8 years ago, a "wing" with mediocre handles, no post(for a SF) or a drive game(for a wing) to speak of. A wing who killed the shot clock at the top of the key, and perhaps miraculously gave you an assist.

His only claim to fame is developing a 3-point shot this year, but with the aforementioned ball dominance at the top of the key, this "great wing man" never once actually flashed off the ball.

There's been a sect of Sixers fans who've acted like Iguodala was in-prime Artest, if he was the Sixers might've won a heck of a lot more games than they did in the Iggy era.

You want a fair, non-biased player comparison for Iguodala? Bruce Bowen. A vastly overpaid version of Bruce Bowen. And it's not like Iguodala has a career as a shooter to even make this comparison, but that's what he is. An elite defender, spot-up shooter who's my spot starter.

Tray reply to LeQuan on Aug 10 at 0:17

What makes Iguodala such a worse player than Artest, in your view? Not like Artest was a refined offensive player either.

LeQuan reply to Tray on Aug 10 at 0:18

Trey: I reference you to Artest's Kings years, as well as his years with the Pacers. Legit mid-range shooter, post player, slasher. If Artest had a "head", the Pacers would've been a dynasty. The two players, in-prime don't even come close.

Just go elsewhere, seriously.

LeQuan reply to Brian on Aug 10 at 0:24

Why? Because my player evaulation is different from yours? Because I don't look at 15/5/5 and proclaim him as some "great" wing man when he fundamentally lacked several tools required of a wing: Either a great spot-up game, slash game or heck even a low-post game for a mid-block wing man?

Here, let me make it simple: The Sixers struggled for years on the offensive side of the ball on the perimeter, no? Iguodala was our "best sixer", no? Coorelation equals causation in this case, he was mediocre at best.

No. Go elsewhere because he's gone now. His value was bringing Andrew Bynum to the Sixers, and the only good thing about Iguodala leaving is that I don't have to listen to complete fucking morons go on and on about how bad Iguodala was. I'll make it easy for you, enjoy bleacher report.

(ok, please do. All he talks about is Iguodala)

I just learned that one of my former college friends is a part time writer for Bleacher Report. I don't think I stopped laughing for 3 hours.

MidWesternEaglesFan the author of "Is Iguodala a player we should really covet" is BR writer. Didn't shock me at all

Tray reply to LeQuan on Aug 10 at 0:36

I seem to recall the Artest Kings teams being pretty mediocre too. The Pacers were good when he was their second or third best player.

He's not the player he used to be. In Indiana he was an impressive player. But he's gotten older and his defense is overrated.

Tray reply to Stan on Aug 10 at 0:42

No doubt that he was an impressive player, but outside of Artest's best season, I think prime Artest and current Iguodala are pretty evenly matched.

This "LeQuan" guy is a troll, by the way. You're probably better off just blocking him.

Also, getting rid of AI now gives ET more freedom to operate, I thought that AI was really a hindrance to his growth. We got a good to great center in return and got rid of AI, somebody definitely got fleeced. And the rest of the players we had to give up were Vuc and Moe Harkless, amazing work by the Sixers front office.

Not playing to win?

Um, Bynum's 18 and 12 beg to differ.

Ryan F reply to LeQuan on Aug 10 at 0:25

You're a fool. Every time I read anything you ever write anywhere, I immediately wish I could go back in time and get that moment of my life back, but for some reason I keep reading. I won't make that mistake again.

Ryan F reply to LeQuan on Aug 10 at 0:35

You're a fool. Every time I read anything you ever write anywhere, I immediately wish I could go back in time and get that moment of my life back, but for some reason I keep reading. I won't make that mistake again.

KH reply to LeQuan on Aug 10 at 16:31

Your post is pure nonsense. For one thing Igoudala is one of the best point forwards in the league he has a good handle. Your post is a long whine fest filled with opinion and short on actual facts. The fact of the matter is Igoudala is the best or second best wing defender in the league, probably the second best passing small forward in the league, a guy who knows his limitation scoring the ball and has given the Sixers 15ppg over the years. He consistently has a PER in the 17-19 range and is always one of the top adjusted plus minuses in the league. Yeah he is complete garbage. Come to the table with actual numbers not your biased bs.

$60 million committed for this year, $33 million committed for next season (Hawes, Allen, Brown, J-Rich, Turner), $15 million committed for 2014 (J-Rich and Young).

Sixers need to do whatever they can to shed Hawes and Kwame's contract. I would consider giving up Turner. Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes for Kevin Martin :)

That works, but can't do it until December.

I'd probably take Maggette or Stephen Jackson as well. There aren't that many good free agents out there. Harden and Ginonili are the best SGs. It would be awesome if Iguodala opts out and signs a 4 year $50 deal with Philly :)

Thanks for these last few years iggy, you're a tremendous player and I'll miss you. I'd love to see him play with this team. Can't wait for Evan and jrue to throw some oops to Andrew though

woah and the Sixers' home opener, aka first game with Bynum if this trade goes through...is against DENVER no?

speeke reply to das411 on Aug 10 at 0:39

wild, i hope they dont boo iggy

I knew one day I would have to take sleeping pills after hearing Sixers news. I just didn't think it would be for the intended purpose.

Don't get too excited, something always goes awry...

What's up with your handle?

Oh, it's the sb nation sixers blog... Liberty Ballers, it sucks !

stay on topic, and it doesn't suck.

I'm on topic, he asked, I answered, is there something wrong with that ?

It doesn't suck, you're right, it's not very good, and more worried about being funny than being smart, but it doesn't suck...i mean it's better than philadunkia.

TwoSense on Aug 10 at 0:54

Is Bynum our long awaited sniper from deep?

No, but I here he is a pure PG.

Ha, it's going to be funny watching Dwight Howard run dribble handoffs 23 feet away from the basket. Also, I'm curious why people don't think this trade is also a big win for the Nuggets. Iguodala is a significant upgrade over Afflalo. Is it the giving up picks and taking on salary that people don't like? In any case, a great day for the Sixers. This will be a hugely exciting season to watch.

Couldn't agree more. I think every team got what they wanted in this trade.

Spencer is Hired on Aug 10 at 0:57

How about a shout out for Rod Thorn, it seems like the type of move he would of done a decade ago. Brian, I disagree about this being about Iggy, taking on a salary [Richardson] and young inexpensive pieces in Vuce and Harkness were a big part of this also.

What is Denver thinking? Iggy at the s.g.? Isn't Afflalo at his price a better option with this new C.B.A.?

eddies' heady's reply to Spencer is Hired on Aug 10 at 1:04

I mentioned it on the prior thread - what does Denver want him for at that much money? Yeah, they may have shed a contract in Harrington but Iguodala is not the type of player that is going to go in there and move the needle for them considering how much he's getting paid. Afflalo was a pretty good defender from what I gathered. And as you said, a much better price.

They shed a bunch of long-term money in the deal. So they're better on the floor, and it creates flexibility.

Shh, remember, Iguodala is grossly over paid and not very good...Afflalo is better - even though they play different positions

Evan Turner really needs to stay off Twitter, but that's not important.

There seems to be a running theme from some here that Evan Turner 'must start' and there's 'no excuses' for him not starting.

Sure there are, he's not shown he's good enough to start in the NBA, he's not shown he's good enough a shooter to make teams pay for double teaming a big man down low (which the sixers finally have for the first time since, what, Brakley?), he's not shown an ability to get to the basket and finish or consistently get to the free throw line.

Evan Turner is not the best player at his position (which ever position you want him to play at) on the sixers, he shouldn't start, he should anchor the second team until he shows he's worthy of being given the honor of starting.

The sixers have basically given up their 2013 and 2015 draft picks so Jason Richardson should start, because he's the best option at his position.

I just don't know that Doug Collins and his nanomanaging coaching technique is going to go well with this revised roster.

The starting five Brian listed is the most intelligent one if you are making basketball decisions only and not getting lost in 'proving' or 'sink or swim' hyperbole...on the talent on the roster, that's the right thing.

And Brian is also right, the sixers need a real back up point guard

Crap this was supposed to be at the bottom - sometimes my firefox mac combination does weird things

Spencer is Hired reply to eddies' heady's on Aug 10 at 1:08

Iggy compliments Gallanari well and Denver may have buyers remorse with W.Chandler like we have with Kwame. I guess Bynum will have to learn a high post game because Brian needs Spencer and his sissy hooks on the block.

I don't think it was a bad trade for the Nuggets- except if you consider they may have helped the Lakers short and long term.

Alright, maybe I can finally get a good night's sleep. Better be official tomorrow.

WoW!!! I woke up and all of a sudden i am shocked with Bynum to Sixers trade, Obviously it's the kind of deal the Sixers needed to do since forever and finally the Sixers can truly open up a new chapter in their existence. I really like Bynum as a player, he is the best offensive big in the league and a top 3 defensive one as well. I never asked for a trade for him because he is way too injury prone, but when you are in the situation the Sixers were in you gotta swing for the fences. Iguodala + last years 1st round pick Vucevic, this years 1st round pick Harkless and maybe next years first round pick is a relatively steep price actually but absolutely necessary for a realistic chance at getting a true centerpiece.

Also i am fine with Jason Richardson, he is not the player he used to be but is still usefull and he is not as overpaid as some claim him to be. He fits and is probably relatively tradeable as well.

As for the other teams in the trade:
- The Lakers are clearly the big winners of the summer. Getting Howard for Bynum and a 1st round pick in addition to Nash is just...unfair
- Denver got a great deal too. They have a very interesting team right now of multiple very good players. I wouldn't be surprised if they shocked everyone and produce a great season next year (3rd best team in the west?)
- As for Orlando, their new young GM was dealt an impossible hand and ended up making a terrible trade, as expected. But i guess the situation was at the point where anyone who thought they can get more for Howard was delusional.

We will have a chance to discuss this all summer, but the lineup i would like to see right now is:

Holiday / Turner
Turner / Young
Wright / Richardson
Thad / Allen / Moultrie
Bynum / Brown / Hawes

In general you have two ball handlers in the backcourt and 3 shooters that you can mix end match whichever way you want to. And in the froncourt Bynum + Thad is a devastating combo on both ends of the floor.

Everyone start saying prayers for Bynums knees ASAP!!!!

show ya love on Aug 10 at 3:36

Trade better go through.

I think maybe the only problem would be Howard to the Lakers.

anyone else really really really looking forward to the first time Bynum puts a Barea-style open field tackle on KG??

Last year the team had the most continuity of all teams in the league. This year, only 5 player remain on the team. Total. And that's right now, who knows what might happen in the next couple of months.

Sharone Wright on Aug 10 at 8:33

Not that I should care, but can anyone explain why the Magic would agree to this deal? They got a bag of hammers.

Sshhhhhhhhhhh...not finalized yet. Hennigan might hear you.


Just going over his wikipedia page, I'm willing to bet the injuries are behind him. As long as we bench him against Memphis.

evan thoughts on the trade

Damn all my ol' heads won't be on the squad next yr...I guess this is where the kid becomes a man #letsgetit

And all Philly fans should tweet at Andre iguodala's and thank him for the time he put in. He's a class act and a great role model #muchlove

The one thing that can make this trade crash and burn is for Evan Turner to come in thinking he's Kobe now. This team's offense has to be about Bynum, the last thing they need is a gunner taking shots away from him.

MCT reply to Brian on Aug 10 at 11:26

The only concerns I have are Bynum's injury history, and whether or not he will re-sign or sign an extension with us.

If Turner tries to be Kobe he will be benched so I'm not worried about that so much.

He was healthy last year, he's still pretty young, I'm hopeful that starts the trend.

Bynum won't sign an extension in Philadlephia, Howard won't sign an extension in Los Angeles, players leave too much money on the table to sign extensions.

Both will explore unrestricted free agency and both will give up a lot of money (20 million?) if they don't re-sign with their respective teams.

Sure it's a gamble, but since it only really cost Iguodala (and some draft picks that aren't in the lottery) it's a gamble worth taking...if they hadn't screwed the brand thing, they'd have been uber cap rich next off season if Bynum didn't want to stay.

The sixers 'out morey'd' morey it seems...

MCT reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 11:38

Oh I still think it was a great trade, those are my only concerns and they aren't very big.

The Hawes signing really pisses me off now though.

If the sixers use Hawes as a four then it's irritating, if Hawes accepts his role as the back up center then he's just an over paid bench big man in the NBA and the league is full of those...the whole misplay of Elton Brand (which I still believe is purely a misplay and not part of any concrete plan) is a bit more irritating now, because having him for that last year run with Bynum would have made the sixers that much more fearsome in the front court in a conference with no real dominant front court.

And, if you believe in such things, one year with Brand might have served as a 'passing of the locker room torch' from Brand to Jrue / Bynum...

This doesn't erase the displeasure with other moves they have made this off season, it shouldn't work like that, you take everything they've done as a whole, but this looks like a big win to me, regardless of if he stays long term or not

mymanjrue reply to Brian on Aug 10 at 13:56

I understand that you are down on Turner, and while I disagree, your viewpoint is certainly valid and legitimate. However, I truly do not understand your repeated depiction of Turner as a gunner-a selfish, shot happy Kobe type-and your tendency to seemingly lay the blame for the Sixers' unfortunate fondness for long 2s last season at ET's doorstep.

I just don't see it at all. On the selfish gunner front...I can think of one game where ET truly fit that bill-the final game of the regular season vs. Milwaukee. He was basically the only legit NBA quality player the Sixers ran out there that night as I recall and the game was utterly meaningless.

On the whole, I felt that if anything, Turner could be overly passive offensively for much of the year. When he hit that midseason rut and was deep in Doug's doghouse following the towel throwing incident vs Orlando, he was getting sparse minutes and few touches. I recall being frustrated at his lack of aggression when he DID touch the ball. I was rooting for him to assert himself, take every opportunity to make a play and force DC to leave him on the court, but his tendency was to stay in the offensive flow, not holding the ball for long and moving it to a teammate if he didn't see an opening.

In his first handful of games as a starter, he was playing with the ball in his hands more than we've seen in his NBA career. It seemed clear that Collins was openly loosening the reins and encouraging Evan to play his game. Any latent gunner tendencies, one would imagine, would show themselves in that setting. And he did indeed significantly increase his FGAs in those first six starts-double digit FGAs in all six games, an unprecedented output for ET, averaging approx 13.7 FGA/gm in roughly 37+ min/gm. But he wasn't blindly chucking. He was playing in a rhythm, getting quality looks, and knocking them down. He shot north of 52% from the field over that six game stretch-and that includes the 1-12 clunker vs. Milwaukee in his first start.

My impression is that Turner loves to ride a hot streak. When he is feeling it and/or has a glaring mismatch to exploit, he looks to shoot until the matchup changes or he experiences a heatcheck. But that to me is the exception rather than the rule in his overall style of play.

For the regular season, he shot 10 or more times in 25 games. Out of those 25 games, he shot less than 45% from the field in just 8-so when he shot more than usual, he did it with more accuracy than usual more than 2/3rds of the time. Kinda supports my observation above.

There are a lot of criticisms of ET's game which are totally valid and which even I, an admitted Turner partisan, can't raise my voice to protest at this point. But insinuating that is a selfish player, a conscience-less gunner who just wants to get his?You have been working some variation of this theme into the majority of your references to Turner during this offseason and I just don't get it. Call him a head case. Question his commitment to being in top shape. Say he's not fast or athletic enough to deal with big, quick NBA defenders. Say he can't shoot to save his life. There are quite a few ways to dog Evan Turner with the facts on your side. But this picture you have been painting this offseason of a selfish ballhog jacking up long 2s at every opportunity is at odds with reality.

One of Turner's strengths in an evenhanded assessment, in my opinion of course, is that actually, available evidence indicates that he is a pretty GOOD teammate. He's a willing passer. During the playoffs, it seemed like he was always the first guy to rush over and congratulate a teammate after a big play, with genuine excitement. The obvious strike against him is his tendency to have his arms up in a "pass it here!" mode virtually at all times. He wants the ball in his hands, no question. But he isn't a ballstopper by any means.

Hollinger (Insider) evaluated the deal for all 4 teams involved, the sixers portion is below (is there anyone not working for the magic who doesn't think they got the worst overall out of this trade? They gave up the best player and didn't even get the third best player back in the deal)

I've been harsh on Philly's front office, but this is a heck of a deal for the 76ers. Players such as Bynum aren't going to just show up in Philadelphia, but between having his Bird rights and his growing up in nearby central Jersey, he's about as minimal a flight risk as they could hope to get.

Suddenly, the Sixers have a building block in the middle, and it didn't even cost them that much. Iguodala is a heck of a player and will be missed, but the other assets they relinquished were fungible. And even though Richardson is on a bad contract, he isn't exactly dead weight -- especially with a big man to draw double-teams.

Of course, this makes the preceding events of the summer only look more foolish. Elton Brand would have been great next to Bynum, there's no need for Kwame Brown to play a minute on this roster (not that there was before), and Nick Young and Dorell Wright are redundant next to Richardson. Philly still has some work to do to get its roster shipshape for opening day. (Also, Philly: Any time you want to sign a backup point guard, go right ahead. Really.)

But as for this trade? There's no way Philly couldn't do this deal. When you're one of the Other 25 in the league, you have to take chances on elite players when they come. The Sixers are taking a calculated gamble, and it should pay off. Their worst-case scenario is they get one year of Bynum and drop Iguodala's contract, which isn't necessarily a bad thing on its own.

The trade call is rumored to be around noon eastern time...and the lakers payroll will most likely be over 100 million next year

Hey look how that CBA curtailed spending and created a level playing field

@KBergCBS: 1st from the Sixers to Magic is lottery-protected for two years, top-11 protected in yr 3, top-8 protected in yr 4.

If the sixers keep Bynum and Jrue, and then build smartly there's a chance that pick doesn't get conveyed for a while...

I think you mean the opposite. They're in the playoffs for the foreseeable future if they keep both guys and build smartly, so Orlando gets the pick as soon as they can.

Yes, you're right, got it completely backwards.

Most likely scenario is that the sixers only have one first round pick (of their own) in the next 3 off seasons...which as of now I'm ok with :)

I mean I know it's only his first off season but is this really the best deal the magic could get?

3 non lottery picks?

I'm still unable to understand how this works with Sixers owing Miami a pick.

Has to do with the protections and when it kicks in - the magic pick doesn't 'kick in' until 2015 - that's when all the protections start in.

Here's the notes on the Heat pick from NBADraft.net (one of the things this site is great at is the outstanding trades like this)

Heat receive the 76ers' 2013 first-round pick (lotto protected 2013,'14,'15) If first round pick has not been received by 2015 becomes 2015 and 2016 second rounders. (#27 pick trade, Moultrie) (Arnett Moultrie trade 06-28-12)

There is a conflict in 2015, but it seems pretty unlikely, the sixers would have to be in the lottery for the next 3 off seasons for there to be a conflict.

At this point, I think the Heat will get the sixers 2013 pick

There's a typo in my math there...the sixers in the lottery 2013 and 2014 would create the conflict in 2015 if they also missed the playoffs...sorry about that.

The wording of this is kind of weird, because you can't trade back-to-back 1st round picks, looking forward. So I think there has to be some conditional statements in there, like if Miami gets their pick next season, then Orlando gets it in 2015. Otherwise it's 2014 and 2016. I guess Thorn's going to have to figure out the details.

Well - technically they haven't traded back to back 1st round picks...they have traded the 2013 and 2015 first round picks...I think it's an 'at the time' issue - regardless of protections...though the conflict of POSSIBLY (but unlikey) owing the first round pick to two teams in 2015 is an issue, I don't think the 'letter' of the rule is violated...because 'the sixers trade their 2013 first round draft pick to miami', 'the sixers trade their 2015 first round draft pick to orlando'.

I agree that there could be an issue in 2015, but I don't think there should be an issue in the 'back to back' thing because by the letter of the law they didn't

I have mixed feelings, obviously, as Iguodala was my favorite Sixer of the past decade, but I think the trade will be good for both him and them.

Some initial thoughts:
- I hypothesized a trade with Iguodala and Bynum as the principals way back in January 2011 (see my first comment in the thread). People then, as now, were fearful of Bynum's long-term health.
- I wonder if any player on the Olympic team has ever been traded in the middle of the Olympics. Iguodala has a pretty important game today; I wonder what his state of mind is.
- The Sixers led the league by a large margin in assist-to-turnover ratio last year, but they've gotten rid of their two leaders in that category (Lou and Iguodala). They will play differently next year for sure.
- I wonder who gets introduced last during Sixer home games now?
- Iguodala is going to a great situation in Denver, with their running game. If he doesn't get hurt, I think he'll flourish there. And he's getting reunited with Andre Miller.
- Does this trade put to rest the claim by the Iguodala critics that he was overpaid and untradeable?

Does this trade put to rest the claim by the Iguodala critics that he was overpaid and untradeable?

Probably not :)

Something about how Denver was the only team he could go to cause they're following the pistons 'no star' model ;)

I agree with you on a lot of this, but also - the sixers gave up the best wing defender in the league (suck it Tony Allen) and I think that's going to be a huge impact...the sixers have a brighter future, for sure, but I'm not sure they're going to be overall 'better' next season with all their off season moves.

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 12:16

You are unbelievable man...truly.

They lose an elite perimeter defender, but gain an elite interior defender. Last year's defense relied almost exclusively on its perimeter defenders. There was virtually no interior presence. Only an aging, undersized Elton Brand(who performed commendably). No legit shot blocker. No one to protect the rim. It was all on the perimeter guys.

So now we lose Igoudala, but retain an above average perimeter defense, anchored now by Holiday, who for all his regression on offense last year made a great step forward on D. We can hope he will continue to round into an elite defensive guard. Additionally, Evan Turner is a plus defender on the perimeter. The only thing keeping him from being a truly excellent defensive player, as I see it, is his mental focus. When he is tuned in, he is a lockdown defender-but too often last year he suffered from lapses in concentration which caused him to flub rotations and give opposing players openings. Obviously, this needs to improve. Turner too showed notable improvement on defensive from rookie to sophomore years.

Igoudala's defense will be missed. I'm sure there will be instances this season when some opposing wing is dominating a game and Igoudala's ability to contain virtually any perimeter man in the league will be glaring in its absence.

However, it is not as if swapping Igoudala for Bynum turns our perimeter defense into a weakness. We still have an above average group of perimeter defenders, with a ton of size and strength. Plus, the addition of a real, intimidating interior presence whom other teams will have to gameplan for will only make our perimeter defenders betters, and enable them to be more aggressive and to play with more confidence, without the pressure of knowing that they are effectively the last line of defense between the ball and the hoop.

In other words, stfu already

YOu trade the best wing defender in the game, your perimeter defense gets weaker...that's just a fact, all your useless name calling and prodigious use of words saying the same thing over and over aside.

Somehow I think your entire premise is based on 'Evan Turner is good' when he's - you know - not

I don't think he's being unreasonable by saying Bynum's interior presence is just as important as Iguodala's wing presence.

Not that simple either way, we will see how it plays out.

And I don't think i'm being unreasonble by saying the perimeter defense takes a step back by removing the best perimeter defender they had on the team....the best teams in the east have great perimeter players...

Stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 13:10

Perimeter defense was one thing we could usually count on for the past few years. It will take a while getting used to the drop off

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 14:16

RIght, I acknowledged that removing Igoudala weakens the perimeter d-however, even given that, the fact is that the Sixers perimeter defense remains a relative strength-and will be further strengthened by the addition of an elite interior presence backing it up.

An individual wing defender of Igoudala's caliber is a fine thing to have, but on a team with other plus-defenders on the perimeter, swapping him for an elite big man to plug up the interior and block shots is something of a no brainer. It was miraculous-and a major credit to Igoudala's excellence- that the Sixers were a top defensive team last year despite their patchwork interior d. Their most glaring need defensively was a big man to protect the rim. Getting one of the best in the game at 24 yrs old is worth sacrificing your best perimeter defender as perimeter defense is an area of depth on the team.

Also, to address one of your tangential pot shots(modus operandi for GoSixers:Saddest Sixer Fan of All-when one of your statements is roundly factually rebutted, your response invariably ignores the substance of the rebuttal and consists of condescension and tangential insults, the more personal the better)-even those who do not retain the hopes for Evan Turner that I hold would have to agree that defense is the onea area of his game where he is clearly an asset at the NBA level

buke reply to mymanjrue on Aug 10 at 14:38

I completely sympathize with your sense of fatigue over the terminally tedious and dismal GoSixers, but, putting that garrulous oaf aside for the moment, I have a slightly different take on Turner's defensive "lapses." Seems to me that Turner has shown a distinct tendency to play off his man (and toward the bucket) when he believes that there is a shot going up so he can be in better position for a rebound, and he gets burned not infrequently from this tendency. He is a fine rebounder for his size, but his defensive rebounding numbers might be a bit inflated (relative to other shooting guards) from his tendency to fade toward the bucket a little more often than others.

RL23 reply to buke on Aug 11 at 1:20

Just wanted to hop in to say that this post was hilarious.

mymanjrue reply to buke on Aug 11 at 3:47

Astute observation, buke. It was clear that Collins wanted ET to focus on boarding last year-not surprisingly, as he often looked like the best rebounder on the team, particularly in the playoffs-and made his offensive touches contingent on grabbing boards..would explain that tendency to cheat. With Bynum clearing the d-boards, have to assume that changes-perhaps with positive results for Turner's d, correcting the problem as you describe it

I was fearful about his injury concerns than and i still am. To me it's not about resigning him, it's about having him healthy. For his injury history alone Bynum was never one of my favorite trade targets, but i understand you need to take risks to win a championship and live with the results if it works the other way round.

Are the injuries that Bynum had in the past the kind that are chronic or were they more of the kind of Elton Brand type injuries - just bad luck and then he was older...I'm confident based on the past season that Bynum is going to be ok - trying to be positive

Tom Moore on Aug 10 at 12:36

Early guess to a lineup would be this:



Obviously Hawes will be in the mix for awhile, but this really gives Collins an opportunity to not play him at all, rendering it one of the worst signings in team history. Here's to it.

Another issue about Bynum that i guess will be heavily analyzed in the coming months is his ability to deal with double teams. Bynum has arguably been the third option on offense for the Lakers and at best it will take some adjustment before becoming a legitimate number 1 option. Hopefully he will be good at passing out of double teams to shooters because the Sixers after years of shooting ineptitude sudenly became one of the best shooting teams in the league. Richardson, Wright and Young are all elite shooters and Holiday is decent as well.

mymanjrue reply to Xsago on Aug 10 at 14:19

Yes, great point-Bynum is going to have to get better at dealing with double teams now that opponents will be gameplanning defensively first and foremost around him every night

The trade is now officially done

Andrew Bynum is a sixer

Wow! What a ride. My mind is racing with the lineup possibilities. Here's my question...

what next? Do you need Spencer? Can you dump him for an expiring? Do you want to do that? What about Nick Young? Who does he get on the floor? Can you deal Richardson or is his cap number too high? Are we stuck with him? Does he start? How good is Dorell Wright, with Bynum is he much better than he was yesterday? Does Turner start? How do they clear enough cap room to fill one more hole next summer?


I'll ask again

No team spoke to Spencer Hawes when he was a free agent - why would any team trade for him now when he's over paid even for two years?

Heck the sixers think he's a four - they have a shortage of fours

mymanjrue reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 14:23

"No team spoke to Spencer Hawes when he was a free agent"

What basis do you have for stating this as fact?How do you know that no other team spoke with Hawes/Hawes' agent when he was a free agent?I seem to remember seeing a couple teams batted around as having "shown some level of interest"-would have to think that involved making contact but I really have no idea-you seem to know for sure that no other team spoke to him as a FA-where did you learn this?

I seem to remember seeing a couple teams batted around as having "shown some level of interest"

So, you'll have links to legitimate sources of information that teams contacted Spencer Hawes to talk contract in the flurry of big men contracts that were signed in free agency?

jay reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 15:20

Oh Jem, what would we do without your 100 posts a day that stay on message, regardless of whether the facts fit them.

Wasn't it you that said you don't always hear who has talked to whom? If this site had a searching function I'd link to it. I don't much like the Hawes contract either, but we simply don't know if there were nibbles for him or not.

Either way, it's time for you to admit the Sixers did a GREAT job in getting this trade done. Full stop.

1. This site has a searching function
2. a blog comment from someone doesn't equate a 'legitimate interest' in Spencer Hawes
3. Where did I say getting Bynum wasn't a great job...it's a good deal, it is not connected to the trade value of Spencer Hawes or the free agency demand.

I find it ironical you mock me for 'staying on message' and yet in reply to my comment you lack the ability as well.

Jesse reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 23:26

Eh, my guess is that other teams offered him contracts but no one was willing to pay as much as the Sixers. Why else would the Sixers offer him that much if no other teams were interested?

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Aug 11 at 12:33

Please stop being such a hypocrite in order to stay on message with your tireless fabricated narratives.

Since you worship the guy and every word he says is the gospel and all, we wouldn't want to let facts get in the way now would we? His expose on Doug is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so why not lend credence to his Spencer Hawes info?


So JeM, I ask you, is this 'link' a 'legitimate source of info' that teams 'talked contract' during 'free agency' to 'Spencer Hawes'? I mean, messiah Woj wrote it and all.

Does 4 teams, and Woj writing it, make it "fact"?

Spencer's best contribution to the Sixers will probably be next summer when his salary is used to make another trade work.

No one wants to give up an expiring for him. No one wanted him in the first place (still pissed Portland didn't grab him).

theotherguy reply to CSTH on Aug 10 at 13:22

Not taking into account his actual trade value, which is putrid, isn't there a wait time until the sixers can offer him in a trade?

I believe it was 6 months from when he signed (GoSixers can confirm)

yup. I think it's December 15th. Trade Machine says it's 3 months, but it may be outdated.

Orlando took back Al Harrington in this deal to get Aaron Aflalo. I can't imagine the Sixers refusing to trade Turner in order to get Bynum. Is this a testament to Turner's perception in this league if Denver thought Aflalo was that much better than Turner to the point that they were willing to take on a bad contract to get him?


1. Much as I respect Iguodala's game and his contribution to this team, I love this trade. Finally something to be hopeful about in this team.

2. The starting lineup question is really interesting. Specifically, what's ET's role? On the one hand, I can see him taking over the second team offense like Lou did last year, and potentially thriving there. On the other, having him play the 3 as an Iggy-lite point forward would let us see once and for all if he can start in this league. Can't wait to see what happens.

3. We now have a legit starting 5 and a lot of depth. 3 seed potential?

ET's role is back up point guard, he's the second point guard on this team, there's really no other option right now (Ivey?). He's a guy that needs the ball alot to be even average, so they'll have him run the second team, maybe his defense takes a step up and he'll be part of the 'closing team' to defend a player, but not consistently (I don't think).

As for the 3 seed - well - I think they could win the division yes - but sadly that doesn't guarantee the 3 seed, and a lot of depth doesn't always equal quality depth - bynum makes the front court hella better, but I still wish there was someone behind him who wasn't kwame brown or spencer hawes

buke reply to FKD215 on Aug 10 at 14:25

Prior to this trade, I was hoping that Turner would be the sixth man as I thought that would be the best place for him and he would probably find coming off the bench much more to his liking without Lou around. Although I still think that is a possibility, the trade of Iguodala probably requires Turner to be moved to the starting lineup mainly because Jrue lacks sufficient playmaking attributes to be without a co-facilitator on the floor. Iguodala was perfect for that role. Turner should be a lesser version of Iguodala but he might do a fair imitation of Iguodala in that role after an adjustment period. He's still learning and hopefully still improving.

I disagree that Jrue lacks the playmaking skills if he's not micromanaged, and has good shooters on the floor (which neither Iguodala or Turner are), I think if you start Richards and Wright, guys who are more of a threat to hit shots than iguodala and meeks and collins isn't such a control freak Jrue will thrive...besides, the sixers have no secondary ball handler if Evan Turner starts...i agree with brian, the sixers plan to use him as the 'floor general' of the second team even if his size is a bit large for point guard

Can someone clear up this confusion: Did the Sixers give Harkless, Moultrie or both?

Jason reply to Stan on Aug 10 at 14:01

Only Harkless was traded.

Moultrie's still on the team I thought.

I haven't seen the final offical report (names kept getting added, the lakers somehow got a 2017 first round pick out of all this...) but never the names I heard (in addition to Iguodala) consistently where Harkless and Voose

"Andre Iguodala‏@mindofAI9

I'm excited to be joining the @denvernuggets and I know my best basketball is ahead of me!"

"Andre Iguodala‏@mindofAI9

Now back to the task at hand... #Goin4Gold"

for everyone saying bynum will have to adjust to a double, im pretty sure he got doubled last year alot

He probably did, but sadly synergy categorizations of plays don't indicate a double team (that i can see) sadly...so it's hard to say.

Of course, maybe Dereks 'super' access makes it easy to see how he handled double teams? Huh? Maybe? Please?

They do separate out single-covered and double-covered in post-ups in the full fledged synergy. He um....wasn't very effective when the defense doubled.

Yeah, i saw that in the ESPN thing after I asked the question...it is disconcerting...is he doubled a lot? Maybe he just needs more practice at it?

7' tall - just put the ball over your head for gosh sakes :)

Nowhere near as often as he'll get doubled with the Sixers. Also he hasn't dealt double teams very well in the past.


That was very very quick.

If healthy, I think these guys are guaranteed minutes:

Jrue: 35 min
ET: 35 min
Bynum: 32 minutes
Thad: 28 minutes

There are a bunch of other role players who you figure are likely to get 15 plus minutes a game.

So if those core 4 are healthy that leaves a grand total of 100 minutes a game to divide between:


So I expect 5 of those 7 will average 20 min per game (depending on who is healthy) and 2 will not play initially(Ivey/Moultre.)

Who knows the exact rotations... but sounds good to me. A nice pool of size/shooting/defense to draw on from your role players. And good mix of skills from yopur key 4 players.

Thorn currently being interviewed on 97.5 FM

From WHich Chili's?

ItAintEZ on Aug 10 at 14:48

Thorn said they had been in talks with Orlando for Howard but he wanted to go to Brooklyn or LA. So then they got into talks with LA about Bynum in a 3way but Orlando didn't want AI9 which is where Denver came in. Said they have been in talks for several weeks.

Interesting, I'm not buying it, but Interesting

Does anyone have an an educated opinion on Richardson's defensive ability?

He used to be decent, but i haven't watched him closely of late. One thing is certain though, all of Richardson, Wright and Young are better defenders than Lou and Meeks.

It seems as if everyone has forgotten that Collins has stated that Hawes is his starting power forward. Also the fact Allen was the teams best big at the end of last season but noone is projecting his as a starter.

Collins stated Hawes was the starting power forward when his roster didn't have Andrew Bynum. He is allowed to change his mind.

Allen was good in a 5 game series against one team - he's a bench players - not a starter

I have yet to hear Collins change his mind so until then I have to assume Hawes is the starter. As far as Allen is concerned, I think they played 13 games in the playoffs in which he was the best big on the roster. Not to mention his solid play (yet not given inconsistant minutes or rotation)during the regular season.

It's soooooo early. Yes, he definitely made that dillusional statement but they aren't even in camp yet, nor is their roster settled (well, much more settled now).

Lets let this one breathe.

Agreed. I was really impressed with Allen last year. I wouldnt have one issue if he is my starting power forward game one of next season.

Collins is in London working the Olympics, even I'm willing to give him a day or two after the olympics are over to rethink...if he comes out with hawes is our starter (again) at the four i'll be aggravated, but have hope that he'll see what a bad idea it is come training camp

The Lavoy Allen Love I can't agree with, again, one 5 game series against one team, Lavoy Allen has shown he can defend and old Kevin Garnett pretty well...I wouldn't install him as a starter either, and with Bynum, it probably is best to have Thaddeus Young be the starter going in to camp.

eddies' heady's reply to KellyDad on Aug 11 at 12:41

I had him projected as a starter with Thad continuing to be a spark plug off the bench. I'm of the opinion that Doug and the staff will feel the same.

Bodner put this up on twitter, thought some folks would find it interesting.

Lakers only ran P&R 8.1% of the time, second lowest frequency in league. Is this because of Bynum or system? untapped potential for Bynum?

I've read somewhere that Bynum has been criticized about not willing to run the P&R. We'll see in a few looong months.

A quick internet search found nothing about Bynum on offensive pick and rolls - but these two tidbits - one good - one not so good...about Bynum

. Bynum turned the ball over nearly three times more often when he was double-teamed in the post last season, nearly once every four plays.

So - that will have to improve

Howard has a reputation as a defensive force. But Bynum actually allowed fewer points per post-up play than Howard last season. Howard held opponents to a lower field-goal percentage and forced turnovers more often but the difference came on fouls. Howard sent opponents to the free-throw line more than twice as often on post-up plays.

Bynum held the roll men on pick-and-roll plays to a lower field-goal percentage than Howard and sent his opponents to the free-throw line less often.

I might to Chili's for dinner today

MCT reply to Stan on Aug 10 at 15:40


Jeff McMenamin on Aug 10 at 15:41

Blog: http://philadunkia.com/?p=7030
Thank god our "new" writer Steve Toll wasn't involved in this entry either. He still managed to put something in the comment section. Anybody who reads our site this year just disregard anything he writes. He makes ridiculous statements.

So the official tally for Dwight Howard is

Arron Afflalo, Al Harrington, Nikola Vucevic, Moe Harkless Josh McRoberts, Christian Eyenga, 3 protected first round picks, two second round picks.

And they shed the contracts of Duhon, Jason Richardson and moved Earl Clark (balancing roster and or salary? I don't know)

The sixers gave up the third best player in the trade and get the second best player in the trade AND a serviceable player where they have a pretty big hole, whose contract isn't terrible.

While I can't believe that Rod Thorn progressed this trade the way someone said he did when he was on the radio - as an organization this might be the best trade the sixers have made ever - I mean I can't remember another time in my memory where the sixers made a deal and it was so clear that they came away so far'ahead' in the deal. (I didn't like the Chris Webber trade for instance)

well trading three nobodies to get the greatest player in the history of the game from the Warriors in 1965 would probably qualify no?

Man, if that's how far back you have to go - that's pretty sad ain't it :)

Admittedly my knowledge of the sixers trade history is only like the last 15-20 years (at least easilly accessed) - did they trade for Moses or Erving?

Stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 17:17

I was about the ask the same thing.

Moses Malone:
"Signed as a veteran free agent with the Philadelphia 76ers; the Houston Rockets received Caldwell Jones and a 1983 1st round draft pick (Rodney McCray) as compensation."

Julius Erving:

"April 10, 1972: Drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1st round (12th pick) of the 1972 NBA Draft.

June 17, 1976: Moved from the ABA to the NBA with the New York Nets.

October 20, 1976: Sold by the New York Nets to the Philadelphia 76ers."

Charlie H reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 17:24

The Sixers got Moses in a sign-and-trade (when the rules were different) for Caldwell Jones and the 3rd pick in the '83 draft(Rodney McCray). They bought Erving from the Nets, I guess so they could afford to enter the NBA. That was in '76.

The Chamberlain trade was ridiculous. Paul Neumann, Connie Dierking (a short, bad center) and Lee Shaffer, who was a great shooter. Shaffer retired immediately to go to medical school.

And the Celtics series last year was 7 games, not 5.

Right, 7 games, not sure why i keep thinking 5, i just looked at the box scores for the games - and Lavoy Allen only played over 20 minutes in 2 games in that series - which is just weird to me for such a 'big' impact to get such limited time

Until today I didn't know the chamberlain trade was a trade and who was part of it - but yeah that's a pretty big swiping - nor did i realize that the nba allowed their players to be sold - i mean sure - sometimes a player 'looks' like you sell them when you trade them for a second round pick into someones cap exceptoin - but straight up in the record 'sold' - that's just wrong

Stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 17:41

Some guy was traded for baseball bats in MLB, I think that guy eventually committed suicide.

Baseball always had weird rules - the 'reserve' clause was a bit messed up, but the Flood case in 72 gave free agency in baseball so I din't think 'player sales' would carry over.

Besides, just reading about a player being 'sold' it just rings kind of wrong.

Didn't the nba used to have some weird 'geographic assignemtn' rule in its early days?

stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 19:04

I think it had to do with what college you went to. Wilt Chamberlin went to Kansas, but since there was no team in Kansas, Philadelphia argue for his rights. Too bad they abolished that rule, or the Sixers could have argued for Pistol Pete and Kobe Bryant :)

Yeah, that's it, I heard something about it on the radio once, and it just seemed such a foreign concept when developing a sports league.

Stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 19:19

It was supposed to generate local interest. I guess college sports was bigger than pro sports in those days.

I can see that as a rationale, but could you imagine if they did that today - with the concentration of power in college - some teams would just have an embarassment of riches - the west coast teams would just suck :)

Began '49 - ended '65. It was called a territorial draft pick. To increase fan support, teams could forfeit their 1st round pick and select any player from within a 50 mile radius of its home arena. It's how the Warriors obtained Arizin, Gola, Rodgers, Chamberlain; Celts got Heinsohn; Royals got 'Big O' & Jerry Lucas; Lakers got Walt Hazzard & Gail Goodrich; Knicks got "Dollar Bill" Bradley, a Missouri native of Princeton University fame. The strong domestic policy produced 11 Hall Of Fame players of the 22 taken via the intelligent marketing arrangement.

Thanks for the info, just a really interesting idea to me, but not sure it would work today...I'm also willing to bet that those 11 hall of famers would have been hall of famers on any team, it gives an unfair advantage to a team based purely on their geographic location...imagine in the 80's of the ACC if a team like the original Charlotte Team, or Atlanta just feasted on those rosters.

You're surely welcome.

Yeah, it'd be interesting (but time-consuming) to calculate powerhouses that could've been built with that framework, '66 on. But 50 miles isn't a big sweep. Stands to reason that the most populous areas would benefit most.

Under old rule, Abdul-Jabbar could've become a Knick; Ewing, a Celtic; Dantley, a Bullet; Mark Aguirre, a Bull; Andre Miller, a Laker; Kobe, a Sixer; Wade, a Bull.

Why did you include Andre Miller in that group? lol

I think it depends on what college you go to, not what city you were born. The Hornets would be a dynasty and a school like Temple would get double the funding it gets now. Cities like Kansas and Louisiana would have their own franchises.

If it's college address only, Warriors wouldn't have landed Wilt.

A 50 mile net from Charlotte doesn't include much.

Brush up on your geography: Kansas and Louisiana are states, not cities.

I included Andre Miller in that group because he was a 1st round pick and has been an impacting, respectable player. Why did you laugh out loud?

Spencer is Hired reply to Dollar Bill on Aug 10 at 21:40

I believe E.Gottlieb was a bit of an influence on Wilt going to Kansas. I read it in a book about 50's and 60's basketball and his thinking was if Kansas didn't have a pro team than Wilt's rights should be to the city he played high school ball in. Gottlieb was a very smart guy.

You're right, Spence. Go-getter Gottlieb (how about them SPHAS!) won his argument with the league since there was no team situated within 50 miles of Lawrence, Kansas and Wilt of course grew up here and had a big following. The fruit of informality and the art of persuasion.

My listing of some of the others based on 'hood/HS play was a faulty application. Wilt has always held sway. :)

I didn't realize the pro sports teams could represent states instead of cities. My apologies to the Salt Lake City Jazz, The Nashville Titans, The Charlotte Panthers, The Newark Devils, and The Dallas Rangers.

eddies' heady's reply to Charlie H on Aug 11 at 12:52

One left out snippet about how that Moses Malone acquisition shook out: The Sixers signed him to an offer sheet around the 1st of Sept. in '82 and the Rockets matched the darn thing, only to then turn around and trade the guy to the Sixers ~10 days later. What a coup.

eddies' heady's reply to GoSixers on Aug 11 at 12:47

Well of course you can't believe Rod Thorn progressed this trade the way he said he did when on the radio. Because Doug's running things with full autonomy right? I mean, that's what you screamed to the mountain tops for days on end after the Woj expose.

Or is Doug only in charge when it's not a kick-ass major fleece of a trade that nets an arguably best big man in the league?

ItAintEZ reply to eddies' heady's on Aug 11 at 13:14

Thorn did say in the interview that Doug knew everything that was going on with the talks and that if Doug wasn't on board with the trade they wouldn't have done it.

So it sounds like Doug is pretty much calling all the shots as most suspected.

eddies' heady's reply to ItAintEZ on Aug 11 at 13:49

Very interesting.

You're going to make JeM actually give Doug Collins some credit for once.

Nah, on second thought, probably not, since it doesn't follow the narrative. You know, the one about Doug having a big ego and not having a clue on personnel, and only being interested in his W/L record, and only focused on short term outlooks, and only achieving his clout because he was a broadcaster and a failed coach at three previous stops.

Or wait, was it the one about he'd only be here for 2 1/2 years before the organization ushered him into a silent retirement by way of vertigo strickening?

Anyway, Doug just basically acquired the best big man in the league and by the narrative writer's own admission "the best trade the sixers have made ever - I mean I can't remember another time in my memory where the sixers made a deal and it was so clear that they came away so far'ahead' in the deal".

Stay tuned to see which wayward turn the Doug Collins-ain't-shit-never-will-be-shit narrative will take...as told by gosixers...

.....(step right up and take a guess .. mine is, this trade was consummated solely by Rod Thorn and Tony DiLeo and Courtney Witte because Doug Collins was halfway across the world padding his broadcasting clout and wiping Baby Back BBQ Ribs sauce off his cheek with shoddy cell phone service due to a malfunctioning tower that was receiving interference from being too close to the Olympic flame burning tall and bright at Olympic Stadium ..)

Here's a fun piece of information

Bynum, last season in 60 games: 338 free throw attempts
Hawes, career in 338 games: 443 free throw attempts

One of the laments of many of us last year was the sixers ability to get to the line...Bynum gets to the line (he's not great shooting from there - but he does draw fouls)

per Tom Moore's recap of Thorn presser:

Orlando insisted on Harkless in the deal

If somehow this trade ended up falling apart because of Moe Harkless I would have laughed - bitterly.

Charlie H reply to Rodney Buford on Aug 10 at 18:21

He's the one guy they got who has star potential.

So the USA beat Argentina and will face Spain in the finals.

I haven't been watching that closely - but seriously - over 50% of the shot attempts by the US today were 3 pointers?

Have they been 3 happy the whole tourney?

Rich reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 18:00


NBA Hardwood Classics - Lakers/Sixers Game 6 from '82 followed by Lakers/Sixers Game 4 from '83


Spencer is Hired on Aug 10 at 19:16

Brians' comment last night about a Thad/Bynum combo defensively was right on but I wonder how they will coexist down the other end. How would a stretch four [R.Anderson or Ilyasova] look now in hindsight, of course.

I believe Thad and Turner, off the bench, makes the most sense now if the roster doesn't change heading into the season. Hopefully Moultrie can develop into a p.f. that can play away from the basket.

The way I see it, if you don't have a jumpshot, you don't have a jumpshot. I can't see Moultrie having an outside game.

What do you think (honest question) of Evan Turners jump shot?

Stan reply to GoSixers on Aug 10 at 19:41

I'm not a fan. At best he can be solid jumpshooter but it will never be a weapon

Spencer is Hired reply to Stan on Aug 10 at 19:52

Moultrie, in his draftexpress scouting report, was said to be a developing long distance shooter. That, plus the fact he was formally a small forward gives me hope he can play that kind of role.

Thad can be a very efficient offensive player at PF almost regardless of who plays next to him. The issues about him starting in the past were about his inability to defend pst ups and weak defensive rebounding. Bynum solves both issues.

Thad is a better player than Anderson and Ilyasova on both ends of the floor. Different but better. With either of them the team would have zero players capable of defending the P&R (although it appears Bynum has done a good job statistically though). With him they have no obvious holes. They have three major shooting threats in the backcourt. Add a very solid Holiday and that's more than enough shooting IMO.

Spencer is Hired reply to Xsago on Aug 10 at 20:00

I think Thad is our second best post player. I have no issue if they put him next to Bynum but fear our bench won't have anybody on the block.

Maybe Lavoy develops that part of his game, he already seems like a good post passer.

Stan reply to Xsago on Aug 10 at 20:00

To me it's not a decision on Thad vs. Ilyasova or Anderson. It's Hawes + Kwame vs Ilyasova or Anderson. The Sixers decided to spend $9.5 million on those two when the could have used it on Anderson or Ilyasova. It was poor management on their part.

The difference between Thad and those two is that Thad can create his own shot. Anderson and Ilyasova have a skill set that is a better match to Bynum. You also don't have to worry about them being out rebounded or overpowered in the post by someone like Brandon Bass. Thad's skill set is a luxury, I prefer Ilyasova over him.

eddies' heady's reply to Stan on Aug 11 at 13:00

Really good post. Totally agree on Thad being a luxury and on the overall post.

KH reply to Xsago on Aug 12 at 0:11

Both those guys were better then Thad last season by just about every measurable and I like Thad. He had been better then both up to last season. Illyasova was really really good last year. I don't know if he can sustain that level of play but if he does he is clearly better then Thad.


UPDATE: Andrew Bynum will wear #33 for the #Sixers. @jrich23 will wear #23 and @amoultrie to wear #4.

^ guess that means Battie isn't coming back...but why not give Bynum 17?

Jason Richardson‏@jrich23

Also I like to thank all the 76ers fans for all the welcome tweets! Can't wait to get to Philly and be apart of the organization!

^ nice to hear from him...although it should be a_part, AI9 is now apart no?

Stan reply to das411 on Aug 10 at 20:52

Maybe he wanted that number back in LA but could have it because some guy who played like 50 years ago wore that number. Or maybe the Sixers want to reserve that number for Jeremy Lin when they eventually trade for him :)

Tray reply to das411 on Aug 10 at 21:41

Would've liked Bynum to wear 44, like Mutombo.

Court_visioN reply to Tray on Aug 10 at 23:28

mutombo wore 55....

Keith Van Horn

We have 12 guys on our roster, 6 of whom are big men (Bynum, Thad, Hawes, Kwame, Lavoy, Moultrie). Somebody should get traded at the deadline

Rich reply to Stan on Aug 10 at 21:53

Hawes should get traded December 15th.

how could you even consider trading a guy that does...this? http://t.co/SSLzZbwZ

The Poor Nets, lol

"Prior to their first NBA season, the Nets traded two draft picks to the Kansas City Kings for guard Nate Archibald. The Nets appeared to be poised to pick up where they left off in the ABA.

However, they got a rude surprise when the NBA forced the Nets to pay an additional $4.8 million directly to the Knicks for "invading" the New York area. Coming on the heels of the $3.2 million that the team had to pay for joining the NBA, this left Boe short of cash, and he was forced to renege on a promised pay raise for Erving. Erving refused to play for the Nets under these conditions and refused to report to camp.

The Nets offered Erving's contract to the Knicks in return for waiving the indemnity, but the Knicks turned it down. When the Philadelphia 76ers offered to acquire Erving for $3 million—roughly the same amount they had to pay for NBA membership—Boe had little choice but to accept. In essence, the Nets were forced to trade their franchise player for a berth in the NBA.

Without Erving, the Nets wrote off the 1976–77 season as a lost cause. However, they lost all semblance of respectability when Archibald broke his foot in January. The team finished at 22–60, the worst record in the league."

and now for something completely different but hilariously hilarious: http://complexphilly.com/former-eagle-hugh-douglas-hates-his-totally-fake-nickname/

haha. That's awesome. If he's still on WIP, I'm calling him and asking him about that.

It's still so surreal. As for Hawes/Kwame either or could be traded at any time after 12/15. I'd expect to see Hawes still here because he brings an outside-shooting big, but I wouldn't be surprised if we keep Kwame either because all 3 of these bigs are injury-prone. We traded Vucevic (I called that all the way) so keeping these three becomes more important for backup and insurance reasons. They had to sign Hawes/Kwame when they did but now looking back you almost wish they went with Hawes/Humphries (though he'd have been more expensive) or Hawes/Ilyasova (same thing more expensive).

Every player on the team is easily tradeable even Hawes & Kwame (you think the Mav's wouldn't hesitate to bring in more bad big men? Shawn Bradley ring a bell? Brendan Haywood?) Don't be surprised if we're the next team to build one of these super-teams around Bynum. Good news is he's reported as being happy about coming here. Good sign for potentially re-signing him next summer.

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